Monday 30 November 2020

Project 365 week 48

As a family we have discussed the relaxed rules for Christmas. As a large family it will be impossible for us all to be together at Christmas. If DD2/SIL2  comes down with the girls they will want to see their cousins and not fair to let two lots together without DD3 being involved, and four households are not allowed. They all have smaller in law families to visit so they might do that, no plans made yet. In all honesty between three of us working for three different NHS areas, one of who has to use public transport,  two SIL's that work in peoples homes as essential jobs, a massive mix of schools and nurseries between the children as well as Fifi being at college and working then there are too many of us to possible introduce it to everybody else. So to make the decisions easier for all of them I have said there will be no second Christmas and I will not be visiting people indoors. Better safe than sorry in my book. The girls all have elderly relatives on the in law sides so they will make up their own minds nearer the time as to what they are doing. 

Hubby has spent a lot of time out in the garden freezing his hands off as he is edging round various parts of the garden. Started with the section my shed is now stood on as it will be the first area to be chipped. 

Sat and Sunday

Nothing happened, no pictures were taken. At the end of last week I had not been feeling to well but this escalated and I woke feeling really dizzy and nauseas with horrendous tinnitus, normally it is just bad, and even lying down the room still spins, So spent the weekend in bed listening to an audio book to try and mask the buzzing. 


Able to get up today and as long as I don't move to quick or turn my head to fast I am fine. Finished sewing up these two little outfits, they snowmen still need eyes and buttons and the teddies still need knitted to go with got other things to do so running out of time.


Started a crochet project that was requested by Ziggy when I made her Anna for her birthday. Yes it hopefully will resemble an Elsa 

Drop my gifts off with the charity Christmas gift place. They also sell new things on display in their window, two of which I really liked but did not have my purse, will need to go back in one day and buy them. 


In to help a friend who is moving house on Friday. Went for a walk and then home to crochet. 


Chilly start to the day. Played catch up with housework in between helping hubby with cutting wood and went and did an hour on my bike after lunch.  

In the afternoon we took a walk along the beach. Nipped back to friends house from yesterday to buy some art work she is selling that will not fit her new house. They will eventually go in the living room next year once it has been decorated. Currently screwed to the back bedroom wall so they don't get damaged......apart from one corner the dog chewed while in the back of the car on the way home. less than twenty mins after a good walk. Little Sh*te! 

We fed the swans with some of the bread and salad I had not managed to give away. You would not believe how difficult it is to give away free food that is still sealed in wrappers and fit for human consumption. Even for people to feed to their pets. 


Out on the bike for just over 20 miles. 

These are two of the four pictures we bought. 

Home and walked the dog. Carried on with my crochet project.

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Thursday 26 November 2020

Powerful Lifestyle Choices That Make Life Fun As An Older Adult


Pexels - CC0 License

Once you hit fifty, you get the distinct impression that there are more years behind you than there are in front of you. And all of a sudden, whatever time you do have becomes all-the-more precious. It’s critical, therefore, to make good life choices once you get into the latter half of life. 

But it’s not all about being prudent. It’s also about ensuring that you can continue to have fun as well. 

In this post, we take a look at some of the powerful lifestyle choices that you can make to make life fun as an older adult. Check them out below. 

Join A Support Group

Things are becoming more difficult. 2020 was probably the most challenging year on record so far this century. And governments all over the world are shutting down economies and preventing citizens from seeing loved ones. 

In times like these, having people around you who are going through similar strife can be a massive help. Meeting online in chat rooms with other people is the perfect way to cope with profound changes and make the most of the available time. 

Continue To Take Care Of Your Appearance

You might not think that your appearance is important as you get older, but it can have a tremendous impact on your quality of life and how you see yourself. 

Being proud and wearing smart clothes is an excellent place to start. Just because you have a few years behind you doesn’t mean that you have to wear the same old clothes you always did. There is always room to experiment, play with your current wardrobe, and come up with something that you’ll love. 

If you go outside, remember to continue wearing sunscreen. As you get older, your skin becomes more susceptible to photoaging. Also, consider changing your hair colour to what you’ve always wanted - especially if you’re sick and tired of the grey. 

Try To Learn Something New Every Day

Learning something new is probably the best tool to keep your mind active once you get past a certain age. As you get into the later decades of life, you can start to feel jaded and disgruntled. Nothing feels new and fresh anymore. You absorb so much information throughout your life, a lot of it feels like watching reruns on TV.

Trying to learn something new every day is a great way to push back against this process. It gives you new insights into the world and expands your horizon. You’d be amazed at just how much is out there to explore. The world offers layer upon layer of complexity all the way down to the very bottom. There’s seemingly no limit to how you can apply your mind. 

Take Plenty Of Exercise

Physical activity is vital throughout all stages of life. But it is especially vital as you get older. 

Many researchers believe that exercise is the holy grail of ageing well. It activates the healthy pathways in your cells and encourages them to behave more youthfully. It’s almost miraculous. 

It’s also a good way to reduce your health care bills. You might have the best over 50 life insurance with free gift, but that pays out when you’re gone. What you want ideally is a lifestyle that provides dividends today. Nothing is better for this than taking exercise. 

Go On A Dating Site

If you’re over the age of fifty and single, then why not try your luck in the dating world? It can be a lot of fun. 

Yes - there are difficulties when you go down this route. But being in love can make you feel young again and open up new aspects of your life. It lets you fully explore your character with another person and engage in fun activities. 

Start Laughing More

How many times do you laugh each day? If you’re like many people, the answer is “not a lot.” 

But that’s a shame. There’s so much in life to be grateful for, even in times like these. 

If you struggle to become the originator of your own laughter, then try firing up a video and watching something funny for 20 minutes. What you’ll find is that the very act of laughing puts you in a jollier mood. 

Being a successful older adult is a skill - but one that everyone over the age of fifty can learn. It requires routine and dedication. But once you get into the swing of it, the benefits soon start to mount. And they can be profound. 

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Monday 23 November 2020

Competition- win a copy of 100% Wolf on DVD

Today Novemeber 23rd is the release date of 100% Wolf on digital.

So what is 100% wolf? 

The story centres on Freddy Lupin, heir to the leadership of a proud family line of werewolves. Positive he'll become the most fearsome werewolf ever, Freddy is in for a shock when on his 14th birthday his first “warfing” goes awry, turning him into a ferocious… poodle. Thrown a bone by the pack elders, Freddy has until the next moonrise to prove he has the heart of a wolf, or risk being cast out forever. With the help of an unlikely ally in a streetwise stray named Batty, Freddy must overcome his pink and fluffy exterior to prove he's still 100% Wolf.

Here is a trailer to whet your appetite.  

If you cant wait for it to come out on DVD It can be purchased here for £9.99 to watch digitally on Apple, Amazon, Sky or Microsoft:

Next week on November 30th is comes out on DVD, and I have one copy of that DVD to put up as a prize. 

So how do you enter? Just follow the steps in the Gleam form below.   

Win a DVD copy of 100% Wolf

Sunday 22 November 2020

Project 365 week 47

What a difference a week makes, last week I drove to work just as the sun was rising, beautiful red tinges to the clouds, this week it was dark, not quite dark enough to need full beam but not far off it.  


After work went round to DD3's to pick up hubby's birthday present. It was his 60th on the third and this is the first chance we have had for me to pick it up. Also needed to pick up Fifi's birthday present she had made for me. 

Love the mug I have to say. 

Went and did my Olio food pick up at 8.30 and then home to list it all. Most of it was allocated by 11pm, what is not allocated goes to work with me the next day. 


Another detour on the way home from work to pick up a few business cards as looking for somebody to lay cushion floor for us. Then went to pick up an order from Toolstation, could do with shares in them this year!!. Was also going to the dump as is between Toolstation and the bypass but took one look at the queue and decided not to bother - am not that desperate to get there. 

Tea tonight was home made turkey burgers, stir fry ( thrown in the oven along with the turkey burgers) with some rice noodles and crispy cooked spinach. All the meal cost me was the electricity to cook it. Hubby had mushrooms with his. 


The first of four birthdays this week. Today is DD3's.

Worked my way through the housework in between helping hubby lay an armoured cable to run electricity into my new shed. We both ended up rather muddy due to digging in the garden and the ground being so wet. 

We then headed into Kilmarnock as the NHS are doing flu jags for staff again but only week days so combined it with a walk for the dog. Prefer to take hubby with me I know I never had a problem with one in the past but always worry I may take an allergic reaction to it so don't like to go alone. 

This happy chappy is at the entrance to the hospital. 


Into town to do a few bits of food shopping and added a few things to pop into a friend to cheer her up. She has had covid and is on the road to recovery but still feeling rather down. 

Also bought a few more bits and pieces for my Christmas collection. 

Went and picked up my food that I pick up from Tesco that I signed up to do through the Olio app. The idea is I pick it up for free and share it with the community. 


Today is Fifi's 18th birthday....not sure  where the years have gone but my grandchild is now a grandadult.....A truly amazing young woman who has so many skills and has achieved so much already in her short life. 

I can now reveal the crochet I was doing....Stitch with a ribbon that says Happy 18th Fifi ( well her real name anyway) . Also got DD3 to make her a hoodie as well as she prints clothing. 

Rotten awful weather to wet and too windy to go cycling. 

We watched The Sister on STV catch up. It was a good watch. 

Lilo and Stitch

I got a reprieve from cake making as DD1 got a personalised one made for Fifi. 


Was suppose to be going out on a bike ride but feeling rather bleugh, no energy and hubby complaining of aches and has a cough so not risking meeting with somebody else. 

Took some more boxes to the dump, it is totally open air, and walked the dog along a quiet beach. 

Made the twins birthday cakes. 

This is a few more bits for a Christmas charity.



Posted the hats off for the two girls.

Think my bleugh feeling may have come from something I have eaten, my tinnitus and my stomach are both playing up, and yes there is a link there to allergies. Took a piriton and hope it might help. Hubby seems ok today. 

Decorated the cakes and made biscuits for Bob seeing how he cant eat the cakes. Can't find icing sugar he can have so did not want to make him a dry boring cake. The biscuits decided to spread in a thin layer across the tray so made a second batch to a different recipe, but they did the same, Not sure if it was the rice flour which I don't normally buy but was the only gluten free flour I could get and all my other stuff is past its best. Bought a tube of Halloween frosting for Minky's cake, suppose to be orange with a black stripe but could not get it to stick to the top of the cake in stripey rows so just ended up spreading it. Took them and the presents down after they were in bed as we are not allowed in other houses currently. Normally I take them in and they blow out the candles and cut the cake while I am there, so did not want to cause upset so thought this was the best way and DD1 will tell them Grandma is at work. 

As of 6pm tonight we are now in a level 4 lockdown area, only essential out the house, not to go out of our own council area if we can avoid it and all none essential every things shut. Places allowed to stay open to do takeaway food but no sit in. 

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Saturday 14 November 2020

Project 365 week 46

We watched the Queens Gambit, interesting enough to watch. I have also been watching CSI Cyber...quite thought provoking  story lines and very worrying if you have kids. 

I am going to start doing my project Saturday to Friday as not always easy to find a picture for Saturday morning. 


Work, walk the dog afterwards, a fairly standard Sunday. 

I started buying some bits for Christmas to hand into a local charity. When I had seen moo free stuff fairly cheap I ordered a dozen to hand in. Sadly only nine turned up, so I emailed them and said why I wanted them, so they sent me my three short and another ten to hand in as well. Really lovely of them. 

Also spotted these Cadbury ones in Wilko when I took back my frying pans, fifty pence each so I picked up a half dozen to add to the collection. 

moo free chocolate


Into the town to do some bits and pieces. Walked the dog in the afternoon. 

Finished off knitting the second hat, as I say I can knit quicker than I crochet.

knitted hat


I managed out on my bike for nine miles this morning as did not have a delivery time for the shed. I am trying to think like my clever cycling friend Pat and find safer routes than the main bus routes to cycle on to get places from here. So today I went out a top road and down past a caravan park to get to the next village on instead of the way I normally go. 

view over Ayr

Our new shed arrived. Not sure of this is taking my bike or the other items out of the shed that my bike is currently squashed into. Biggest we had room for was a 6 by 4, my bike is 6ft 2, so hoping it fits on the diagonal. All that will be in there will be the bike and the bike carrier. Not quite finished yet, the door is currently screwed on by four screws, one in each corner as ran out of daylight and horrendous rain is forecast for all day tomorrow. 

Bought from the same company as the last shed but the quality is not as good as the last one. Stupid design for the floor as well. 


Weather not as bad this morning as they had predicted we would have so we got the door on the shed properly so hubby can work inside it making it useable. 

Needed to pick up small screws and a hasp and padlock as well as repeat prescriptions so nipped into town. Managed to get the dog a good if very blowy walk along the old railway line. 

dog walk


Did a catch up with housework and tidying away various crafting things that are spreading all over the house. My friend was not available for a cycle ride today so I went myself. Nearly 21 mile round trip to buy two boxes of screws for hubby to use in the shed.....saved the car and got me out.....blooming freezing though, I stopped a mile outside the village to put on a hygge and my gloves. 

The shed now has laminate on the floor and shelves on the walls. Also has a slip bolt ready for a padlock and a hook and eye on the fence to keep the door open. 

tiger sheds


Picked up a load of fruit from another Olio volunteer. Had to go out for shopping as last week I forgot to add my shopping onto DD1's home delivery and this week I added mine on Sunday so I did not forget - but she forgot to add hers and check out. 

Made blueberry muffins and mixed fruit crumble as well as a load of cooked food for the freezer. Crumble and custard for supper...yum yum. 

fruit crumble and custard

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Tuesday 3 November 2020

project 365 week 45


A day at work. 

Home to cook up  loads of fruit and veg I got for free last night. 

The flan has a bread base, rolled slices of bread out, butter both sides and then add a quiche type of filling before cooking it. Served with some oven chips, crispy cooked spinach and oyster mushrooms. 


Sorted the tension on my sewing machine and made a start on quilting my cross stitch project. 

An afternoon walk to a localish park with a duck pond to feed the ducks, swans and squirrels some  left over bags of rocket and spinach as well as a few lettuce I got for free on Friday night. 

Added a competition to my blog if you want to enter. 


Need two new frying pans. so went and bought them, check were suitable for our induction hob, came with a ten year guarantee , cam be used with metal utensils, but did not see the warning on the handles that says handles will become hot use oven gloves - an accident waiting to happen as we will forget - so going back. 

Finished knitting a hat/scarf supposedly for Roo ( the nearly 2 yr old) but tried this on Spud ( nearly 5) and it is a tiny bit to short on her. DD2 wanted one for both of the girls so this will do Ziggy and will make another for Roo. 


Spent the morning helping hubby to fit a heated towel rail in the bathroom. 

Went out for a short cycle, 8.5 miles afterwards. Was getting towards dusk time I got back so did not stay out longer. Hard to see the pot holes and the slippy leaves as it starts to get dark. 

I then did some more of my quilting. Just need to tie off all the ends now. 


Pulled out the washing machine and dishwasher so hubby could run in the electrics for the bathroom heater. The bathroom is downstairs next to the kitchen. 

Off out to meet Pat and go for a cycle ride. Love going with her as she shows me back routes and safer routes than I use and other interesting sights. We were watching the deer's at a local venison farm, wonder how many of them are for Christmas.  Today we cycled just over 25 miles. 

Had to laugh there was a wee boy of 2 with his mum and dog walking along the cycle path. We met up with them at a gate that needing opening as we were stopped. The wee boy loves to ring a bike I lifted him up so he could reach and his wee face lit up and he was over the moon. Glad I could make somebody's day a bit brighter. 

Went out and walked the dog and then picked up a tin of varnish and some bits for the freezer. 


What a lovely day.

Decided to go for a walk along the beach and take back the frying pans back at the same time. Had a nose round the charity shop. 

Was much to nice to go home so headed down to the beach at Troon on the way home. A calm breezeless day. 


This is the cross stitch quilt I finished making. It is a kit by Bucilla that I bought from a tv shopping channel about eleven years ago that got started and then stored. It has the design printed on and then once sewn it washes out. So this year seemed a good time to finish it. May need to finish off some of my other started projects as well. 

I am really pleased with the end result. It is 4 ft by 4 ft and the picture really does not do it any justice. 

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Life After 60: How To Make It Worthwhile

 Usually, when people reach sixty years, they will be retiring and getting ready to spend the rest of their lives enjoying their senior years in much needed peace. With the UK’s average lifespan now almost 82 years, you have more years to make life worthwhile. However, for others, this period is filled with challenges ranging from health issues to their finances. Those who planned for it may find it rewarding and full of fulfilment. Would you like to know how to make your life after 60 worthwhile? Here some tips on how to do so:

  1. Pay close attention to your health more than ever 

Image Credit

They say, ‘health is wealth.’ Fortunately, this statement holds more truth than you may have considered or appreciated. To fully enjoy your senior years in optimum physical, emotional, and mental well-being, you should stick to regular health checks. At least twice a year is recommended. You must be committed to checking your oral health, eye care, age-related medical conditions, and lifestyle disorders. Pay close attention to your water intake as that provides the necessary hydration for your entire body. You should also review your health insurance cover and seek advice on whether to expand coverage as a precaution or not. Undoubtedly, advanced age in both males and females could present medical surprises that need immediate attention. As a precaution also, dedicate time to getting some exercise like going walks or light jogging. You can also get an instructor experienced in handling safe exercising routines for all age groups. I have taken up cycling an average of fifty miles a week in the last few months.

  1. Appreciate your new body image

As you age, your body changes as well. You begin to see wrinkles, grey hairs, joint and lower back pains, and maybe more hair loss. I often spot an old lady in the bathroom mirror when I am in the bathroom, not sure who she is but seems to be in there quite regularly. Sometimes the drastic change in body image is enough to affect your self-confidence. To make matters even worse, pressures on body stereotypes make it incredibly tricky for ageing women to come to terms with weight gain. To overcome this negativity, you need to practice self-love and appreciate the person you are becoming when you look in the mirror. With that said, you can stick to safe skincare routines to enhance your skin’s look and health. Apply a daily dose of moisturisers and SPF sunscreen. Use under-eye creams to boost collagen production in these areas. These products fight off the effects of dry, thin skin, which contribute to hollowness beneath the eyes.

  1. Build new relationships

Image Credit

Building new relationships is an important tip to living a good life from sixty and beyond.  Perhaps, you got divorced and decided not to remarry. Now that you are older, you may feel lonely and miss companionship and may begin to entertain the idea of never finding love again. If friendship (or more) is what you desire, expand your network. Maximising your social network gets you active in communal activities and creates a sense of camaraderie. By forming new relationships, you explore new hobbies which may also help you escape feelings of loneliness and depression. When you make a conscious effort to engage in one social activity each day, you will begin to harness positive results. Accept that you are a fantastic person who deserves the best in life. I have expanded mine with staff and volunteers in the cycling group I volunteer at.

  1. Take another look at your finances

Ideally from the age of sixty, you should be less engaged in active work life. Many people choose to retire early to enjoy the fruits of their labour. You can only do this confidently when you are sure about your finances. Are you done paying your mortgage? Maybe you belong to the category of people who opt for later life mortgages. Are you still in debt? If that is the case, you may have to limit your dream retirement vacations. It is better to settle debts you owe early to prevent them from being too burdensome in the future. Even if you do have enough money to live comfortably at this age, take a decision not to overspend. Continue to follow your budgets and make efforts to save a little money. Money is an essential commodity in life, and without it, you can never cater to most things- especially in your senior years. 


  1. Never dwell on what could have been

The likelihood of reminiscing over past incidents and how they could have been handled is high at this time. As ageing comes with wisdom, you tend to do a mental download of your life and what may have gone wrong. It would be best to know that this is an unhealthy practice that may create negativity for you and others close to you. While in your sixties and beyond, learn to accept that everybody’s life is an accumulation of mistakes, some regrets, and happiness. Every emotion (positive or negative) experienced in your younger life helped shape your character.

  1. Overcome your fear of death

Image Credit

As you may already know, death is inevitable, and the sooner you accept that, the better it would be for your mental health. You may have lost some loved ones who were also at your age, which can be heart-breaking. However, obsessing over your advanced age and its proximity to mortality expiration is an unhealthy practice. To address these anxiety issues, spend more time with your peers and solicit their opinions on the same subject. Also educate yourself on how you can help your family when the inevitable happens. Take the bold step to talk to your family and let them know how you would want your funeral planned, where you prefer to be interred, among other things- when you are ready. The sooner you accept that death is a natural occurrence in all living things, the better you will handle matters related to it. This understanding also helps you to live your life to the fullest.

There is no better time than now to appreciate all the good things in your life. It may not have been all rosy and cosy but is enough to tell you; you are among the living population. Besides, now is the time to change your perception of beauty and volunteer the best time of your life to taking care of yourself.

This is a collaborative post. 

Monday 2 November 2020

Win an apron with an original piece of art work on.

Today I have for you a chance to win a lovely item, this great apron. 


This apron is being offered by Phillipa Bandurek Bradbury, an artist based in Cambridgeshire and this is based on one of her original water colour artworks. She works primarily with ink, watercolours and acrylics. 

The apron is 65% cotton and 35% polyester and has an adjustable neck and waist straps as well as a handy double pocket on the front. 

You can also buy a greetings card with the same hare design, a great addition to the box. The item comes as a letterbox gift so it can be posted directly to your loved one. At a cost of £16.99 with free shipping it would make a great present for a any nature lover, art lover or cook. A lot of people are currently hooked on GBBO and I am sure they would love this lovely item to wear while they join in. 

This pretty item also comes as part of a deluxe hare themed gift box. The gift box contains:

• Hare Apron - Printed on cotton with adjustable neck strap and waist strap, and pocket at front.
• 3 x Hare note cards/greeting cards. Blank for your message.
• Beautiful unframed watercolour hare print (A5 size) printed on 300gsm silk card

and is amazing value at £29.99. 

You can find this item along with others over on Philippa's etsy page here  This is also the page to look at if you want to comment on my blog post. 

So to enter this competition please follow the instructions on the rafflecopter form below. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway