Sunday 4 April 2021

Doctor's Orders! How To Make Your Home More Accessible


Unsplash - CC0 License

There’s nothing worse than waking up in the morning, knowing that you’re going to have to do battle with your home. While it served you fine when you were younger, you now see that it is no longer meeting your needs as you grow old

The obvious solution is to move out and find better accommodation. But sometimes, you feel quite attached to your property and situation. You don’t want to find another place to live. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to. In this post, we take a look at some of the ways you can make your home more accessible and functional so that it meets your needs. Let’s take a look, shall we? 

Install A Stair Lift

If you’re struggling to walk upstairs, installing a stairlift can be a great way to help you get around. Nobody wants to worry about ascending flights of stairs if they feel uncomfortable doing so. So adding a stairlift can massively enhance your quality of life while also giving you access to your entire home. 

Interestingly, you can also get engineers to install home elevators. These look a little bit like glass pods that run on electric rails, running you from the ground floor to the top floor in a matter of seconds. In some cases, they may actually be less expensive than stairlifts. 

Place Hand Rails In Key Areas

In some cases, you may need handrails to help you pull yourself along, especially when climbing steps. Handrails also come in handy in the bathroom, providing support as you get in and out of the tub. 

By placing handrails in key areas, you can improve your balance and ensure your independence. 

Make TV Dinners Easier

While you’d like to eat in the kitchen or at the dining table, sometimes, it is not practical. That’s why it is critical to do everything you can to make eating TV dinners easier. Getting a mirrored nest of tables, for instance, provides you with a stylish and practical place to put your tray of food.

Improve Bathtub Entry

Getting in and out of the bath can be dangerous, especially if you have bad hips or slip. The good news is that there is a safer way, and it doesn’t involve spending a lot of money on a costly replacement tub. 

The way it works is actually quite simple. First, you call up your local bathtub modification contractor. They then come to your home, cut a section in the side of the tub, install a door, and then waterproof the new construction. Once installed, you can simply open the door at the side and walk right in. There’s nothing else to it!

Enhance Your Surfaces

Lastly, you might consider swapping out of your old surfaces for new ones that give you a little more grip. For instance, thick rugs can be difficult to navigate if you’re using mobility devices. 

If you have slippery tile or wood floors, try putting down non-slip mats. Place them strategically around your home, particularly in the bathroom where the risk of slipping is highest. 

This is a collaborative post