Saturday, 11 August 2018

Project 365 week 32


Sat in the car in between shifts listening to my audiobook and doing some sewing. Was watchng the squirrel in the tree eating the seeds out of the pine cones.

half way down and a third in from the left 


Had volunteered for overtime tonight as it is thin on the ground at the weekends at the moment. While I was out during the day doing other things hubby washed and ironed my uniforms for me, I only have two which is one each day at the weekends. While hubby is busy helping the dog is busy making a mess.


Was a nice evening so we took the dog up to Failford for a walk, was only going to be a quick walk as she had been out down the woods in the afternoon. But ended up doing just over 6000 steps and it was getting dark as we headed back.


A busy morning doing catch up stuff, changed over to Sky as we are getting our package plus our two mobiles for £2 more than we were paying for BT and we were paying for our mobiles over and above that.
New car insurance and breakdown cover has kicked in.

An evening walk round Eglinton Park, we went to bits of  the huge park we have not walked round before and spotted this statue. A wee bit history on it here. The sculptor made prmarily for cemetaries.

Eglinton Park Irvine


Some housework and ironing, Hubby fitted the dashcam into the car.
Made some treacle and sultana pancakes for lunch and then went and joined the ladies monthly bike ride. Six miles along cycle tracks from Barassie to Irvine. Hubby dropped me off and picked me up and he was walking the dog while I was cycling.Then we did another couple of miles round the Irvine Beach Park. Zillions of rabbits there again. Thankfully Dixie dog has no notion to chase them.
The Fitbit did not pick up the bike ride again, even though I did try it in my pocket instead of on my wrist this time. .
Walked down to DD1's to drop off a light bulb for Bob's bedroom in the evening.

round the far side of the stone dragon with Arran in the background 


A walk round Auchincruive and amazed at how well all the soft fruit bushes have benefited from the rain we have had. The crops were lookingvery very poor a few weeks back but I think next week I will stop off and do some picking of blackberries and raspberries.
 Last time I tried blackberries a few years back I took a reaction to them despite them being cooked, but that was in the third day in a row of eating them, so hoping if I go easy I will be ok. They have so much more flavour than shop bought. A number of apple trees in the same area but the apples are crab apple size so more suited to a juicer than peeling and coring.

Bob was suppose to have a hospital appointment and DD1 was going to take them all onto the Sealife Centre at Balloch afterwards. But sadly between Minky at 1am, DD1 and Fifi about 3am, Spud at 5am and  Dinky at just after 8 one by one they all went down with a vomitting bug. So they went no where. Thankfully Bob somehow avoided it (so far) as he would need to be hospitalised if he got it. I steered clear as I did not want it.

hubby eating the berries 


Hubby spotted these on a local selling site and liked the idea of imbedding one into the wall when we get the wall coated.

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Taking Good Care of Your Dog on a Budget

Our dogs become part of the family and give us much love and loyalty. However, if money
gets tight it can be a struggle to pay for everything they need, but it would be
like giving one of the children away to get rid of your dog. Ways need to be found to keep the
costs as low as possible, and here are just a few suggestions.

Learn The Basic Care

On area that money could be saved is in the grooming of your dog.
Brush their fur on a regular basis and clean their teeth a couple of times a week.
Keep an eye on their paws to make sure they look healthy and speak to your vet
about how to trim their nails, and how long the nails should be before you do.

Taking your furry friend to be groomed can add quite a lot to the expense
of caring for them, and learning how to do it yourself could help to strengthen the
bond between you.

Shop Around

The easiest way to shop around these days is to look at comparison sites like this site.  
You should certainly do this for things such as dog insurance, as the premiums can
vary greatly for the same cover. Just make sure you know in detail what cover you are
getting, as they do not all pay out for the same things. We were very grateful for our pet insurance with
wee Lilly dog as it gave us the peace of mind we had done everything we could for her.

You should do the same to find a good vet as well. Their fees can be a lot of money
if you do not have the appropriate insurance, and you need to make sure you keep
their costs down.

Be Clever About Food

You need your pet to have a healthy diet, or you could end up with vet bills later on.
Look out for special deals in the supermarkets and pet stores, and buy the larger packs
if you can. You can get some really good discounts if bags of food are approaching their
expiry date, or if a particular brand is being discontinued.

There are some human foods you can give them if you have some left over, but
it cannot be stressed enough how careful you have to be. Onions are not good for them
and nor are grapes, raisins, chocolate, garlic, milk and other dairy products,
salty foods, citrus fruits, alcohol and several other things. It might be tempting to share
your treat with them, but you could be doing them more harm than good.

Try To Avoid Accidents

Apart from the fact you really do not want your dog to be injured, you need to
avoid accidents because of the cost of treatment. Make sure your garden is safe and
they cannot escape, and when you do take them out always have them on a lead.
No matter how well trained a dog is, if they see a potential playmate across the road, they are
likely to run without giving a thought to any traffic.

Keeping your dog in the family need not cost the earth, you just have to be careful about
what you spend the money on. For example, a dog would be just as happy playing
with an old ball as they would be with an expensive new toy.

This is a collaborative post.

Saturday, 4 August 2018

Project 365 week 31


The darker nights are here, the lamp half way up the stairs is now back on in an evening and over night, Our bathroom is downsatirs and easier with a light on.


Got our car back late this afternoon, fingers crossed it is good.

One of the things my children grew up knowing how to do was mend a puncture on a bike, they all had bikes from young as well as me having one with the bike seat on the back for youngest son when he was little. Did make him lazy right enough as he hated to walk anywhere as a child.
Any way being the nice Grandma that I am I taught Bob how to mend a puncture today.


Went and joined in with an organised bike ride with Active Travel hub in Ayr. Did 6.3 miles and my plan had been a photograph of the group once we had finished. Sadly once the ride was over one of the ladies got tangled in her bike when getting off and we ended up phoning and ambulance and she got taken into hospital. I hope she is all right. So instead you have a photo of the route we cycled from map my walk,

Marr College Troon


Went for a geocaching walk up at Whitleees Wind Farm. Managed a circuit of 4.3 miles without it raining. We have a travel bug for Dixie so going to log up some caches for her. Went for something to eat and then was going for another walk but by then it was raining rather heavily. So supermarket and home instead.


A day of sorting paperwork, sorting car insurance and breakdown cover for the new year of them next week and various other long over due bits sorted and cleared. Also trying to  decide who to sign back up with for home broadband and tv as well as new mobiles, yes they ALL run out in the next ten days. None of it comes cheap but needs to be done.


Hubby had had dog out for a walk in the afternoon while I was away doing other things. Went to pick up a spare wheel and tyre for the car as it came with a can of squirty foam stuff. Went for a walk round Rozelle and managed to find the carved Gruffalo that somebody had asked me about the other week. This is cheating a bit as it is a carving put inside the tree rather than being part of the tree,


Yeeehhhhh a competition prize.....not the biggest value or the most exciting but a prize none the less.

Saturday, 28 July 2018

Project 365 week 30

A frustrating week as well as rather stressful. Phoned the sales man who sold us the car during my break at work yesterday and told him all the hassles we have had. He said he would email the service manager at his branch and get him to deal with it.


An evening walk round the fishery. Three very cut baby peacocks/peahens walked across the path in front of us with their mummy.

The reflection on the pond was just beautiful.No enhancements, just as it came off my phone.


Went into trading standards to see how we stood legally with the car. I know we can reject for any reason in the first thirty days, we are getting close to that thirty days I wanted some accurate information on where to go next. Turns out that the thirty days pauses from when you report the fault until you are satisfied that fault is sorted, so seems I have plenty of time left. Really don't want to be rejecting it because I like it and it creates masses of hassles if I do.

The Service Manager at Kilmarnock phoned us just after lunch and asked us to take the car in for him to smell it for himself, so we did and he could smell it as well. Promised us a courtesy car so he could hold onto ours until it was sorted properly. But all he had on Monday was a manual car and I only have an automatic licence so was no good to me. He promised to get us one for tomorrow.

Took the dog for a walk up to Failford to check on our caches as one had been reported missing in the evening and got bitten on my arm.


No phone call to say courtesy car in for us, so I phoned them at 5pm to be told they had not got it back as there was some emergency had cropped up. A phone call would have been nice as I have other things to do that wait on a call.

Took the dog a walk up to Auchincruive and picked up a couple of geocaches while we were there, really want to get back into doing some. I put on a long sleeved cardigan to protect from bites but something manged to get my hand which swelled up. Fed up with being bitten and the nasty reactions.



I was suppose to be going out with a group for a bike ride this morning, but still do not know what is happening with the car. I have other things to do this week, and my mind would not have been on the ride. My arm and hand were both sort and itchy and I was feeling rather fed up. So as I had promised DD1 I would go with her to Ikea one day this week I decided to tick that off my to do list instead.

It is too much agro for her to get the big stuff with all the kids in tow, so we played in the park while DD1 shopped, Then we went to the cafe and had a snack before heading down to buy the little bits she wanted. I picked up a 4tog quilt for our bed for when it cools down.

The garage phoned late afternoon to say the courtesy car was there for us.


Went to pick the car up and drop ours off but nobody told me to bring my driving licence with me, so a quick call to DVLA for them to find out I do have a clean licence, signed some paperwork and off I went. This means I do not need to worry about them having my car as I can get to work at the weekend with this one. Hubby did not come with me so he not insured to drive it.

Phoned the surgery when I got back to see if they had any appointments for tomorrow to see if there is much else I could get for the bites. Had none for tomorrow but offered me one for about an hour away so I took it.GP changed my antihistamine and prescribed a low dose of steroids for three days every time I get bitten to see if by taking them we can stop the reaction being so violent. Here is hoping. I need a shed and some pieces of keep fit equipement then I would not have to go walk!!!!


Garage phoned to say that due to the adverse weather down south the parts for my car had not got up. I am not bothered, would rather hold onto this one and get mine sorted right rather than get it back quickly. They are telling me the new gasket that was fitted in Ayr last week was faulty.....really???  and nobody noticed on the test drive??? I am left wondering if they even bothered to even change it.

I am glad I am not needing to do to many miles in the car as a) it would not pull you out of bed, you put your foot down and it crawls along b) it drinks fuel like there is no tomorrow, getting approx four miles to the £.

A walk round the fishery before the rain and storms started. Both the rain and the storms were impressive.


When daughter bought stuff in Ikea part of it was for her utility room, and to fit it in she had to move the shoe rack. So we acquired it until we can find one we really like for our front hall. Hubby stipped it down and varnished it. This may well still be here in a few years time.

Friday, 27 July 2018

Two Wednesdays of fun.

DD3 and I were joking on Facebook the other week along with DD1's MIL that she must be making up some of these hospital appointments just to get a break from the three wee ones and goes and sits in Costa, surely nobody has thirteen hospital appointments with one child in one month?
Anyway sadly she did so she tries to spread the babysitting out as best she can. Obviously it is much easier for me to get them from nursery and hold onto them for half an hour or less than for the other grandparents to drive across for that short amount of time.

So the other Wednesday when Bob was away at an appointment I held onto the three wee ones and we went to the park across the road.

We spent a lot of the day on the mushrooms. We were sat on them and driving them to Glasgow or to the supermarket. We had to remember to do our seat belts up before we drove away, I was the seat they sat on and my arms were the seat belts, and sadly Minky crashed a few times and fell off his seat as he did not do up his seat belt.....naughty naughty.....all good fun and produced a lot of laughs from the children and smiles from  people passing by.

I have to say life is much easier now with them than it was a year ago. The gruesome twosome can move the swings and seesaw and such like by themselves now Minky goes off and manages very very well with the sip wire, being that bit bigger now he can do all of it by himself.

Spud still requires more watching on the higher pieces of equipment like the slide as she is still only two.

Thye were also having fun jumping across the mushrooms and dancing on top of them.

So we went home via the shop and got a sweet. a great afternoon was had by us all. Poor Spud did end up with sore knees as she tried to hold onto Minky's hand while they run, Minky just runs at his speed and she gets dragged over. Dinky is that bit more careful and tends to run at Spud's speed.

Then the following Wednesday DD1 had to go and speak to Bob's new specialist that he had seen last week without Bob so she could fill in on a lot of the background and Bob's early years. So I had the four of them. I decided as it was nice that I would get DD1 to drop us off at Rozelle Park as they have various children's activities running through the holidays and we decided to go and do some rock painting.

These were Bob's two





So while the rocks were drying we went for some outside fun and a picnic.

Bob went on top, Minky was not allowed to attempt to follow him. 

Add caption

Digging for dinosaurs 

Then we went back inside to pick up our rocks and then went off to hide ours and see if we could find some of the others that would have been painted and hidden in the park. 

finding red leaves 

Minky spotted a squirrel and tried to catch it.

Bob found a poke ball 

Dinky found a butterfly 

We also went round the duck ponds to see the ducks

Then DD1 phoned to say she was back at the car park

They went home happy and rather grubby, that says a good day out in my book.
Country Kids