Monday, 3 February 2020

Budgeting with a SIM only deal.

As my regular readers will know I have been doing a lot of budgeting with various things these last four months, including husbands mobile phone. So he wrote me a post.

I have been using a contract phone for many years now however when my latest contract ran out I decided to take a look at purchasing a SIM Only deal,  there were quite a few reasons behind this decision - the main one was cost.

As I have said I have used a contract phone for quite a while now and despite paying a fixed amount every month I was using my phone less and less. I have never been a heavy user of my mobile perhaps a dozen texts and half a dozen calls per month so it seemed that I was paying far too much every 18 months for a service I hardly needed or used.  I know with a contract I get the chance to upgrade my phone at every renewal however I am more than happy with the phone I use,I am familiar with it.  This also means there’s no mobile phone cost to factor into your monthly bill, quite a big saving so I really see no good reason to upgrade.

I had a look at pay as you go ,PAYG, but decided against this as it meant topping up as required and although I am not a heavy user, running out of credit could be quite inconvenient therefore  SIM Only seemed to be the way to go as it also offers the benefit of changing tariffs easier and more flexible should you find you need more or less download data or you having more minutes left over than you need.

Another good reason for using SIM only is that I can still get some fantastic network benefits such as access to 4G, mobile tethering and being able to use my mobile abroad at no extra cost (depending on your provider and selected tariffs')

So there we have it I did my research and came to the conclusion that for me personally a SIM only deal was the way to go. Since purchasing a good deal I have no regrets whatsoever and I would recommend that when it's time to renew your contract you take a look at SIM only.  You may find like me that the combination of lower cost and greater flexibility will be advantageous to you in the long run I know it certainly has been for me.

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