Wednesday 30 May 2018

Dixie dog goes to .......Eglinton Park

Had a few bits and pieces to do today and so we headed to Irvine to do them and then as the weather is still very warm rather than walking on the beach in the direct sun we went to Eglinton Park so we could walk under the trees and along the river so Dixie could get a drink whenever she wanted one. We did a leisurely 4.5 mile walk. 

So here are a selection of photos from the walk today.

Its a while since we have been here and there are a number of pleasing changes that have happened since we were last here.

cut down trees cut to shape 

in the bottom of the tree

down at the river 

at the fishing pond 

Eglinton Castle through the trees 

calf having a drink

Dixie watching the cows 

cows in the fields 

a dragon fly 

on the wall at the castle 

having a break, having an ice cream

a painted rock we found in the village 

got left near the cafe area. 

trip trap trip trap

relaxing for ten minutes 

crossing the ford.

I have to wonder when did they start building the houses down the white bridge end of the park?

Sunday 27 May 2018

My Sunday Photo 27th May

A wander down the woods with the youngest granddaughter and the dog last week, A beautiful evening and the woods was nice and shaded and cooler than out on the main path. The bluebells are still looking stunning and not sure how we managed to get Ziggy sat still at the same time as Dixie stood still but we did.

Another week and the bluebells will probably be gone.


Saturday 26 May 2018

Project 365 week 21

Been another unbelievable week, far to warm to go for a walk much before about 7pm with blue skies and not a drop of rain to be seen. Need some rain as the hayfever is getting annoying now and the eyes are itchy. But me and my Fitbit have done 49.39 miles this week, won't bore you with the rest of the stats.


DD2 has come down for a few days with Ziggy. She was still up when I came in playing away quite happily.


Today Dinky has come out with spots so that is them both now with chicken pox. Bob was back at Glasgow for repeat blood tests to make sure his body is tolerating the new tablets.
A walk round Auchincruive while Bob at Gymnastics and then a walk round the fishery with DD2 and Ziggy as well after tea.


A few bits and pieces to do in town. A walk for us all down to the bluebell woods just after 7pm once it had cooled down.
Ziggy played on the swing, walked amongst the bluebells and throw stones in the river. We even did some bigger heavier ones off the bridge to make big splashes.


Optician appointment for both of us, a change in prescription for my distance glasses which means a new pair of driving sunglasses as well as normal ones. Need sunglasses to drive so works out rather expensive. Also need new reading glasses.
Back and grabbed some lunch, said bye bye to DD2 and Ziggy, then went down to babysit for Bob, Dinky and Spud. DD1 is taking Minky for a bump up day for starting school in August, both the twins were suppose to be going but Dinky is still infectious so she could not go. Minky loved it and Dinky is to go in one day next week to meet her teacher.
A walk round the fields and down the woods after seven again.
The bridge has now been painted green and it has a name.


A day of catching up with housework and blogging. Probably the first day this week I have had chance to sit down for much more than ten minutes at a time.
After tea we went to Dundonald to go for a walk round the woods there, not really much further away than Auchincruive and it made for a nice change. This is Old Auchans House.


Hubby has been busy all week painting the fences. Just a walk round the fishery and the field next to it tonight.


The twins gave me each a piece of art work when I was in on Wednesday. Minky is very minimalist, Dinky keeps sticking until nothing else will stick.

Thursday 24 May 2018

Crossing the Amazon Bridge

We have had beautiful weather here for weeks now barely a drop of rain and temperatures to warm to be out in a lot of the time during the day. But we decided last week to take a picnic down to the woods and  spend some time playing in the shade of the trees, and inevitably the river.

DD1 walked up here with the children as it is an easier walk from my house down to the woods than from their house. So they had a drink and a few minute stop here before we moved on and along with the dog we set off across the field.

They had fun running down the hill, Minky decided to roll down, just not in the conventional way of rolling, he did forward roly poly's. Spud managed to do a "Little house on the Prairie" moment and run behind the twins and fell over in the grass along with Dinky as well. .

down the grassy hill 

down the stoney road 

So we arrived and did some trip trapping across the bridge looking for trolls as we went, but they must have all been away at work. So we settled our bags down at the picnic area and after they had a drink and something to eat they ran off to play on the swings.

picnic time 

On the swings 

I had kept Dixie dog on the lead and she had sneaked round the back of the bench and done her famous trick of stealing a pork pie out of my ruck sack on the floor.

Dixie eats the pork pie

I had taken a blow up beach ball down with us and a set of egg and spoons that I had picked up in the sale just after Easter as well.

Minky with the beach ball

I took Dixie down to the river for a drink and Minky followed me. We had found a fishing net lying near the swings so we took that down to see if we could find any fishes but there was none. But with Xander being so adventurous he ended up having much more fun that fishing on the edge of the bank.

Minky in the water 

Spud seeks approval to go further in 

they caught some stones

Minky jumps from stone to stone 

DD1 tries her hand with the fishing net 

Bob joins in for a while 

By this point Spud and Minky were soaked but had had a lot of fun. You can see them having fun in the video. Minky's balance was not quite perfect and he fell off a fair few of the rocks he jumped across to but climbed back on regardless.

A video of fun in the water

Xander managed to get up and down by himself, the other two needed a helping hand.

Minky slides down

Minky clambers up

DD1 emptied Spud's wellies out, changed her water logged nappy and after everybody had had another drink we headed back to my house.

back across the bridge

The twins run off uphill 

Then Dinky decided she would roll up the hill as her brother had rolled down it, have to say this was quite funny.

So we dropped Dixie dog in the house and I carried Spud down the road and came back home.

Ziggy came down to stay for a few days and we went for a walk with her down the woods after tea, far to warm to be out walking during the day. We tooked the buggy as it is far to far for Ziggy to walk.

The bridge has been painted green and has a sign on it now.

The Auld Toon bridge is now painted green 

So first of we went to the swings to play for a while.

Ziggy on the swing

Then we walked along the path. Ziggy has only been walking for two months and is still quite unsteady especially on uneven surfaces like this.

oooppppssss all fall down 

holding her mum's hand 

So we wandered on up to the bluebells and the fairy houses.

Ziggy at one of the small houses 

Ziggy with Dixie in the bluebells 

On the way back we stopped and threw stones in the river.

Ziggy picks up stones

Ziggy thrown in the stones 

So two walks, one woods and a lot of fun.

Country Kids