Friday, 22 January 2021

Planning for the Future with Live-In Care

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It is not a topic you really want to think about realistically, who wants to get old? But unfortunately it is a natural progression of life and ageing. Though you may currently have a husband or wife by your side (if you have one of course) you might just assume you will look after each other, but say that does not work out how you anticipate and one of you ends up getting Alzheimers, well then it will be probably worthwhile considering Live-In Care arrangements. 

The Benefits of Live-in Care

The positive thing about this is that you wouldn’t have to move out of the comfort of your home which is cosy and familiar to you. Instead you could have a live-in carer move into your home and be there to assist you. You don’t want to feel like a burden towards your children or grandchildren if you get to the stage where you are dependent on help to do everyday activities like washing yourself, or assisting with walking from your bed to the sofa. 

You would still be able to go about your daily routine in the comfort of your own home with Live-in Care, and you wouldn’t feel so isolated either if you currently live on your own. You would also be able to stay with your beloved pet too, something which would not be possible moving into residential care.

With the current Covid-19 Pandemic, a survey conducted by Elder found that at least 1 in 5 over 70’s living alone were speaking to their friends or family less than on a fortnightly basis. 

Knowing that you are suffering with a particular illness that requires daily assistance, would be a huge weight off your family’s shoulder knowing that you were not struggling alone anymore, particularly if they are not able to visit as frequently as they would like to help you out.

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Can You Afford Live-In-Care? 

It is certainly worth looking into home care services to see whether it is suitable for your needs. A benefit of living in Scotland and Northern Ireland is that there is free support available with providing Live-in-Care compared to England and Wales, so you do not need to stress about whether you can financially afford the care. The local authority assesses your needs and if you are considered eligible then the care provided is free

Generally though in comparison, moving into a residential home would cost you a lot more than going down the Live-in-Care route. 

From April 2020 the general rates for services that are publicly funded in Scotland are £740 for nursing care, and £635.69 weekly for residential care. So not exactly cheap when you calculate this annually. 


It certainly does not harm to do a little research to see what suits your current needs and be organised for what the future of your elderly life could potentially be like. 

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Monday, 21 December 2020

Thoughtful Ways To Show Someone That You Care

 Showing someone you care doesn’t always come naturally. Many of us don’t like feeling vulnerable, or simply don’t think to show those we love that we really do care about them. However, the smallest gestures can make such a big difference to somebody's day. Read on for some thoughtful ways to show someone you care: 

Make Sure They’re Doing Ok 

First of all, when was the last time you checked in with them? We’ve all got a lot going on, so it can be easy to forget to ask how somebody is really doing. A simple ‘how are you really?’ could open up an important conversation and help the person you care about. 

Spend Quality, Uninterrupted Time With Them 

Spending quality, uninterrupted time with someone you care about can’t be beaten. Leave your phone at home and let them know that they have your full attention. 

Send Them A Gift In The Mail

Why not send this person a special gift in the mail? You could send flowers, a handwritten letter, a book, or something else that you know they will like. An unexpected gift in the mail will always make somebody you care about smile! 


Make Them Something

Making something with your hands shows that you have put a lot of thought and effort into the gift for this person. Making something with your hands could mean upcycling a piece of furniture, writing them a poem, painting a picture, or making a playlist, even. You don’t need to be super skilled - the thought means everything when you are making something with your hands. 

Share With Them

Sharing your things isn't just for toddlers - sharing something important with somebody else can show them you care. Whether it’s your favorite chocolate bar, a book you loved and want them to read, or something else, this could make their day. 

Show Genuine Interest in Their Life

Do you take a genuine interest in this person’s life? Do you ask them how they are, listen to them fully, and remember things they have told you? 

Offer Your Help 

Offering your help to somebody is nice, but make sure it’s genuine. Don’t offer your help if you’re not sure you can really do it. Be specific about your offerings, too. People are much less likely to ask you to do something themselves, but might agree if you already have an idea of what you can do for them. For example, could you do a chore for them and take some of their stress away? 

Support Their Dreams 

Support this person’s dreams, whether they want to find a new job or become a musician. Don’t impose your own limits onto them. Show them that you’re there for them and that you believe in them. 

Respect Their Boundaries 

Finally, respect this person’s boundaries. Boundaries can actually make a relationship stronger and more meaningful, providing you both respect one another's. 

How are you going to show someone that you care about them? Let us know! 

This is a collaborative post