Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Active Travel hub July Challenge

Back in April I joined in with The Active Travel hub challenge of monitoring my steps and submitting them every week, sadly none of my totals were enough to win but certainly encouraged me to do more steps than I had been.

This month they have a challenge to play Big Hub Bingo. and so I decided as I could tick a lot of them off in my normal day to day life then maybe I could find a way to achieve the others.

So numbering these from top left to bottom right ( 1-16) I am sharing my progress so far.

No 1 - going to do that with Bob on his bike along with no 11, kill two birds with one stone.

No 2 while I don't take a walk at lunch time as don't have enough time , I do take walks in between my shifts so technically still a walk in my break at work. The hospital has some lovely walks round it for anybody and everybody to use.

No 3 going to join in with an organised bike ride next Wednesday and hoping a friend is coming with me If anybody else local wishes to join us at Bellisle Park in front of Bellisle house at 9.45 next Wed ( 25th) give me a shout. They will provide a bike if like me you dont have one.

No 4 During the week I work in the community and park the car at one point and walk to the next.

No 5 hoping to do this one with the staff at The Hub next week after the bike ride, if not will arrange time to go in and do one.

No 6 is easy, do it most days of the week.

No 7 On Mon 16th Hubby, Dixie Dog and I went for a walk round Shewalton Woods. I went there with the Ladies Bike Ride back in May but never really had time to enjoy the scenery or explore of the cycle path so we went back there to look around.

Last night after we had been for a walk round Auchincruive we stopped at St Quivox, Been passing the sign posts for many years. So we drove down and took a look round the grave yard, these places fascinate me.

No 8 I do not have a bike so this is not feasible but have walked more than once so this has been approved for those of us without a bike. Will take a photo on Friday when I walk again to add to here.

No 9 Again I can't do this but always walk to the shop from here, approx 1/3 rd of a mile away.

No 10 Well we do this one regularly so this was an easy one for us to do. . On Friday 6th we walked through Rozelle when we dropped off  Lilly Dogs Memorial stone.

I also had the four grandchildren round the park today putting out their rocks they painted.

No 11 see No 3 above

No 12 Will tick this one of next week when I join in with The Active Travel hub organised ride.

No 13 Post on Social Media about a walk or ride.....ok I share quite a bit especially my blog posts as well as our out and about, so this one is also covered regularly.

No 14 Again covering this next week.

No 15 Go for a walk in nature....again not difficult for us as we walk the dog all over the place and living rural as we do every where is in nature, from The Fishery, to Eglinton Park, to Failford, Auchincruive and Shewalton Woods.

Manky old pond at Auchincruive 

Pedens Cove at Failford 

Fishery at Tarbolton 

No 16 Go for a walk with friends - this was another easy one - did this last Wednesday evening when we met up with Rick and Tracey and walked the dogs round Eglinton Park before we went shopping.

So there you have it. Ten of the sixteen crossed off.

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