Monday, 19 October 2020

What To Consider When Moving Abroad



2020 has been a difficult year for all of us, and after such a long time stuck at home isolated from the rest of the world many of us are rightly searching for an escape. 

Moving away can be a huge task and can create a lot of stress for anyone involved, but it is also the chance for a new life and a fresh start. Today we are taking a look at what you need to consider this year if you want to move abroad. 

The language

Once you have decided that enough is enough and you need a fresh start in life, a new country is a tempting thing. But when choosing the country you want to live in you need to be aware that the people might not speak your language. Although many countries around the world do speak English, some regions don’t and you should be aware of this before you pack up and move there. Take the time to either learn a little of the local lingo or move somewhere English speaking. 

The culture 

The American culture is one that is open, diverse, and allows people to express themselves. However, not every part of the world shares these views. For example a lot of Arab countries are deeply offended by public displays of affection, drinking alcohol, or wearing revealing clothes. Before you decide to make a new life somewhere, be sure that their culture is one that you are able to follow and one that you are comfortable with. 

Hidden costs 

There are a lot of different costs involved in moving abroad. From shipping to ground rent to taxes - you’ll end up forking out a lot on your new life. However there are also costs you may not know about such as in Singapore the SIBOR rate, you can Track SIBOR rate online and look for other hidden costs and this will allow you to be aware and prepare yourself for the outlay. 

Transport links to home 

One of the hardest parts about moving to a whole new country is leaving family behind. Your family will be sad to see you go, but if living somewhere else makes you happy they will always support you. When considering a country to make your new home: take some time to think about the transport links. How easy will it be for you to visit back home and for your family to visit you? Always be sure that there are methods to see the ones you love; because if not it will make your life difficult in the future.

Shipping costs 

When preparing to move to another country, the main task you’ll have to contend with is logistics. The logistics of transporting all of your possessions and furniture to another country can be a huge challenge. In order to ship items across the sea you’ll need international movers to help you, and the cost of this can often be high. Make sure you are aware of the cost of this before you buy your new home, and also take the time to learn the rules and regulations of materials allowed into your new country. For example if you are moving from the USA to the UK, the UK is much stricter about the materials they allow into the country. Be sure you know what you can take before you pack! 

Grocery costs 

One of the things you might not consider when buying your new home is the cost of groceries. If you have lived in the UK for the whole of your life and you move to Australia - you’ll have a nasty surprise when you go shopping for the first time. Food has different values in different countries and this is something to be aware of before you pack up and move somewhere new. Take the time to research online shops and supermarkets to ensure you know what to expect when you get there. 


The most important thing to consider when you want to move away is the lifestyle you’ll enjoy. Different countries have a different culture and different ways of life. The UK is very much a 9-5 culture: Denmark has 4 day weeks: and Australia has early working hours to make time for family at the end of the day. When considering a move to somewhere new, think about the life you want to lead and the way you look to live. Find a place where you can be yourself and enjoy the most important things in life every day. 

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