Saturday, 21 October 2017

Project 365 week 42

Been a busy old week with one thing and another, but a lot achieved so worth while.


No overtime so home in the day light. We have decided this needs to be relocated upstairs. The table is never clear enough to eat off of so not fit to call a table anyway.


We were watching the neighbours trees being cut down. Was quite impressive to see the way they did it. Loved how he let the chain saw dangle as he moved round. Weird to look out the back windows now but guess we will get use to them not being there. They were entangles in the phone lines so guess that is why they needed to come down.


Went a wander round the charity shops n Kilmarnock looking for a table of some sort for my corner now I have a chair and not a couch.  Manage to find this. Big enough to cover the plugs on the wall as well as cables on the floor. A few drawers for holding some bits and pieces. Looks fine and I say will do a turn but knowing me it will still be there in five years time.


We need to move the sofa bed out of the upstairs bedroom to make room for my table and sewing machine. But to do this we needed to move the bookcase that sits on the landing half way down the stairs. So the bookcase has been displaced into the spare bedroom......unfortunately the spare bedroom is needed tomorrow for DD2 SIL2 and Ziggy.
Sofa bed away to a new home and books back where they belong.


Our little visitor is very cute. But not overly impressed with the bubbles.


As a UNISON rep at work there are certain things that need to be done to show support. The hospital was  due a ministerial visit by Shona Robison the Health Secretary for an annual check up. So we went along and Ms Robison took time to speak to our Branch Secretary before she went into the hospital. We were there to discuss #scrapthecap the 1% cap on Public Sector wages for the seventh year running.


My new sewing room is set up. Hubby's computer is in one corner my sewing room area takes up another corner, still room in the middle for Ziggy's travel cot that she sleeps in. Moved all the children's toys and books off of the shelves in here and relocated in the front bedroom cupboards where all my sewing stuff was stashed.
Plan is to make a table cover that reaches the floor to hide the stuff under the table. Then I can "tidy" the room under the table once it is up and running. This is probably the tidiest it will ever be so thought I would share it before I start using it and make it look loved.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Hunting for monkeys.

On Thursday Bob had an ophthalmology  appointment at the local hospital and so as per normal I am happy to look after the three younger ones. Rather than them get bored hanging around the hospital as the weather was nice I decided to go into the town with my daughter and take the children along the river to a small play park and off to Burger King for a treat. They decided we needed to look for monkeys while we were there.

So we got dropped off opposite the graveyard and went down the stairs and over the red bridge. I let Spud out the pram and she walked as well. She actually walks rather well and enjoys running to keep up with the gruesome twosome.

So over the red bridge which crosses over the river. They spent a while watching the river flow and as the water was high there were bubbles flowing down the river which really excited Dinky and had her giggling as she watched them. She noticed a lot of the river looked black (as this part was in shade) and some looked blue as the sun was shining on it. So on over the bridge with Dinky holding onto the side of the pushchair as there was a man sat at the end with two dogs and she does not like dogs. Minky liked that they were spotty ( Dalmations) and had a stroke at the one that was not on the lead after asking the man if he could. He always has to ask.

So across the river and along the path. The twins were wandering off and exploring and have to laugh as everywhere they go and everything they do Spud follows them and tries to copy. They were running up and down slopes and she follows, and manages to fall over constantly because she does not have the coordination or ability to do what they do. She does not realise she is only eighteen months to their nearly four years old, but has a good try and having older siblings is a good way to learn things the eldest child in the family do not have the chance to. She is a little girl with no fear of anything.

Did not get to many photographs as it is not easy to safely watch the three of them along the river from behind a camera.

I popped Spud back into the pushchair while we went back over another bridge which runs along the road to get back down to the other side of the river so we could play in the play park. We spent time looking at people walking underneath us when we were on the bridge and then watched people walking over as we passed under.

As we were walking along the river they spotted piles of leaves after we had fun kicking our way through them and Spud playing in them with her hands. We then did some colour sorting looking at the various shades or red and orange and seeing who could find another of the same colour first, slightly above Spud's head but she found leaves regardless of the colour. We also spent time looking for others that were the same shape as the one we had.

Next they decided they would throw leaves and sticks into the river. The sticks worked fine but the leaves just blew back onto us. They likened them to bubbles blowing and kept doing it because it was fun. A nice handy fence means I can take some photographs.

We spotted ducks and seagulls in the shallow edges of the water. But never found any monkeys, well apart from the three I took with me. 

Further along we came to the play park I knew was there. Not much in it I have to say and fairly old fashioned but I am thinking it was originally designed for use by the families in the flats at the side of it as it is walled on the level with the flats, up away from the river. 

The two girls went on the two swings to start with but they decided Minky was having more fun and decided to join him on the climbing frame. 

Minky needed rescuing from here once he got up as he was not sure how to get back down. Spud do not get two feet off the ground and Dinky went down the same way she went up.

Had a wee chuckle Spud did try and follow them up here but the gaps were too far apart for her to climb so I put her on the top so she could go down the slide, again and again and again.

Time was getting on by now, it had taken us approx ninety minutes to walk the mile, we were in no hurry, and Minky was saying he was starving......nothing new there
So we headed out the side of the park down the slope rather than going back down the flight of steps we had used to get in, had not realised there was an easier option. 

Minky decided he would roll down the hill, my heart was in my mouth as I was expecting him to get to the bottom covered in dog dirt, but no he either managed to avoid it all the time or there was none there. He has this well mastered, arms tucked in and off he goes, Bob still can't manage this yet. Dinky did not do quite so well at it, and had to chuckle at wee Spud, who lay down and then shuffled herself down feet first sort of backwards commando style, great try though. 

So we then wandered into the town and into Burger King for something to eat. First time they have ever been in there as it is not a place we can take Bob. Bought two kids club meals between them and an extra juice so they all had their own carton. Found it a bit strange that I was given in the assistance words "two girls toys and one boys" hmmmmmm three the same would have been a lot easier but she was for none of it. Lucky I got three toys I suppose as I only bought two meals, but really different toys for girls and boys in today's modern age surprised me.

A fun few hours and something different than the local park.

Country Kids

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Project 365 week 41


Sadly last weeks snowman seems to have melted a bit....


This week has been about the back fence. As my regular readers may remember in the high winds we had back in Spring we had tied the fence to the clothes pole to stop it blowing over as some of the fence posts had rotted and snapped. As there is no direct route between our garden and next doors ( we are mid terraced) and it was too far to hump everything round and keep walking round the block to get from our garden to next doors so hubby decided the easiest way was to cut a piece of the fence away and then make it into a gate when he had finished.


Fifi has been in The Cadets for a couple of years now, and loves it, despite the ironing and discipline. She seems to thrive on it. At the weekend she was away to Aldershot with other Scottish swimmers to represent Scotland in a swimming competition. Despite being a nearly twelve hour bus trip over night the team managed a gold overall and Fifi won a silver. She has also been promoted to Corporal, not bad for a 14 year old. Her few years of swimming at 6am twice a week plus evenings and weekends for the council swim team has paid off.


Needed to go and pick up another fence post and two more bags of post mix. Went via the charity shops but nothing caught my eye.
Hubby finished off the fence and I finished off sewing the ends in on my crochet blanket and finished off the seams on the quilted blanket. They are now on the auction website if you fancy a bid on them or something else that you fancy.


Bob had another appointment, ophthalmology this time, so is at our local hospital. As the weather was nice I got DD1 to drop me and the three wee ones off near the river walk so we could walk into town along the river via a play park and have a burger king.  We had a lot of fun. Blog post to follow.


I have been having problems with sciatica, it is fine when I am walking or on my feet but when I am sitting or when I stand the pains are uncomfortable to say the least. Do not think my aged couch is helping the problem so when one of the residents in the complex I holiday relief clean in was looking for a new home for an electric adjustable chair, so I gave it a new home. So far so good and by back and legs felt better today.
Need to find a way to lose the cables and the junk that use to live in the corner behind the couch. Maybe another charity shop hunt for something is on the cards this week.


Two weeks ago I used a picture of my vouchers last week a picture of the radio I bought with them. Well this week my vouchers turned up that I won from a competition on Facebook with Gala Bingo. A great replacement.

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Project 365 week 40

October already. the cows are still out in the fields are down from the hills. Sadly the dark nights are drawing in and I am needing lights on the way to work as well as the way back.


spotted my first snowman of the season, cheating slightly I know but could not resist it. It is part of Bale art week run by young farmers in Scotland. This one popped up at the roundabout near the hospital so could not resist a quick picture.

ayrshire young farmers


Decided as is was dry when I dropped Bob off at gymnastics I decided to go for a walk. Was going to do a short circuit that I have walked before when geocaching up a local country estate, but I got approx half way along and there were people felling trees and they had the rest of the walk closed off to the public. So walked back the way I walked up.


This is what we bought with the vouchers last week. The one in our car is the original one that came with our twelve year old car and it leaves a lot to be desired. I was also looking at something that will answer my phone when I am driving, save me ignoring it. Family have their own tunes so if one of them phones I will pull in when possible and phone them back in case it is something urgent. No CD player or DAB on it but a radio that sounds better than the last one did.
Had fun with it on Friday, somehow managed to change it to Turkish instead of English, had to google how to change it back and then take the laptop out to the car to follow through the complex stages, so I have no idea how I managed to change it in the first place.


Walked down to the shop and bought the Woman's Own that we are in this week. The photographer was here for approx ninety mins, took probably five hundred pictures, and used two of them.


DD1 phoned to say she could not get a doctors appointment for Spud and she was not happy with her breathing so wanted to take her to A&E to get checked out. So she dropped off the other three here save trailing them with her, I was busy catching up with housework and defrosting the two freezers at the time so I plonked them in front of the tv until I was finished. We then read books and played games. I was very surprised at just how much better they were at playing the dominoes game than the last time. They were happy to take in it in turns, putting back the one that did not go and their board and waiting for their turn to wait for their turn again to pick up the one they now knew fitted on their board.


Made this quilt for DD1's friend who had a baby in September. Had made an owl themed one for their other daughters first birthday in July. The bedroom is owl themed so this was my criteria,plus I was to add her name, the rest was up to me.


Did some sugar free baking, then added "butter" icing to it, so no longer sugar free but yummy all the same. Only made the one sandwich tin and cut it in half and creamed it. Not the picture I had in mind to share today but it looked crap by electric light and I was not actually home in day light sos did not work.

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Saturday, 30 September 2017

Project 365 week 39


the squares are sewn together, just need a border now, oh and all the ends sewn in.....there are rather a lot on the back. My plan had been to turn them diamond ways and have the half triangle gaps round the tops and sides, but the brain not kick in and for the life of me I could not work it out.


Hubby started dismantling an old hut that has been in the garden since the house was bought. the roof on it has collapsed and the walls are beginning to rot so not serving a purpose anymore. Dropped off bits of it at the dump whilst Bob was at gymnastics.


a few more runs to the dump as a lot of the contents of the shed were rotten with the water having been getting in for so long. As it was a nice evening we bought a bag of chips and a bottle of juice and went for a walk along the beach.  Walked away from the chip shop leaving the juice on the counter. Went back for it on the way back out of the town. The walk was very pleasant. Have to wonder why horse owners are not expected to poop scoop?


Back to Glasgow hospital with Bob. A 9am appointment.....yawn....left here at 7.15 am, got there about 20 past 8 but had we not left till 8 would not have got there until nearer 10 with all the traffic leaving Ayrshire to go to Glasgow. They are quite good though take you in the order you turn up in rather than appointment order.
He was suppose to be getting started on a new medication which needed blood tests before hand as his kidneys need monitoring. But he freaked and would not let them take blood, so have delayed the new medication until he goes back the end of November.
Here is Bob with Clyde, one of the many mascots from the Glasgow games that were scattered all round Glasgow, this one was given to the hospital.


Really annoyed, third time this week when we have turned the television on. Wants to reset and then update the software, takes over an hour every time. Got BT on live chat and she said the box is faulty. Suggested sending a new one, will see if I can get it for you for free she says .........hhhhmmmm says I only got three months of my contract left so cheaper to scrap BT and go with somebody else than pay for a new guess who is getting a free box....and free delivery. New box due Monday, sadly again will loose all our stored programs.


Vouchers that we have been saving up for a few months. Went and spent some of them tonight.Looks a lot here but 60 of them are £1 ones. Usually use them to fund Christmas, will worry about Christmas in a few months.


Spotted this in the supermarket and decided to give it a try. Very nice in fridge porridge and a smoothie.

fridge porridge

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Project 365 week 38

OK all you picmonkey people now we cannot use it for free what else are you using to edit your photos?


One half of our toaster packed in. Hubby likes his bread barely heated, not fit to call toast, I like mine lightly browned but cooked so having to share a toaster is annoying as we have to keep remembering to turn it up and down. So bought a new one.


Desperately trying to find a way to exercise that is not making my plantar fasciitis worse. Not an issue while exercising but getting shooting pains and cramps both when sitting and overnight which are waking me up and disturbing my sleep. So decided to give resistance bands and a mat a go. Still exercising but no impact so here is hoping. Working my way through various workouts to find one I really get on with allowing for limited space on the top landing as a lot of the exercising involve using an over the door attachment and the only place I can do it is my small poky top landing.  Mixing this with my hand weights. Seems to be working so far. Easy to walk upstairs and do some reps with the hand weights or some squats, leg stretches, arm curls. Trying to wander up the stairs every hour or so and do something.


Trying to be a bit more selective about what I am eating. Biggest issue I have is I cannot eat uncooked fruit and veg so cannot fill up with a apple or banana or a large plate of salad. So one of the ways I am working on is breakfast, so bought two different types of porridge to make different fridge porridge with for my breakfast.


Minky and Dinky were involved in a fashion show at school today so mum and dad had tickets to see them. I agreed to watch Bob and Spud and as it was dry we went to the park for an hour. Was a lovely time as well as got chance to have a proper conversation with Bob and only had one toddler to chase round after.  Did my telephone interview for the magazine article I have agreed to do.


A photographer was out today from the magazine to get pictures of myself DD1 and the three youngest. Well first off poor Spud decided she would cry. The Dinky decided she would sulk, refuse to smile or do anything the photographer asked her to do. Minky was loving it, all sorts of poses with him. Dinky got sent indoors and some pictures were taken without her. Granddad filled her up with half a bag of fruit pastilles so she came back out and joined in more willingly. Quite happy to smile when in the house but not the garden!!! Photographer was here for about an hour and took hundreds of different pictures. Family group, me and daugher and me on my own plus we supplied them with some pictures so not sure what they will use.

We will be in Woman's Own on 3rd October. Go have a look for us.


Was busy cooking fruit to add to my cereal and so decided to make some fruity flapjacks as well. Grated a pear a peach and some strawberries and added it to the melted butter and golden syrup and boiled it for a few minutes before adding the oats and cooking it in the oven.

Add caption


Made another cushion that was ordered a while ago.

500 faces

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Five Effects of Late-Night Exercise on Sleep Quality

The effect of exercise on sleep cannot be over-emphasised. Regular exercise can lead to deeper and better quality sleep since it increases heart rate, releases adrenaline and raises body temperature.  Are these effects limited to exercising at a certain time only? Exercising at night, especially close to bedtime has always been thought of as bad and therefore avoided at all costs. What exactly are the effects of late-night exercise on sleep?

Leads to Better Sleep

According to The Sleep Holic having a good adaptive and more supportive memory foam mattress and doing late-night exercise can enhance sleep quality. A poll in 2013 by the National Sleep Foundation, concluded that exercise and good sleeping environment can help you sleep better regardless of the time it’s carried out.
The rapid temperature decline after exercise in combination with decreased blood pressure and reduced muscle tension can stimulate sleep. Exercise, albeit close to bedtime, is desirable to not exercising at all.

Greater Emotional Comfort

At any intensity, you may experience an increased feeling of emotional comfort before you sleep. This does not mean you will necessarily fall asleep faster because you undergo physiological stress placed on your body by the exercise.
It can still take you a while before you sleep because your body is trying to recover, but those moments before sleep are calmer and more relaxed.

Loss of Sleep
It is not only the timing of exercise that may affect sleep quality but the intensity of the workout involved. Your sleep may be negatively affected by a very intense workout done just before bedtime.
High intensity exercise may take you longer to fall asleep and when you do sleep, the sleep quality is much less. Instead of falling asleep immediately, more time was spent staring into space.

No Effect at All
Many people who engaged in moderate-intensity exercise at night indicated that, the exercise did not affect their sleep in any way. They did not feel much or any difference in their sleep patterns compared to being sedentary.
Those who exercise just before bedtime for at least 35 minutes have reported sleeping equally well in comparison to when they didn't exercise.

Better Late than Never
The best exercise time differs among individuals for various reasons. If late night exercise is the only time you can get active, go for it. However, if you are currently experiencing sleep problems, exercising close to bed time may worsen them. Find out what kind of effect late-night exercise has on your sleep habits and adjust accordingly.
It is recommended to exercise whatever time you can fit it in. If you have difficulty sleeping after late-night exercise, avoid working out close to bedtime. Spend at least one hour cooling down before you sleep. An active lifestyle is more desirable than a sedentary one.