Sunday, 21 October 2018

My Sunday Photo 21st Oct.

A before tea time stroll round the fishery. Two of the fishery children were out working, not uncommon for children of a working family business. The older child, I am sure she must be about 12, was driving the mini dumper truck round to dump off rubbish in the container they use for burning rubbish. The younger boy at the back was just tagging along on what looked like a powered scooter.

I just loved the reflection opportunity and the autumnal colours. Was clear enough to see the rows of pylons in the background as well as the sheep in the field at the back right hand side - another sign Autumn is here.


Saturday, 20 October 2018

Project 365 week 42

Gosh only ten weeks to go until another year is completed, that will be my seventh full year done. Hard to believe where the time goes.


Hubby seems to be a few days behind me with this cold, so he is feeling pretty rotten as well. SIL2 does not seem to be fairing much better. DD2, SIL2 and Ziggy went off to the car boot in Ayr and a walk on the beach with their dog. They dropped dog off and then headed to DD1's to spend some family time together.
I was preparing the tea when I managed to cut my thumb instead of the vegetables. Had gone to screw the lid back onto a bottle of sparkling water earlier and missed the cupboard entirely and dropped the lid less bottle on the floor. Was not much of the 2l left time I grabbed it and picked it back up. Why is it when you feel so crappy you do stupid things like this?


The visitors are heading east to SIL2's family for a few days. Hubby amused Ziggy while mum packed and dad had a shower etc.  Dixie got a slow stroll round the fishery. Not been out for a few days so it was quite nice to make the effort.


A wander down to DD1's to watch the kids while her and Fifi did a dump run. DD1 had bought some new storage units and had smashed up the old ones rather than take the time to dismantle them. Was not enough room in the mini bus for all the kids and the rubbish.

Minky had been using the chalks earlier on and uses his hands to clean the blackboard and then rubs them on his face He looked like he was practising for Halloween.


First proper walk poor Dixie has had in nearly a week. Needed some shopping before the visitors reappear tomorrow. So we headed to Irvine where the dog just loved to run and run, so much space and freedom.
She is like a new dog from the one we rehomed nine months ago. Readily accepts visitors now. before she would bark when she heard their footsteps upstairs, or when they came down, or walked into the room etc etc, not to mention barking every time Ziggy cried. All this has stopped and she justs accepts it as the norm now. Such a lovely sweet little dog that is a massive pleasure to have. Runs up to people when out for walks and loves to be stroked and spoken too. No more scared dog hiding and needing gently coaxed to get her by people/things she does not recognise.

Was playing silly with the sunset through and round the big stone dragon but liked this one best.


Spent the morning baking, making soup and cooking lunches for work at the weekend.
After lunch went a run to the dump to drop off some rubbish and a walk at Auchincruive on the way back. The four visitors returned.


SIL2 had spent the day in bed on Tuesday and DD2 was feeling rough last night and today and so she spent quite a bit of the day in bed. I took Ziggy down to DD1's and we all went the park, back for lunch and then did some painting with some Little Brian paints I was sent to review.
Went for a walk round the fishery with hubby and Dixie.

Took a lot of pictures in the park but loved this one. DD1 and Dinky had been pushing Fifi and Spud on this roundabout. DD1 was killing herself laughing at Fifi squealing and laughter as she was pushed round. .


Park of this weeks baking.
I used this recipe for banana loaf  adding sultanas to one.I like the recipe and use it quite a lot.  The other I omitted the banana and added grated pumpkin and carrots along with sultanas. Both of them are very moist and very delicious.


Friday, 19 October 2018

Your Guide To Taking Care Of Yourself As You Age

The earlier we start taking care of ourselves, the better. Eating right and exercising isn’t something we should
start doing when we feel we’re carrying some unhealthy weight or when we start getting out of breath going
up the stairs; it something that we should do to prevent those things from happening.
However, it’s important to note that it’s never too late to start, and if you’re determined enough
you can completely turn your life around!

Taking care of yourself as you age is about so much more than eating healthy and
exercising, though, as important as those things are. Below we have further advice you can
use to take care of yourself as you age. Take a look and get started now:

Photo by Claudia van Zyl on Unsplash

Changing The Way You Think
You can’t expect to change anything that is going on in your outside world before you
change things that are going on inside of you: that is a fact. Changing the way you
think can help you to live a happier, healthier life full of possibility. But how do you do this?

  • Pay more attention to your thought patterns - are they negative or positive?
  • How can you change negative, limiting beliefs into positive beliefs?
  • Where do you think you picked these beliefs up? Why might they not be true?

There are lots of ways you can rewire your brain: affirmations, changing the
way you act to change the way you feel, body language, CBT, a
nd more. Check out some resources online to get started!

Planning For A Stress Free Future
Nobody wants to picture a future full of stress and worries. Start planning for a stress
free future now. Creating a will and selecting a power of attorney will give you peace
of mind. Looking into elderly care may help out your family if you know you’ll need it
one day, or could be suitable for an elderly relative. Putting money into an emergency
savings fund, as well as investing money can help you to protect yourself should your
financial circumstances change.

One way to decide what you need to do is come up with your ideal visualization of the
future, and then create a series of baby steps for a plan that will help you to achieve

Keep Up Regular Medical Appointments
Don’t skip the doctors, dentists, or audiologists appointment! You don’t need to be
suffering from health issues to go for a quick check up. In fact, doing these things could
save you from pain and stress in the long run. I currently have appointments booked for an
annual asthma review as well as a smear test.

Find Things That Make You Happy
What’s the point in it all if we’re not doing the things that make us truly happy?
Try out different hobbies and spend time doing things that make you lose track of time.

Take Better Care Of Your Mental Health
Your mental health is just as important as your physical health, and the two can go hand
in hand. Eating well and exercising will positively impact your mental health too,
but make sure you do things such as reducing stress factors in your life, meditating,
and getting plenty of sleep!

This is a collaborative post

Sunday, 14 October 2018

Project 365 week 41

One day late this week as have been  feeling rather yucky for the last half of the week. Normally do this post as I go along during the week but did not this week as had no notion for doing it with feeling yeuch. Hubby has been left to do quite a bit of the dog walking by himself.


Sat in the car in the wind and the rain in my break at work and did some colouring and watched an episode of Criminal Minds.


Nipped into Iceland for a few bits and pieces and spotted these, so popped them in the basket. Hubby nabbed all the dotty sweets off of them!!! The third wet day in a row but dried up enough to get the dog round the fishery.


Had the start of the cold, as usually with me starts with laryngitis so I bought some Strepsils hoping to stop it going any further. A walk round Auchincruive, the sky was blue and it was lovely.


Made an apple pie with some of the apples we picked at the end of last week.


Bob was away to the local hospital for a short stay for some routine  (to him) tests. So I was baby sitting Spud. She is a delight on her own. We played catch with balloons, she played with the duplo and when it stopped raining we went away to the park for a short while. She played on just about everything for approx 20 seconds at a time and then we gathered a pile of conkers we saw. Got her to go home on the pretext of showing them to mum.
Sadly they had not told daughter to stop one of Bob's medications( a medication very few children take)  and so the tests could not go ahead. They are going to adjust the letter they send out and rebook him for another week. .


Bob's gymnastics day. I could not have driven safely the way I was feeling so I sat with the three wee ones  (and bunged them in front of the tv) while DD1 dropped him off. First time I was out all day.
DD2 down from Oban so arrived about 8pm. She was not sure she would make it as the only two roads south were both closed at the start of the week and one of them still is.But she had bought tickets for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in Glasgow for Bob's birthday earlier in the year so she really needed to come down.

Had spotted these bargains in the clearance freezer the other day.Bought DD1 a pile for her freezer as well. I got £38 worth of food for £5 for us and about the same for daughter. Not that I would have bought any of them at full price.


Not impressed with the fitness tracker I bought, have left a one star review and sending it back.

Not feeling well enough to go to work so spent most of the day in my bed feeling sorry for myself and being very unsociable. Ziggy had been popping in and out while her mum was getting dressed.

Thursday, 11 October 2018

Let's Feed The Very Hungry Caterpillar game review and a giveaway.

I do not think there can be anybody who does not know the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and how can you not love the illustrations and the story behind them? So when I spotted an opportunity to review a new game I jumped at the chance as I know all the younger grandchildren love the book.

So what is in the box?

First of all we have a playing board, bright, colourful and sturdy.

Then we have four sets of five fruits that need to be collected

That turn into a beautiful butterfly.

Movement cards

and instruction cards

We have four game pieces, lovely chunky easy to hold in the shape of a caterpillar

and of course a set of instructions.

I opened the box and familiarised myself with the pieces and instructions before I played it for the first time. I find with having two of them to teach a new game too as well as the two year old that likes to join in that that is an easier way.

So for the sake of photographs we set the game up on DD1's table. The twins will be five next month and started school back in October so they are at a good age for learning, listening to instructions and knowing about taking turns etc.We could not leave Spud out so her and I teamed up and I assisted her with the tasks she could not do.

I set up the board, always find the board that fold into four a bit more difficult for young children to manage to fold and unfold without causing damage. I understand why companies do it.Having shuffled the cards well we popped them in the middle of the board and then they all chose the colour caterpillar they wanted and we set out the board accordingly. Dinky went first.

The idea of the game is very simple, take the top card off the pack and look to see what is on it. All the cards have both the number and a picture on, and then move your caterpillar round the board accordingly.

choose a card

concentrating hard

and then move the correct number.

This game is ideal with younger children to teach them number recognition, counting, taking turns, winning and losing and all in a fun way. We played by the rules, the best one being that you do not need the exact number to land on a fruit, you stop when you land so in theory everybody has only to go round the board once. I think with an older group of children I would be tempted to add to the fun and only let them collect a piece if they got the exact number. 
 Spud at two years old did well and recognised her numbers right first time every time. Can not yet convert that number to exact counting of spaces but I would not expect her too. Games are all about learning and this for her will help with her counting. Our piece did end up going backwards and jumping spaces but that really did not matter to me.

We chose matching butterflies, the twins choice, but you could just as easy place all the pieces in the middle and have multi coloured butterflies.

Minky does not always have a great attention span but he is competitive. We played three games, each game lasting less than ten minutes, and won one game each. Though have to say we did fix it for Minky to win the last game as he went to the toilet whilst needing one more piece to win so we fixed it by placing the "move forward to any fruit" card at the top for him to pick up. We did get a few moans when they had to miss a turn.

All in all we loved the game. It is bright, colourful, easy to play and adaptable for a bigger age range. Ties in nicely with a book they all love and appeals for its simplicity and educational value.

The game is  available from Debenhams and ELC. RRP is £14.95

Right I now have a chance for you to try and win the game for yourself.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms and conditions

1. Open to UK entrants only
2. all entries will be checked to ensure entry requirements have been complied with
3. fun as a gran will pass winners details to a third party for fulfillment of the prize, no other details will  be shared as per blog policy. fun as a gran accepts no responsibility for supplying the prize.
4. The winner will be randomly chosen after the giveaway finishes and will be contacted via the email address left when entering. I reserve the right to choose another winner if the original winner does not respond withing seven days of being notified.
5. The winners name will be displayed on the rafflecopter form once chosen and will be shared across my social media platforms.

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Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Winter is coming.

Winter is definitely coming and although we might not have a 700 feet high ice wall and temperatures of -50c to contend with we still have some pretty challenging weather to contend with and this applies to none more so than motorists. It is surprising just how many of us don’t carry out a few simple and inexpensive checks to ensure we can safely make it through the winter safely so I have put together a list of things that we should really check on.

It goes without saying we need to start with the legal bits – it is important that we have tax, insurance and an MOT to comply with the law. Hassle-free booking of MOT Test in London is available at Iverson Tyres. Talking of tyres make sure they are the correct type and they are in good safe condition. You can get them checked during your MOT to ensure that they are of the correct tread depth, pressure and if necessary advice on the use of winter tyres depending on where you live and
the weather conditions you might expect.

Secondly there are a number of simple checks that can be carried out such as topping up all your fluids paying particular attention to the levels of anti-freeze in your engine and also the level and anti–freezing properties of your windscreen washer fluid, after all having either of these freeze can be a complete pain as well as being dangerous.

Thirdly pay particular attention to lights, make sure they are all working and are bright enough, also that the glass is always kept clean a simple wipe with a cloth now and again [this applies to number plates as well] will keep them at their best level of brightness and of course keep you legal in the eyes of the law.

Fourthly something that many of us overlook is that in winter the chances of getting stuck in jams or indeed breaking down greatly increase. We all assume it will never happen but look at the news being broadcast during severe weather conditions and think that could be me. So here are a few things that are quite useful firstly always ensure your mobile phone is fully charged before you set off on a journey however short as it may not always be possible to charge it in the car when you are in a jam or broken down and you may need to call the emergency services or call home to let family know you are okay. Also and I speak from personal experience here always carry what I call an emergency bag one that I can grab easily if I ever have the misfortune of having to leave my vehicle in adverse   way safely to the side of the road. My bag consists of warm weatherproof jacket and trousers, hat gloves, a hi viz vest, it also has a wind up torch so I do not have to worry about batteries, some chocolate and a drink also a flask of something hot if the weather forecast is really terrible. I also carry warm fluorescent jacket, spare lead and food for our dog as well.
weather conditions and make my

Fifthly and most importantly unless you really must travel in atrocious weather conditions, Don’t!  So there we have it winter is coming so like boy scouts everywhere-  Be Prepared.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
This is a collaborative post.

Saturday, 6 October 2018

Project 365 week 40.

Well I have to say it is simple things in the blogging world that make me happy. When Fiona did her last Country Kids I was chosen as her favourite for the very last week run by her and last week I had the honour of being one of four picked as favourites for last weeks #MySundayPhoto by Darren. My post is here if you want a look. 

Anyway the week has been busy busy and I am not really sure where it has gone. But has been a positive week.

A few bits of colouring in one of the books as well as some cross stitching has also been going on. .


A nice little win, picked this up on the spur of the moment when I put diesel into the car. Not really sure what to do with it just yet but will hold onto it until I decide.

£40 win


A wander round Auchincruive with the dog before home for some tea.  Whilst we were there we took a bag and picked up some windfalls from the apple tree. Lots and lots of bigger redder ones still too high to reach so will go back again.

We had been throwing apples for Dixie to chase, as with a ball she will chase it but not bring it back. Here she is with her head in the bag of apples.

snuffling in the bag


I had a phone call from the phone shop to say they had my phone back but had not managed to sort the problem. So I was to go in and collect it. They were decent enough to give me back what they had charged in the first place as it was still broken, so I offered it to them for spares and got a bit more.
So a friend of mine took pity on me and bought me a new phone as an early birthday/Christmas present. I bought the cover myself. Cant get a decent picture of the phone as it is just reflecting back at me.

an owl phone case 


Yeeeehhhhh must be nearly halloween There are pumpkins in the shops... spicy.pumpkin soup and pumpkin muffins will be made.

Another just before tea walk. We were surprised to see some of the trees actually developing new buds, thought this was suppose to happen in the spring not Autumn.
New phone takes quite a clear photo.

new buds


Cashed in my nice little win, so while we were in Irvine at the beach park walking the dog we decided to visit a couple of charity shops and picked up a few bargains. Had planned another walk after shopping but by then it was torrential in Irvine. Was dry time we got back to the village and so we went round the fishery. I had a committee meeting at 7pm and then phoned hubby to meet me after the meeting and took the dog another walk,at this time of night now was an on the lead walk round the streets.

spot the dog in the middle, was a grey and windy day

I then spent the rest on myself and ordered a fitness tracker with the balance of the money, some very reasonable priced ones for sale with good reviews if you avoid the big names. Comes with a two year warranty so should be ok.


Half a day spent hoovering, dusting and making food for the weekend .A big bowl of macaroni cheese as I was making cheese sauce for the lasagna. Also made a pot of spicy pumpkin soup and some sultana and pumpkin muffins.

Instead of doing the gymnastics run with Bob I decided to watch the three wee ones instead. Not seen much of them so it was nice. Also gives my daughter a break from their bickering and arguing. The twins are coming home from school knackered and this leads to tears and general unpleasantness.
So as I have a board game needing a review I took it down with me and we spent some time playing with it.

DD1 came back and picked up Spud and her and Spud went for their flu jabs. The twins will get theirs at school. They can't have the sniff as it is a live virus and it is far to big a risk for Bob.

Lets feed the hungry caterpillar game 


This year we are putting paid to spending masses on adults. Becoming more and more expensive as the amount of grandchildren increases.  So we decided that a secret Santa is in order this year and we will all buy for one adult with a set limit of £10.  Fifi picked out who each of us are to buy for and popped the names in an envelope for each of us.

and it would not be a secret if I