Thursday, 4 July 2013

A person I admire

I decided to join in with Ultimate blog challenge, and the reason I decided on this was just to give myself  a challenge of writing something on a different theme, just to see if I could.

One of the themes that was suggested was

Who Do You Admire & Why? 
Pick a friend, family member, colleague, business, or whatever/whomever and write a blog post about the quality you most admire in them. Or write about the qualities you most admire in others or aspire to in your own life.

Well for me the first person I thought about when I saw this was my wonderful friend Sam. Sam lived across the road from me before I moved. Its amazing how life introduces you to new people. The last house we lived in did not really tick any of our boxes in what we were looking for in a house, but move in we did.

my lovely friend Sam
Sam and I use to talk over the car park that stood between her back door and my front door. One of the things that drew us together was our shared need for "allergy free food". Sam is one of these people that takes allergies to the extreme and has many many foods that cause her huge problems. Sam also has a daughter, E, who also has a lot of food allergies and has carried epi-pens for years, just as my grandson Bob does.

So why do I admire Sam?

Sam is simply an amazing person. As well as her food allergies Sam also suffers from Lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and asthma as well as  inflammatory bowel disorder. Most days she feels rotten, some days she can barely walk, struggles to get out of her bed, her joints don't work well and at times she cant even turn her head.

But this woman as well as visiting her gran every day, her gran is in her 90's, she takes her to church on a Sunday and takes her out and about doing things like shopping, lunch, etc.

Sam in her Supermum costume E bought her
Sam amazes me in the way she deals with her daughter. Her daughter E has Esther has multiple allergies, anxiety and borderline personality disorder with psychosis. Sam walks the floor with her day and night as needed. Sometimes E wont come out of her room because she feels it is not safe to do so, other times she wont go into her room as she does not feel it is safe to do so. Sam has huge tolerance and pactience, she worries about full moons and super moons, and knows when the two are due together that her daughter will be really bad emotionally.  Sam is E's carer,  she needs a lot of care and attention to help her through the anxiety. Sam support her through the psychosis and rapid mood changes, and does a lot of nagging for her to look after her allergies. But Sam will tell you quite matter of factly  "For her, I just be a mum I spose?" Supermum more like!

Sam had to pull E out of school and home educate her as the school could not cope safely with her allergies and Sam spent a lot of years running backwards and forwards to hospitals when her daughter was placed in danger at school.

Not only does Sam do all this but whilst all this has been going on she have been studying part time for 4 years and is on track to gain a Diploma in Health and Social care- having studied dementia care and death and dying as part of the course work.
She started an Open Uni course as a distraction from the problems caring for a young person with mental health issues bring- and she never thought it would get her to a Diploma!

She has been a great resource to me and my daughter and her daughter has been a great friend to Bob, as he is fascinated with E because he has never met anybody else like him with multiple allergies.


  1. How I love your genuine interest and compassion for Sam. Too often we pass by people without recognizing them as everyday heroes. Thank you for making time to tell Sam's story.

  2. Sam deserves the write up. Superwoman she must be indeed x


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