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How To Get Free Samples Online

Search For Websites Dedicated To Free Samples

There are a lot of very good freebie sites on the internet that you can easily find with a simple web search.  These sites may want you to watch some advertisements, fill out a survey or enter your email address before you can get your free sample or download a coupon for a sample.  Most of these websites will have links to other organizations or companies for the samples.  You should not assume that all of the sites listed on the freebie website will be trustworthy.

Tip: One of the most popular UK freebie site to get free samples is: WOW FreeStuff

Have A Separate Email Address For Offers

Unless you are willing to deal with all of the marketing emails you will get it is recommended that you open a free email address for the offers.  You will need to check the email address periodically to confirm the shipment of your free sample.  Most companies will send a confirmation email to your email address before they send out your sample so you need to have a valid email.  However, the new email address will stop the influx of marketing emails and make it easier to deal with.

Learn How To Identify False Offers

The best way to determine if an offer is real is to think about it from the company's point of view.  Legitimate companies will give you a small sample which makes you want to buy more later or recommend them to a friend.  If you are being given an iPad or another expensive item then you should reconsider the offer.  These offers will generally be scams where people are trying to get your personal information for spam or identify theft.
Be Careful When Providing Personal Information

A website that offers a free sample is going to ask for a lot of information as they want to send you marketing information or attempt to steal your identity.  The only information that a company really needs to send you a sample is your name and address.  If you are asked for a phone number then use one that you no longer check.  You may want to use a real number should the company contact you about shipping problems, but you will need to be prepared for the many marketing offers or other spam that you will get.

You should never provide a sample site with your credit card information, bank account details or social security number.  Any information that could compromise your safety should not be provided.  The risk of identity theft is not worth the sample you will get.

Make A Note Of Limited-Time Offers

There are a lot of offers, particularly on social media, that only apply to the first people to like the post or enter the contest.  If you want to have a chance with these offers you will need to be on your computer and logged into the social media network before the offer begins.  If you are not then you could miss your chance with these offers.

some free samples.

Getting Free Samples In Person

There are many chain stores that offer free samples.  Some companies will offer free food samples while others will have samples of a variety of products.  The companies will generally have their samples at a table and a staff member will be there to offer the sample to you.

You should browse locations with a number of shops or stalls.  If none of the chain stores offer you the samples that you want then you should be able to find some samples in areas with many stalls because they are competing for customers.  Local fairs and farmer's markets are great places to check, but is this is not working then you should look at the mall.

You should also consider befriending the salesperson.  If there are no free samples officially offered then you could still ask for one.  You will be more successful if you start a conversation with the salesperson first by asking how their shift is going and if they like working at the store.  You should keep it friendly and smile then ask about samples if the salesperson is thy smile back and seem to enjoy the conversation.

Acting interested in the product will also help.  Looking at the item before asking for a sample or ask some questions about it help.  The salesperson could offer you a free sample to help you make up your mind.

Look At Birthday Freebies

Restaurants and other locations will often provide a free bonus if it is your birthday.  You will need to be a paying customer to get these freebies and you may have to prove that it is your birthday.  However, you will get great value with free desserts, drinks and much more.

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