Saturday, 21 September 2019

Project 365 week 38

I was right with my suspicious on the ex inhaler, the flu like aches, pains and headaches and the feeling of having been hit by a truck started to ease by Thursday, needed paracetamol to get through every day until then, The cough continued to diminish and now only coughing when I exert myself too much, but hoping another week or two on the new inhaler will improve that, no reason to think it won't. Obviously doubling the dose of the last inhaler escalated at the symptoms ten fold until I reached breaking point last week. Contemplating putting in a written complaint now I am feeling a bit more human again.
Back to getting a decent nights sleep helps as well.


Still feeling really really crappy, can't think straight, can't concentrate enough to do anything and the lack of sleep is overwhelming. I am so tired and grumpy. Sent hubby to visit friend for the day and just sitting here mindlessly watching tv, can't even manage to knit. These balls of wall were a freebie on offer for taking out a 3 month subscription to a knit and crochet magazine. Not impressed with the magazine, nothing in it but toys, not what I expected but the hints and tips and lessons in it made it worth while, cancelled my subscription as the three are more than enough.


Cancelled the bike ride, no point there is no way I could manage, electric bike or not still requires more energy than I can muster. Amusing myself by knitting prem baby stuff, not much unripping to do when it goes wrong, as it has done.

Hubby dug the potatoes up he planted earlier this year. 6kg was not a bad haul. Just some that had sprouted while under the stairs.


Another boring day waiting on symptoms subsiding. More prem baby stuff knitted and no mistakes today. A lazy day doing not a lot. Hubby and friend were down at DD1's putting up some outdoor lights for her, so dog decided to curl up on my knee.

Have had some really pretty sunsets here this week, but nothing really to line it up with.


Again cancelled my cycle ride. Was not up to it but I also volunteered to pick Fifi up from school and run her to an induction day for a part time job that she can fit round school. Normally she will make her own way there but the induction was to difficult and time consuming to get to by public transport as it was in a different place.

I sat in the car and watched some Chicago med and did some of my latch hook rug as had no inclination to go wander anywhere.


Hubby away today doing some gardening work for his aunt who is due back out of hospital next week so I made the most of feeling better and cleaned my carpets. This machine has been a great investment and well worth every penny, it really does a good job. The living room was mainly sand which will come in off the dog after her beach walks. Did a review on this product when I bought it, reading it now it is quite cringeworthy.


The plan had been for a nice relaxing day, and turned out to be anything but. We noticed last night the dog leaping out of her bed at 100mph and then turning round and biting at herself. We also thought her anal glands were full again as she has been bum rubbing for the last few days so headed to the vet to get them emptied.
Turns out the dog has fleas. Only two of them and the vet reckoned she had had them for less than twenty four hours, she based this on how few there were and the amount of droppings in her fur. She was treated for fleas, worms and tics before we went to Oban as it is tick heaven so we made sure she was covered. They could have come from any where.
So the vet redosed the dog with flea treatment and sold us a can of spray. So having googled all about them, life cycle how they breed/spread etc I spent the day defleaing the place. Stage one was bath the dog and wash off all traces of everything. Next was to round up masses of washing, all my cushion covers, couch covers, stripped the beds and hung all the cushion innards and quilts out on the line in the sun as the eggs and larvae stages die if exposed to the sun, and of course the dogs beds were also done. I then very thoroughly hoovering every inch of the house, up and downstairs and the stairs themselves, moved all the furniture and rugs and sprayed where recommended. Then moved on and did the car as well. Took me about 4 hrs and I was knackered.
Sat down at 10 past five, but then had to go down to DD1 for half past to sit with the three wee ones while DD1 picked up Bob from gymnastics.


This weeks knitting has been small easy items all going to the SCBU. Really need to get a parcel made up ready to go.

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Saturday, 14 September 2019

Project 365 week 36 and 37

We went away for what was going to be ten days holiday, up to Oban to see DD2, SIL2, Ziggy and Roo. The holiday was spoiled by a) the rain, which normally does not stop me, and b) this hacking cough that is getting no better, in fact worse. Day and night walking and sitting, little sleep and pain shooting through my temples ever time I cough has just made me miserable and tired. Could not even think straight to knit properly, and realised I had started on the third sleeve for a cardigan I was knitting, so gave up on that. though I did manage a few pumpkin inspired items for the prem baby unit.

Came home early for a GP appointment, they have changed my inhaler. Changed me about 15 weeks ago when they sent me for a chest XRay. I had asked them to change again as I could feel the one they gave me was doing no good, but policy is minimum 3 months to give it time to work, so now passed the 3 month stage and they agreed to a change. The warning that comes with it says in some patients it can make symptoms worse and to inform the GP immediately but they still insisted I stay on it.

Was keeping everybody awake with my cough so took myself down to the couch, poor SIL slept down there the first night as I woke Ziggy so she went in with her mum and dad, I was not sleeping anyway so made no odds to me.

Sadly while we were there they had to say goodbye to Jack Jack, their 12 yr old golden lab, DD2 rescued him from the SSPCA when he was just a puppy. He has been on many an adventure with our dogs over the years. The first dog we had, Shorty dog, use to terrify him and he always came into our house warily and she use to pinch his bones and toys and lie on top of them so he could not get them. Run free Jack dog and hope Shorty dog is nicer to you at Rainbow Bridge.

So two weeks pictures, not in any particular order, just random ones from our time away as the brain is not functioning well.

on the beach getting wet and mucky having lots of fun 

part way up Glen Nevis that leads to Ben Nevis 

another vies up Glen Nevis

Glen nevis

walking round the coast 
I stayed up the high bit they scrambled over the rocks at lower levels. 

ducks swim through the algee on the pond

this caught my eye parked at Tarbet car park 


another at Glencoe 

she loves to climb logs and rocks 

feeding time while mum and dad were away 

from McCaigs tower 

in the park 

a very cute Roo is good at pulling her socks off

a Triumph meet at Inverary Castle 

Loch Lomond

a painted window at Tesco Oban

another painted window at Tesco Oban 


Found this in our bed when we got back, and wondered where it had come from. Phoned DD1 to ask if it belonged to any of the kids as I knew she had been up while we were away. One of the local ladies paints rocks and I had admired this on her FB page. She had passed it to DD1 to give to me, so she tucked it into our bed for safe keeping.
Thanks Jeannie.

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Friday, 6 September 2019

Tech Items You Should Always Buy Used

When it comes to lifestyle expenses, the most costly purchases we now make apart from our home
and car are now technological ones.

As technology becomes increasingly more advanced, the price has started to reflect
this advance. Today we are going to be looking at the best tech items you should buy
used and why they are just as good.

Image Credit - Pexels - CC0 Licence 

A Phone

When it comes to owning the latest phone, you have two options generally. One, you can
remortgage your house, or two you can be tied down to a contract until the end of time.

So as an alternative option to buying a brand new smartphone, why not wait just a few short
months and pay way less for it. The great thing for second-hand buyers nowadays is that phones
are now like cars, the moment they leave their point of sale, they lose 20% of the value.

The great thing about buying a used smartphone is that you aren’t really going to miss out
on anything at all and you will still have the latest technology in your hands. The joyous thing
with popular smartphones now is their level of durability. They are made of tough stuff and built
to last.

The number one question asked by most people before they buy a second-hand phone is
“Why are they selling it?” The answer is generally pretty simple. People get bored quickly,
or they spent too much money on it, and their other half has threatened them with divorce.

A Laptop

When it comes to necessity, nowadays a laptop is one of those things that are essential.
Whether it be for business or personal use, more often than not, we are just expected to have

The one problem with laptops and computers though is they can be costly. If purchasing a Mac
is on your shopping list, going used is generally the way forward. A brand new Mac can set you
back the price of a second-hand car unless budget allows, used is usually the better option.

When buying a used Mac, you generally always know you are getting a good quality piece of
equipment. Upon purchasing, you should be looking at how future proof the Mac is, and whether
or not you require the latest OS. If you are not already familiar, you should check the
macOS Catalina vs Mojave and make sure any Mac on your shopping list is capable of
running them.

Checking the compatibility will allow you to ensure that your software will run properly
for many years to come.

Making a used purchase of either of the items could not only save you vast amounts of
money, but you may also find they are more user-friendly. Sometimes, brand new
equipment can come with teething problems. These problems are generally ironed out
within the first 6-8 weeks, and firmware sorts them out.

This is a collaborative post.

Saturday, 31 August 2019

Project 365 Week 35

Been a nice peaceful week with friend being away so no stress of arguments over fitting him into my time schedule.
Been a medical week again.


The wall that supports are driveway,was rebuilt last year as it had crumbled, but the budget was not there to do the top rend coat. This was leading to the undercoat getting damp and falling off the wall as it was not designed to be left exposed, so finally got round to getting it done before this winter.
Spent quite a bit of the day at work coughing, and this is the first time I have ever needed to use my blue inhaler at work.


Joined in with the organised ebike ride, these are running until end of November. Found I was doing a lot of coughing and needed my inhaler twice during the ride, but apart from that it was a fun 7 miles. Not the longest ride but it is a learning curve for some of the people as there tends to be a new face or two most weeks and it is about confidence building and how to handle an ebike not the distance we cover. We cannot go much further without crossing a very busy main road that is on a steep hill and a sharp bend and involves walking the bikes across and not everybody is comfortable with that.
Took a picture on one of the other cyclists phones for them of her and her hubby with Greenan Castle in the background. This was their first time on ebikes and they loved them as well.
The view from up near the castle where we stopped for a few minutes.


Phoned this morning for a GP appointment as have a horrible rattling when I breath. It hurts to breath so something is going on. Love how they generally always have appointments available at such short notice.  Have rattling in my left lung again, same place as the last time. A course of antibiotics and steroids to hopefully stop it in its tracks.

A baby set for the SCBU and two hats for Angel babies.


The joy of steroids on the system, went to bed just after midnight and got back up at 2am, as no way was I going to get to sleep between the coughing and the affect they have on the body. Sat and knitted and found Chicago Med to watch on Sky Box Sets.Not exciting but watchable while half brain dead.

In to get bloods taken first thing to see if there is anything underlying causing the cramps. I go for months without going anywhere near the GP and then all at once three visits on 7 days.
Cancelled the ebike ride for tonight as no way I could have coped with it, but booked in for next weeks.
Did manage an hours sleep this afternoon.

In keeping with a health theme the dog got her monthly flea and tick drops.


Managed to get 6 hrs sleep overnight, much more than I expected, just up once at 2am.  Up just before 6am and doing a mass blog comment session. Starting coughing to much when I tried to go back to bed so did not bother.
Went and did a small food shop and a few new t shirts and a light weight jacket for hubby. Walked the dog round the beach park in Irvine, it was dry but very very windy.
Made a turkey mince meatloaf for tea and cooked the rest up for Saturday night.
Spotted this and love the colours.


Bob is back at gymnastics now the schools are back. So took the three wee ones their jumpers down while I was going. Lots of giggles and cuddles while I was there. The two girls moved seats at the table as they both wanted to sit next to Grandma while they ate their tea.
Think it may be a while before they grow into them. Will knit the next ones one size smaller for them. They liked them so that was the main thing.

Results of the blood tests this afternoon. Slight decrease in potassium level but nothing else showed. To redo that in case it was a blip. Asked about my lifestyle and suggested I cut back on some of my activity as it will not be helping. Then tells me my cholesterol levels are slightly raised, not enough to need medication but suggests more exercise, guess I can't win on this one,  and a Mediterranean diet will help.......sadly when you cannot eat raw fruit and veg and some nuts then this is not an alternative for me. My HDL ( good cholesterol) is better than last years tests as are my triglycerides so something is going right.   Going to refer me to see the dietitian see if she can advise me.
Going to give me quinine to see if it will help the cramps. 


Just my shift at work, came home and decided to knit and listen to an audio book for a couple of hours and let hubby make tea, well he would if I was at work and most of it was just reheating.

Decided after getting soaked last week I needed to invest in a good quality lightweight jacket suitable for cycling. So this one fits the bill, nice and fluorescent yellow to be seen easily and the silver colour is reflective so will stick out well on the road.

The top pic is without a flash, the bottom one with so you can see the difference.

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Saturday, 24 August 2019

Project 365 week 34

Well Fifi went back to school on Tuesday, last year at school for her,  and the gruesome twosome on Wednesday, they went into P2. The twins were very excited to go back their big sister not so much so.


A double shift at work, watch the last of Deep Waters in my break while doing some of my latch hook kit. Hubby took this photo of Roo teething on a carrot but I did not take any pics all day so cheating using this one but she is very cute.
DD2 and the girls went home just after lunch.


Hubby and dog came into town with me and they went for a walk and visited friend while I did what I needed to do. Friend is away up north for ten days so we have a reprieve.
Still getting my bike fix by joining in with an electric bike ride, this one is handy as runs while I am in the town. Was rather a windy cycle along the sea front. Why is it when on the sea front no matter which way you are walking/cycling the wind appears to be in your face both there and back? There was only four members of the public and the two ride leaders. These rides are running until the end of November so a few weeks yet to enjoy it while I can.
Going to meet up with the new female member of staff with a view to starting the ladies cycle rides back up again with me working as a ride leader now I am qualified to do so.
We are watching our way through Designated Survivor at the moment on Netflix.


We had spotted an item on Facebook Market Place so went to pick it up and walked the dog while we were there. I am thinking this might have been done by the school as there were ribbons all over the trees as well.


Another bike ride, back with the Kilmarnock group today. living in between the two places that run them is dead handy. Tonight's ride was VERY wet. I had on waterproof trousers and jacket, which did not bad I got marginally wet where the straps of my rucksack sat. Need my rucksack for my epi-pens as they are a bit long for a pocket. But my packets of tissues needing wringing out as did my feet. Spongy trainers and waterproof trousers are not a good combination. No regrets over going though.

Come payday I will look at getting a waterproof reflective jacket as it will not be long until this ride will be happening in the dark, Seen a couple for about the £75 mark, does not need to be thick as got plenty to layer under it.

It is interesting to see how the two groups work differently when out on rides. We had stopped off here waiting on the rest of the group catching up.

We were taking a run into the town to buy some K Rend for the walls, the supplier supposedly shut at 5 but their shutters were down at 10 to, apparently this is to allow them to cash up.


My night cramps and restless legs are getting beyond a joke. Not sure if the bike rides are making things worse but they must help in so many other ways that I am not giving up on them just yet. Barely get an hours sleep in between bouts of cramp, both thighs and left leg is shin, calf and foot. Here was my toes during one bout this morning. Could not make my toe do that if I tried. Also an issue in an evening at a weekend when I sit down after work.
I have a lot of aches and pains in my joints but can put all that down to either knitting with my wrists, cycling with my knees and shoulders etc. I also have a bad habit of falling asleep if I sit down in an afternoon, but that could be my age.

We  took two runs back into Kilmarmock, one to walk the dog and pick up some bags of the K Rend and then home for some lunch  before I went back myself to pick up the rest, I replaced hubby with three bags of the stuff to save either overloading the car or making a third run.

Six miles on the exercise bike after tea.


Ziggy turned 3 today, so Facetimed her to say happy birthday and see what she got. She was rather excited about her party in the afternoon.

Managed to get a GP appointment for this morning to see about the cramps. He says  it could be caused by many things so full blood tests next week before he decides on a course of action. So booked in for Wednesday morning. To phone for blood results Thursday afternoon and take it from there.

Took dog along the old railway line and did a bit of shopping while in the town.
Spent the afternoon making cakes for the weekend and macaroni cheese for tomorrow nights tea while I had the oven on for roast chicken and tatties for tonight.


Yeeehhh got Minky's jumper finished. Taken a while between one thing and another, but looks great of I do say so myself. DD1 reckons my creations will be great if they get lost in the snow.
It is a chunky knit with the orange side being the front, and the back, rib and sleeves achieved with one ball of double knit in two different colours, just needs two buttons now.

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Wednesday, 21 August 2019

My thoughts and feelings on cycling electric bikes.

This week my word of the week #WoTW is cycling, my new hobby.

The government are trying to get more people out of their cars for short journeys and encouraging us to cycle to work or down to the shops. A lot of employers including mine offer the cycle to work scheme which allows you to borrow money to buy a bike and accessories and then pay it back, tax and interest free, out of your wages over a year. While this may benefit full time workers as a part time worker I do not pay tax and therefore would not benefit from this. Plenty of information on this if you are interested you can google it. It use to be you could only borrow £1000 but now they are encouraging people onto electric bikes to make the ride easier then you can borrow more than that but it still needs to be paid back over a year, so an electric bike through this scheme would require rather large payments every month.

 Last year I had borrowed a folding electric bike. I had this one for two weeks. I had opted for a folding bike rather than a full size one to use out and about in the town but at the time I had it I had an issue with my boot lock and the garage locked it shut for me until they could sort it so for over a week of my two weeks it was not possible to transport the bike in my boot. Time I was getting home in November it was just about dark and as I live rural on 60mph roads taking it out locally did not appeal to me.

This bike was comfortable to cycle, the battery came on and off easy enough for charging and the bike itself adjusted easily to suit different heights of rider. I had tried it on various different types of surface from cycle paths to park paths  to rough gravelly paths. It did not fair well on the gravel type paths but then it was not designed for that.

I found the folding bike was more convenient to put in the boot rather than having to use a bike rack but I found it very heavy to lift into the boot. It did not stand while you were folding it so it was a juggling act and you have to re-assemble it to wheel it anywhere. It cycled smoothly and despite the small wheels it did not require huge amounts of effort to cycle it though I have to admit to most of what I cycled on was relatively flat. I was not keen on the fact when you went to pull away on the bike it would shoot forward with quite a lurch which made me uncomfortable when pulling away from junctions on the roads. I am sure with enough use you would get use to it.

It was easy to use the gears and settings. From eco which just helps out a bit to turbo which helps boost up hills and into a head wind. The bike came with mudguards and a rear rack that could be used for panniers. The battery is in the middle of the bike so helps to balance it better.

For security, every handy in today's climate it comes with a lock that prevents the back wheel from turning or being removed and I also got an extra chain with it. You can also remove the battery as well if you felt like it. 

This scheme run by the Energy Saving trust  is a lot more flexible and you have up to four years to pay back your loan. 
If you are considering purchasing an ebike there is a new, exciting funding opportunity available in Scotland through Energy Saving Trust. We offer an interest-free loan to buy an ebike. This scheme is funded by Transport Scotland (an agency of the Scottish Government). 
The eBike loan is for up to £6,000 with a repayment period of 4 years and covers the following (per household):
  • 2 x ebikes capped at £3,000 each
  • 1 x family ecargo bike capped at £6,000
  • 1 x adaptive ebike capped at £6,000
Anybody can apply to trial a bike through this agency and is a great way to try before you buy.

Please note the bike was clean when I got it, and I cleaned it before I took it back.

Last month I borrowed another bike, a none folding one this time. I was fortunate to get the chance to do this  through The Active Travel hub in Kilmarnock. The offer is currently open to employees of either East Ayrshire council or NHS Ayrshire and Arran, and as I fall into this category I decided to apply for one and see how I got on. The bike I had this time was a Raleigh Motus H model, no longer available but others in the range our.

Before we went I emptied the boot of my hatchback car with the intention of taking the bike locally off road to try it first. But the first hitch we hit was it did not fit. Had it been 26 inch wheels it would have done but being a 28 inch there was no way. So this gave me the dilemma of the only way to get it home was to cycle it. Was not comfortable with the idea of taking an unknown bike onto a main road in the middle of town, my pick up point was the train station, fed by three very busy roads. We drove up the bypass between home and picking it up and I did not fancy cycling back down a bypass.

Phoned DD1 to see if she could pick it up on her mini bus but she was not available for about five days at a time that fitted in with the hub's opening hours so she suggested I went back through Hurlford, and so I did. Made it home in one piece and despite being out of my comfort zone I thoroughly enjoyed the ride.

A friend of ours was nice enough to lend us a bike carrier, luckily we have a tow bar on the back so it was ideal. The first time we had it on the bike carrier we headed up some 60 mph roads as well as single track roads with passing places. The bike was not any wider than the car mirrors so if the car fitted through the bike would be ok. We went up to Loch Doon, and I did 13.5 miles while hubby and friend fished. I then locked the bike up to a metal fence and walked the dog. I some how managed to drop the key to the bike chain and had to double back to find it, luckily it was on a fluorescent orange key ring and I only had to double back a half mile.

This was where I realised the benefits of cycling, normally I drive the roads we don't use regularly and on single track roads there is no opportunity to admire the scenery as I drive by but have plenty of time to enjoy the views with cycling. I live in such a beautiful part of the world between coast line and countryside and seems a shame not to enjoy it at a leisurely pace. I decided slow and steady was better than fast and furious.

wandered off where we normally drive when at Loch Doon 

Loch Doon

the sun was going down as I cycled the back roads

In the time I had this bike I took it out locally quite a bit and just went with no idea of what route I was going to be going, followed a lot of the back roads and turned anywhere that looked interesting and ended up lost misplaced more than once but also ended up with 25 mile rides. Made the rides much more fun. The 28 inch wheels ate up the miles .This is where for me the electric bike came into it's own, having used map my walk on the cycle ride setting when I was out, there was no way back into the village without cycling a category 5 hill, the steepest of the categories, and have to admit to finding some of them a struggle even with the assistance the bike gave and I admitted defeat coming back in from the Stair direction just before the railway bridge the long steep climb was just to much and the bike got pushed for the last bit to the top. I would never have cycled any of these roads on a manual bike and 25 miles on an electric bike is healthier than sitting on the couch knitting.

I have also had the bike out on cycle paths and again wandered these willy nilly and ended up cycling for miles. This worked really well by taking husband and dog with me and leaving him with the car keys and getting him to pick me up miles away.
A lot of the cycle paths are not well marked and online tells you things like The Sir Chris Hoy cycle way runs from Hurlford to Galston, but does not tell you where you access it.
When cycling Eglington Park the other week I could not see signs for a cycle path, I know there is a way but having cycled all the way round the perimeter of the park I could not see a single sign pointing to a path so just went out onto the main road. Main roads are not everybody's cup of tea and certain people would not have left the safe comfort of the park and that seems such a shame. From Irvine I headed through Troon to Prestwick and back to Ayr and got hubby to pick me up in Ayr. He was going that was anyway as we had a friend who lives in Ayr with us. 25.5 miles done. Just took my time and stopped and started when I felt like it.

this sign made me smile 

tractor trails in a field 

the sun going down in Stair 

The castle in Eglington Park 

a pond at Shewalton woods 

the tide is well out over looking Ayr from Prestwick 

a reservoir at Loch Doon 

I had a weekend off work during the time I had the bike and DD3 and I set off for a trip to Cumbrae to cycle round the island. We met at Ayr train station and took the train. I had my panniers as I had found during the week that a back pack makes you sweat uncomfortably in the heat. The disadvantage of the panniers was when we left the bikes I had to take my valuables out of them. We actually went twice round the island, the first time none stop the second time we went the other way round as all the scenery was then on our side, making it much easier to stop at interesting bits or really pretty views. I also picked up a few geocaches while I was there. One half of the island is only single track roads and was full of walkers and cyclists but no traffic. From Millport back to the ferry port it was double track roads as this is the route the buses and traffic seem to use. It amazed us how much patience the bus drivers had, there seem to be no hassling or intimidating of either the cyclists or walkers as they sat behind them until they had a good gap to get past, shame all drivers can't be that considerate on the main land.

the view from the ferry 

hunt out the posts was fun 

we did not find all 5 of them 

DD3 stayed with the bikes while I hunted unsuccessfully  for a cache 

Lion Rock on Cumbrae

a heart on the beach made from leaves,the sky was getting more overcast. 

the cache from here was missing

crocodile rock at Millport

yarn bombing where I tied the bike up

yarn bombing all over Millport 

I loved having the bike. The freedom, great for clearing the head, benefits the cardio, and nice to do something for and by myself. The bike itself was a smooth easy ride and by week two of having it I was using the 7 gears much more than I did in the first week when I had been boosting up and down the electric settings. No juddering or delay on changing gears or up and down the electric settings. The bike was a low step so dead easy to get on and off for us older people with stiff joints. There was no noise from the battery or motor either. I have done organised bike rides with different styles of electric bikes and some of them are quite noisy when the electric setting is being used and the higher the setting the noisier it became, almost makes you think there is a vehicle behind you.

Would I buy one? Yes if I had the money I would. I would choose this one with the battery pack central to the bike rather than built into the carrier rack at the back. A nice low step bike with hydraulic disk brakes and a good long battery life. I did find the one I had back heavy with panniers on going up hills especially on an uneven surface.The rear battery also made it quite difficult to get my own pannier bags onto the bike, found I needed to take the battery out, fit them, and then fit the battery back in, not a major problem as the battery was on charge so off the bike anyway.  Have to say if I was buying one I would not scrimp on the bike lock on it as at one point I had locked my bike up with the lock provided with it, a number code one, as I thought it would save the hassle of losing the key a second time, but the one I had was faulty and would not come back off so it had to be cut off, and took less than 3 minutes to do that, rather worrying when your bike costs so much.

I would also buy a bike carrier that fits on lower to the tow bar as the bikes are rather heavy and was difficult to get onto the style I had, especially as the bike had no cross bar. I ended up with a row of bruises up both my arms from lifting it on and off. I would also make sure it had built in lights rather than a separate light board.

Borrowing this bike was a great way of finding what worked for me and what didn't which means if I ever get round to buying one it will be one I will be happy with for years. These bikes will keep getting both cheaper and better as more are sold and more of these issues are discovered and ironed out. I see both the Kilmarnock and Ayr travel hubs now both have electric bikes with the central battery. Hopefully The Active Travel Hub in Ayr will get on board with the same scheme and I can borrow a bike for another four weeks through them.

If you fancy a go why not look into what is local to you through similar sort sorts of schemes

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