Saturday 22 August 2020

Project 366 week 34

 Not quite sure where this week has gone, I am sure yesterday was Sunday, but all of a sudden it is Friday evening. 

Quite a bit of this week has been sorting out the bathroom. We decided a few weeks back to change the shower screen on our shower and tile the floor, well boy how this has escalated. Turns out our shower is imperial and modern screens are metric so they wont fit. So we decided on a new cubicle. But need somebody to fit it. So he suggested wet wall boards, I have never heard of them, we were just going to re- grout again....and as the shower has to come off the wall to fit the wall boards and the current shower has been in for more than seven years makes sense to change that as well. So one new bathroom coming up. 


A day at work and then finished Anna tonight. Not a lover of crochet takes me way to long to achieve the end results but am pleased with it. It is for Ziggy's birthday so now been posted.  

Crochet Anna doll


Went into town to help out a friend, took a bit longer than I expected. Time I stopped off for a few bits of shopping and got home it was 5pm. popped the tea in the oven, ate and headed back out for just after 6. Took the dog for a walk and then went and picked up this pine chest of drawers.

Been looking for a set for the front bedroom for a number of years but time hubby sees them on FB Marketplace they are usually gone. But got in first this time. We had a dresser in there we brought from mum's house when we cleared it out eighteen years ago, has served it's purpose and is now getting rehomed. Would have shared it with you but not had time to deal with the stuff that came out of the old one so rather messy up there, maybe next week. 

This is the last of the two rhubarb crumbles from Friday. 

rhubarb crumble


Actually found time to go and do a bike ride in the afternoon. Only 10 miles but that at the moment is far enough up and down the hills. 

We had a visit from the hedgehog again about 10 tonight. 

hedgehog visits the garden


Had a couple of forms to fill in, expected it to take me an hour or so......4 hrs later I am still adjusting it and rewriting it. Stopped off for a run to the dump as hubby been tidying the shed out. 

Went back to the forms for another hour. Then had a zoom meet with Active Travel hub. They are hoping to get back to outdoor volunteer sessions soon.  

Hubby has been boxing in the pipes in the bathroom, cant do any more now until the tiling is done. 

bathroom tiling


Finished filling in the forms and emailed them away. 

DD3 had picked up a trampoline for DD2 a few weeks back. DD2 thought we could take it to Oban with us when we went but was way to big to fit in with everything else. So I got the task of taking it back to the shop. While we were there we went into the wet wall panel shop to have a look what they are all about. Can see the appeal so we picked up some samples to try out against the tiles. Have to say the man in the shop was pleasant, informative and happy to spend time converting us oldies.

Walked the dog while we were in town anyway. This wishing tree says to write your wish on a ribbon and tie it to the tree. 

Kay Park Kilmarnock

Went out for nearly 11 miles on the bike. Glad I took my waterproof's with me. 


Decided to go and buy the wall panels, tossed up between two colours but one was out of stock so that solved that problem. Were not going to fit in the car so had to opt for a delivery. So far the only thing we have paid postage on. The shower cubicle was £50 cheaper on Amazon than on the manufacturers website and had free p&p as well so that was a good win. 

How uncomfortable does this dog look? 


The wall panels we ordered yesterday turned up later on during the day yesterday as the delivery driver was in Ayrshire anyway. 

This picture was taken yesterday before we took them upstairs for storage until such time as we need them. Says to store flat so they are now in the back bedroom half under the single bed and sticking into the middle of the floor. 

wet wall panels

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Saturday 15 August 2020

Project 365 week 33

Two of the children back at school this week, one back to nursery and one had her first day at nursery, all went well. 


Out on my bike for about 45 mins, other things to do but 45 mins is better than nothing. Went to do some last minute shopping, no luck with what I needed. Home to pack and sort ready for a few days away tomorrow.

Walked Dixie along the river while we were out anyway. 

My #walk1000 miles is finished. Going to see how long it takes me to cycle another 1000. 

A week of the sun being way to hot for my liking making day walks uncomfortable and far to many midgies who enjoy a sample of my blood if we went out in the evening 


Spud had an induction day at nursery, this was her first day away on her own and she loved it. Had she been three days older she would have started school this year. 

Heading off up to Oban for a few days to see DD2, SIL2 and the girls. 

Decisions decisions on which way to go. The A83  at the Rest and be thankful is currently closed after 6,000 tons of rocks and debris cascaded down the hillsides after the heavy rain over a week ago. But the old military road (OMR) is open which is allowing traffic through single file. Lots of snarl ups on other tourist spots along the A82 with some roads at a standstill over the weekend. Or the is the option of the Gourock to Dunoon ferry route and then drive from there. 

The only route NOT being considered is  the marked diversion route of the Tarbet to Crianlarich road, drove it the first time we went up and to say I was shit scared is an understatement. The road is just ( if you breathe in) two vehicles wide. Going up you have a wall on one side of the road so you have nowhere to go and the other side is barely a foot or so from Loch Lomond so you have nowhere to go either... Only lasts for about ten miles but would not send my worst enemy up there. 

Decided to risk the OMR and were pleasantly surprised how little traffic was on any of the roads in that area. Managed to get through the one way bit just at the end of a stream of traffic. 

Stopped off at our accommodation for the next few days, unpacked the car and had a rest before setting off to see the family. 

Got bitten to death walking the dogs at Ganavan beach.

Sunset at Ganavan


DD2 and the girls came over to us in the morning and then we headed of to Angus's Garden. A memorial garden set up by Angus's parents after he was killed in 1956 age 28. We followed one of the trails round past the bell as Ziggy likes to ring it. Stopped for a snack and then back round into the shade for lunch. Much to hot for my liking and the girls and Granddad were grumpy. 

Back to DD2's for tea and then we headed home without walking the dog again as I had enough midge bites. 

bell at Angus's Garden
DD2 and the girls at Angus's garden 


We headed to Fearnoch Forest and walked the dog mostly in the shade before headed to DD2. The plan had been to go for something to eat but we had not booked and decided it was to warm to sit outside and eat so we just went to the park by car to play for a while. 

DD2 went and did some shopping when we got back and I watched the girls. Distracted Roo with a bowl of water and some bath toys. 

Back to our digs, no evening walk tonight either. 

Granddad and Roo playing with the shape table. 


Packed up ready to head back home. Met with DD1 and Roo as Ziggy went back to nursery this morning. 

A walk round the grounds at Dunstaffnage Castle, again mostly shaded, with Roo in her baby carrier again. 

Headed home. This time we did get stuck for a while at the OMR, added on approx 40 mins to our journey but we decided it was our best way home. Did have a panic moment as I know we have to go down to the bottom road but we seemed to be heading in the opposite direction and getting higher and we could see all the traffic on the bottom road, but then it snaked round and went down....phew. Did manage some knitting this week early morning and evening. 

Dunstaffnage Castle
Roo in the carrier at Dunstaffnage Castle


Doing the washing and housework that needs doing, blogging and catching up with stuff. Did not take the computer with me when we went despite having access to free wifi where we were staying. 

Had somebody out to give us a quote for installing a new shower cubicle and tiling the bathroom floor. Still waiting on a second quote from the plumber who did the toilet. He did explain he was busy. Always prefer two quotes if possible. Did not with the toilet as it just needed doing asap.  

Oban play park
Ziggy in the park from Wednesday


A weekend back at work. A different job role, something I have never done before. In my normal hours just a different part of the building where I will meet no public. Is a job role I would never apply for but every job role serves a very useful purpose. Any work is better than no work in my book. Was a good shift, lovely friendly people. had a laugh, was near a nice big fan and within ear shot of a radio. Pot washing was endless and thankless but a good shift regardless. 

Pet hate of mine, there are five colours of sweets in these 150g bags, so in reality 30g of each flavour, I do not like the yellow or purple ones, hubby gets them, so why is there 87g in one bag of the two flavours I won't eat and 89g in the other? No did not have anything else to share today. 

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Sunday 9 August 2020

Project 365 week 32

 Week 32 



Was awake a stupid o’clock so got up at 5.30am. Spent some time wandering around Amazon and a few other online shops looking for some ideas. 

Took my exercise bike and some bags of clothes down to DD1. Then loaded the car with stuff for the dump, ran into town to dump it, walked the dog, got hubby new socks and trainers and home again. 

A nice roast chicken dinner and did some crocheting.  


2 snails on a wall.



Spent some time rounding up bits of pieces of bike paraphernalia ready for tomorrow.  

Another run to the dump, into Asda for a bag of porridge oats as I have run out and a walk on the beach before heading back home. Great timing was heavy rain within about fifteen mins of getting home.  

DD3 had ordered a bike to come here as needed signing for and she works so it turned up just after four. A run into the town at six to drop it off here SIL3 to assemble for her. Another walk with the dog as it was dry and a Chinese between us for tea, save starting to cook at 8pm. 

DD3 bike. could not find one ready built. 


Yeeehhhh my bike is to be picked up at 10am, so excited, can’t wait. Managed to get 17% off the total cost of mine through my Blue Light Card. Plan had been to ride it home but involves either a bypass or a back B road and it did not appeal in the pissing rain with poor visibility when I don’t know how this bike will handle. Personally never cycle on the bypass though many do.  

It rained and rained and rained. No chance to even sit on the bike.  

complete with naloxone as well as normal first aid stuff 




A run into the town in the morning to return an item we bought on line to Mountain Warehouse, had bought two different sizes for best fit. Also got a key cut and had a wander round a couple of charity shops that are now open.  

Home and took my bike out. Not the brightest idea, came back soaked to the skin and the easiest way to dry off was into a shower. Was a good ride regardless and the bike handles well, have a good upright sitting position and was comfortable. Clocked up 6.9 miles on in it 38 mins.  


Had an online Naloxone training course, so can now start carrying it with me. They are trying to get more people educated in how to use it and to be willing to carry it.  


The road workmen have no blocked off the bottom of the one-way system so you cannot get out, but no signage to say so. So this morning got to the bottom and realised we could go no further so ended up having to drive the wrong way up the one way street. An accident waiting to happen.  


a sign at the school.



Bits and pieces round the house and got out on the bike about 12 ish. Decided on a different route today and clocked up just over 11 miles in just over an hour. Considering the hills that are around here no matter which way you go then I am quite happy with my time. Yes I used the assist on the bike but that was the idea behind buying it. The ultimate aim is to achieve the same routes easier, quicker and with less assist. Hopefully in twelve months I will see a difference. Currently aiming for ten to twelve miles a day and again this will get extended as I get fitter.  


Spent the start of the week looking for a shed but apart from going stupidly expensive seems a fourteen to sixteen week wait is about average.  


DD1 phoned when I was in the middle of making cakes to ask for a run into town to pick her new car up. So took her after they were cooked and we had had tea.  


Had spotted a friend was rehoming a two brown leather two-seater couches, we have been half looking for one since me moved in, so we agreed to have it picked up by the same van when they got their new one deliver and brought here. Bigger height wise than what we had but looks great.  


Put ours onto a free for uplift website and rehomed it. Waste not want not. Got our neighbours to come in and take it outside for us. Things we could have done ourself years ago but this is the sort of thing that makes you realise you are getting older.  


Dixie approves of the couch



Bought a new pillow the other day that I used last night. Not sure of it was maybe a different angle or fumes from it but woke up in the middle of the night dripping in sweat, feeling really nauseous and very  dizzy, could barely stand. Think labyrinthitis and you will get the idea.  Spent most of the day feeling the same way so did not even attempt to go out on my bike.

 But did go and get my hair cut, what a difference. I am not a haircut kind of person, once every twelve to eighteen months does me, as can't be bothered with the whole process. But but it looks amazing, really need to start getting it done more often. Last weekend when we walked passed a local hairdresser it reminded me to phone for an appointment.   I came back up the road and phoned for an appointment.  She is open four days a week, Wednesday to Saturday if anybody local looking for a hair cut, I can highly recommend Eclipse Hair. 

Photos courtesy of Brenda at Eclipse Hair Tarbolton.  I can highly recommend her, really lovely woman, lots of covid 19 safety procedures in place but despite that still felt very relaxed. The colours are natural but really show well know it has been cut. 



Nipped to the supermarket just after seven to get a few bits I needed, to put fuel in the car and check tyre pressure while I was there. They were all fine.  

Very little time for crafting this week, still working on the same small crochet doll as I was last week. Nearly finished her. 



Into town to meet up with DD3 and go out on the bikes together. Last weeks cryptic picture was a tow ball  bike rack, to allow me to take it on holiday or out for a day and cycle different routes to the ones I can reach from home.  

We cycled along the beach as part of our route. 

waves lapping not to peacefully 

So that was my week, busy, stressful in places but some down time with the bike. How was your week? 

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