Friday 11 June 2021

Got A Blog? Here's How To Get It On The First Page Of Google


Photo Source (CC0 License)

Getting on the first page of Google is seen as the holy grail for bloggers. It's well known how powerful being on the first page of search results is - most of the clicks go to sites on this page. If you're lingering in the lower realms of pages two or three, nobody will ever find you. This is why many small blogs have a hard time getting noticed as people search for topics relating to what these blogs cover, but the only results they see are from the bigger blogs on the first page.

How can you get your blog to the first page of Google? It's not crazily challenging, but you will need a lot of patience. The theory behind getting on the first page is simple, so here are some tips:

Select a keyword

Firstly, you need to think about what keyword you wish to rank for. This should relate to your blog in some way, ideally focused on a particular topic. There are loads of resources out there that help you research the best keywords for your blog to target. Now, you have an idea of which searches to rank for. It's a good idea to search for these keywords as well, seeing who you're up against. If the competition is too fierce, maybe rethink your keywords or get ready for a long battle.

Create a page people will search for

Next, create a page that will be searchable via Google. In essence, this will be a particular blog post on a specific topic that relates to the keyword. Making it searchable means the content is formatted in a way that encourages people to find it. For instance, 'how to' guides, lists, reviews, and so on. This content has a purpose and tends to answer questions people might search for on Google. Thus, it is instantly easier for you to rank with them, as opposed to trying to get your homepage to rank.

Optimise the page for SEO

The third step is to make your page as SEO-friendly as possible. Naturally, many things factor into this, but the golden rule is to focus on the user experience. If your blog loads up quickly, is structured perfectly and provides a great experience for the user, it is going to rank well as Google sees it as a good site and wants users to find it.

Generate backlinks

Backlinks are links from other websites pointing to your blog. They are critical for rising up the search results and getting on the first page. You can work with an SEO agency to generate as many backlinks as possible to your site, ensuring you do it the right way. Heading to a website and spamming links to your blog post in the comments won't help! The more links directing back to your site, the better your site looks. It makes Google think you are an authoritative source, so your ranking improves.

With these tips, you will slowly crawl your way up the rankings. Expect a fair bit of tweaking along the way, but be patient and you will soon see your blog post on the first page of Google, generating lots of traffic.