Monday 31 December 2012

Project 366 366/366

Im really very proud of myself, I have done it, taken a photo every day and blogged about it, today is the final one. I have done a round up of some of what I consider to be my best ones here. 

Todays was taken from an upstairs window of the world passing by whilst I was waiting on picking somebody up earlier.

A photographic flashback

The Boy and Me who runs are weekly 366 linky has asked us to do a collage of our favourite picture from each month and link them up to an end of year linky. Difficult decision as all the pictures mean different things to me. Some of them are technically good photographs, some of them are pictures of my grandchildren having fun, some are interesting topics, some local scenery and some of them were just fairly run of the mill.

You have local scenery, local attraction from Rabbie Burns to the Olympic torch relay, holiday shots and more personal  pictures like the demise of my dog back in May.

It has been quite a year, thirteen months ago I would not have believed that I would even consider doing something like this. I have never had an interest in photography and never thought I would, and to commit to 366 of them for me was a huge undertaking. But I had won a touch screen camera and thought what better way to get to know that camera and turn into a photographer was to use it, to learn how it works and to actually enjoy using it.

Well I have it has been a huge amount of fun. I have learnt about depth, perception, lighting and subject matter I have learnt how to see beyond the subject and look at what is in the background as well as the foreground. I have learnt how to manipulate them in picmonkey cropping them,  adding borders, highlighting and other effects.

But the biggest thrill I think was finding other like minded people, discovering other peoples blogs through their 366's, a whole new circle of friends and followers and watching their lives build over a year, seeing their highs and encouraging them through their lows. Watching their children grow and learn and loving the changes that happen over a year.

So I give you my collage.

Sunday 30 December 2012

Project 366 365/366

My new kitchen friend.

a silicone frog oven glove

Project 366 364/366

This is my modern day take on Jack Spratt (link to poem for those who dont know it)

mine to the left, the rest are his

They have to be bassetts, inferior ones will not do. All the best bits are eaten first.

Saturday 29 December 2012

Boxing day fun

 I have any of the children that wish to come over on boxing day over for a second Christmas and this spreads the hoards of presents out over a longer period and means I get to have a whole day of fun with them. Also gives their mum a break after an exhausting Christmas Day.

So on boxing day Daughter No2 turns up with Bob and Fifi, Son No1 is already here but the others have other things on.


 and continues

Harry Potter turns up

Had a wee chuckle at this. Bob just rips open and Fifi being that bit more mature was keeping the labels off each parcel so she knew who got her what.

more parcels

playing mole mania

Me opening my pressie from Fifi and Bob

playing their recorders. I use the term  playing very loosely

Bob relaxing, what else are Aunts and Uncles for?

                                                           This sums up our day, mayhem, noise, fun and laughs.

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This is a Blog Hop!

Christmas Eve fun.

I started a tradition with my own children of making mince pies for Santa Claus, once a tradition is started it must be continued, so I now make them with Fifi and Bob makes krispie cakes for him and the elves with allergies.

It gives the children something to do on a day when they are as high as kites, and gives my daughter chance to organise things back at her house ready for the big man himself.

they made a Santa, A S for Santa and a R for the granddaughter, 

Choc  Krispies

seem to have lost the rest of these photos, and cant retake them as they have all been eaten

Chocolate truffles
melt soya cream and soya chocolate

add gluten free cake crumbs

stir crumbs into melted choc

throw in a tub and cool,

then shape into wee balls and roll in cocoa powder, need to use your imagination for this last picture.

We had half darth vadar half spiderman for a visit.

Next off we had to pick up daughter No3 from her work as she finished after the  buses stopped running . She works in pizza hut so we took Fifi along for something to eat. 

using the puzzle book

eating the ice cream

You can see our boxing day fun here

Friday 28 December 2012

Project 366 363/366

This came in the post this morning, a prize from Emma over at theminimesandme. Just love the colour, not to mention the pattern inside.

Thanks Emma. 

Thursday 27 December 2012

project 366 362/366

I had vouchers from a few different shops given to me over the Christmas period and I was looking for a slightly longer waterproof jacket with a hood. Could not find one at a price I was prepared to pay for with the vouchers I had,  but I did see this one that will go with my tops I got in Matalan a few months back on sale in Asda.

Will wait until the other shop puts its prices down again and then see if they have something I like.

must admit it looks good on

Wednesday 26 December 2012

Project 366 361/366

Was far to difficult to pick just one picture, so today I am giving you a collage.

For Christmas this year from the grandchildren we all got a bag full of home made goodies. This took the grandchildren a lot of hours to make for us all, and there is no better present money can buy.

First off we have a calender, this is something my daughter gets made up every year with pictures of the children on appropriate for each month.

I have a fridge magnet with a Christmas hat on.

Next is a beautiful candle made form 6 different coloured hearts with a wick through the middle.

A rose scented soap with rose petals and a soap in the shape of a Christmas bauble.

On the bottom row is a lemon slice, a bunch of grapes and a bunch of bananas.

Lastly are two pooh bears and a bob the builder soap.

What better a picture for a gran to put up than one that proudly displays the beautiful items that were made for me.

TheBoyandMe's 366 Linky

Tuesday 25 December 2012

Project 366 360/366

We are not doing Christmas until tomorrow, all the children and grandchildren are off doing their own thing so for the first time ever Christmas is a nice quiet none event in this house, don't all be jealous. as tomorrow will be chaos great fun instead.

We are not opening presents too and from the various children and grandchildren until tomorrow, but I did get this very clock from a friend, will look good in my kitchen. Thanks Robert and Rena.

Project 366 359/366

Had the children over for Christmas eve baking (more to come on that) and then took Fifi to Pizza Hut as we needed to pick up daughter No3 as she did not finish work till after the buses stop running.

She did not manage it all but had fun trying.

Project 366 358/366

Home made chicken liver pate - courtesy of Samantha.

and very nice it is to

Monday 24 December 2012

Seasons Greetings to all my readers

Here are the children tonight with their stockings I made them each for their second Christmas, along with the mince pies and allergy free krispie cakes we made tonight for Santa and the elves with allergies.

Gosh how much changes in twelve months, not least that the grandchildren have grown as has my blog, and that is down to you - my readers - and I would like to thank each and every one of you for supporting me and my blog, whether you read me regularly, irregularly or this is your first visit.

Merry Christmas to you and all yours from me and mine, and I look forward to seeing you all back in 2013.

Saturday 22 December 2012

Project 366 357/366

I have been wanting a new set of kitchen scales for ages as mine are past their best, and also to help Fifi be more independent with her baking. So whilst I had my Achica voucher I decided to indulge in a set, after all they cost me nothing. Despite Achica telling me on Wednesday they were out of stock they turned up yesterday.

Friday 21 December 2012

Project 366 356/366

Gosh ten days to go and we are finished with this project, surely 2012 can NOT have gone this quick.

This is probably the most "expensive" photographs I have ever taken. My picture does not do it justice.

 I won this in a raffle the other day, 

The winner of the Monica Vinader Necklace and Bracelet (photo on wall) RRP £500+ is....... Number 327 Congrats

It is not something I will ever wear, as I don't do posh. 

TheBoyandMe's 366 LinkySorry this weeks is a showing off post, but then there is not a lot inspiring in any of them Im afraid.

Here is the pic from the website which does it a bit more justice


Thursday 20 December 2012

Project 366 355/366

I spent my voucher on Achica, these came out today, but the other item I ordered they told me they could not get for me.....but I received an e-mail to say I am due a delivery from them I  will need to wait and see if the item I really wanted will turn up.

These were the second item on my wish list, a set of decent knives.

Wednesday 19 December 2012

Cranberry Marzipan Tarts

Trying to come up with some tasty ideas for using Christmas foods. So I had some pastry, some cooked fresh cranberries, bought some marzipan and decided to make tarts.

First role out the shortcrust pastry and cut circles and line a cake tin with the circles.
Pop a few cooked cranberries into each pastry case.
Roll out the marzipan and cut small circles to fit on top of the cranberries.

Make a basic cake mix and add some almond extract to flavour, and then fill up each case with cake mix.

Cook for approx 20mins at 160 oC.

The marzipan melts and adds a beautiful sweetness to the tarts

Make a change from mincemeat pies at this time of year.
I served mine with  soya cream

Project 366 354/366

Daughter No3 was looking for a Christmassy hat to wear at work over the next week. Here she is modelling it before she left this afternoon.

Top gifts for Christmas 2012

Top gifts for Christmas 2012

If you’ve left things until the last minute this December, don’t worry – there is still time to do some last-minute Christmas shopping! Better still, if you are expecting to receive gadget upgrades yourself, you can make money from your old items which can then be put towards last-minute gift buys. You may be thinking ‘it’s impossible to sell my macbook pro and find time to shop’, though heading online takes the hassle out of selling, meaning you can do both quickly and easily. Go to a site like MusicMagpie, enter the details of your macbook pro or similar item to get a quote, and once your item has been received you’ll get a payment which can contribute to your Christmas present fund. Need inspiration for him, her and the kids? Check out our handy guide to this year’s most wanted items.


Shopping for men can be tricky, so opt for fail safe classics. Guys like gadgets, and active types will love the GoPro Hero 3 camera designed for capturing extreme sports. This comes with a waterproof case and is lighter and more compact than its competitors.
If you’re looking to buy a gadget but don’t want to splurge, go for something traditional like a pen knife. These items prove ever-useful for travellers, campers, DIY-ers and just as handy tools to have around the house. Although themed knives are available, a product with the most basic features is often the more usable. The Victorinox Army Knife in Spartan red has just the right amount of tools without being overly bulky.


Treat a loved lady to something indulgent, like pampering skincare. Clinique is known for delivering great results for a variety of skintypes, and the limited edition Even Better Skincare gift set is no exception. All the essentials are included, to help improve skintone and even out complexion.
Or, for a gift which will last why not splash out on a Kindle for a book-loving female? Go for the latest model, the Kindle Fire HD with its 7’ screen, dual band wifi and high-performance processor.


The Furbie has made a comeback this year – the high-tech soft toy is top of many children’s wish lists. The New Generation version is available in a number of styles and colours, and boasts ‘learning’ capabilities the more it is played and interacted with. If you have a couple of kids to buy for, why not opt for Furbies all round, as the toys can also interact with each other!
Or, for kids with plenty of energy the Twister Dance makes a great gift. This a revamped version of the original in which players must follow light up cues and move in time to the music. Those youngsters with their own mp3 player can also link up the toy to hear their own tunes.

With only a week to go before Christmas get online and get selling – and make sure those earnings are put towards some fab Christmas presents.

This is a guest post.

Join the festive play linky

What are your favourite festive songs? Do you love White Christmas or adore the latest X Factor holiday single?

The #FestivePlaylist Linky is sponsored by Coca-Cola and its special Designated Driver programme which helps promote the positive role that soft drinks can play as credible alternatives to alcohol. You can use their interactive Pub Finder to find places where Designated Drivers can enjoy 2-for-1 Coke and Diet Coke when out with friends – find out more here!

It is one think I always drummed into my children, there is no safe limit, you either drink or drive but you dont do both. This is a good idea, I am tee total so driving home after a night out is not an issue for me, but soft drinks are so expensive, seen me charged £2 for a can of diet coke and they dont even give you a glass.

So Britmums have challenged us to 
Post your list or videos of at least 5 songs that are on your festive playlist. Don’t forget to explain why you love them.

So first up for me has to be Mud and Lonely this Christmas. I love this song as at the time the bass guitarist Ray Stiles was just somebody to drool over,well I was only 14.  The song was sad but beautiful with it, and still to this day I love it. It has to be for me THE best Christmas song ever.

Talking about memories  my next choice is one we use to tease daughter No2 with, as one Christmas she had her eight front teeth missing, so what else really but All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth and I love this version by The Chipmunks. I must admit she looked strange when her teeth came back through, and she even managed to fall and break one of the front ones within a month - children.

The next one is a definite "drive home song", and I love to turn it up and sing along with it as long as nobody else is in the car. It is not your usual Christmas mushiness, and some of its lyrics are definitely  missing the spirit of Christmas, as I often am so it is quite appropriate.

Kirsty McColl and The Pogues - Fairytale in New York

Next up is one that was around when my children were young and they use to sing the first two lines, and I had to chuckle to myself as when we were having our crafting afternoon last week Fifi was singing the same two lines but could not remember any more. Oh how nothing changes. I give you

Wham and Last Christmas.

There have been many comical Christmas songs, and I have tried to find something different, I toyed with something by The Smurfs as again these were quite popular when my children were young and we use to have a Smurf Christmas album. I toyed with  Grandma got run over by a reindeer by Elmo and Patsy, not to mention The Wombles We wish you A Merry Christmas

But decided to share this one instead why? Just because I like it and again I loved everything David Essex did at the time.

Winters Tale by David Essex

So this is my entry for the Festive Song Linky. This makes it an entry for the competition where by  two lucky people will receive iPad Minis. Five will receive a case of their favourite Coca-Cola drink!

The Linky competition ends at 17:00 GMT, 20 December 2012.

Tuesday 18 December 2012

Project 366 353/366

No wonder poor Sam gets rattle put of her bed in the morning. She lives in the block on the LHS, I live facing this, not too mention what is going on over the back of us/other side of Sam as well.

Same rude awakening in the morning. 

Monday 17 December 2012

Project 366 352/366

I  have a wonderful friend who made me a hand made cross stitch card. How lovely is this?

Project 366 351/366

This is as Christmassy as it gets this year I am afraid.

My wee fibre optic tree with a few baubles on and the ornament hanging on the top is a wreath Fifi made last week at our crafting session.