Thursday, 18 April 2013

A boasting post - I have made the top 100

I have achieved something this month I honestly never thought I would do, I have reached the top 100 in the tots100.

To say I am very pleased is an understatement, and so I thought it deserved to go down in history as much as any other piece of good news.

I have a massive jump in score, but that will be because they have changed their metrics. It may settle down next month and I may drop out again but to have achieved it once is good enough for me.

Well done to everybody else that has entered the top 100 as well.


  1. I'm in at 64 which is a surprise,but I suspect I won't manage to keep that going over time and will get bypassed by the newer blogs that spend loads of time on theirs. I have no idea how either.

  2. Yey well done! I think that's a pretty good excuse for blowing your own trumpet. x


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