Saturday, 13 September 2014

Project 365 week 37 7th - 13th September

This week has been a quick week, busy busy busy, between a nice day out, children to visit, grandchildren to enjoy,a cake to make, and some shopping to do.


Didn't actually go far or do much today, the plan had been to go and do some geocaching. But I had had a cold during the week when we were away and was feeling tired and couldn't be bothered. So the best you are getting is an abundance of tomatoes. Have to say apart from the potatoes this is the only other thing we have managed to get a crop off of this year.


The girls love to get out of their hut and go for a wander round the garden. They get everywhere so they do. But they are doing their job and producing eggs so I am happy to let them wander. Sadly they cant be left unsupervised as next door still not got their fence up.

squashed behind the bins


the girls are all laying now, the eggs are quite small just yet, but big enough to cook up for tea. 

still quite small but very very tasty


At the beginning of the year through my blog I got involved in a voting campaign to vote for a local community wildlife garden, there were six to choose from, so I shared the campaign to help boost votes. After the voting had finished I was approached by a representative to ask if I would like a voucher for a high tea at the Botanical Gardens in Glasgow  as a thank you for my contribution, so of course I said yes please. So we went off today to use the voucher.

Have to say the staff were fab, the food was lovely and the surroundings gardens very nice to look round. The only downside was no where to park and the only pace we could find was £3 for 3 hrs which really was not long enough but that was the maximum parking time.

A blog post will follow.

loved the sparkle to this


Is grandchildren stop over night. Last week they were not here as we had been away. The light nights are running out and so we are making the most of it. I decide to take them off to Hannahston Water up at Drongan. We had headed there the other week but the road was shut.

I have to say the children had a ball, their imagination was well used and they had me in fits of laughter more than once. A blog post will follow.

fishing with their butterfly nets 


Daughter No2 is down for the weekend. It was her birthday during the week, and so I asked her what sort of cake she wanted making, have to say I didn't really need to as I should have known she would have said chocolate, So Bob and I made the cake on Thursday before we went out and Fifi came round tonight to help decorate it. Bob could not help with this as it meant handling stuff he is not allowed near. Chocolate buttons round the edge and Roses in the middle when it was cut.

with the cake


Today was a very exciting day. Have to say at the beginning I was not overly looking forward to it cos if there are two things I detest one is shopping and secondly is a big city like Glasgow. Mix the two together an it is my idea of hell. But this weekend I was privileged to be asked along by daughter no 2 and her best friend (JM) to go and help her choose her wedding dress. She has had a few visits to shops, mainly on weekends and I work weekends, but as I was off she booked today to go back and re try the two she really liked best.

Dress one was local, then we shot to Glasgow for dress two which ended up the winner. We took Fifi with us as she is going to be one of the bridesmaids, and she is really excited. We had a fab day lots of fun and laughter and reminiscing and tale telling.

Cant share the dress with you, but here are Fifi and C (JM's daughter) having a riot in McD's after a decision had been made on the dress.  Have to say the freebies we picked up kept the girls entertained especially when I was in the phone shop getting a new mobile.

love the stickers on their faces. 

A dream house, well three actually.

I think we all like to dream, and our dreams often change as we grow and mature and I think as an adult that also varies with what stage of life you are at. Twelve years ago we had the opportunity to move into a huge big farm house, it was ideal, with some adult offspring and varying partners still at home it was big enough that everybody had privacy and space. It certainly came into its own when daughter No1 came back home complete with Fifi and Bob and stayed for nine months, but sadly when it got back to just being hubby and I we felt we could not justify rattling round there and moved on.

Anyway back to the hear and now. What would I say my dream home is? Firstly if I had a nice win on the lottery, or Heir Hunters came chapping on my door, it would be off to the Scottish Islands for me. Shetland or thereabouts. A nice remote part of the island. Would have myself a nice 4*4 vehicle to get about, a helipad out the back and pass my licence to enable me to fly back and forth when I felt like it, well the shopping has to get there somehow.

My house would be a modest three bedrooms, big enough for the offspring to visit but not big enough to move back again, two would have en-suites. A nice log/coal burning stove in the main living room. My kitchen would be like something you see on the tv, big, well equipped, all the mod cons, a table at one end, an island in the middle and a nice modern aga to cook on and to keep the kitchen warm. Their would be a utility room for the appliances.

I can but dream

One living room would be adequate, with a fifty inch tv on one of the walls, and I would get sky tv back. I would have a gym round the back with a tv in, and a small covered swimming pool. No I dont want much, but I can dream. I have visions of the good life with various animals and an allotment. Not forgetting I need a fast reliable internet connection.

I asked the two grandchildren what their dream homes would be. Fifi at eleven is going to need a chunk of my lottery win or to find a richer mummy and daddy if she is to get her dream house.

In her own words hers is to have

  • six floors
  • a floral front garden
  • a six acre back garden
Floor 1

a cinema room with a public bathroom. and a massive flat screen tv. this will be big enough to seat twenty five people.

Floor 2

is a single spare bedroom, a public bathroom and a play area for children 

Floor 3

this is your kitchen, dining room, living room and public bathroom

Floor 4

2 master bedrooms, both en-suite and one with  walk in wardrobe. this will have five sections so she can keep her stuff neat and tidy and easily findable.

windows on 5th floor look out the back

Floor 5 

a games room with ipads, computers and x-boxes. It will also have a library a room for playing board games and an entrance to the soft play area. 

Floor 6

PARTY ROOM - pretty much as it sounds. 

The house has a lift at one side and stairs at the other. 

The six acre back garden will be split as follows

acres 1-2 a swimming pool with an opening roof, and one end deep enough to dive in

acres 3-4 stables, big enough for her three horses and three ponies. 

acres 5-6 has a massive hill to run around, a play area and a petting zoo with rabbits and guinea pigs. 

Bob has different ideas to both of us.

Bob's dream house is a tree house. He took his idea from the tv programme Phineas and Ferb.
His tree will have a button that will make it come alive an be able to walk. It has arms and legs.

it will have

  • a kitchen with a table
  • 4 bedrooms
  • a living room with a big tv
  • a bathroom
  • a play area for kids with
  • a sofa bed that sleeps fifteen

Bob's house

in association with Principality Building Society from whom we received a  Draw Your Dream Home craft pack . 

Thursday, 11 September 2014

The Air Show comes to Ayr

Last weekend was lovely weather wise and so made for a great day to go along and see the air show which was on locally. Bob was going along with Auntie H and M and so we decided it would be nice to meet up with them, and share the experience together.

this had been advertised as

We are very pleased that the Scottish Airshow has been revived after a 22 year gap and hope you will enjoy our 2014 format and the many exciting things we will bring to Ayrshire.
The FREE air display has currently 11 flying acts including the famous blades aerobatic display team – all ex-Red Arrow Pilots.
The highlight of 2014 weekend event has to be the FREE Airshow on Ayr’s Low Green on Saturday 6th September. The Low Green, will be transformed to include Funfair’s, Show Arena, Armed Forces Village, Futures Educational STEM, Classic Cars/Motorcyles, Simulators, BBMF, Red Arrows, Canadian Lancaster, Vulcan to the Skies Merchandising and more

So we met up in time to see the air display. and here are a selection of photos from that. The flying pictures were all taken by hubby as my camera is not good enough.

Here is Bob sat on Auntie H's shoulders watching the planes. The crowds were huge, but then as it was free and the weather was brilliant then no wonder.

Random plane pictures 

the blades

the blades 

The RV8tors

The RV8tors

The RV8tors

The RV8tors

the T67 Firefly

Bob was getting a bit bored by now so we decided to wander and see what else there was to see. 

The biggest issue with it being busy was just that, the queues for everything were loooonnngggg. But Bob stood his turn and waited for the things he wanted to go in and on.

in a military police car

photographing the old cars that were on display

was offering 1940's style hair styles

enjoying the old cars

in the cockpit

A great day was had by all. The weather could not have been any better. The only downside to it was that the only two flying Lancaster Bombers that were due to fly could not turn up due to bad weather down south, so we missed out on them. They were suppose to do a fly over from the airport at 10.15 on the Sunday instead, but were over half an hour late and so by then we had gone back in the house and missed them. OH did catch a glimpse as they flew over the front of the house but not enough to photograph.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Whats in YOUR suitcase?

I spotted a tweet about a competition being run by The Bloggers' Lounge in conjunction  with European breakdown cover specialists . So I am putting this post together to tell you
‘What’s in my Suitcase’ competition and tell us about the items you couldn’t go on a trip without

Well apart from the the suitcase itself,

what else can I not leave home without?

Well you have the essentials like the clothes but they go without saying. If push comes to shove with these things you can always pick something up on holiday, or wash something through.

Some things are not quite so important as if need be you could buy them if you forget them, things like;

But I would hate to forget

my electric toothbrush cos a manual one does not cut it for me

my mp3 player with my audiobooks on as with having tinnitus I cannot sleep without something to distract me from the noise.

not to mention my tablets and inhalers

As well as my suitcase for me just as importantly is my rucksack. In this rucksack is my GPS machine along with all the other bits and pieces I need to go geocaching. You cant have a holiday without geocaching!!

A blogger would not be a blogger without taking a camera with them. So my camera, case and spare battery is a must.

Lastly for me an item I take but don't always get time to use is my notebook. I do not have a phone capable of doing much other than making phone calls and text messages and if I can get access to a few wi-fi hot spots during my time away it saves coming back to zillions of e-mails.

So this is what I take away on holiday - what about you?

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Project 365 week 36 31st Aug - 6th Sept

A mixed week this week, a nice win, a few days away, a day out with Bob,  and some great news on the chicken front. The weather has been dry all week but a definite nip in the air in the evenings.

Sunday 31st Aug

I buy scratch cards on a random basis. This one luckily was a winner. When I get a win like this I pop the card by till we can do something nice as a treat with the money. This one was used to pay for an overnight stay for us during the week, saved a drive back in the dark.

a winning card

Monday 1st September

Went for a walk along the back road this evening, I took  daughter, Bob and the twins with me. As we were walking back the sun was starting to set and I just liked the way it looked through a hole in the hedge when I knelt down. Just a random picture.

sunset through the gap

Tuesday 2nd September 

Today was the reason we bought the chickens. Today we got our first egg, laid by Penny (yes the grandchildren have named them). So far since then up to today ( Sat) we have seven eggs, so more than one of them must be laying. Not be long till they are up to full capacity. 
They have been providing much amusement for the wee dog next door, When we let them out for a run around the garden we keep them over to the right of our garden and he runs up and down the fence, nose pressed to the fence and tail wagging following them and peering through wondering what on earth they are. 

our first egg

Wednesday 3rd September

Today was our day to visit son but it was an evening visit so we decided to make the most of the two days and stay over and do things we don't normally have time to do. So today we went to Stirling Castle. Last time we went it rained and rained and rained, we gave up and left. This time it was dry but hazy so not really great for pretty pictures but at least we got a good look round it.

the great wall of Stirling Castle

Thursday 4th September

Having stayed over night we did a few geocaches in Alloa before we left and then headed for Linlithgow. We decided on a wander round Linlithgow Palace, may as well make the most of our Historic Scotland membership. But first of all we geocached our way round the loch. I use to spend a lot of time here with the oldest two girls when they were young. One of their favourite pastimes was rolling down the hill, they was a fab play park and we often wandered round the loch with them.

The pictures I took of the Palace as we walked round the loch were fairly dull and boring, just no blue skies or sun, But I did get this picture of a moor hen ( on the branch in the middle of the picture) with over hanging trees that is reflected in the water that I liked.

a moor hen reflected in the water

Friday 5th September

I have a white board inside one of my kitchen cupboards, the idea being if something is getting low or run out it is written on here, and then I copy it onto a bit of paper on shopping day and leave it behind on the worktop. 
Left daughter No1 in charge of the chickens while we were away, and came back to find she had written on my board. Last time she did this she had added various items. This was what I came back to this time.

madness that is my daughter

Saturday 6th September

Today there was an Air Show in Ayr, so we decided to go along for a look. There were a lot of stalls on the ground as well as various different planes doing fly bys. We met up with Daughter No3, her OH and Bob for the afternoon. He went inside a plane cockpit, a military police car, took photos of vintage cars, and watched the first half of the display before we wandered and looked about.

Sadly the Lancaster did not fly today as it could not take off due to fog wherever it was based. Suppose to be doing a couple of fly bys tomorrow. We may pop along to plane spotters layby for a look in the morning, though I imagine it will be rather full.

Bob enthralled with the display

So this was my week, what has yours been like?

TheBoyandMe's 365 Linky

Some impromptu fun, often the best.

We left here with the intention of going up to Hannahston Water at Drongan. Its a lovely area, a great place for walking or running about. There is wildlife to see, a pond to walk round and pieces of exercise equipment to play on. The children love these pieces of wooden exercise equipment to play on.  We only know about it because we have been up there geocaching. It has a fab series of nicely different caches to find, not a plastic box in sight

But we got just past Stair and for some reason the road was closed.  I didn't like the look of the road the diversion sign went up, a rather narrow  country lane, and wasn't sure where it would come out. So I decided to turn round and go back to Stair.

Parking up at the back of the church we sussed out the various options of places to go. There is a walk along the river there but having experienced it before we knew it was not suitable for the children. We spotted a gate and decided to go through it. Turned out to be a great choice.

First off we spotted a river, we looked for signs of life, found a few small minnows but that was about the lot. Next off they spotted conkers on the ground and set about breaking them open.

stomping on conkers

and gathering them up, we came back with a dozen, some not so big but its a bit early yet.

a conker

We had taken the butterfly nets and the bug viewer with us, the butterfly nets ended up with conkers in them but we never found any butterflies.

We realised there was not far to go on the side we were on, So Fifi set about getting across the river.

Across the rocks,

picking her route

and hump to the middle

jumping across

a short hop and she is on the other side. 

made it

She found a much easier way back. But we knew Bob would never balance across here as he was too small to hold the top bar. 

the easy way back

Granddad got her to pose half way across.

looking graceful

So with some team work we got Bob across the river, Granddad went across first, I helped him to the middle and Granddad help him jump across the last bit. The water was not overly deep and we would have only got slightly damp had we slipped.

We set off up stream, some of us walked along the bank, but Fifi literally went up stream. Bob did try to follow but decided the bank was an easier route for him being that bit smaller and slightly  less brave or less mad maybe.

scrambling across rocks

walks along the river

and along fallen tress when the rocks ran out.

scrambles across a fallen tree

Bob went down and some parts and decided playing splosh would be fun.


By this time Fifi was across the other side. They started throwing rocks backwards and forwards but when a few got too close for comfort we out a stop to it.

lobbing rocks back and forth, Fifi on far side 

Fif wandered back to this side of the river and the two of them started picking and eating blackberries.

berry picking

all went well until Fifi got tangled up in them and needed rescuing. Yes I did take a picture first, but she was in no danger or discomfort as long as she stayed still. Of course as I pointed out if she would tie her hair up there would not be an issue.

oops got her

So having walked as far along as we could till we came across an electric fence. Granddad explained to them how to test an electric fence safely if they ever needed to.

Rather than wander back at river level we took the route back across the top of the hill to see if there was anything exciting at the top. There wasn't but it was a fun climb up.

Bob at the top of the hill

We came along various tree stumps so they practised their posing.

granddad can balance 

star shaped

Bob can balance too

Fifi climbed onto a fallen tree and Bob climbed up behind her, so granddad got them to pose again.

balanced on the tree stump

Fifi found what she thought may be a rabbit hole.  Granddad discussed with them how it does not ook like it has been used for a while. He also discussed with them placing a small light weight stick across to see if anything is coming in and out. This lead onto various discussions on hunting and catching food in the wild. Its great how they listen to the information that one day they may find useful.

discussing the "rabbit" hole

Two hours of free fun was had walking, wandering and chatting. Spotting tree types, finding conkers and other general fun. Not a geocache in sight, may just have to rectify

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall