Tuesday, 9 October 2012

The Gallery - keeping fit

I saw this on Sticky Fingers Gallery, and thought it would be fun to join in with this weeks theme of Fitness.

Im with Tara I must admit, would much rather go for a walk to get my exercise than a gym. Would happily go swimming but not a viable financial option I am afraid.

So we walk along parks, rivers, through the country and usually take my trusty old camera with me to recall some of these walks.

We have lots of options round here for where we can go for a walk. Where would you choose to go first?


  1. I also hate going to the gym, and really love swimming, so have invested in a swimming card, it is cheaper, and means I go on a regular basis as I know I pay for it, so would hate wasting the money ;)

  2. I definitely prefer a lovely walk to the gym and would love to go swimming more but it IS expensive. Fortunately, the boys keep me busy for now :)

  3. IMO more walking now .. Slowly getting used to it


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