Wednesday, 5 August 2020

Before Your Sweet Dreams: How to Make the Perfect Bedtime Routine

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If there's one thing we need to protect with our lives, it's our sleep. There's so much stress in life, and we need our sleep to recharge. But many people feel getting to sleep is one of the more difficult things. The solution is all about the perfect bedtime routine. Far from it being something just for kids, the right bedtime routine can do a lot for us. But how can we make the perfect bedtime routine?

I for one have been struggling with very vivid dreams myself these last few months. Dreams that do not work in reality, things like my children back when they were children as well as my grandchildren in the same dream, just not possible.

Make your bed as comfortable as possible

Giving your bedroom a makeover and generally make it more appealing will make you crave your bed more. Perhaps you don't get time to read during the day. In which case, having that book at bedtime can be the one opportunity for you to unwind and get away from all the external worries. Give yourself the opportunity to want to go to bed and read. Purchase a special pair of glasses off a website like and make your bed as comfortable as possible. Before you know it, you will be wanting to go to bed a little bit earlier than normal!

Lower the temperature

You need your bedroom to be at the ideal temperature for sleep, which is between 16 and 18 degrees. You have to remember that anything over 20 degrees can make your body and mind restless. If you can lower the temperature in your room, this is a good start, but by having a cold shower you are able to lower your body temperature to signal your brain to be more relaxed. In fact, there is more advice on about cold showers before bed and what they can do for your body. As soon as you start to lower the temperature, you are signalling to your body that it's time to unwind.

Avoid your phone

It could be tempting to get your phone out before bedtime because you've not looked at it all day. But the blue light could disrupt your sleep by stopping melatonin, the sleep hormone. The best thing to do is to get rid of all electronics from the bedroom and make the place as dark as possible.

Don't eat right before bed

When you eat a snack an hour or so before bed you are still digesting it when you climb in. Ideally, you would want to have your last morsel of food 3 hours before you get into bed. This means that there is no digesting going on so you are able to feel better at night and the next day. Perhaps as a precursor to your bedtime routine, think about having some food. It gives you one less thing to think about so you can focus on relaxing rather than being hungry.

We need to protect our bedtime routines with our lives because we need our 7 to 9 hours a night. Many people still feel sluggish the next day. If this is you, think about a bedtime routine that signals your body and brain it's time for bed but it's also something you enjoy doing. After a while, you will look forward to it. 

Saturday, 1 August 2020

Project 366 week 31


A great day at work, getting so many positive comments from people and getting to chat as I go about my amended duties. Feels so worthwhile. Spend the first half of my shift learning the new job role. 

This is creating a lot of hassle in the village, the second closure on the same road less than a few hundred yards apart. You cannot turn left out of this junction as it is blocked off level with it. Sadly people are approaching the road closed section then realising they have no where to go so come up this road, the wrong way up a one way street. 


The shower base was not the lightest so hubby decided to smash it up. I wanted to keep it to make a garden feature of it but will keep our own one instead when it comes out. Next door came out wondering what the noise was. 


One of the power tools hubby bought last week had a piece missing so rather than wait two weeks for a spare part to be sent pout we took it back to the shop and swapped it instead. Decided to take the shower base to the dump at the same time as they are on the same road. Also popped into the tile shop to see if they had the tile we wanted back in stock, they did not but they had them in another branch so despite the heavy rain we drove down and picked them up. Not that we are anywhere near ready for fitting them but got them now. 

Ordered this on Sunday evening, came just after 9am this morning. Hoping to be needing this very soon. Watch this space. I am well excited. 


Picked up DD3 and went to meet up with mutual friends. Nipped into a supermarket to pick up school shoes for Dinky. She wanted Troll ones but they did not have them. So got her ones with flowers on instead. Not what I would class as school shoes, I would call them party shoes, when mine went to school shoes covered their feet fully to help keep them dry on their walk to school and offered support. How times change, guess few kids these days walk twenty plus mins to school in all weathers. 

Spotted the cygnets feeding off the bottom the groups of children watching were laughing at this. 


Another run to pick stuff up to carry on with the DIY jobs in hand. Another walk along the beach while we were out. 


A busy day running here and running there. One of the runs was to pick up a bike for Bob. He was due one for his birthday back in April but as he was shielding seemed a bit cruel to buy him one at the time. Now he no longer needs to shield seemed a good time to get him one. He was not expecting the delivery and was over the moon when we dropped it off for him. 

While I was out yesterday I treated myself to some new socks and threw away all my pairs with holes in. 

We had the most amazing thunder storm at tea time last night, have never heard thunder quite like it. 


So today I should be at work. Sadly for me the government have moved the goal posts again and after a lengthy phone call with my line manager yesterday the conclusion is I am no longer allowed to be at work. We may or may not be able to find a fix round this, found a fix for the last fourteen weeks, I am adaptable so time will tell.  

So I used this morning to do a pile of tidying up that I have been looking at for the last few weeks. The spare bedroom now looks like a bedroom again and the cupboards have been organised. 

I bought myself a subscription to Let's Knit magazine after buying one and really like it. My first magazine turned up yesterday along with the wool as a free gift. A lot of interesting bits and pieces and hints and tips as well as patterns. 

There is a mystery pattern in this months magazine made from various styles of squares that is being covered over three months, so going to use this for making the project. 

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