I suppose this is the boring but necessary bit, and I just hope somebody reads it.I have enjoyed reading and contributing to other peoples blogs so have decided it was time to make one of my own, and I think blogs are a great insight into other peoples lives and how we are all different, interesting and how we all cope differently with what life throws at us.

Fifi is a normal thirteen year old girl. She enjoys reading, is very artistic and loves playing the drums and enjoys the drama group at school.  She joined the local Cadet group and enjoys going there once a week.  She enjoys baking with me and cooking at home with her mum.  She goes swimming and is part of the local council swim team and is doing very well.

Bob is ten and into his playmobil, his Wii U and his scooter. He is classed as disabled for the many issues he has, his multiple food allergies being the one that impacts most on his life, and I have done various posts on various topics on how we feed Bob with suitable food. I and three of the children also have food intolerance's so there has always been an element of adapting recipes and making our own food rather than buying shop bought.

the four meet for the first time

We now have Minky and Dinky, born on 21st November 2013.They have turned into two year old toddlers with totally different personalities and skills. They are starting to feature more now and Fifi a lot less so.

I have the older two grandchildren over to stay one night a week, firstly because I enjoy having them and secondly because it gives my daughter a break from the daily grind and medication of Bob. We usually try and doing something different when ever we can, and this blog will be about them, me and anything else I feel strongly about.

Then we now have Spud, born on March 2nd 2016. Dinky dotes on her and happily sits and cuddles her any chance she gets.

Dinky and Spud 

Lastly we have Ziggy born on August 23rd 2016.


  1. welcome to blogging - looks like you've really got in the swing of it :-)

  2. yes get on and start the food allergy blog! There are not enough of us and I always love to try other people's fave recipes too! I loe you blog, it's fab! :)

  3. I'm worried that now I'm a blogger, I'm going to end up with twins! Good to read a bit about you, I look forward to reading more

  4. Surprised I haven't come across your blog before as I'm often searching for food intolerance inspiration! :)


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