Saturday, 15 April 2017

Project 365 week 15


Hubby had nipped down the the local shop. Lilly lay staring at the window patiently waiting on him coming back.


My material collection has outgrown the cupboard it was in. So rather than having bits and pieces scattered over various rooms we have moved stuff around to accommodate it all in one room. two under bed storage boxes plus five crates are now all in one room. Have managed to colour coordinate the boxes to make it easier to work with. Have to say it is easier to keep tidy. Only colour I am lacking in is red, very little at all in red.


A cold but sunny walk round the fishery with Lilly and hubby. She amused herself by chasing the oyster catchers.


Finished off Bobs birthday present. One double sided minecraft quilt with wadding in the middle. Not his birthday till Monday but he does not read the blog or go on Facebook so quite safe in sharing it.


Minky had had a mishap nearly puling off one of his finger nails while he was out yesterday so DD1 was taking him to the nurse to get it redressed. I looked after the others, we went to the library and then onto the park. Spud got the chance to go in the swing since I didn't have both the twins with me. She loved it and was laughing her head off.


A bit of home baking, two cakes came out whole the other one came out in bits, but then it  needs cutting
A sultana and banana cake the top prinkles with pumpkin and sesame seeds and a few flaked almonds. The others are just a plain sponge with chunks of marzipan in.


Had to buy a new vacuum cleaner last week. The last one lasted for more than 12 years so cannot realy complain  We decided on a cordless, often takes longer to unwind it, plug it in and wind it back up than it does to vacuum, well no more. Lightweight enough to trail up and down the stairs easily but sturdy enough to do a good job. A review may follow if I get time in the next few weeks.


  1. Oh wow! That is an epic collection of material....I think Bob is going to love his birthday present. Well done.
    Those cakes look very tasty.

  2. Material and craft supplies do tend to take over don't they

  3. Love the positive outlook on the cake and the Minecraft quilt has turned out fab!

  4. Spud is really growing up! Love the picture of her on the swing. The Minecraft quilt looks amazing, I'm sure Bob will be thrilled with it! It must be great to get your material organised.

  5. I love the MInecraft quilt - Bob is going to be thrilled with it. you are doing so well with your sewing. the seed topped cake looks lovely and we all have cake mishaps from time to time, as you say waste not want not! x

  6. Oh my gosh the mine craft quilt is amazing!! I have friends who's two boys would go absolutely wild for it. Well done you! #365

  7. This is one awesome blanket, way to go. I think Bob is going to love it. I am loving those cakes too. Very tasty xx

  8. Hope the vacuum lives up to the predecessor. I love being cordless, so much easier isn't it. That quilt is excellent, hope he liked it #365


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