Saturday 30 July 2016

Project 366 week 30


I never normally buy tickets but splashed out and bought a Euro Lottery ticket, and we won.........all of £5.40 but a win none the less.


This little dog makes me laugh every day of the week. She is such a lovable creature, here she is trying to catch a fly that is buzzing around. Unfortunately she also chases bees and wasps so not something to encourage.


I was sent these to try out a few weeks back. I normally just use plain razors due to having so many allergies and so much stuff flares up my skin. But thankfully can say I have no problems with these at all, not even the shaving gel.Nice to find products I can use without a reaction.  They have come in very handy with the hot weather we have been having and my legs to fit to have on show. I really like how much easier the gel makes shaving rather than soap and the razors themselves give a nice close shave that leave your skin feeling beautifully smooth. The handles are a god shape to hold and makes the five blades makes the whole process quick and easy.

The small one in the case is called a snap Venus SNAP with Embrace and retails at £9.99
Venus’ first ever portable razor, provides instant smoothness on-the-go – the perfect match for anyone with a busy and active lifestyle. a great size to pop in your handbag or your weekend bag if you are going away. I took it on holiday, I like the case to keep it in makes it safer to rummage in your toilet bag. 

The larger one  Venus & Olay retails at £10.99
The perfect two in one choice to remove hairs and soothe skin at the same time. The clever Venus & Olay blades feature shave gel bars which make contact with the skin before and after the razor to lubricate and ease the blades over the skin, eliminating the feel of irritation and moisturising as it goes! – The perfect choice two give a busy mum some pamper time, even when you only have time for a quick shower!
has a very handy holder that attaches with a sucker and means the razor is at hand when you need it but out of the reach of children if you have any. 

satin care shave gel


A random flower with raindrops on. Love how rain enhances nature.

Yeeehhh I can finally take the twins out in the car, daughter now has two car seats compatible with my car. So as daughter was away shopping I took the gruesome twosome to a local country estate and let them run and play. Lets just say they got stripped to their vests to get back into their car seats they had that much fun and went straight in the bath when I got them home. Here they are picking flowers for mummy. I use the term flowers loosley as they were picking grass and leaves and heads of buttercups, but nothing much that resembled a flower.


We disabled one of our caches a while ago as it was waterlogged. So today we finally got round to putting it back. The tide was well out and so we took Lilly down to the waters edge to hunt for crabs and sea lice. Our cache is up just behind the castle.


I have been having horrendous problems with night cramps and restless legs, so much so that I went to the GP the other day. She says there is not much they can prescribe but she has suggested tonic water for the quinine, magnesium and a vitamin B complex, so I bought some. Hopefully they will help. Seems to be weekend nights when I have been on my feet all day walking for  miles on concrete floors, over stimulating the muscles.

Friday 29 July 2016

Arts and crafts comes in many forms

I have never been particularly artistic but arts and crafts can take many forms. We did some feet print painting with the twins when they were only a few weeks old, have to say they did not have much choice in the matter, but they make for great memories and made presents for grandparents and other relatives.

The twins love to paint, more making a mess on paper than anything recognisable at their age but it is all part of their learning, Painting with a two year is an important pastime to help build fine motor skills. Giving them a brush and a selection of paint colours allows them to decide what they want to paint and allows their imagination to kick in while they paint dinosaurs or cars, which to you or I may well look like a grey mass on the paper but to them is a work of art. From holding the brush to dip it through to moving the wrist and applying the paint all serve a purpose. These become essential in later life when they learn the skills or writing and cutting with scissors.

the aftermath

As they get slightly older they not only learn about colours and colour mixing, but also things like textures - the difference between wet paint and dry paint.They can also use what they make. Minky painted toilet roll holders the other week, and then made them into binoculars to take out into the garden to have a dinosaur adventure. Not sure how many he found but the grass was long enough for quite a few to be hiding.

Dinky painting toilet roll holders

Minky's were made into binoculars 

They twins also take great pleasure in sticking and gluing. This again allows for working with textures, different materials react in different ways, a stone will not stick to paper with child friendly glue but other pieces of paper and light weight items like mini pompoms etc will stick.

creating masterpieces

a finished picture 

Fifi on the other hand has always been artistic and will spend hours drawing and colouring in. She really likes adult colouring books. She is also into face painting, and is very good at it. She helps out a local woman with some local events. She also goes along to the toddler group on a Friday morning during the holidays and paints the toddlers faces.

on her arm

and her hand

For me I have to say my idea of crafting is knitting, sewing, and cross stitching. I always knitted my own children's jumpers and cardigans and use to knit for the older two grandchildren as well. I  also made cross stitch blankets for the older two when they were young, have made one for Ziggy when he/she is born in the next few weeks and am currently working on one for Minky's Christmas. They make such unique presents, something that you can put hours of love into that they can use for years to come. Fifi still has her one folded up under her pillow, complete with blood stains that do not some off from when she had an accident when she was two.

pictures on Ziggy's blanket

So while I may not be talented at drawing, I have artistic flair in a different direction. I think it is essential we let our children develop their own styles for arts and crafts in whatever way they feel comfortable. The Works do a whole host of different arts and crafts materials from fat quarters, to cutting mats, pens, paints, paper and far to much more to mention. Why not have a look for yourself and I am sure there is something there to inspire everyone for a wet day at home over the school holidays. They also have a full range suitable for back to school, only three weeks away here in Scotland. 

Look they even do a tie dye kit, just the thing you need to make pale pink or blue babygro's a little bit more exciting. 

Spud in her tie day babygro

Wednesday 27 July 2016

Out in the pouring rain

Well last week went from the hottest day of the Summer to still too warm but muggy and wet.  On Friday I was babysitting the three middle ones while my daughter took Spud and went to pick up Fifi from Glasgow, she had been away to camp for a week. They had been told I was taking them out for a walk so the minute I got in they went on the hunt for wellies and jackets and were rather excited.Well the twins were anyway, Bob was not quite so keen,but the park in the rain with grandma was a better option than Glasgow and back.

So despite the weather I decided to put on their jackets and wellies and go and play in the park. They have each others jackets on, Dinky picked up Minky's and he just went with the flow and put hers on. To be honest I would have been as well putting them in sandals and just tea shirt and shorts as they were soaked to the skin time we got back anyway.
First time I have braved it with them without either their reins on of their walking straps. I just took their hands to cross the road and then let them run free.

The twins played really well together. At least with us being the only people in the park I did not have to worry about them running in front of moving swings etc.

Dinky is not usually one for playing on much but she played on just about everything. She spent ages laughing as she sat on top of the slide and banged her wellies up and down making a noise. She did have one go on the curvy slide but went down a bit to fast with it being wet and got a bit of a fright. A cuddle and she was soon fine again.

the gruesome twosme

They played on most of the equipment in the hour we were out and Bob joined in and played as well after spending the first ten minutes sheltering from the rain under the climbing frame.

Bob and Minky

The caterpillar is too heavy for the twins to move much on their own, so Bob sat on with them and helped. 

Bob and Dinky

Dinky was quite happy to sit on it by herself and laugh at the other two playing. 


They both played on the springy see saw as again they can make it move slightly now between them, but I did help and push them to make them move faster. They both love to be bumped.

Dinky loves to go high enough to get bumps. 

Bob played on the rather slippy climbing wall but it really is the only thing in the park to challenge him. He was also on the zip wire but no pictures as it is at the far side away from where the twins were playing.
over the wall

Minky went back to the slide more than once. 

Minky likes to go up high in the swings so he was in the baby swings as he is too small just yet for up high on the other swings and he often lets go.

one laughing Minky

Dinky prefers these swings as she is not keen on going up high anyway.

They jumped and splashed in just about every puddle on the way home. Not quite sure what this sign was in aid of. There is a lot of building work going on with the new school being built to the right of this picture. But there was no sign at the other end of the footpath as we came down from the top. Also when you go left as we did, the twins followed Bob as he always goes that way, you come back out on the path half way down anyway so seemed a bit odd.

They decided to play on the skate ramp.

So we went home and the three of them were stripped totally and had a full change of clean dry clothes. But well worth it for the fun they had. Really need to get them waterproof suits again as they have outgrow their others.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Sunday 24 July 2016

My Sunday picture week 4

Took three of the grandchildren out to play in the park on Friday. Yes it was raining but they do not care they love being out, well the twins do anyway not so sure about Bob.  Much easier now that the twins are a bit bigger and can do more for themselves, and they have also put a fence round the road side as well so less risk of them running away.
Now when it rains you have to make the most of it, so I was playing with reflections in drips of rain hanging on the play equipment.

You are seeing the fence in the background reflected in the drip. Added this picture to help it make sense.


Saturday 23 July 2016

Project 366 week 29


made a snack to eat in my break. Melted some dark chocolate, added some wow butter, sultanas, pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds.Cool in the fridge and cut into squares. Very tasty it was too.

a tasty snack. 


A late evening walk round the field and down to the quarry. There is work going on down there during the day flattening out the rock face and they are bringing in lorry loads of mud and making a road of some sort. Lilly had fun exploring the bucket on the digger.

Lilly in the digger bucket


Hot hot hot, I do not do hot. The two warmest places in Scotland on Tuesday according to the weather forecast were one mile either side of us, far far to warm for my liking at 29 oC.  But wee Lilly has found out the joy of the fan.It has been on day and night.

enjoying the cooler breeze


Been busy with the cross stitching. I have done as much as I can now until Ziggy is born. Have to say it is looking good.

twinkle twinkle little star


The wheat is starting to turn golden and the top of the fields look very pretty in the sun. 

the vast fields look very pretty 


Babysitting this morning while my daughter went to Glasgow to pick up Fifi from a week away. It was raining but we put on wellies and a jacket and went to play in the park regardless. The three of them were soaked to the core time they had finished playing but they had a great hour. It is great when you are the only ones in the park. 

the twins on the slide


Has been too hot a lot of the week to do much so have been doing plenty of cross stitching. Made a start on Minky's Christmas present, his Toy Story blanket. 

cross stitch

Sunday 17 July 2016

My Sunday Photo week 3

Out for a stretch of the legs the other day while we were out in the car. Loved the way these weeping willows were dangling in the river with the sun shining on the scene.


Saturday 16 July 2016

Project 366 week 28


Had Lilly for her first visit to the vet yesterday. She was fine at tea time on  Friday night, went for a walk, ran up and down the stairs fine etc. But by bed time she was not quite right, hanging and wanting to lie in her own bed, just not normal. On Saturday morning when I went to put her out she could not get off the bed or walk down the stairs, and she could not even stand when I out her out the back for a pee. The vet emptied her anal glands and reckoned she was in too much pain to stand and walk. Poor wee Lilly. Seems much better today.

our receipt


DD2 was down staying for a few days, the last time she will be down before Ziggy is due on the 9th of August. Lilly took a liking to sitting with her, just to keep her company. Daughter still suffering from morning sickness and not had a good few weeks

Lilly helping DD2 on the computer


Was a nice day and so we took Lilly for a walk over the quarry. She is walked every day by the way. She is getting much better when off her lead and now stays off between the field and the road as most of the time she will come back when called.
DD3 joined us all for a lamb dinner and as DD1 loves lamb then just before we dished our meal up we ran a take away delivery to her as she is just round the corner.

digging for buried dog biscuits 


Bob has been at Centre Stage in Kilmarnock doing a Summer School. This was part of his Christmas present from DD3. Their theme was Toy Story and he has a solo part singing in the show on Friday. Sadly I was not able to be at the show. I dropped him off at the venue this morning. He really enjoyed the week.

Bob outside Centre Stage


Love Amazon Prime, this week they had some special offers on and so we decided to buy the fire stick. I watch quite a bit on my Kindle Fire but decided we would buy this to go with the new big tv. Started watching Outlander and so far enjoying it. May well just cancel Netflix now. 


Daughter has been complaining she is fed up of pastel pink or white babygros and wanted something brightly coloured, so DD3, Fifi and Bob did some tie dying last week and made some patterned ones.

Spud in her groovy babygro


The first haul of the season. 

Friday 15 July 2016

Lilly went on holiday.

We went on holiday a few weeks back, the first holiday we have had since we rescued wee Lilly back in April. So she clocked up some geocaches and enjoyed some scenic parts of Scotland. We went to Ellenabeich on the Isle of Seil, not overly far from Oban.

So on the way up we stopped at various places to allow Lilly to stretch her legs. Stop one was at Balloch.

at Balloch

Our next stop is one of my favourites, here I get to buy dandelion and burdock. Tarbet on Loch Lomond is a beautiful place to stop.

off her lead at the waters edge

with the cruise boats in the background

Next off she stopped at historical Inverary Castle.

Queen Lilly at the castle

We walked round the grounds, well we had to pay £2 to park so  we thought we might as well. Not a huge amount of off the road stopping places much further along on our journey.

she spotted some cows in a field and had to watch them

We carried on with our travels and the final stop on the way up was Connel Bridge and the Falls of Lora 

exploring at Connel Bridge

Upon arrival at the cottage we were staying in Lilly went out the back to explore the garden and have a mad few minutes running around.

Later on after we had had something to eat we took her out to explore the isle. I use the word beach lightly as it is made up of slate not sand.

exploring under the slate

Saturday morning we went to explore the hills at the back of the cottage. She did not get off her lead here as she would have given grief to the sheep on the hills.

up the top of the hill

stood on the wall

lying chilling in the garden

on the picnic bench

Sunday dawned a bit dull and we got rain through out the day, but Lilly managed a walk to Dunollie Castle  to pick up some geocaches.

finding the cache at Dunollie Lighthouse

on the fallen tree, the cache was under it

Sadly Lilly is not good with other dogs, though she is improving from when we got her, so the time we spent at my daughters house she had to be caged.

not so keen on this bit

Monday morning was wet and windy but we went down to the beach again, Lilly learnt to love it down here. She learnt how to catch crabs without getting nipped and loved to eat the wee sea lice under the slates. Was team work, hubby moved the slates and Lily did the catching/

waves crashing on the shore

clambering across the wet rocks

looking out to sea

She really grew to love the beach, especially the fresh food

 She went across on the ferry to Easdale and had fun exploring there as well.

across the far side of Easdale

Not to mention getting to share lunch

please sir can I have some more? 

All in all I think she enjoyed her holiday, never met another dog on the slate beach and she explored lots of new places.

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