Tuesday, 18 September 2012

#Epicstraws with Britmums and Cravendale

Received an e-mail to see if we were interested in being  an official Cravendale #EpicStraws inventor, we applied and were chosen. 

So we got our straws the other day and  got them out last night to have fun with. Bob and I made the red set, and Fifi made the green set. Bob needed a help to push some of them together, but he managed the rest himself. 

My instructions were  
Prepare to become a milk magician right in front of your family’s eyes. Cravendale's #EpicStraws turn the simple act of drinking milk into fun, creative experiments. It’s time to invent your own Epic Straws creations and let the slurping begin!

Want to have some fun with your own straws?  Then pop over and have a look at the Cravendale website  here, site wont be available until 24th September but can't wait to see what it is all about. 

 Once they had made their separate models they combined straws and made a combined model. They wanted to test the model out and see if it works. As you will see from the video it did. We did not try ours with milk as Bob is allergic to milk, but would have been interesting to try it with two different colours of juice to see what went where.

Next off we tried to play clever and tried to make one in the name of bob, wasn't too bad an effort considering we only had an option of square shapes with the straight lines, if you sort of squint as you look at it and use you imagination a bit it says bob...lol. And it did work to drink through.

and we used our vouchers to buy more milk cos oh and Fifi use it. 


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