Thursday, 27 September 2012

Dizolve sheets - a review

I saw this new idea for using in the washing machine, and as I had taken delivery of a new washing machine I really fancied trying them. No gungy draw, no dripping liquid or powder to spill just a sheet  that you pop in the machine on top of the washing and off it goes.

 Let me introduce you to my new friend Dizolve, the non-bio washing sheet.
Dizolve laundry detergent sheets are the first non-bio laundry sheets available in the world.
They are strong and powerful but kind to you and your clothes.

Dizolve laundry detergent sheets contain all the active ingredients that are needed to give your laundry a thorough clean:
  • Surfactants to combat grease and to wet surfaces.
  • Non-surfactant materials that keep dirt in suspension so that they get washed away in the rinse cycle.
  • Ingredients that modify the foaming properties of the cleaning surfactants.
  • Substances to modify pH, to affect performance or stability of other ingredients.
  • Acids for de-scaling or caustics to break down organic compounds.
  • Ingredients such as corrosion inhibitors to counteract damage to equipment with which the detergents is used and preservatives to prevent decay and bacterial attack.

You can pop over here and see what they tell you about them.

the packets

I liked these for quite a few different reasons, the packet is small, easy to carry. light weight, easy to store and more to the point has a smaller carbon footprint delivering it to the shop and from the shop to home.

a flat sheet

see how thin but sturdy they are

First off we used the lavender ones, and you could tell these were lavender  as soon as you opened the package. They can be a bit tricky to separate and make sure you do it with dry hands or you dissolve the edges slightly and then they become even more difficult to separate not that I have done that of course. 

When I got my new machine we tested these against my usual liquid I normally use, Morrisons own non bio liquid.

with applied stains

OH made four stains on identical brand new white face clothes, stain one he rubbed in some grass, stain two was a teaspoon blackberry juice from berries we had picked and cooked, stain three was half a teaspoon of brown sauce and stain four was half a teaspoon melted cooking chocolate rubbed on.  We left them to soak in for six hours. We felt these were some fairly tough stains for a non bio liquid but due to skin problems that is all we use. The surplus chocolate was scrapped off before any of the clothes went in the machine.

The first wash was done with my original liquid, on a 40oC wash, ( I appreciate there is a No2 on this, that was because  I also did a comparison between my old machine and my new one.) It was put in with a 5kg wash, measured specifically to keep it all the same.

The finished result; the grass stain was still there and the blackberry stain was very mildly visible as well ( may need to blow picture up). The other two had gone enough they will not show in the photograph but if you hold them to the daylight at the right angle you can just about see them.

Next up was the turn of the Lavender Dizolve. Again we stained six hours before the wash in the same places as above.

The grass stain was slightly more noticeable than the first time, but the blackberry stain less so, the other two pretty much the same.

So in this test there was little difference, but I have to admit had I had these stains on clothing I would have pre-treated them before adding them to the machine.

I have since used the dizolve sheets for quite a number of washes, from clothes to work uniforms and have no complaints about the results. I personally am not overly keen on the smell that the lavender has when the washing is straight out of the machine and still wet , sort of musty smelling, but once the washing is dry it loses the strange aroma and there is no smell at all.

I also tried them to see how well they dissolve if you wanted to hand wash with them,
These sheets sell for £2.99 for a pack of twelve, thats twenty five pence a wash, easily comparable to your more well known brands. I personally feel it is well worth buying for the sheer convenience factor, and probably will carry on using it after my trial packs are finished.

Want to try them for yourself? Dizolve currently have a competition on their website to win a years supply. 

I was sent four packs for the purpose of this review but the experiment was all my own husbands.


  1. What other scents doed Dizolve come in? I'm not fond of lavender...

    1. the other scent is called fresh linen, really has very little scent with nothing noticeable once dry

  2. Well, these look interesting. I must admit the thought of not having to mess around with powders and liquids and huge bulky bottles is very attractive. It is hard to believe that a single sheet can do a whole wash but then I never used to believe that just a capful of detergent could do a wash either. So pleased I've won such a practical prize, Thanks! :O)


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