Wednesday 29 January 2014

Little known ways to have a couple’s holiday at Haven

My husband and I are approaching our 30th wedding anniversary and now that our kids are
well and truly grown up with their own families, we can start going on holidays as just the two of us.
But it’s been a while since we’d been on a couple’s holiday and when we were booking a long weekend getaway last March, we decided that a week in the Caribbean was slightly out of our price range. Plus, we’re a slightly more mature couple and don’t want to go anywhere that’s flooded with newlyweds – we’d prefer a more normal holiday destination.
And that’s when we started to think about Haven. Honestly it took my husband Bill a while to come round to the idea. We’d been there before when the kids were youngsters and being the typical grumpy old man that he is, he decided he didn't want to go there because there were ‘too many families’.
Yes, Haven is a popular place for family holidays but I've seen couples there too. In fact, during the early part of the season when the children are still in school, Haven could be a wonderful place for a quiet, romantic couple’s break with all its beautiful scenery and luxury accommodation.
So after much pestering and slowly wearing him down, Bill gave in and let me book a holiday in March with Haven. Here’s how we made it special.

Luxury accommodation
When we’d stayed on holiday parks in the past, we’d only ever gone on camping and caravan holidays. But this time, now that we were only paying for two people instead of five, we decided to treat ourselves to a luxury lodge at Haggerston Castle.
Ours was in a lovely area of the park and wowed us straight away. Once we were inside it didn't feel like a caravan at all – it was more spacious, had a large double bed, flat screen TV and an ultra-modern open plan layout. What’s more, it had large windows looking out onto gorgeous scenery just like this:

Cosy nights in
I know, we have plenty of cosy nights in at home but on holiday you can make it extra special. Plus, we’re both in our fifties so the days when we were out on the town every night are long gone.
On our third night we made use of the lodge’s great cooking facilities to make ourselves a lovely meal and then watched the sun go down with a glass of wine on the veranda. We both really enjoy cooking when we've got the time so it was the perfect end to a relaxing day together.

Romantic walks along the beach
It’s nice to get out and about and although we've never been a particularly sporty couple, we do like going for walks.
That was partly why we chose to go to Haggerston Castle in Northumberland – the county has miles and miles of beautiful coastline, allowing for plenty of long walks along the beach and only 15 minutes away from Holy Island. The most beautiful – and romantic – time to go was at dusk as the sun was setting over the sea.

Pampering ourselves
A good relationship means you’re equally as comfortable together as you are apart. We may have been married for 30 years but that doesn't mean we’re joined at the hip – truth be told we’d drive each other mad if we were together 24/7.
So while for me pampering myself meant a relaxing afternoon at the park’s very own spa, for Bill it meant indulging in a round of golf. Honestly, I don’t mind being a golf widow when there’s a luxury spa complex to keep me occupied.
In fact, the whole trip was just what we needed – time spent together relaxing, enjoying our beautiful surroundings and even spending a little bit of time apart!
Now we’re looking for somewhere to go on a couple’s break this year so let us know if you've ever been anywhere memorable that you think we’d like.

Thanks for reading!

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Monday 27 January 2014

The NHS- our findings over the last year

It seems to be these days that every time you open a newspaper or turn on the television news there is some sort of story involving the National Health Service and the vast majority of these would appear to be negative.

A survey of five hundred people was recently conducted on behalf of a First4Lawyers which shows people’s attitudes towards the NHS. It revealed that 65% of people think the NHS is wasting money and there are concerns over the quality of care being received.

So with this in mind I give you our story. As my regular followers to my blog will know my husband has not been overly well this last year and has undergone masses of tests to try and get to the bottom of it – this is his story. 

OH name band from his endoscopy. 

I have been given the opportunity to put forward my experiences of the NHS as I have found them to be. I have to state before beginning that for the last few decades I have always done my best to avoid going anywhere near doctors and avoiding any medical procedures so I can only give my opinion of the NHS as I have experienced over the last year.

My initial contact with their services was, as most people, with my local General Practitioner, a quick phone call to the surgery and an appointment made for the same day so no problems there. I have to say though after moving house just a few miles away and having to register with another practice this is not always the case in fact it is not always possible to get an appointment in the same town I live in. more often than not I have to go to a different town to see a doctor.

This brings me to another situation that in my opinion needs to be addressed and that is the fact that it is not always possible to see the same doctor, when I was a child you had a doctor who was your family doctor he knew you and all about your family and their history and was able to build a rapport with you, you felt comfortable going to see him as you knew him, these days it seems to be a different doctor each time you make an appointment. Each of the GP’s that I have seen in my opinion were more than competent, extremely courteous and helpful especially as I am not the easiest patient in the world and have had for many years a distrust of doctors and hospitals. I have in the last few months due to the skill and patience of the various doctors and nurses though not cured certainly have gotten much better.
OH getting a 24 hr blood monitor test 

Moving on to my referral to different hospital departments after being diagnosed with various problems the most disconcerting fact is that in some of the referrals there seemed to be a long time scale from being referred to seeing someone at the hospital.  This is a problem not unique to myself and really needs to be seriously addressed by those in charge of the service. Another rather annoying and occasionally inconvenient problem is that of having to visit different hospitals in different towns.  This is something that in my opinion needs to be addressed. Why cant our NHS have all the requirements of a geographical catchment area under one roof?

Having finally got the dates and location of each of the departments I had to visit for various procedures this is where I found the NHS comes into it’s own as regards to patient care and treatment.  As most of my appointments were scheduled the often talked about waiting times were minimal, on arrival to the departments I was seen almost immediately by a member of staff. I was always treated with courtesy and respect and put at ease especially when having to undergo some rather unpleasant procedures. At no time was there any doubt in my mind as to the professionalism and skill of the many different doctors and nurses who were involved in my treatment.

Everything was explained in detail and mostly in terms that I could understand, any questions I had were answered to my satisfaction and at no time did I leave feeling that I had somehow missed out on information I should have been given.

To summarise as I have said on my own experience of the NHS, yes in some respects it could be improved such as waiting times for hospital referrals and preferably being able to deal with one GP rather then many and not having to travel to various different towns and hospitals for different types of procedure.
How the above problems are to be solved I have no idea, they are in the hands of NHS officials and our various government departments though I would hazard an educated guess that far more funding is needed.
With the resources available to them I consider the NHS in all it’s different departments to have been adequate in dealing with the different medical problems I have and continue to have, yes it could be better in many respects but this is something that I am sure they are striving to achieve with limited resources and I for one am very pleased that we have such an organisation as the NHS available to us at any time we need it always ready to do their best for us and with no cost directly to us at the time of needing help.

This is a PR collaboration. 

Saturday 25 January 2014

Project 365 19th - 25th Jan

It has been a mixed week, we have had all sorts of weather from sunshine to snow and frost. Nothing that lasted overly long but the pavements were like sheets of ice on Thursday evening when Fifi and I walked down the road to pick up school uniform for her.


Seems so long ago now but after the news of the weekend we were being asked to light a candle in respect, so we did.


Had given you half a lighthouse the other week, well here it is now it is finished. Could not get a decent full sized picture due to the fence that is still up. Love the hopeful solar panel on the roof. We are hoping it has an alternative power source or all the ships are likely to end up in the local play park!!


Nipped into town to buy some wallpaper paste so that hubby could get on with the spare bedroom. It has been put off for the last few months but needs doing. While we were in the shop we saw a half dozen ex-display electric fires at a great price. The one we have in the fire place does not work so we decided to buy one. The living room is a big room for the one small radiator that is in there that works so this is making a difference. Having said that is is a bit daft as when it reaches  the temperature you have set it out it starts to blow out cold air instead of the fan cutting out along with the heating element.


Had won some bottles of oil and was not sure how to use some of them. Somebody suggested to me focaccia bread. This seemed ideal as it means I can get extra calories into Bob. Made him tomato and pepperoni and sprinkled with generous amounts of grape seed oil


Bob was at the ophthalmologist today and so as the car was not at the door when she walked home she (as instructed) comes up here instead. I was not expecting her as mum had not said nobody would not be in. Anyway she came in and got changed and made herself a hot drink and had a snack before she was going back out to play. I then got a phone call from SIL to ask if she was here as she had not turned up at home. Dozy hadn't listened when she had been told dad would be in  despite the car not being there. So she quite rightly got a telling off for worrying him. From now on if she turns up here she is to phone home when she gets in!!
It was too cold to play out so as often happens we ended up with her friend in to play. Think it is quite nice that they feel comfortable enough to want to come in.


Cant possibly let a week go by without the twins being featured. Here the two of them are both smiling for me with their new toys Bob had chosen for them yesterday when he chose his own gift for being good whilst in the hospital clinic.


Using up holidays this week so not at work today. So we went out and bought this piece of wall art, had a wander round the charity shops and saw a pair of waterproof mittens I bought for Daughter No1 to use when pushing the pram, and had lunch. Its not up on the wall yet, this was taken lying on the carpet, but it is going on a white wall so will look different when up. the colours go nicely with the wallpaper.

The trials and tribulations our teenagers may have to face.

Fifi is getting older now, growing up in so many ways. She is getting very fussy about her personal hygiene, about her hair getting greasy or her nails dirty. It is nice to see her worrying about things like this, things that are within her control. One of the things I remember suffering from as a teenager was acne. Sadly as a teenager there is not much you can do to prevent it, but is there anything you can do to help yourself?

I have been contacted by Sk:n to share with you what they offer, its the sort of company we all hope we never need but it is great for people that do. Acne is not just a skin condition - for some people it destroys there confidence and ultimately as far as they are concerned their lives.

Most of us have been there in our teenage years: staring endlessly into the mirror wondering,'What's the best spot cream?''Is there a cure for acne?'
We know how distressing it can be for teenagers who suffer with acne and we're on hand to help by offering a free in depth skin consultation with one of our experts who will tailor a skin treatment and products regime to you. 

I was lucky I outgrew mine but I know some of my friends at school were more affected than I was. Some of them really suffered badly and were left with marks and pitting on their faces.

Sk:n offer various treatments for people like them, they tell us

Acne scarring occurs in the dermis, which is the area of skin immediately below the surface that acts somewhat like a cushion. When people suffer with acne, the dermis becomes inflamed as the body attempts to repair the wound created when scaly skin, pimples or blackheads are burst or otherwise removed.In more severe cases, the body can effectively put "too much effort" into dealing with the wound, meaning that there is an excess of collagen built up. This collagen may stay in place permanently, creating the scarring. This scarring often occurs in a way that creates a pit in the skin, sometimes known as an ice pick scar
picture from Sk:n

they offer acne laser treatments 
Isolaz®uses high-tech laser treatment combined with pore-purifying technology; skin is purified from the inside and out, leaving your complexion clearer for longer.
This safe and simple procedure of acne treatment is pain-free and carried out by one of our skincare experts at any one of our modern clinics nationwide.
It is not only teenagers who are bothered.
Acne is often considered a predominantly teenage affliction, but it can also affect many people long into adulthood. People can suffer from adult acne into their twenties, thirties and even as late as their forties. In such cases the effect on self-esteem and self-confidence can be serious and can even cause depression, which is why sufferers often seek adult acne treatment.
 and so they also offer acne scar treatment

picture from Sk:n 

Ross Marriott, 21 recently visited sk:n clinics after researching treatments through their website and decided that Dermaroller treatment sounded like it could be the solution he was looking for. Ross talks about his experiences with acne scarring and how his life has changed with the help of sk:n clinics and Dermaroller.
After an in-depth consultation with Dr Askari Townshend at the Northampton sk:n clinic, I was excited to start treatment. He explained all about how Dermaroller works and how I would optimise results by following a regime at home too. At first I was worried that it would hurt but that fear soon went away as a numbing cream was applied to my face prior to treatment that relieved any discomfort. 

I have been lucky that mine has not reoccurred and that  none of my children were ever bothered by it, and I hope the same for the grandchildren but Sk:n's website certainly has some useful information.

Disclaimer  - this is a sponsored post.

Thursday 23 January 2014

Two different Focaccia breads

I won a hamper the other week, part of the contents of which were various different oils. Now I was looking for ideas to use these oils and my friend Helen  who makes wonderful food suggested Focaccia bread.

She sent me a link to Toasted Hazelnut Focaccia which sounded very nice. So I got hubby to bring my bread maker down out the loft and gave it a try. (Dont need a bread maker, this is manageable by hand)It rose well and tastes very nice. I made mine with a wholemeal flour hence the colour.

Now while I had this idea in mind I wondered if I could adapt it to make for Bob. At the moment Bob needs to be eating high fat/calorie foods to try and help him gain weight. So I though something like this that you can pour an oil onto would be ideal.

So I googled for a gluten free recipe and found one here that appealed, and so I set about adapting it. I used rice milk to make it dairy free and egg replacer to make it egg free and grapeseed oil and buckwheat flour.

I made this and rose it once, then knocked it back and added some small pieces of pepperoni and some chopped tomato to add flavour and calories. It struggled to rise a second time, but I left it in the airing cupboard overnight, and cooked it earlier on today. I generously sprinkled it with oil to keep it moist.

The finished result is edible and tasty but slightly heavier than you would expect for this type of bread made normally but on a par with other gluten free breads. Bob will be having some with his tea tonight so I hope he likes it.

Moments that matter from 2013

I have always blogged to leave behind memories, happy times that the children and grandchildren can look back on with fondness. You get few precious years to do this. Memories are about the fun times, the little things we do together. I still remember with much fondness going shopping with my gran on a Saturday afternoon, walking all the way to the supermarket, singing silly songs, and talking, really being listened too. Stopping off at Great Aunt Elsie's house for tea, she had a large white poodle, and then granddad would come and pick us up in the car to take us and the shopping home, the only day of the week the car came out of the garage. I dont really remember the presents and the money spent, I remember the fun times, playing games, having a bath in the kitchen in front of the aga (yes yes I am that old!!)  using the outside toilet and picking all the home grown and making jam and pies with it.

So when I was asked did I want to join in with LLoyds Bank "Moments that Matter" I thought it was very appropriate, so how could I say no?

So I give you my collage, some of my moments that matter from 2013;

In order they are;

Playing on the beach in February. It was an unnaturally warm sunny afternoon for the time of year and we were down doing "beach art" and generally having lots of fun.

Gruffalo Hunting down at the cottage, we had been all through the woods and across the fields, we caught sight of the back of a couple of them but never managed to catch up with any.

Playing at being a reindeer, with the antlers as we marched through the fields.

Wondering where the steps went to? What is at the top? Well we had to go and find out, lots of fun can be had exploring the countryside.

This is certainly one of our major moments of 2013, letting Bob loose with a camera. Because of this defining moment he ended up with one for his Christmas. I have really got him hooked on taking photographs and he loves to "be like grandma" and take photographs for "the log" as he likes to call it.

This is about typical of Fifi, just like I was at that age, loves to be a tomboy and is always climbing and jumping and being anything but ladylike. Who knows maybe in the next year or two as she becomes a teen she may change. Then we can look back on this time and remember the tom boy that was, jumping off large piles of rocks at the fishery. Those rocks are gone now I noticed last time I walked round.

This is the children having fun, playing together nicely as they do on occasion  at the play park where the caravan park is. They spent hrs using their imagination, playing pirates and sharks, climbing, running and swinging. They like exploring in the woods and paddling in the stream up there.

This was our first explore up the Ayr Gorge Walk, we walked to the end of the earth, gruffalo hunted and took a picnic with us. We walked and ran and explored, looking for beasties in the undergrowth and fish in the river. We have been back since because it is so much fun.

They love coming for walks round the fishery, we take the cameras and photograph the ponds and the flowers and the birds. At times the camera just gets put in my pocket and they dash around and play about and generally behave like children.

Now this has to be the highlight of my blogging year, the day they waited over five months for, the day their baby brother and sister were born. I went from two grandchildren to four. Thus is their first meeting with them, the first time they set eyes on them. A very momentous occasion.

This is another first, the twins first Christmas. While my daughter had been in hospital having them I had had the children making Christmas decorations with Happy 1st Christmas written on them. The twins were not aware of it but the older two were over the moon that Santa knew about them and did not leave them out.

What better to round of our year of memories than these two, holding hands in the pram. Two months old already, and you can see the size difference in them. They are now smiling and beginning to babble. I know these two will be regulars on my blog and I hope you all look forward to watching them grow and change and become interesting little people.

Every one of theses has been incorporated into a blog post, and Bob in particular talks about doing things, so from my point of view I am making "Moments that matter". What about you?

Disclosure - this is a sponsored post but is my thoughts and memories.

Saturday 18 January 2014

Project 365 12-18th Jan


Had a butternut squash to use up, and a veggie haggis in the fridge. Last time I tried this I made it is the microwave and it didn't work, so this time I did it in a casserole dish with a tiny drop of water and a lid on so it would cook in the steam. Scooped out some of the flesh and layered the haggis with some brie that needed using up. Hubby carved the face for the photograph.


Cant really go a week without including the twins. On Friday they went for their first injections, and the two of them were not happy. Minky was crying here just before he fell over to sleep, Dinky is wide awake. I got my first smile from her today, she has smiled so far for Fifi and Mummy but not Bob or Daddy so Daddy was not to pleased that I got smiles. I was very pleased.


Was a nice day and not managed to get Bob out with his camera for a while. So we went off to the Ayr Gorge walked and went as far as the path takes you. I did a blog post here showing the photographs Bob took. Bob reckoned the big log looked like a wiggly snake.


My friend Samantha had been telling us a few weeks back that they have demolished the old metal lighthouse that stands at the entrance to the harbour. The last few times we have been down it has been far far far to windy to walk along the end of the pier to see. But it was nice today when we were in the town so we went along to see. The bottom half of the new one is in place. The workmen told us that they hope to get the top on (weather permitting) tomorrow. Its nice to photograph the history of your town.


As it was dry when I walked down to get Bob I took his scooter down he got for Christmas. Here he is scooting back up to my house. First time he has used it. Not the clearest photo I have to admit.


Finally got round to booking the car in to get the brakes sorted. Got the garage to drop me where I was going and then as it was a nice day I walked the three miles back to the garage along the shore road. The sea was just flat calm, difficult to see where the sea ended and the sky began, not a breath of wind, it was a very pleasant walk. The photo's I took looked worth taking but didn't come out worth sharing, but the reflection of the flats on the river turned out better.


I won a competition in October last year, part of the prize was a £50 voucher to spend on a ready made food website. Finally managed to get the voucher out of them this week and so I ordered up some stuff. So here is some of what we got. Have to say it is VEEERRRRY expensive, so far the steak pie tasted like any other at a quarter of the price, and the lamb was more bone than meat. For free it was nice enough but I would not pay for it.

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Friday 17 January 2014

Twelve most memorable pictures from 2013.

We were asked to put together a collage of our twelve best pictures from 2013, one from each month.  Now there were three hundred and sixty five of them so not an overly easy decision.

Jan -  the tree out the back garden at sunset
Feb - we had some bizarre spring weather and spent hours on the beach playing
March - Fifi playing high 5 with Bob on the swing
April - a swan sat on their eggs
May - a year since Shorty dog died so made a photobook for her anniversary
June - A meal with daughter No3 for Fathers Day
July - having fun at the fishery
August - OH fishing on the River Tweed on a holiday we won
September - The two of them bashing each others ears and giggling
October - R.I.P. Dipsy Cat, now playing at Rainbow Bridge with Shorty Dog
November - well could be anything else really could it? The first photo I took of the twins at their first meeting with Bob and Fifi.
December - Christmas Day, all four of them in their Christmas outfits.

So this was the highlights of my year, what were yours?

Wednesday 15 January 2014

Making healthy family meals on a budget

I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper amplification for Collective Bias and its advertiser.

I saw a blogging opportunity to make a healthy family meal. The full criteria was;

Your blog post should focus on creating a meal for all the family that is not only healthy, but that costs less than £10 to make. We’d like to hear about any tips or tactics you have for saving money on your food bill generally as well as how you put together your budget healthy meal.

I have to say for me in my house £10 is not really a budget price, it is more than I spend on one evenings meal, but then there is only two of us. So I happily took up the challenge. I further had to add to that challenge as to make it a "family" meal I had to ask the "family". To make it for my family it had to be wheat/gluten/egg/dairy/nut/soya free. But I like this challenge as it can show to people that having multiple food allergies is not unmanageable and does not have to be expensive.

#shop #cbias
the finished meal

I put some thought into my shopping before I toddled off to Sainsbury's. I chose Sainsbury's as I have a nectar card and any shopping I do adds points onto my card. I also like their huge fresh fruit and vegetable aisles.

#shop #cbias Sainsbury's
broccoli was on offer and selling well

I had decided that I would look for a meal that either used the oven so that I could add a sweet to the meal and utilise the oven by cooking a second sweet for the following day making economic use of the oven. Or alternatively something that would go in my slow cooker, again this is in keeping with the budget idea as meat suitable for cooking this was is usually the cheaper cuts. This I would have used with a fresh fruit salad or a rice pudding done on top of the cooker.

Having a good look round the store I decided upon oven roasted vegetables with cooking bacon. I liked this idea as the cooking bacon is always a good low price at £1.10 making it a very good buy. I wanted something that people could replicate and so decided for that reason to avoid meat or fish that had been marked down in price. I then went and had a good look round the special offers in the vegetable aisles before making my final choice.

I purchased a leek, some sweet potatoes, an aubergine, parsnips, and they had some reductions which I made the most of, some baby potatoes, a pack of spinach and chard and some runner beans. I felt this was ok as most supermarkets have reductions on in their fresh aisles most days. As you can replicate this recipe with any vegetables, no hard and fast rules on types or quantaties.  I did not think that would matter.

I then looked round the aisles at something I could use to make a sweet with. First off I saw a pack of conference pears reduced, and decided on a apple and pear crumble so bought some seasonal  apples to go with them. This I decided would make a crumble, so also went and bought a tub of sunflower margarine and a bag of flour. My plan at this stage had been for two crumbles, one with normal flour and one gluten free.

So I paid for my purchases, remembering to use my Nectar card. The bill came to £10.83. This was technically over budget but I knew I had more than enough food here to make meals for two nights with a few items from my cupboards.

So I went home and phoned my daughter and invited her, her OH and the four children round for tea. This makes a nice break for her with the twins only being seven weeks old it would save her worrying about it.

#shop #cbias

I set to work when I got home. Firstly I peeled all the vegetables and fruit. Then as I was going to be oven roasting them I used my food processor to slice all the root vegetables to the same thickness, sprinkled them in sunflower oil and flavoured them with garlic salt and chilli pepper.

I sliced the pears and apples and brought them to boil on top of the cooker before putting three quarters into a pie dish. I sprinkled on some sultanas.  I had planned on making two separate crumbles, but I remembered I had some gluten free crumble already in the freezer. Crumble is a great item to make in bulk as it freezes in its raw form and is use able straight from the freezer. So I just made the one for everybody to eat.

I put both the vegetables and the crumble in the oven at 180 oC for 45 mins. While these were cooking I chopped the rest of the vegetables and cut up three quarters bacon and added them to the tray, and put back in the over for another fifteen minutes.

I brought a pint of rice milk to the boil and added pudding rice ( from my cupboard) and stirred in the rest of the apples and pears, and added this to the oven at the same time as well. This is being added to provide a sweet for the second day.

#shop #cbias

At the same time I used the last quarter of the bacon  to make a stock for soup, and boiled it along with some lentils. Once the vegetables were cooked I added some to the soup and roughly puréed the mixture.

#shop #cbias

After we had eaten our main course, I made rice milk custard to go with the crumble, some of them chose to have tinned custard.

#shop #cbias

My total spend was £10.83 and I used some lentils,  pudding rice, a litre of rice milk, custard powder a handful of sultanas and a tin of custard from my store cupboard. I did not use the flour or the margarine at all so they will be there for another day. These two items cost me £1.85.  But we did get two days meals out of it, so I would say it fulfilled the criteria.

The soup could also have been frozen for one day when you knew you may be busy and it could just have been defrosted and reheated when needed, this may save the expense of a take away one night.

You can see more of the stages and photographs here

Tuesday 14 January 2014

Bob and I went out with the cameras again

Bob is loving this Christmas present of his. Not only is he taking me pictures of the twins for me on a daily basis some usable some not he likes to get out and about with it as well. I phoned earlier to see if he wanted to come out with me....he didn't get a choice his mum shouted from the background "yes he would love to go".

So today him, granddad and I went to the Ayr Gorge walk again. It allows me to give him some freedom with the camera but also giving him some hints and tips as we go along. His worse habit currently is zooming in waaaay to far, but none of us are perfect. So here I will share Bob's pictures with you.

I think he did an excellent job.

We decided to go out today and get his new wellies muddy.

What better place than a gorge walk after the weather we have had?

The start of the walk



the river from the bridge

the new sign posts

about the wildlife

the waterfall

the end of the trail

the cove at the end of the trail

the rocks at the cove

the sign telling him he could not go any further

the steps at the cove, no longer safe or useable

me photographing the waterfall

he says it looked like a wiggly snake

look how high we climbed, we started at river level

half way along the track

leaping about like "spider man"

up the steps to the top

taking his river picture from the bridge

photographing his "snake"

Bob being Bob

We had a lot of fun, were out for well over an hour, enjoyed each others company and had a learning curve on his camera. 

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