Monday, 11 December 2017

Limited space and a growing family? - look no further

Do you have limited space in your home?

Are you fed up of stuff cluttering up the house?

Are you running out of places to put things?

I’ve recently discovered a fabulous bespoke storage company called Bravo London that can take all your worries away. They specialise in making handcrafted storage solutions to fit any space you have. What I love about them is that they come to your home, measure up the space, listen to your wants and needs, and then create a personal design just for you.

When we first became parents, we kept all the baby toys in a neat basket in the corner of the living room. Slowly but surely the toys spread to other areas of the room, and before we knew it, they were all over the house.

With Bravo London, we have made the most of every unused corner, and have also created storage under the stairs. If you’re lucky enough to have high ceilings in a London townhouse, imagine the floor-to-ceiling storage you could have tucked away in a corner of the lounge!

What I also love about the storage from Bravo is that the interior is as well thought-through as the look and feel of the frontage. Whether it’s drawers, cupboards, hanging space, or even a trouser press – they can accommodate your every whim. Many of the designs come with adjustable shelves so you can change the layout to suit your changing needs.

Oh, and there’s a ten year guarantee! I can’t even imagine what we’ll be doing in ten years, but I know we won’t be worrying about storage!

Check out or call 0208 965 5680 to book a design visit with one of their lovely design consultants. Libby heads up the team – she has an eye for detail and is a whizz on the design packages. There are no pushy sales people, and they can have your shiny new storage system installed within three weeks of your design approval.

What are you waiting for???

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Sunday, 10 December 2017

Project 365 week 49

Well not long to go now. Starting to do some Christmas stuff and make plans. No notion for it but it is happening regardless.


Slowly slowly plodding away at the sewing machine. This is for one of my colleagues for her dog as she liked the one I did for charity. Still taking silly amounts of time to make but I have not got much else to do to be honest.

a dog cover 


Had spotted some gluten free puff pastry on a allergy Facebook page I follow and so as it is also dairy.egg/soya free I decided to try some. DD3 managed to find some in Glasgow when she was shopping, So I got some of Bob's sausages off of DD1 and decided to make Bob some sausage rolls and jam tarts, a trial run for Christmas food. I also made some into cheese straws , I did this by putting grated cheese in the middle and folding it over and re rolling as well. They were not very photogenic
The pastry comes ready rolled but rerolls well enough if you have cut out shapes, It did not puff up as much as normal puff pastry does but it tasted great, even hubby ate it knowing what it was. Will find some more before Christmas so he can have mince pies and sausage rolls.

Add captionjam tarts, sausage rolls
jam tarts and sausage rolls 


Hubby and I went into the town and signed up for helping out with a voluntary organisation on Christmas Day at a Christmas Dinner for elderly isolated folk who other wise would spend the day alone. They get a four course meal, as much tea and coffee as they want and a drink or two. . I have volunteered to sit at a table and make sure the people on my table have everything they need. No lifting and carrying so if my shoulder is still sore I do not need to worry. It is only a few weeks away so I had to consider this before I signed up. Hubby volunteered to stay in the kitchen and wash the dishes. Quite looking forward to doing something different.

I have been following Jaime's reverse advent calendar and decided that I could do something a well. You can read my post here. But basically I asked family and friends, and would have asked colleagues had I been at work, for any good quality toys and clothes they no longer want that I can pass on. Please feel free and contact me if you have anything.

toys from one of my neighbours


I was contacted by Damart to see if I wanted to do a review for them. So I chose this Sherpa button through jacket. .  I like the length of it, being that bit taller I often struggle to find ladies jackets that cover my bottom. It is very comfortable when it is on, nice and lightweight but still very warm. It was -2 when we went for a walk and cannot say as I felt cold. We have had some nice freezing weather this week to test it out in. The seams are well finished and overall a very nice jacket for the money. I ordered one size larger than I would normally wear to allow for a jumper to be worn underneath it but it is I feel slightly small made so I am glad I went for the size I did. It comes in a choice of six colours and a full range of sizes from a 10/12/ right up to a 26/28. Here it is with a jumper underneath, collar up and collar down

collar up and down, and is a good length 


My second physio visit. More movement than I had two weeks ago so that is good. Still getting pins and needles in my hand on and off as the nerve is still trapped. She did some pressing and pushing on the top of my spine and round my shoulders. Has given me some more exercises to keep strengthening both my shoulders. My job is not helping my condition so maybe need to start thinking about changing jobs to something a lot less physical in the next few years. I guess I need to start listening to the lady in the bathroom mirror that I am not 29 any more.

We had our first proper snow of the winter. Still not thawed off by Saturday.

let it snow, let it snow, let it snow


As part of Bob and Fifi's Christmas we go to the pantomime every year. We usually go for a meal first but the place we use to go is no longer safe for Connor. So we just took snacks with us instead. We went to see Dick Whittington at the Palace Theatre in Kilmarnock. The panto was fab very interactive, a lot of audience participation, and made for a great night out. I would highly recommend it.

a great evening out


Sat this afternoon and put new batteries in the toys to go to the charity and then got the children's presents wrapped up. Stuck them under the bed in the spare bedroom out of the way.
A friend of mine was lovely enough to send me across some crochet squares and triangles she had made and was not sure what to do with. So I think I will make them into a couple of doll blankets and add them to my charity pile.

some crocheting for charity

Saturday, 9 December 2017

Sleep is defined in the dictionary;

Sleep (and your brains need for mattress encasement)

Sleep is defined in the dictionary as follows.

“A condition of body and mind such as that which typically recurs for several hours every night, in which the nervous system is relatively inactive, the eyes closed, the postural muscles relaxed, and consciousness practically suspended”

Yes well whatever, we'll take that as read, but most of us just take sleep for granted, we go to bed every night and some people just do it. For them it is as easy as one two three, for others it is not. A fairly high percentage of people find falling asleep difficult and apply different methods successfully or otherwise, counting sheep, reading, not going to bed till being absolutely exhausted are just some of the methods used.  There are various things that can keep you awake making for a long annoying night. A trapped nerve in the shoulder making it far to painful to sleep. Something as common as tinnitus, very annoying over night and my coping mechanism for this is audio books with in ear headphones so hubby does not have to listen as well. What about a cough, made worse if you are asthmatic?Another thing that Bed bugs are on the rise and have been known to be found in top hotels as well as train, planes and theatres. One way of preventing these is by using  mattress encasement. These items are usually waterproof as well as breathable and not only keep out the bugs but also dust and other allergens can keep people awake is itching. Be that eczema or other allergies, or even the dreaded bed bug! . 

So why is it so important and why has Mother Nature decided that we need so much sleep?  After all the average human being spends eight hours of every day asleep or what equates to  a third of their life, assuming that they live for an average of  seventy five years, they spend twenty five years of that sleeping!  That seems to me to be rather a lot I personally could do with an extra twenty five years. I'm sure like most other people I could put them to good use.
So why do we need as much sleep? This is a question that has baffled scientists for centuries and the answer is, no one is really sure. Some believe that sleep gives the body a chance to recuperate from the day's activities but in reality, the amount of energy saved by sleeping for even eight hours is very small a paltry 50 kCal, the same amount of energy in a piece of toast.
Apparently have to sleep because it is essential to maintaining normal levels of cognitive skills such as speech, memory, innovative and flexible thinking. In other words, sleep plays a significant role in brain development, however this poses another question as to why so many people can  appear to function perfectly well on just a few hours sleep whilst other like myself need to use up the full third of our lives.
Now assuming that it is all down to our fragile and often over vexed brain needing to recuperate after the stress of a hectic day which is fair enough, yes we can sympathise with our poor brain it needs sleep to prepare for the next days tasks that we will without doubt throw at it, so having said that it needs to save energy why on earth does it use up energy by causing us to dream ?

So we need to sleep to rest our poor brain that has been accepted but why do we need to dream or if we are unfortunate have nightmares that would appear to me to be a very good way to use up valuable energy which our brain I'm sure could put to better use. The debate as to why we dream could go on for many many pages there are, however, a great number of theories being explored. while some scientists say that dreaming has no direct function others believe it to be of great importance, personally I just take it or leave it. I would not like to tire out my poor brain and use up quite a lot of the energy it relies on.

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Helping to do our bit for those less well off.

I have been reading over on a fellow bloggers blog about the good she is doing this year for  . You can read about Jaime's good work here. Now in previous years I have done my bit with the help of friends and colleagues. In 2011 we filled and sent shoe boxes,  in 2013 I worked with M&S to make a difference to make a luxury box for one local resident  who other wise may have got nothing, and in 2014 we  donated nearly £200 worth of food to the local food bank. I see we as I could not have done it alone, but it proves that collectively we can do our bit and make a difference. I have also used my talents this year to raise money for WestFM's #cashforkids appeal. 

This year hubby and I are going to help out on Christmas Day with a local voluntary organisation by helping out at a Christmas Dinner for elderly isolated people in our area.  I am going to be sat at a table with another volunteer and six people and it is our job to make sure they have everything they need. To help them enjoy their day and have a wee sing song and a dance with them. Hubby struggles with his hearing in a noisy hall with a lot of people talking at once so he is going to be doing dishes in the kitchen.

This year as in previous years I am not in a financial position  to make much of a difference on my own, but if I can get friends and colleagues to pitch in in which ever way they may wish to I am sure we can make a collective difference again this year.

 I was going to collect for Womens Aid but having spoken to them they do not have storage space to store items and only accept new items at this time of year. So as my appeal to family and friends is not about new then I decided to run with a local charity called Yipworld who are based in Cumnock and are happy to have good quality second hand items handed in for their service users.

So I am going to kick off my appeal with a hot wheels set that was sent to us for review a few years back, the review was done and it was re-boxed and we rediscovered in the loft the other day.

I am going to go up to the grandchildren's toys and sort out what is too young for them now.

I mentioned to my neighbour what I was planning on doing and she kindly passed me in a bag full of items, some of which are new and still sealed. The rest in more than good enough condition to pass on.

donation from the neighbour

So what I am asking from any local family, friends or colleagues is if you are having a clear out of your children's toy cupboard or their clothes cupboard please give me a shout I will collect the items here and pass them on about the 15th of the month.

Have you won a raffle prize lately that is not quite your thing? I won these a while ago so will be adding them in.  I am sure somebody will appreciate it.  Now while I am asking for used items feel free and donate new items if you wish. A toy your child never used, a jumper they never wore, a woolly hat that did not suit them.

If you do have money to spare how about a tin of chocolates or biscuits to give a family a treat.A bag of sweets that can added to a parcel or some other nice treat that you think will be appreciated.

You will find me on Facebook,  or tweet me for further information or to offer a donation.

Saturday, 2 December 2017

Project 365 week 48

Been a cold cold week with most days not getting above freezing. Still having bad days with my arm, and rough nights as I can still only sleep on my back....which I hate doing.


DD2 and SIL2 had left yesterday with baby Ziggy to head across to his sisters for a few days. Last night we looked for the key that lives in the front door and is only removed if we both leave the house and need to lock the door from the outside. Well last night we could not find it. So after contacting DD2 to see if she had picked it up but SIL2 said it was in the door when he left. So a manic search followed to find it, looking through all jackets, trousers, bags, sheds etc it was eventually found on the back seat of the car under a idea how it would get there as no reason for it to be there, but glad we found it.


A cold miserable day but managed to capture this rainbow.


DD2 and Ziggy arrived back.Poor Ziggy's cold has got much worse and she is a miserable wee sausage, doesnt know what she wants and is struggling to sleep.
 Fifi came round with my birthday cake, and yes it had Peppa Pig on. Got to love the grandchildren.
Do other people have the same bother as us? we buy matching candles and candle holders yet they never seem to sit, hence one candle stuck in the cake and another one squint.


DD3 came up for a while in the evening to visit her sister and niece. She was encouraging Ziggy to walk with her walker down the living room and back. Ziggy's speech and understanding is very very good for a child of 15 months but she is still not making any attempt to walk. But time she starts school you wont know the difference.

She climbed half way up the stairs and played amongst the teddies that live there......monkey that she is.


Poor Ziggy does not know what to do with herself, she is miserable and unhappy. So we popped her in the car and went for a wander round the Christmas stuff in a local garden centre. She enjoyed looking at all the lights and musical items. A spot of lunch before we headed home. Not the cheapest place to eat but the soup was very nice.


DD2 and SIL2 are away to a wedding. They were suppose to be staying away over night but decided that due to Ziggy being so unwell they would come home. DD2 did consider not going at all but we managed to talk her into going.
I took her down to the local toddler group in the morning so they could get ready as she would have just cried for them and nobody would have got ready. She played at toddlers and fell asleep coming back up the road and had a sleep in the pram for about 45 min. She was not eating much so I just made her bottles to take instead. She fell asleep on my knee for just over two hours in the afternoon and had just dropped off on my knee again when DD2 and SIL2 came back. She was managing to get some sleep propped up but not lying down.


Poor Ziggy still feeling rotten, and fell asleep on top of daddy for over an hour this morning.
Them the visitors left, pheeewww, as they had another family engagement to attend. DD2 wanted to head home with Ziggy and let SIL2 take his mum but he wanted them all to go.
Here is Ziggy sat with granddad while the cars were being loaded.