Thursday, 14 November 2019

Are we too rushed for time to stay healthy?

Time is money. But more importantly, time is precious, and it runs away from you more rapidly than you can hold it.
Everything in your life is calibrated carefully to account for the ephemerality of time. 
Indeed, most professionals in the UK admit to working long hours. On average, the week counts 45 to
48 hours for most employees, while some senior roles can accumulate over 10 hours of overtime in a week.
Needless to say, if you count commuting time on top, the working week occupies the major part of your waking
hours. Combined with tight deadlines – who doesn’t have them? – , rushed social commitments, and the abundance
of digitalised activities, it seems that there’s little time left to care about your health. It’s not that you don’t want to keep
healthy; you don’t have the time to care about it. Or do you? Can you make your health needs fit in your fast-paced
lifestyle? The answer is yes, but you need to be ready to build new habits. 

No time to cook? Think again
How long do you spend preparing meals in your kitchen? The truth is that the majority of British households
relies heavily on processed foods and takeaways meals during the week. The advantage of meals that are
already made or ingredients that have been treated for convenience is that, when time is short, you can make
the most of it. After all, you claim, it’s not that you don’t enjoy cooking. You don’t have the time. However, before
you head to the shop to pile a few boxes of processed meals in your trolleys, you might want to consider the health
costs. Indeed, according to several studies conducted about ultra-processed food consumption, there is a clear link
between processed meals and early death. What can of ingredients are labelled “ultra-processed”, you ask. Anything
from your lunch box favourites – crisps, soft drinks – to your evening’s ready meals contain additives and modified
oils that are harmful to your health. 

When was the last time you managed for your kitchen? 
The real question you want to ask yourself is: how can you make cooking easier? Relying on processed meals
is not an option. But that doesn’t mean you should feel trapped in the kitchen if you want to eat healthy meals.
You need to get your head around some of the basics such as seasoning your food and making sauces –
the days of the old bottle of ketchup are now officially gone. Take a look at some of Jamie Oliver’s early
programmes, such as his 15 minutes recipes. Yes, you can design a balanced meal in a matter of minutes.
More importantly, the time you spend in the kitchen today is going to expand your lifetime in the long term.
Undoubtedly, your health is worth a few minutes to prep your meals? 

I don’t have time to see a doctor
What happens when you get sick? The preferred approach for countless British employees is to try to manage through
the illness on their own. Using off-the-counter medications and the results of their Google search, they hope to save time
on their recovery. In reality, the opposite result is more frequent. Unless you’re a trained doctor, you’re unlikely to manage
health issues adequately. So why do so many people continue to guess their way to recovery? The answer is a brutal
reality check: they don’t have time to make an appointment with their GP. That’s precisely why more and more online
appointment services exist to ensure that you can still receive a rapid answer to your problems. It’s not to say that having
your GP on a video conference is a guarantee of health – sometimes, you need a face-to-face examination – but a digital
doctor can help you find the best path to recovery. 

Don’t skip your essential meds
If you follow a medicated treatment, you know you can’t leave your prescription unrenewed. You need to keep track of
your meds, and more importantly, when you need to schedule your medical appointments to renew the prescription.
Unfortunately, it can be tricky to make time for a trip to the pharmacy when you’re working long hours. However, you
can make the most of the online pharmacy services that are designed especially for NHS repeat prescriptions. In a
nutshell, you can get your medication sent to your home address or your workplace without worrying about taking
time off to renew the prescription. Admittedly, it doesn’t replace regular checkups, but for long-term treatments
and complaints, it can make your health easier to manage.  

When you can’t make it to the gym
Everybody knows and understands the importance of physical activities. Exercising is a lot more than a matter of
vanity. When you work out, you also help your body to stay strong and fit, which ultimately is the key to a long and
happy life. According to the Institute of Lifestyle Medicine, while exercising is crucial, it doesn’t mean you should
hit the gym every day to notice improvements. In fact, something as simple as 30 minutes of interval training a week
can significantly reduce the risk of diabetes 2. When you think about it, you can achieve simple fitness goals in your
everyday life. Someone who uses public transport can use an earlier stop to walk more during the week and
alleviate symptoms of depression, for instance. The lesson here is that fitness comes in different shapes;
therefore, you can make it fit in your busy schedule. 

You don’t need to shorten your nights
Are you guilty of going to bed late and setting an early alarm clock? There’s so much you need to do, you can’t
afford to stay in bed for long! However, your body needs to rest to maintain its functions. You can’t stay healthy
on short nights and coffee. Chances are that your immune system will collapse in the long term. Unfortunately,
making time for sleeping can be challenging, especially if you find yourself accidentally procrastinating through
the day. Indeed, you may be wasting a lot of time without even noticing it. Failing to plan, for instance, can affect
your time management, which means that you’re forced to stay up to finish things. Catching up with your friends
online is essential, but you can’t afford to let social media take over your life. In other words, taking back control of
your days can free up more time to sleep and rest at night. 

Stop pushing yourself to work longer hours
Do you sometimes find your mind wandering when you’re in the middle of an important task? You’re desperately
trying to finish a time-demanding project, but you notice that your mind is getting slow and your ideas are lacking
creativity. While it might be tempting to push through, in reality, you need to take a step back. Taking
regular breaks can help you to stay focused and recharge your energy. More importantly, when you
refuse yourself a break, you are likely to end up being less productive. Indeed, breaks support creativity,
productivity and performance. In short, the more you force yourself to work throughout the day, the more likely
you are to need longer hours and run out of time to take care of your health. Additionally, dedicated extended period
to one single task without a pause increases your stress levels, which, in return, affect your immune system. For the sake
of your health, take a break. 

Time is of the essence when it comes to your health. Taking the time to be healthy is not a luxury, but an essential routine
you need to schedule in your day-to-day tasks. From time-saving tips that keep you on your toes to taking back control of
your time, there’s a lot you can do to bring back your health at the top of your priorities. 

This is a collaborative post.

Saturday, 9 November 2019

Project 365 week 45


Trying to stay positive, so headed to the Sunday car boot sale. Were more cars there than I expected there to be. I bought a box with 4 500 piece jigsaws in, cost me £1.50. Not that I have touched a jigsaw puzzle for a while.

Housework has been sadly neglected, the kitchen floor was rather grubby so I hoovered it, the hall and the bathroom and then washed them, they all run off each other so a fairly easy job.
Had one of the worst nights I have had for a while, much much more painful, could not even sit or stand comfortably. This time it was right up the side of my neck and into my ear, felt very much like an ear infection or my ears needing a good clean but I knew it was not. There are clinics that clean your ears for you, like this ear wax removal in London Shame as last night was a fairly good night with at least four hours sleep. Not sure if it was maybe crawling around the floor and leaning weight on my arm while I hand washed the floor - same way as it is always done.


After getting no sleep last night and being in so so much pain I got up to eat breakfast then later lunch, took painkillers and went back to bed, thought I might as well be miserable in peace. Got up at 4.45 pm and stayed up till bed time.

Another uncomfortable night but did get some sleep on and off.

We got this offer through the post today. Shame Birmingham is so far away and it involved four weekends ( when I should be working) as it sounds quite interesting, and all expenses paid.


Still swallowing pain killers and other tablets like they are going out of fashion. I don't think unless you have had an issue like this that you can understand just how depressed and miserable it makes you. I just want to be out of pain, even a short while would be nice. Anyway I got up today and we took the dog a walk. I know I lead a boring life but for now this is my life.


Out during the day just for a wander and to walk the dog. Trying to get out rather than sitting in feeling sorry for myself.

Another really really rough and painful night. No sleep had at all. Got up during the night on more than one occasion and just kept taking painkiller after painkiller, all to no avail. But I gather I must have taken far to many as by the morning I was feeling sick and very dizzy.

Downloaded a load of classical music to relax to and even tried putting that on but after about 45 mins it just annoyed me so I switched it off.

Bought some CBD oil to see if it helps, unfortunately you need to work up to a therapeutic dose slowly. Could take a while to work out the right dose.

The wee girl next door goes to Brownies and they were making gifts to give away but not to family. So how lovely she came and knocked on the door on her way home last night and said this was for us as she knows David ( hubby) likes his plants. Not be long until it flowers. Thank you E.


Spent the morning being sick. Another day spent in bed.
Decided that all these strong painkillers are doing me no good what so ever. Not touching the pain in the least so what is the point of taking them? So going to wean myself of them, as you cant just stop them without withdrawal problems.
Phoned the GP to explain about the pain and see what other options he might have, he agreed to give me a few nights sleeping tablets. Sent hubby to pick up the prescription but they gave him the wrong one and it was to late to go back and get the right one.
So as a desperation measure I decided to try some prednisolone, an anti inflammatory, did not see as it could do any harm. Have to say was the best nights sleep I have had in weeks, certainly seemed to dull the pain.

No photos were taken today. But this was one from earlier in the week.

This is the MPI Adventure it's an offshore jackup installation vessel usually used for wind farm installations. The jacks are connected to the black metal uprights which get lowered through the hull and lift the boat clean out the water, hence jack up.
Once it's out the water it no longer needs engines or thrusters to hold it in position allowing for pin point installations of wind turbines with no wave effect as it's not sitting in water. Sitting off the Heads of Ayr, suppose to be laying cables near Ardrossan, just down the coast. Was last working down at the Robin Rigg windfarm down at the  Solway Firth ( so I am reliably told) 


Phoned the GP to say about the success I had had with the prednisolone and to see if it might be an alternative. It has been more successful than anything else I have taken in weeks. She agreed that my inflammatory markers had been up the last test they did but they had dismissed this as not high enough to be a problem. So she decided to do more blood tests and  see how they were still raised. So back on Tuesday for the results and see if I can talk them into trying to treat it as an inflammatory issue rather than  a neurological issue. GP had originally suspected it was inflammation.

Walked the dog while we are in the town. Enjoying the autumn colours reflecting on the duck pond.


Tried the sleeping tablets last night. Was quite lucky as the pain had still not come back from last night. Did manage to drop off to sleep all right but woke at about 5am and could not get back to sleep as my left shoulder was rather sore. Hubby has moved back into our bed, he has been relegated to the spare room, so I had no room to spread out and try and get comfy so I just got up. Need to put the electric blanket on on the spare bed so I can move into it if need be.

The other night  I phoned DD1 to see if she had any chamomile tea, something I could drink that might help to settle me down, but she did not have any. But Fifi was working and being picked up by her dad at 22.30, and McD's is next door to Tesco so SIL1 picked some up for me. Fifi pushed them through the letter box but had to take them out the box to squash them through. They came in handy more than one night this week. Thanks you to them all for getting them for me.

DD3 came round for a visit for an hour as she had been down at DD1's catching up with them.

This is a collaborative post.

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Saturday, 2 November 2019

Project 365 week 44


Well having the pain under control and sleeping at night I felt well enough to go back to work yesterday. Had support in place and was not stressed and not really sure what happened or why but last night my body rebelled big time. I ached from top to toe not just the lower arms and hands like a month ago but every part of me was on fire. Lower arms, hands, upper arms, shoulders, back, right ankle and knee, toes everything was cramping up and going numb, pins and needles and shooting pains like I have never felt before. The pain woke me at midnight and I could not get back to sleep. Nothing worked to calm it down and by the morning I was exhausted. I went into work but got sent home again.
Spent all day in so much pain, I just wanted to sleep but there was no chance of that.

I even tried the tens machine a dozen times over night and during the day but it was not cutting it either.


Phoned and made a GP appointment. This time I went in with a list of "what I wanted him to do" after I had explained all that had happened. So he agreed to wean me off the amitriptyline and wean me onto gabapentin, it works on the nerves just the same and is suppose to stop the nerve pain reaching the brain. Also taking high dose painkillers which seem to be doing nothing. He also agree to refer me to neurology. Sadly it could be months before I am seen.
DD3 has said she has gone private before for a consultation and then the consultant had shunted her across to the NHS for treatment so I ran this idea by the GP as well but he informed me neurology do not work that way and any scans etc I might need would also have to be paid for privately. Right now I would do anything not to be on this pain especially at night. Spoke to the local private hospital and the consultation plus MRI would be on the region of £2000. Believe me would be worth every penny if I had it.

Saw a fellow comper on Facebook was looking to start doing cross stitching as a challenge and she was looking for a hoop. I have a few but never worked out how to use them, so I made her up a package of a hoop and some bits and pieces and paid it forward to her.


Another night with less than two hours sleep. A friend of mine suggested a soak in a hot bath, sadly I don't have a bath so she offered me hers. So I took her up on her offer. Went for a nice long soak in her bath today. Left her a wee thank you.


So fed up of the pain. Could not get the GP I had been seeing on the phone so dropped in a note as had to go shopping anyway. Need to try and work out how I get from where I am to where I need to be without spending months on high doses of addictive pain killers being unable to lead any sort of life. Shopped and walked the dog.
There are times I wish I was a waccy baccy smoker or a drinker but I'm not.

Hubby found this tiny snail, his body is see through. Did take photos of him on hubby's finger nail but they were all blurry.


Went back to a different GP, he had phoned and asked to see me after the note I dropped in. Trying to explain to me various things and why I cannot be referred to more than one specialist at a time, why he cannot send me for an MRI or nerve conductive tests as only a specialist can order them. My issue here is I wait X amount of months for neurology and they decide that is not my issue, and that specialist suggests it may be something else and I need to see another specialist and then have to wait months on that one.
I see where he is coming from but I just feel frustrated at this.

Walked the dog after that appointment, the reflection was lovely on the river.  Bought a spot of lunch before heading off for my occupational health appointment. He had hoped, as had I, that it had all settled down and I was better.
But he is trying to get me pushed up the waiting list by getting them to offer me a last minute cancellation. He is also going to see if some of the tests  that will be performed can be done while I am waiting on my appointment with the specialist. It is in his interest to get me back to work as quickly as possible and mine as well.


Another night of no sleep. The only thing that offers me any relief with my arm is walking. When ever I sit or lie down the pins and needles start from the fingers and move up to my shoulder and my whole arm is in such intense pain, reminds me of the trapped nerve I had a few years back except there was no respite from that. But if I get up and walk for approx 15 mins while rubbing my hand and arm it dies down....then builds back up over about half an hour....and so on it goes.

Bob wants a sewing machine for Christmas, but there is nowhere in his house that has space for one. So he asked if he could come and use mine. Hubby got it out the loft for him and threw some pieces of material down along with the cutting board and cutter. I advised him to start with 4-6 inch squares to practise sewing, but he cut 2 inch ones which were more difficult to work with.

We finished watching Beyond on Netflix. Been left open for series 3.


Spent the night watching a series called the village on Netflix, based on a boys memories from 1914.

Had a parcel to post and needed to go to the chemist so combined the two with a dog walk. Spotted this bird nest in a electricity generator.

 Started watching Raising Dion tonight.

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Tuesday, 29 October 2019

6 Benefits Of An Electric Wheelchair

Perhaps you’ve been looking to update your manual wheelchair to an electric one?
Or else, you’re offering advice to someone who is? Manual wheelchairs can be great
low maintenance options; you don’t need to think about batteries or a source of power.
Having said this, there are plenty more benefits of upgrading to an electric wheelchair. 

Improved mobility 

Electric wheelchairs offer improved mobility because less strength is required to propel
your chair. Due to the small motors, it’s far easier to move the chair even if your upper
body mobility is more limited. With no need to manually move or steer the chair, you’ll use
a joystick that can make all these movements for you. 

Improve Independence 

Due to the improved mobility, users of an electric wheelchair can gain more independence,
. They’ll be no more having to rely on others to propel your chair, nor having to take a break
from moving yourself due to fatigue. Advances in technology allow us to find solutions that
enhance our lifestyles, and for a wheelchair user, added independence is an excellent

Change the height 

You’ll likely be aware that manual chairs are fixed at a set height. With most
electric wheelchairs, you’ll have a button that is capable of changing and adjusting
the height of your chair whenever you like. Such solutions are useful when shopping
or dining and needing to reach a certain height, for example. 

Outdoor use 

Generally speaking, electric wheelchairs are better at moving over outdoor terrain. There
might be an incline or bump that a manual chair just couldn’t ride over. Chairs with motors
can help to propel you forward if a certain road is set on a slight hill. It can be reassuring to
know that your chair can tackle tricky terrain without getting stuck! As well as this, electric
wheelchairs are often suited better to the outdoors due to their speed. 

Special features 

Electric wheelchairs are often fitted with a range of special features to provide
maximum comfort and ease of use. For example, footrests to make getting in and out of
the chair more comfortable. Also, armrests that flip back to exit the chair at the side
quickly. When a chair is built for optimum comfort, this helps the user to reduce any
fatigue or pain experienced from frequent use. 

Folding wheelchairs 

You can get folding electric wheelchairs, the same as you can manual chairs. It’s really
convenient to choose these types of chairs; to store and fold as you wish. There may be
an occasion when you need to fold the chair on public transport perhaps? When you’re
looking at the features of a new chair, always check the speed and range to ensure that
it’s suitable for you. Most importantly, try out any new chair properly before you buy. A
chair might sound perfect, but not feel comfortable to you personally. When it comes to
wheelchairs, your personal comfort is vital. Electric wheelchairs can also be an excellent
option on a fun holiday to really make the most of your time!

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Saturday, 26 October 2019

Project 365 week 43

This week has been about trying to get back into a routine and stop being so lazy. Been having late mornings and late night for weeks now as have had nothing much to get up for. Been using the exercise bike on the days I have not been out on an e- bike. Maybe only 5 miles a day but still exercise none the less. Still working on the same jigsaw and yeeeehhhhhh managing to get some knitting done. If I do a short stint and put it down at the first signs of pins and needles then it is not bringing back the pain.
Had a few nights with the pins and needles have been annoying and hands have been stiff more than one morning this week.


A run into town to pick up friend and take him for a walk along the beach with us. The sun might have been out but it was freezing, glad I had popped a hat and gloves in my back pack and had on a fleece jacket and a windproof on top.


Into the town, dropped Dixie dog and hubby to walk along the river walk and go into visit friend while I went for a cycle ride. A nice fast paced 10.14 miles with a height gain of 273 feet. Sadly only four of us there, two leaders and two of us joining in, seems such a shame there is so small a take up when it is free and available to anybody over sixteen who wants to join in. This was along the beach road and freezing, but was a lovely flat calm mirror finish sea, ended up with my fleece hat under my cycle helmet to keep my ears warm.

This made me chuckle when walking past the school.....says animal feed...wondered with my warped sense of humour if it was next weeks lunches being delivered......but was informed it is bio mass pellets, guess the company has had to diversify.


Another trip into town to a few bits and pieces of shopping and again hubby and Dixie walked along the river and pop into visit friend. When I had finished picked them up and hubby and friend finished off the coping stones on top of the wee wall they built last week.

Just needs the coating on all of it now. That will probably wait until next spring.

The pressure washer packed in, just stopped dead, been trying to get an answer out of Vax to see if it has an internal fuse.....asked me a hundred irrelevant questions and not answered the one I wanted answering.


Went to pick up a repeat prescription, I had run out of  quinine last week, but think I had stopped noticing the sore legs with the sore arms but really noticed it on Monday night, probably not helped by the first outdoor cycle ride in weeks, while hubby walk Dixie along the river, the two of them like this walk. Popped in to visit a different friend and then  picked them back up from friends when I had finished. Home for a quick something to eat before I went into Kilmarnock to do my induction with The Active Travel hub and am now an official volunteer, soon as I have my volunteer number I can volunteer with any Sustrans rides any where in the country, and access any training they offer. They are still waiting for my references to come through but they won't be a problem.
Also joined in with a staff and volunteer ride, handy to get to know the cycle paths and have to admit Kilmarnock have much better routes open to them than we have in Ayr. A lot more country roads to use. I knew it would get dark while I was on the ride so put on my water proof/reflective trousers and jacket and was glad I did as it rained quite heavily for the second half of the ride. 11.48 miles with a height gain of 557 feet. Into a wee local cafe afterwards for a treat of coffee and cakes, sadly none dairy free so I just had a diet coke.


A day in the house. Hubby and I battered into the housework between us as not much been done all week. I then spent time doing my jigsaw while listening to my audio book while hubby was tidying his sheds and the loft.
Made a pot of lentil and veg soup for lunch that will do the weekend as well and froze some for later on. Only annoying thing is my hand blender does not work so had to eat it lumpy. Skint time of the month with it being a five week pay month so using up what in the cupboards.
Made macaroni cheese for tea, thinly sliced some tomatoes on top and pop it in the over to cook them while a few oven chips cooked.
Cleaned all the windows inside and out.This makes the job an awful lot easier.


. Walked the dog while posting a letter. Back up the road and finished off the jigsaw puzzle off. Sewed up a jumper I have been working on for weeks and weeks. Knitting still makes my hands uncomfortable so not sure how much more will be done.

Hubby went and picked up friend as he was in a lot of pain and brought him back here and his mum picked him up just after 9pm.


Back to work this morning, thankfully. Did struggle with a few tasks and a few others made my fingers and wrists sore but had somebody with me to help. Tomorrow will tell when on my own but know I have the back up of being able to move if I am struggling.

Spotted these wandering round the grass area when I came out of work, guess this is a case of the grass is greener.

Saturday, 19 October 2019

Project 365 week 42


A lazy day doing more of the jigsaw and listening to my audiobook. Currently listening to The woman in the wood by Lesley Pearse. It is entertaining enough. Twins sent to live with the grandmother but one gets kidnapped.

We finished watching Carnival Row tonight, was ok, watchable but nothing to write home about.

Friend was down quite a bit of the weekend . Hubby have been working on trying to build a small wall in front of the repaired gate post, the main reason we wanted it sorted. They also tried some welding but it did not work.

Went to visit a local friend and she was showing me her extension, love the view she has.

a room with a view


DD2 is down this afternoon for a few days with the girls. Took her three hours to drive down, and Ziggy fell asleep in the car so took her for a run round the park to help tire her out.
Hubby went round to friends and I picked him up on the way back out the town.

In the park 


Hubby went round to friends and I picked him up again on the way back out the town.

In the afternoon we went a  wander down the rather muddy woods, Ziggy wanted to go down to the bridge.Think she had been hoping to go paddling again like we did in the Summer.  So we walked down trying to catch leaves as they blew off the trees, we failed and she went in a huff. But we eventually got down there, and wish we hadn't, time we got back up again. She played on the swings, had some jelly babies, and then we hunted sticks out to play pooh sticks off the bridge with and then wandered back up again. We went down a rather muddy slope so decided to try the other way out, it was even worse, and at one point I ended up sat in the mud having got Ziggy through safely and going back to help with the buggy. We bribed her back up the hill with a jelly baby for every third lamp post we passed.

playing pooh sticks of the bridge 


 Hubby went round to friends and I picked him up n the way back out the town and we all took a  walk round a local park and then dropped friend back off again before heading home.

 SIL3 came round after his work as hubby and friend had been trying to do some welding at the weekend  and not managed to succeed. SIL3 says the gates are the wrong metal and it will need a stick welder.
The gates will have to wait.

SIL3 welding 

DD3 had been up for the day and took Ziggy down to DD1's. Wee Roo has not be overly well the last few days so DD2 stayed here with her and managed to get her to sleep for a while. By 9pm DD2 was rather worried about Roo as she has not had a wet nappy all day as well as her crying and raised temperature and pulling at her ears. She phoned doctors on call and took her up for 10.30. They ran various tests on her and were happy nothing serious were wrong. They said  she was dehydrated and to take her home and make sure she got plenty of fluids.

She was thankful she was here and not at home as her local hospital would not have dealt with her and would have sent her a ninety mile trip to their "local" children's unit. Not to mention the ninety miles back. That would not have been much fun for either of them.


GP appointment. Blood test results are all normal. GP has no answers to what may have caused this or what it is, going to be another mystery like my black thumb of last year. Helicobacter pylori test also came back clear. Currently the weakness and discomfort is primarily in the wrists and thumbs with the odd mild pins and needles in my finger tips. Hoping to build the strength back up now to get back to a more normal life.

A walk along the beach with the dog while we were out anyway.

DD2 and the girls are away to visit SIL2's family for the weekend.

Roo fast asleep before I went oout 

Started listening to The Lake House by Kate Morton, - a heart stopping suspense and uncovered secrets - a missing child - that flits between 3 time eras. Positively enjoying this one.  Started watching Unbelievable on Amazon Prime. Was not sure I was going to enjoy it with the first episode but watched 5 now and enjoying it.


Got my exercise bike back in that has been in the shed since Monday, and my jigsaw back on the table to work on.

Managed to so some knitting, not pushing my luck but got the back of a jumper finished for Spud that I started weeks ago. Only had ten rows to go. Not wanting to push my luck as I can feel it. Same with carrying a mug, I can do it but not comfortably. Still getting hubby to lift hot heavy things for me. Pain just in wrists and thumbs now.

finished off the wall eventually 

Hubby and friend went down to visit a relative of hubbys locally.


Had three small spots on my stomach a few weeks back, they seemed to have disappeared. But one flared up and I used an antibiotic cream on it and again it seemed to heal. For some reason it flared  up again on Thursday so bought this hoping if there is something in it it will draw it out.

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