Sunday 29 September 2019

Project 365 week 39

Think I am going to change my name to Suzanne, the other 365'ers will get the connection, the rest of you wont. Been another shitty week health wise. Only advantage I have over Suzanne is my tests and GP visits are free. Can fully understand why people get fed up with one thing after another.


I have obviously eaten something towards the tail end of last week that did not agree with me. have had two days of hideous diarrhoea and massive stomach pains to boot. None of the normal medication is cutting it and I think between myself and one of the other girls at work we are having a "who feels most rotten" kind of a day. Thankfully no overtime today so home for a sleep. By tea time my legs had puffed up like massive sausages, my hands were swollen and have pins and needles and numbness in both arms.

I had picked a random horse in The Ayr Gold Cup yesterday when at work. It came in 22nd of 24 so no winning for me.


Still feeling really sh*tty, aches and pains are horrendous. No bike ride for me today. Can't knit or crochet and the boredom is setting in.

Some of the sunflowers out the front are dying off but these ones are still looking good. Hubby bought a mixed pack with different types in.


Nipped into the surgery, could not get them on the phone as Friday/Monday was a local holiday here. Got an appointment for this morning.
He agreed it was probably something I had eaten that caused the flair up and reckoned it was the fluid retention causing the aches and pains and numbness, lets hope so. To come back at the end of the week if no better and he will see what else may be needed.
GP decided to take me off the heartburn medication and do a test for Helicobacter pylori, in case there is anything else causing the issues. Need to stay off the medication for two weeks and then do a test, results take about two weeks to come back.

Sorted out five years of old wage slips, kept three years back and shredded the rest.


I am sore and bored and totally fed up. Swelling not going down and arms and hands hurt like hell, seriously bad overnight and getting not getting any sleep. Cant even knit to amuse myself. Have no strength in my hands, no grip at all and struggling to do basic daily tasks. I am having to ask hubby to open cans and bottles for me.
Have cleaned the glass panes on this door three times in the last three days and every time the sun comes out they look disgusting still.

Had an afternoon nap and then went and did the bike ride.


Into town to pay off outstanding vet bill, pick up hubby.s prescription and do some shopping. Had asked for a GP appointment for Friday but they did not have any until Monday.

Walked the dog while we were there.


Nipped into Kilmarnock as I had won a £100 voucher for a local bike shop through a competition I had entered a while back, funnily enough it was run through a local radio station in conjunction with the Active Travel Hub that I do the bike rides with.  Did pop in out of curiosity and look at prices on the way home but the bikes were all very top end. When I feel more like it I will look at a new bike helmet and some of their clothes.

As I could not get a GP appointment and I feel the next stage with the numbness and pins and needles could well be physio, so I approached occ health at work and started the process. I am currently not happy about lifting hot things and still struggling with every day tasks.

Down to watch the kids while DD1 took Bob to gymnastics and then back again as she was going out so needed to watch them until SIL1 picked Bob up on his way back from work. DD1 was helping organise a prize bingo night, usually love my prize bingo nights but would not have managed to hold a pen long enough to mark off numbers.


Had roast chicken for tea last night and so tonight decided to do some of the left over with a sauce and rice. Can honestly say the sauce was neither  sweet nor smoky as was just really watery and tasteless, so I ended up picking the chicken out and left the rest. I am generally an own brand buyer rather than a name brand but this would put you off.

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Making Holidays as Fun as Possible!

Travel tends to be something that we associate with the young. We think of teens heading off in their
gap year before starting their studies at uni. We think of young couples travelling the world
before they commit to a mortgage and a house. But who says travel has to stop when you have
kids or settle down. Anyone of any age can travel. The world will always be your oyster and you
can head out and explore it at any opportunity that presents itself to you. So, now is a better
time than ever before! 

Choosing the Type of Travel

Of course, there are different types of travel and various different types will appeal to different
people. So, first of all, you need to decide what type of travel you want to undertake. Do you want
to head away for a long weekend somewhere on the coast in the country you live in? Do you want
to head away for a week on a sunny beach holiday at a hotel resort? Do you want to stay a fortnight
and explore more of a destination’s local area? Do you want to experience another culture and
completely immerse yourself by heading away for an extended period of time? The answer
to these questions will largely depend on your personal tastes and preferences and your
personal circumstances. But it’s important that you nail down what exactly you’re planning on
doing early on in the process.

Choosing a Destination

Once you know what kind of break you’re looking for, you can choose a destination.
Choosing a destination can be pretty difficult. After all, there are so many places you might
want to see in the world! But don’t stress too much. There’s always time to see all the places
you want to see. You just need to settle on one for now.

Choosing a Time

If you’ve found your destination, you need to do a little research into when you want to go.
Different places have different optimum seasons. You don’t want to go somewhere when it’s
hurricane season, when they’re experiencing a lot of storms and heavy rain, or when it may
be too hot and dry. So, just look into it. Find the best time to travel and plan around this.

Choosing Someone to Go With

So, you have a destination and a time, but do you know who you’re going with yet? First of all,
you don’t necessarily have to go with anyone. Solo travel can be extremely liberating and can
give you time to get to know yourself a little better. But often, it is nice to have company. So,
ask friends and family members. If you can’t think of anyone who will go, there are plenty of
travel groups filled with individuals who are looking to meet travel partners and explore the
world together. Just make sure you know whoever you’re going with well or you don’t rely too
much on them or find them making demands of you.

Getting About

Of course, travel can be tiring. But nowadays, many places take account for disabilities or
mobility issues and you can hire or buy the Best Mobility Scooters for Travel. These will allow
you to get about easily without feeling burdened or encumbered. This will ensure you still make
the most of your trip!

Things to Do

Before you head away, it’s a good idea to research the area you’re visiting and draw up a to-do
list. This can help to ensure you make the most of your trip and manage your time in a way that
you get to do and see everything that you wanted to do and see. Try to avoid overloading
yourself. You don’t want to be exhausted, dragging yourself from one place to another and
rushing the things you should be enjoying. Give yourself enough time to savour everything
you do and make some really good memories!

Remember your Insurance

You need to have travel insurance when you head away. This will protect you and can help put
your mind at ease when you’re heading away. You don’t want to have to spend your whole
trip worrying, so it’s definitely worth the financial security and the peace of mind that comes
with it!

Following the above tips and tricks should help you to have the best time while you are away.
This could be a really memorable experience for you. So why not pack your case and jet off
somewhere a little more fun!

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Saturday 21 September 2019

Project 365 week 38

I was right with my suspicious on the ex inhaler, the flu like aches, pains and headaches and the feeling of having been hit by a truck started to ease by Thursday, needed paracetamol to get through every day until then, The cough continued to diminish and now only coughing when I exert myself too much, but hoping another week or two on the new inhaler will improve that, no reason to think it won't. Obviously doubling the dose of the last inhaler escalated at the symptoms ten fold until I reached breaking point last week. Contemplating putting in a written complaint now I am feeling a bit more human again.
Back to getting a decent nights sleep helps as well.


Still feeling really really crappy, can't think straight, can't concentrate enough to do anything and the lack of sleep is overwhelming. I am so tired and grumpy. Sent hubby to visit friend for the day and just sitting here mindlessly watching tv, can't even manage to knit. These balls of wall were a freebie on offer for taking out a 3 month subscription to a knit and crochet magazine. Not impressed with the magazine, nothing in it but toys, not what I expected but the hints and tips and lessons in it made it worth while, cancelled my subscription as the three are more than enough.


Cancelled the bike ride, no point there is no way I could manage, electric bike or not still requires more energy than I can muster. Amusing myself by knitting prem baby stuff, not much unripping to do when it goes wrong, as it has done.

Hubby dug the potatoes up he planted earlier this year. 6kg was not a bad haul. Just some that had sprouted while under the stairs.


Another boring day waiting on symptoms subsiding. More prem baby stuff knitted and no mistakes today. A lazy day doing not a lot. Hubby and friend were down at DD1's putting up some outdoor lights for her, so dog decided to curl up on my knee.

Have had some really pretty sunsets here this week, but nothing really to line it up with.


Again cancelled my cycle ride. Was not up to it but I also volunteered to pick Fifi up from school and run her to an induction day for a part time job that she can fit round school. Normally she will make her own way there but the induction was to difficult and time consuming to get to by public transport as it was in a different place.

I sat in the car and watched some Chicago med and did some of my latch hook rug as had no inclination to go wander anywhere.


Hubby away today doing some gardening work for his aunt who is due back out of hospital next week so I made the most of feeling better and cleaned my carpets. This machine has been a great investment and well worth every penny, it really does a good job. The living room was mainly sand which will come in off the dog after her beach walks. Did a review on this product when I bought it, reading it now it is quite cringeworthy.


The plan had been for a nice relaxing day, and turned out to be anything but. We noticed last night the dog leaping out of her bed at 100mph and then turning round and biting at herself. We also thought her anal glands were full again as she has been bum rubbing for the last few days so headed to the vet to get them emptied.
Turns out the dog has fleas. Only two of them and the vet reckoned she had had them for less than twenty four hours, she based this on how few there were and the amount of droppings in her fur. She was treated for fleas, worms and tics before we went to Oban as it is tick heaven so we made sure she was covered. They could have come from any where.
So the vet redosed the dog with flea treatment and sold us a can of spray. So having googled all about them, life cycle how they breed/spread etc I spent the day defleaing the place. Stage one was bath the dog and wash off all traces of everything. Next was to round up masses of washing, all my cushion covers, couch covers, stripped the beds and hung all the cushion innards and quilts out on the line in the sun as the eggs and larvae stages die if exposed to the sun, and of course the dogs beds were also done. I then very thoroughly hoovering every inch of the house, up and downstairs and the stairs themselves, moved all the furniture and rugs and sprayed where recommended. Then moved on and did the car as well. Took me about 4 hrs and I was knackered.
Sat down at 10 past five, but then had to go down to DD1 for half past to sit with the three wee ones while DD1 picked up Bob from gymnastics.


This weeks knitting has been small easy items all going to the SCBU. Really need to get a parcel made up ready to go.

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Saturday 14 September 2019

Project 365 week 36 and 37

We went away for what was going to be ten days holiday, up to Oban to see DD2, SIL2, Ziggy and Roo. The holiday was spoiled by a) the rain, which normally does not stop me, and b) this hacking cough that is getting no better, in fact worse. Day and night walking and sitting, little sleep and pain shooting through my temples ever time I cough has just made me miserable and tired. Could not even think straight to knit properly, and realised I had started on the third sleeve for a cardigan I was knitting, so gave up on that. though I did manage a few pumpkin inspired items for the prem baby unit.

Came home early for a GP appointment, they have changed my inhaler. Changed me about 15 weeks ago when they sent me for a chest XRay. I had asked them to change again as I could feel the one they gave me was doing no good, but policy is minimum 3 months to give it time to work, so now passed the 3 month stage and they agreed to a change. The warning that comes with it says in some patients it can make symptoms worse and to inform the GP immediately but they still insisted I stay on it.

Was keeping everybody awake with my cough so took myself down to the couch, poor SIL slept down there the first night as I woke Ziggy so she went in with her mum and dad, I was not sleeping anyway so made no odds to me.

Sadly while we were there they had to say goodbye to Jack Jack, their 12 yr old golden lab, DD2 rescued him from the SSPCA when he was just a puppy. He has been on many an adventure with our dogs over the years. The first dog we had, Shorty dog, use to terrify him and he always came into our house warily and she use to pinch his bones and toys and lie on top of them so he could not get them. Run free Jack dog and hope Shorty dog is nicer to you at Rainbow Bridge.

So two weeks pictures, not in any particular order, just random ones from our time away as the brain is not functioning well.

on the beach getting wet and mucky having lots of fun 

part way up Glen Nevis that leads to Ben Nevis 

another vies up Glen Nevis

Glen nevis

walking round the coast 
I stayed up the high bit they scrambled over the rocks at lower levels. 

ducks swim through the algee on the pond

this caught my eye parked at Tarbet car park 


another at Glencoe 

she loves to climb logs and rocks 

feeding time while mum and dad were away 

from McCaigs tower 

in the park 

a very cute Roo is good at pulling her socks off

a Triumph meet at Inverary Castle 

Loch Lomond

a painted window at Tesco Oban

another painted window at Tesco Oban 


Found this in our bed when we got back, and wondered where it had come from. Phoned DD1 to ask if it belonged to any of the kids as I knew she had been up while we were away. One of the local ladies paints rocks and I had admired this on her FB page. She had passed it to DD1 to give to me, so she tucked it into our bed for safe keeping.
Thanks Jeannie.

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Friday 6 September 2019

Tech Items You Should Always Buy Used

When it comes to lifestyle expenses, the most costly purchases we now make apart from our home
and car are now technological ones.

As technology becomes increasingly more advanced, the price has started to reflect
this advance. Today we are going to be looking at the best tech items you should buy
used and why they are just as good.

Image Credit - Pexels - CC0 Licence 

A Phone

When it comes to owning the latest phone, you have two options generally. One, you can
remortgage your house, or two you can be tied down to a contract until the end of time.

So as an alternative option to buying a brand new smartphone, why not wait just a few short
months and pay way less for it. The great thing for second-hand buyers nowadays is that phones
are now like cars, the moment they leave their point of sale, they lose 20% of the value.

The great thing about buying a used smartphone is that you aren’t really going to miss out
on anything at all and you will still have the latest technology in your hands. The joyous thing
with popular smartphones now is their level of durability. They are made of tough stuff and built
to last.

The number one question asked by most people before they buy a second-hand phone is
“Why are they selling it?” The answer is generally pretty simple. People get bored quickly,
or they spent too much money on it, and their other half has threatened them with divorce.

A Laptop

When it comes to necessity, nowadays a laptop is one of those things that are essential.
Whether it be for business or personal use, more often than not, we are just expected to have

The one problem with laptops and computers though is they can be costly. If purchasing a Mac
is on your shopping list, going used is generally the way forward. A brand new Mac can set you
back the price of a second-hand car unless budget allows, used is usually the better option.

When buying a used Mac, you generally always know you are getting a good quality piece of
equipment. Upon purchasing, you should be looking at how future proof the Mac is, and whether
or not you require the latest OS. If you are not already familiar, you should check the
macOS Catalina vs Mojave and make sure any Mac on your shopping list is capable of
running them.

Checking the compatibility will allow you to ensure that your software will run properly
for many years to come.

Making a used purchase of either of the items could not only save you vast amounts of
money, but you may also find they are more user-friendly. Sometimes, brand new
equipment can come with teething problems. These problems are generally ironed out
within the first 6-8 weeks, and firmware sorts them out.

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