Saturday, 22 October 2016

Project 366 week 42


The sunrise is getting later, and I loved the pink tinge to the fluffy clouds as I left for work.


Hubby had an appointment for a scan this morning. He has waited for eleven weeks for it, to be told the scan he was sent for is not the right one for what he was complaining of. So back to the GP and ask again.
While we were waiting on hubby Lilly and I made use of the paths round the hospital and went for a walk. Here is the hospital from our walk.


Coffee morning at the complex. Today the couple I made the cushion for had a cake and a small party. They tell me they loved the cushion.


DD2 and Ziggy are down for a few days. I popped Ziggy in her sling and took her for a walk with the dog. Best picture I could get of her from in her sling.


DD1 and SIL wanted to go shopping and Bob was away with the other grandparents so DD2 and I took the gruesome twosome to the park.


Ziggy is such a happy wee thing, rarely cries and sleeps all night.Unlike Spud who for all she is also a happy content baby at 7 months is still up two or three times a night.


Finally got round to sorting out my messy box of threads the other day. Think it will be a long while until I run out. Some originally came from DD1 and others have been kits I have picked up in the charity shop that while I may not like the design the threads never go wrong.


  1. Love the pretty pink clouds and sleepy Ziggy in the sling. Sorry to hear about the scan mix up, that's a pain. Great shot of the twins on the see-saw :)

  2. Love the pink clouds.

    That's so bad they got the scan wrong. I hope he doesn't have to wait that long for another one!!

    Glad the couple liked the cushion!

    Ziggy is so cute!

  3. How frustrating about the scan. Hope it's sorted out quickly.

  4. Stunning photo of the clouds, glad your friends liked their cushion, it's a gift to treasure

  5. what a cutie Ziggy is she looks a very contented baby. I love this skies at the moment both in the morning and at dusk - such beautiful colours. What a nuisance about the scan for your husband - a lot of messing around for you x

  6. I love a good pile of fancy threads. Just beautiful.


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