Thursday, 31 December 2015

Christmas comes twice.

We spent Christmas Day with DD1, SIL, the four grandchildren and their other grandparents. It is a lovely way to spend the day. Between them they make the dinner, Fifi chooses the soup and makes it, daughter does the main course, the other grandparents make a lovely pavlova and we take along the crackers. It is lovely to spend time with them all and we have some good laughs.

making the dinner

using Gran's ipad

look grandma has her camera out

shout her and she turns round

then turns right round to pose

Granddad jumping off the step with Minky

Now we have always done what we call Christmas Day No2. This is usually Boxing day when we have the grandchildren over here and they get their presents from our side of the family. We started it to give my daughter a break and allowed the children to be on a high slightly longer.But this year as it fell on a Saturday and I work weekends then we postponed it until Monday.

We planned this time to split the day into two parts, the first part mainly about the gruesome twosome, we did this for two reasons, one as Dinky is not comfortable up here and tends to cling for the first while, but I knew with a houseful of people she would not settle too well, and secondly as Fifi had a sleepover the night before and it saved her having to get here too early.

So DD3 picked up Bob and the twins on her way by their door and walked up with them Their wee faces were a picture when they saw the pile of presents, they have well and truly got the hang of this unwrapping lark.

Here are some of the pictures in no specific order of the day. You will notice in just about every one of these that Dinky is clinging onto Bob.

Bob reading them a story

Minky and I with the aquadoodle

Bob and Dinky with the aquadoodle

opening presents

making music

opening Granddad B's pressie

He got a row from Auntie T so he is in a huff

with her microphone

not so impressed with the beautiful clothes they got

playing with the pans
They know this mat signifies picnic time, and so readily sat on it.
lunch time

So that was the twins fed and changed and DD3 took them back down the road while DD2 went to pick up Fifi from her sleepover while I went and dealt with the next stage of the dinner. So when we were all reassembled we started on the present opening for the big people.

Bob handing out presents

with her gin hamper

Bob opening one of his
 It really is amazing despite all the technology that was there between them that the new game of Connect 4 we got for Bob was the biggest hit of the day. When Bob Fifi and myself play we play a series of games with the loser sitting out each time and the third person coming in. So we escalated that up with the group of us. Bob did well he won five games in a row ( and no we did not let him win) this was equalled at the end by Uncle M.  This must have been played with for well over an hour with two people playing and the rest engrossed in the play. One match came to stalemate and two others came down to nearly the end with one person having to let the other win. Much laughter was also had.

much concentrating going on

 but then a few other games were a doodle, here is the pic of shame for DD2.

Have to say they got some fab presents, four very fortunate children! We had a lovely meal with everybody contributing something towards it, and by the time this was over Bob had had enough and was getting tearful. A lovely day was had by all. Roll on next year.


  1. What a beautiful family, looks like you had a lovely Christmas (or two!). What a lovely tradition!

  2. We have Christmas Day No.2 as well! In fact there were so many presents and we were slow opening that it could have spread to Day No.3. It's always nice spending quality time with the family x Happy New Year x

    1. yes I feel ours get enough on Christmas Day and this is a nice way to relieve the pressure

  3. A second Christmas day is a lovely idea. Great to see old fashioned games being chosen over tech too. Happy new year to you all.x

  4. We have a second Christmas too as the older kids are often with their other halves over christmas. I think we see more family this time of year than any other

  5. Looks like a lot of fun! We ended up with 3 Xmas's this year - one with my parents and nephews a few days before, Christmas say with just the 5 of us, then a follow up at the out-laws on the 28th!

  6. I love second Christmases! We actually got three this year. Christmas Day with my family, Boxing Day with some friends and we had another during the day for New Years Eve. It's awesome!

  7. I miss having second Christmases, the one thing I used to enjoy as a child and now I am an adult, married and yet to have children, I only have one Christmas x

  8. We do something similar to this with the Grandparents. I think it's lovely to spread the fun out otherwise it's all over so quickly

  9. It looks like you had an amazing Christmas, I love the idea of a second Christmas x


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