Saturday 29 June 2013

Project 365 23rd June - 29th June 2013

Well this week has been a lot less hectic, the keys for the old house were handed back and the house was organised enough to have the children to stay, and so I have been having fun with them.


I spent the day catching up with housework which had not really been touched all week.  Went for a walk after tea, the scenery is very relaxing.


a bone of contention in our house - junk or useful stuff? Oh is a hoarder and I am a chucker. Whatever description you care to use it is now safely installed in the shed. Along with much more.


whilst waiting for son No1 to come out of the supermarket I saw this little chap going in and out of the bushes.


Had the children tonight, and made the most of the lovely weather. Went for a walk down the woods. You can read more here if you want. 


Fifi went off to school this morning so Bob and I amused ourselves playing Frustration. He struggles with the concept of counting the square I am on as a square and tends to jump over the top, have to remind him every time.


Nice to have time to get into the kitchen and make proper food again. My stomach was seriously starting to object to carry out food and quickly grabbed food. Made diabetic friendly blueberry pancakes.


The drawer unit we had in the living room in the last house was the wrong colour for here, so we bought this coffee table to use instead.

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A walk over the back #CountryKids

As you know we moved house last week, one of the main advantages is the grandchildren are just round the corner, and that we can go off and wander around the countryside that is literally on our doorstep.

the view from the end of the street, out over countryside 

So on Wednesday I had the children over to stay for the night as it is weeks since I was able to have them to stay. It was a beautiful evening and so we decided after tea we would go for a walk down the woods. Fifi and her friend E are inseparable so I took the three of them for a wander.

off we went, Bobs in front

over the steep hill and don to the bottom 

with gates top and bottom, bottom gate leads onto a road
The girls decided we should  head to the play park that is part of the local caravan park, so I followed them. They had been with the school the week before and thought they knew where it was. Sadly all the rough paths looked the same.  We walked in varying directions for about 45 mins and still no park in sight, so they decided to head back.

we passed the trickle of a stream

and Fifi got stung by nettles

We had some interesting conversations along the way. Fifi was asking about snakes in the long grass, so E explained to her about grass snakes and adders.

We passed a field of cows, E was not keen on the cows, so I showed them how if you waved your arms and looked menacing the cow would run away. There was also a fence between us and them so no threat really.

probably wondering who the noisy trio were
Bob trying to move the cow away from the fence
We talked about cows turning grass into milk, and that the milk they drink is designed for calves. This progressed onto breast feeding babies, very apt with the twins due.

we saw mould growing on a dead tree

new green pine cones starting to grow

trees hanging with yellow flowers

the housing scheme from the bottom of the hill 

Bob running back up the steep hill 

my ideal property, apart from the oil central heating 

Lots more fun to be had over the summer.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Tuesday 25 June 2013

Surcare - a review.

I was asked if I wanted to try some of the Surcare range. It was promoted to me as "a perfume/dye-free, super-gentle laundry range perfect for children", so with skin like mine how could I resist? 

I received a box of the powder as well as a bottle of the liquid.

Both the products appear to wash my clothes as well as my normal brand, I am happy to say handling the wet washing does not affect my skin, that for me seems to be the worst contact time I have with any washing. I have tried hand washing with the product as well and it does not affect my skin either.  It certainly

Diabetic sultana cakes

OH is seriously struggling with this diagnosis of diabetes, especially with what he can and cannot eat. I have to say he has been good with most of his meals, but is finding it hard for things to snack on in the middle of the day, or to finish off a meal with, so with that in mind now we are settling in I made him some fruit cakes.

Just a simple recipe adapted to include lower GI sugar and higher fibre flour.

4 oz flora cuisine
4 oz coconut sugar
2 eggs
1 teaspoon baking powder
8 oz light brown self raising flour
2 oz sultanas
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

beat together sugar and flour.
add eggs and vanilla extract.
Mix baking powder and flour and add to mix.
stir in raisins.

Place into cake cases and cook for approx 15 mins at 180 oC.

I appreciate that there is sugar in the sultanas but it is a natural sugar and so acceptable.

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Monday 24 June 2013

Oven Pride oven cleaner - a review.

a bag for shelves, the liquid and latex gloves
I was sent a sample of Oven Pride complete oven cleaner to review.

As you will probably know I have just moved house and the shelves of the oven were not overly clean, and so this gave me a great opportunity to try the product out.

one of my dirty shelves
So I took the products out of the box and read the instructions on how to use the product. I placed the shelves into the big bag and then poured 3/4's of the liquid into the bag and sealed as per the instructions. I then agitated the liquid over the shelves and put the bag outside the back door. 2 hours later I re-coated the shelves and left them over night.

the dirty liquid
Today I followed the instructions on how to safely remove the shelves from the fluid. There certainly seemed to have been a lot of grime come off the shelves as the liquid had turned very dark coloured.

the shelves out of the bag
 I removed the shelves and have to say at the point I was not overly impressed, they really did not look much cleaner than when they had gone in.

clean shiny shelves

But I placed them in the sink to rinse them and have to say that as I rinsed off the liquid all the cooked on grime wiped off very very easily. The shelves were shining like new.

I was impressed with this product and would recommend it. I have not tried it on the inside of my oven as it was steam cleaned a few weeks back when I was steam cleaning other areas of the house.

Saturday 22 June 2013

Project 365 16th - 22nd June


Went to the car boot sale and bought these pictures which will go nicely on the living room wall.

Monday - sorry didn't actually take a picture as was not sure where my camera was.


Well today was the big day, we were up bright and early dismantling the bed and such like ready. I ran OH up to the new house as there was not a lot he could do at our end but plenty he could do there. Whilst they were loading up the van I was taking the last out of the kitchen cupboards and cleaning them all.

Have to say that the company were very good, the two men were excellent, everything was placed in the right place, all furniture was covered to save damage and they were nearly half the price of the first company I got a quote from. Would certainly recommend them if you are local and looking for a removal to be done.


Bob had made a card for our new house, it is a vase of flowers. Fifi had bought one and had to laugh at her following the family tradition that the card comes from all the members of the family not just the humans, the names included belong to the turtles, the 3 cats and even Minky and Dinky.

The card says Happy New Haws, to Grandma and Granddad from Bob xxxx


Back at the old house today to clear out the rest of the stuff from all the upstairs cupboards  and get the rest of the cleaning done I always thought my house was clean, but you move your furniture and realise how much dust is under stuff and how grubby the skirting boards are behind them.

Have to say by now every bone and joint in my body aches, I am covered in bruises, and I have run out of steam, and am just glad it is all over.

We went for a walk round the fishery in the evening, and saw this pair of peacocks.


We went out with daughter No3 tonight for a meal, a treat for OH for Father's Day as she was working on Sunday and this was the first day that suited us all. This is a picture of the four puddings we had. Mine was an adaptation as all the puddings have cream/ice-cream/toffee sauce with them,  so I asked for just the cinnamon waffle with 2 scoops of sorbet instead. M  No 3's OH) had the sundae, daughter No 3 had the chocolate fudge cake and OH had the salt caramel cheese cake.


Got Bob over as he wanted to hinder  help me sort out the toys for his room. We went for a walk afterwards. Running down the back lanes and we spotted sweetcorn just starting to burst through the polythene. Going to watch its growth over the weeks.

A Means To An End-oscopy.

A guest post written by my husband.

After various consultations with my doctor it was decided that I needed to go for amongst a battery of other tests an Upper GI Endoscopy I had only a vague idea as to what this entailed so me being me I decided to do a bit of research on the internet (which as it turns out was a be a bad idea) like many others I chose to read about it on the NHS Choices website (
If you follow the link and I strongly advise you do a lot more detailed information on the procedure can be found.
Basically it involves a camera being inserted into your body via various orifices in my case it was to go down my throat, this most certainly did not appeal to me one little bit.

As I have said I read about it on the internet and my fears were confounded by the number of horror stories regarding the procedure, after all when it comes down to it they are pushing a foreign object slightly thicker than your index finger down your throat and your body’s obvious response is to reject this, I was especially terrified of the gagging reflex of which I suffer badly.
I was not looking forward to the envelope arriving confirming my appointment at the hospital and when it finally did arrive my fear of the procedure went into overdrive, three weeks till E day seemed a long time but that did not stop me starting to worry about it immediately. I found myself thinking about it all day and waking up at night still thinking about it and as E day got nearer it got progressively worse.
Finally E day arrived I was scheduled for an early morning appointment, the reason behind this is you are not allowed to eat for 8 hours before the procedure and as I need to take medication in the morning with food it was decided to get it done early then I could have something to eat.
To say I was terrified would be an understatement and I was not actually going to go at all it was only a bit of reassurance and a certain amount of gentle bullying by my other half that I finally left the house to head for the hospital, I have only ever once experienced a car journey so full of anxiety and trepidation and that was when I was unfortunately taking my dog to be put to sleep, I just knew at the end of the journey something bad and unpleasant was going to happen.
On arriving at the hospital entrance my fear factor reached level 5, sitting in the reception area it had reached level 7, when name was called it shot off the scale, at this point I had still not signed the consent form as I wanted to talk through the procedure with a human being as opposed to reading about it on the internet. I was taken into a room with the nurse who was assigned to look after me throughout the morning she was extremely helpful and understanding regarding my fears, she explained in detail what was going to happen and asked if I had any questions, needless to say I had quite a few and these were answered to my satisfaction especially the ones regarding having the option of sedation (the more the better as far as I was concerned).
After all the usual checks blood pressure etc I was taken through and put on a trolley signed the consent form and then had a cannula inserted into my arm after much searching for a vein, as it would transpire that this would turn out to be the most unpleasant part of the whole procedure.
I was then wheeled along the corridor looking up at the ceiling lights whooshing by and for some strange reason I was feeling an awful lot calmer perhaps I had resigned myself to the fact it was going to happen, after all I had signed the damned consent form!
Once inside the actual procedure room for want of a better description I finally got introduced to the doctor who would be carrying out the actual endoscopy, she briefly went over what the nurse had already explained and asked that above all else I listened to and followed the instructions of her staff which would make it much easier for me to endure, she then asked me to turn onto my side and she injected the sedation and I can assure you this is the last thing I remember till waking up in the recovery room.
I have to explain a bit here about the sedation, apparently it is what is called a twilight sedation which means though you are sedated you are actually awake and aware of what is going on though you will forget all about it, the reason being that as I said you have to follow instructions from the nurses and doctor during the procedure.
When I woke in the recovery room I was not even sure that I had been through it at all, I asked the nurse and she said yes I definitely had been and that I had been awake and communicating through the procedure, I can categorically state without a doubt that I could not remember a single thing about it a fact that I found slightly disconcerting yet quite glad for the fact that I couldn't if you see what I mean.
I had to wait in the recovery room for an hour or so till the effects of the sedation started to wear off and was then allowed a sandwich and a cup of tea taken through and given a summary of how things had gone then was free to leave.

The bottom line is that if you ever have to have this particular procedure Do Not Worry, yes I know it’s hard not to after all it something you probably have never experienced and I was certainly terrified but my advice is Take The Sedation when offered it, you won’t remember a single thing about it, it is easy to say after the fact that it was nothing like as bad as I had read about the worst part for me was having the cannula for the sedation inserted, closely followed by the NHS tea, and I use the term tea very loosely indeed. By far the strangest part of the morning was the missing 20 minutes due to the sedation, it is very weird how I was awake yet (thankfully) cannot remember even the slightest detail of the whole procedure.
I would not say it was a pleasant morning out but certainly not the worst, my advice read up on the procedure at the NHS Choices link, listen carefully to the NHS staff and definitely Do Not read all the horror stories on the internet, they are in my experience completely unfounded !
The doctors do not take the decision to send you for an endescopy lightly there is a very good reason for having it done and, It Could Well Save Your Life !!
Go For It !!

Saturday 15 June 2013

Project 365 9th June to 15th June

Well another busy week at the new house but I have to say it is looking very good and is all beginning to pull together nicely. This weekend task is to get lots of little bits and pieces up there, emptying out kitchen cupboards, taking clothes from wardrobes, ornaments and pictures, contents of bathroom cabinet etc etc so that when the removal men turn up on Tuesday will just be a matter of the removal company moving all the big stuff into place and us refilling them.

Sunday 9th June

There are strawberries on my plant in my hanging basket, lets hope I get to the before the birds do.


Made some rhubarb muffins, and very nice they were too, will put the recipe up one day.


Was sent vouchers to try out this, very nice it was too, review will follow.


Its amazing what you find lying around the top of kitchen cupboards when you wash more than 10 years of grime and stour off of them. This was awarded back in 2000  and I guess should have been handed back in for more names to be added to it. When we get a chance we will hand it back in to the bowling club though I doubt it will be any use to them.


Bob came round to help, here he is enjoying the sun and taking a well earned rest. Note to daughter No1 - there are now spoons and forks on the cutlery draw. (I had bought pot noodles for lunch, then had 1 teaspoon between us to eat


The living room carpets are down and we have taken up a lot of the ornaments and put them in place. On top of the fireplace is a card from my lovely friend Samantha across the road, she also gave us a present each, I will share them with you next week. You can read more about the transformation here


Ok you are getting to see the new house in all its glory, so today  I took a picture of our current  kitchen in the middle of hauling everything out to pack it/chuck it away.

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My Flotex carpet from Forbo Flooring approved by Allergy UK

I was asked a few months ago by Allergy UK  if I would like to trial a Flotex carpet made by Forbo flooring, to see if it makes any difference to us.

What is Flotex?

Flotex is a unique hybrid product that brings you all the warmth associated with a carpet, while remaining as cleanable as a hard floor. 100% waterproof and hygenic, everyday splashes and spills can easily be cleaned up, leaving your Flotex looking like new.
Whether you are looking to introduce the natural beauty of wood and stone to your home, make a striking style statement or create a room to simply relax in, Flotex brings you the very best in design choice.
Flotex can also help contribute to a healthier environment within your home. Thanks to its unique construction, which helps to reduce the amount of allergens in the atmosphere, Flotex has been awarded the prestigious Allergy UK Seal of Approval, while its integral anti-microbial treatment Sanitized provides constant protection against a wide range of bacteria. In addition, a 20 year wear guarantee helps to ensure a long and happy product life.

As I was planning on moving there was no point in arranging it for the house I am in, so they agreed to fit it into my new house. So we looked on line at the full range of flooring they had and used their on-line form to send for samples to see which one we preferred. Must say they have one that is designed to look like laminate flooring and we did toss up between that and the one we finally chose.  We chose the cord toffee from the moods range

So this week Gerry Philbin from Victoria Road Carpets in Glasgow came out to fit it for me. Have to say I was very impressed by his professionalism as well as his helpfulness. He took off the cupboard doors for us as they would not open and shut over the carpet once it was fitted. Hoping a friend will lend me a planer to take the bottom off the doors so they can be refitted.

So first off Gerry fitted the sound proof layer, it is fitted to help out with noise that goes down through an upstairs floor.

Next off was a hardboard layer that the carpet is fixed too, goes down in sheets

until the whole floor is covered

Gerry then spread the adhesive that the carpet sticks to

The finished result, right into the cupboards

 Bob testing it out with his train set

Have to say the carpet feels fine, looks brilliant and has a nice tight pile. I will do a further update on this once we have had a chance to see how it behaves.

It also has a 20 year guarantee so should be around for the great grandchildren as well.