Friday, 20 May 2011

My three minutes of Fame

Well today was the day we have been waiting for for the last month. Today was my interview for The Hour a topical chat show programme on STV that airs at 5pm weekdays.

They had been looking for an avid comper to talk about their passion  for comping, and if there is one thing I do better than comp it is talk so I though - why not this sounds right up my street - so I applied for the vacancy and was successfully appointed the position.

So having removed the stour (dust as a translation for the English readers out there) from corners I have not been into for a few months, decluttered all the normal household cluttered corners, and bought in cakes and biscuits for this grand occasion, put on something other than my usual attire of joggys and a t-shirt, tidied my hair and I was ready.

Gregor and Mags
At the appointed time Mags, the interviewer and Gregor the camera/sound man arrived, they were both very nice people who created a very relaxed atmosphere and we were soon chatting like old friends.

There was a fair amount of setting up, furniture moving, lighting to consider, as well as best positions and creating a homely air about the whole interview to make it appealing to the end viewer, and hopefully we have succeeded in putting together something the general public will find interesting, and more to the point not to cringe-worthy for me.

They had decided to come on a Friday as twitter is very active on a Friday with all the #FF activity going on, and they got some footage of me RT'ing tweets for comps, and to do this I followed my lovely twitter friend @lisanorfolk as an example of how it all works,  we then took a travel over to Facebook to see how to enter comps on there as well, and again to be consistent I followed Lisa again. Now for anybody who knows how these sites work I'm sure you will understand what I did, for anybody who has never entered a comp before...well you will still be in the dark...sorry. Also got a mention in for Loquax as my favourite site for both comping as well as the warm friendly community it provides for people having good days and bad

Gregor and I

The interview itself was asking me why I comp, when I started, what I get out of it, best win, what I do with my prizes, what sort of comps I enter etc etc. and you will need to watch the show to see how this will all come out, and the answers I gave. It was 3hrs of fun and laughs that will be edited into approx 3 minutes of an interview.

But I hear you keep asking me....when will it be going out, when can we see you make a total prat of yourself?? It will be going out on Tuesday 24th May at 5pm on STV, for those of you outwith the STV catchment area you can ( if you so wish) catch it on itv player after the show has aired, and eventually I will get a copy on dvd to keep and I will upload it to you-tube for the rest of the world to gape in awe and amazement at.

Mags and I

 Autographs will available at £1 each, after the show and if 350 of you buy  then I will have enough money to replace my laptop cos as you will see it struggles a bit when ask to do anything. If Dell, Advent, Comet or  PC World or anybody else out there is reading this then I'm open to offers of freebies or to trial one for a year or two and blog about it as the time goes on. Or alternatively if the winner of my comp wins it big then I'm not to proud to accept a thank you for giving you the ticket in the first place.

Unfortunately there was not a WEM (comper talk for winning e-mail) or a WTC (winning telephone call) whilst the crew were here to make the show really exciting. But you will see me open a few prizes I had received during the last few weeks, one of which Mags managed to drop and it landed on my poor dogs head.

Mags and Gregor playing out the front

Please feel free and add comments saying nice things about me once you have viewed the show....and remember I approve all comments before the appear, so if you don't like me and want to tell me that...tough...cos I wont publish the

I hope you enjoy the interview as much as I enjoyed making it, thanks to Gregor, Mags, STV and most of all SuperluckyDi for posting the original message looking for an avid comper and allowing me this opportunity to tell the whole world, ..........well ok a small part of the Scottish population about my fun but profitable hobby.


  1. Thats awesome Elaine! Gimme a nudge once its viewed cos I will need to watch on itv player thingamebob!

    How cool!! xx

  2. those hard to find WEMs...
    they will turn up like 3 buses in a row next week!@kohsamuirosie

  3. Wahay! I hope you put up a clip of you opening my wipes!

  4. I did, yours was one of 4 parcels I opened, kept specially for the occasion.

  5. Brilliant! I'm glad it went well, make sure you email me the link to ITV Player and I'll post it on the SuperLucky Facebook page! :)

  6. Thanks so much for the mention Elaine :) Fab post :)

  7. Can't wait to see it!!!!


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