Introduction - about me and mine

Hi, I am Elaine, a sixty four year old mother to five grown up offspring, and ten  grandchildren, a girl (Fifi) age twenty one, a boy (Bob) age seventeen and boy/girl twins (Minky and Dinky) who are 10  and their little sister Spud who is nearly 8.  They all belong to DD1.  DD2 had a seven year old girl ( Ziggy) and Roo who was is 5 and baby C born Valentines day 2023.  DS2 has two children, he chooses for them not to appear on the blog.  These are not their real names as I do not want to expose them to any unwanted publicity. I live with my husband near the seaside town of Ayr, West Coast of Scotland

This blog is about the day to day lives of me and mine, and hopefully it will help you with yours. The blog was started as a keep sake or diary, it is memories built with, and left behind for, my nearest and dearest. I suppose it is a more interactive version of the black and white photo album my grandparents left for me. Hopefully when they all get older this form of media will still be accessible.  

I blog on various different topics including

  • food allergies
  • cooking/baking/recipes
  • quilting/crochet/cross stitching
  • Project 365 
  • Days out
  • Out and about with my camera
  • geocaching
  • life with our dog
  • DIY and gardening 
 I like to cook and bake, this is  mainly due to the food intolerance and allergies, but I like to make my own food as I then know what is in it and feel it is much healthier.

So what have I done with my life?

  • Brought up five children
  • Worked as a child minder, playgroup leader and crèche worker
  • Went back to College seventeen years ago and achieved a BA in Human Resource Manageme
  • I once did a bungee jump for charity

My interest/hobbies include 
  • baking
  • cooking
  • entering competitions
  • photography
  • geocaching
  • cross stitching
  • quilting
  • knitting


  1. Lovely to meet you Elaine, and thanks for your comment on my Silent Sunday post - lol, indeed - I don't follow Eurovision, so I had no idea what was going on the whole night at the party. I'm in Troon - what a small world! Nice to meet you ;o)

  2. What a wonderful blog... inspiring and informative - thank you for sharing your experiments around food allergies and intolerances..

  3. thanks Emma, plenty of recipes coming up in next few months....maybe biscuits next week

  4. Tried the chocolate and the pear and yoghurt mini cupcakes. The chocolate had a sticky brownie like texture kids would love. The pear and yoghurt were more airated like a sweet crumpet. Very nice. Inspired me to try my own.

  5. I would like to invite you to write an article on my site - - I saw your guest blog on Blogmatch and wondered if you could do something for us.

    We are a social site and we make nothing from running it - we are trying to make education accessable and affordable for ALL children - we love your blog and hope you will get in contact - you can e mail me at if you are interested. X hoping to hear from you soon Emily Jones x

  6. Hi Elaine, thanks for coming over to my blog (DorkyMum) and commenting on my post about sandwiches. I couldn't work out from your comment whether you didn't use spreads BECAUSE of having a dairy-free diet, or whether they were two separate things - that you are dairy free AND you don't like spreads. Either way, a vegan friend has responded by writing a post for you about sandwiches that don't require dairy. Hope you find it useful:

  7. I am dairy free and I dont like spreads. thanks for the link, will go look, always appreciate links to useful sites

  8. Hi Elaine, thank you so much for commenting on my blog. Am having a good old nosey around here and love this blog! What a find! x

  9. why thank you mumofonedotcom, I had a good old root round yours too. glad you are liking what you are reading, always nice to find new ones to read.

  10. Hi Elaine. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I shall have a good rummage on here when the dust settles this evening. :-)

  11. Really clear and says so much about you which is after all the point on this page. Well done you!

  12. I have just happened upon your blog page and I will be reading it with interest. I am nana to 4 grandkids, mom to 2 adult kids. There is something so special about being a nana and I am sure I will enjoy reading your blog entries now and in the future.

    Your "about me" is inspiring. Greetings from a Canadian nana now residing in Merseyside (nr. Liverpool).

  13. Interesting blog Elaine, I have one grandson with milk allergy and although is fairly common, it's still a nuisance for him, especially as he's getting older (7). I'll be looking here for tips.

  14. Nice to 'meet' you! Thanks for popping by my blog and saying hello!

  15. Lovely to meet you and thank you for your kind comment on my recent post. x

  16. Nice to meet you, a fellow geocacher this afternoon. :-)


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