Sunday 30 October 2011

Please take less than a minute to help a charity (costs you NOTHING)

I got an e-mail through earlier today, and if there is one thing I like to do is help a charity, and the heading of the e-mail was

Help Macmillan win £50,000 without giving us a penny

Now I have a lot of time for Macmillan cancer support, I think what they do is invaluable to families in their hour of need, as with any charity.

But so as not to seem biased here I am going to list all 12 charities that are looking for votes, and each one of them is good in their own way and all of you will have your favourites, so please no matter who you go and vote for, please take the time to vote  for somebody. 

It literally is less than a minute to do (if you have a form filler even quicker), fill in your name, postcode, e-mail, d.o.b, select your charity and click "vote".

The 12 charities looking for your vote are  (please note links aren't links -  just a list of charities snipped and pasted from site)

Dear Elaine

The vote that countsMacmillan Cancer Support is in with the chance of receiving £50,000 funding from the People's Postcode Trust this Christmas – and it's your vote that can make the difference.

Macmillan is one of 12 charities to be chosen as part of People's Postcode Trust's Vote That Counts campaign. Teaming up with the Sunday Mail, the Postcode Trust is giving 12 selected charities the chance to receive £50,000 funding.

Make your vote count:

  1. Simply copy and paste*    into address bar and open a new page  it will not allow you to highlight and right click "open new page" as just gives same error
  2. Enter your name, date of birth, phone number, email address and postcode to register
  3. Select Macmillan Cancer Support ( or which other charity you would like to support)
  4. Send this email onto all of your colleagues, friends and family, and ask them to make their Vote Count for Macmillan
The charity that gets the largest number of votes receives £50,000; five runner-up charities are all awarded £2,000 each.

£50,000 would make such a difference to Macmillan. We provide vital medical, emotional, financial and practical services to people affected by cancer right across Scotland – we help the families and carers of people with cancer too.

Find out more about how you can help us and how we can support you by visiting here
Thank you

Macmillan Cancer Support

Please feel free and copy this post to your own blog, or write your own blog post, or send people my way and get them voting in whatever way you can. Tweet this, share it on Facebook, print it out and distribute it to your workmates........ but please spread the word in any way you see fit 

* sorry have tried the direct link as per normal, if I test the link it works but the minute I save and publish the page it is giving me a 406 error, and I cannot find a way round it. If any of you can work it out please let me know...thanks