Tuesday, 28 June 2016

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Saturday, 25 June 2016

Project 366 weeks 24 and 25


A rather cute Spud in her Zebra babygro

Spud looking cute


A lot of Citroen Dolly cars and French speaking people down the beach today.

lots of cars


Going away on holiday on Thursday, lots of planning being done first. Mapping geocaches and places of interest. Hubby decided the alloys needed cleaning.

cleaning the alloys


We went to meet up with a friend to walk Lilly with her dogs, lets just say we were so close to diverting into the SSPCA on the way past to drop her back off. Change of plan for the holiday, now going on Friday to somewhere we will have no internet connection. Had to change plans so have downloaded some books and audio books as well as some tv episodes onto my kindle.

making sure we don't go without her. 


Took the twins to the park today and as mummy was busy we took Spud as well. We have to cross the main road in the village to get to the park, so the twins are attached to the pram by wrist straps. No chance for them to dash away. They know this happens and are quite happy to get attached.

on wrists straps and holding the pram


Off on holiday. Stopped at various places on the way. one place being Inverary Castle. Here is Lilly looking through the bridge at the sheep in the field. We were staying at Ellenabeich on the Isle of Seil 

Lilly at Inverary Castle. 


A glorious day. In the morning we went up the hills at the back. There is a cache up there as well as a phone signal if you climb high enough. DD2 and SIL came over for the afternoon  and we went across to Easdale Island,  home of the world stone skimming championships. Thought I would share a 360 degree view with you. I went up here for a cache, and got a phone signal as well.
Had a very nice lunch in the local pub.


We had some over night rain and the day started out dull and windy. Went to DD2 house for some lunch.  Daughter was showing me all her baby stuff. She has a lot of beautiful hand knitted items from a relative on SIL side. The furniture is built up and the room painted and re-carpeted all ready. Love the Moses basket, it was bought for SIL as a baby and was used for his sister as well as her children, Now the heirloom is awaiting the birth of Ziggy.

We went for a walk to Dunollie Castle and stopped at the lighthouse to pick up a cache.

DD2 with Lilly 


A wind and high tide made for some nice photos on our morning beach walk. I call it a beach but as it is part of the slate islands then it is slate not sand, but the dog loved rooting for crabs and sea lice, We then headed to the nearby village to buy a few bits in the shop and have a walk along the other side of the island.

crashing waves 


We decided today to leave Lilly at the cottage and go and do some sight seeing. We went to Carnasserie Castle  and then onto Kilmartin 
The village sits at the heart of Kilmartin Glen, and there are over eight hundred ancient monuments to be found within six miles of it. These include burial cairns, rock carvings, and standing stones, as well as the remains of the fortress at Dunadd. Kilmartin seems a surprisingly small place to be carrying such a weight of history.

The Nether Largie Standing Stones


Went into Oban to spend the day with DD2. We went down for lunch first leaving Lilly in her cage at daughters house and then we went and did a bit of shopping.  Could not resist this, and bought it for Ziggy after daughter promising me he/she would wear it as DD2 is not a lover of Pooh Bear. So far it is the only thing I have bought.

a babygro for Ziggy


Another glorious day, our last full day on the Isle and so we decided to go and explore some more of what it has to offer. Parked up and the Atlantic Bridge and took a sign posted walk. Then went and stopped off at an old church. I love old churches, sadly no graveyard at it.
Back home for some lunch and then off across to see the rest of Easdale. Easdale is a vehicle free Isle and is only accessible by boat, so we took over the wee boat. Tesco deliver as far as the ferry point, and the islanders come over the meet the van and get their shopping. When they get off the boat they unload onto the slip way and then use fetch their wheel barrow to carry the shopping the short distance home.

wheel barrows on Easdale 


Sadly the week is over. Have to say it has been nice. plenty of time to chill, done a fair amount of cross stitching on Ziggy's blanket, read a few books and listened to some audio books as well. I tapped into the wi-fi in the local shop a couple of times. The pub also have free wi-fi in return for a donation to the RNLI, and the church we visited had it available ( not that we used that). No phone signal unless you climbed up the hills and got in line with the mast on Mull. A nice place to visit but would not fancy the eight miles of single track roads with passing places every day, but a nice place to retire to.

The Isle has more snails than I have every seen before. The whole isle is built on and with slate. The cottages, the walls, the beaches are all slate, and they seem to live in all the gaps.  At night fall they seem to come out in their hundreds. I liked the colour of this one on the beach this morning.


Brought the grandchildren home a pressie each. Stopped here as we fancied the guided tour but they do not allow dogs on the tour and was far to warm to leave her in the car.

a wee souvenir 

Lots and lots of other pictures to edit and share at some point.

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Saturday, 11 June 2016

Project 366 week 23


It has been far far far to warm here all week for my liking, I mean come on 24 oC on the West Coast of Scotland for more than a week with no rain for more than three weeks is just not acceptable. So most of the evenings this week we have been taking the dog for a walk 9pm ish. Has given some nice sunsets, not that we have much to line them up with here.


Hubby was not feeling well so Lilly and I went for a walk by ourselves when we dropped Bob at gymnastics, I say a walk, it was a stroll trying to keep in the shade as much as possible, was still to warm for a walk but needed to do something with the hour. Knew we would not get a walk later as I was babysitting the twins and Bob while DD1 went to pick up Fifi.


As hubby was still feeling ill I got the joy of the early morning swim session with Granddaughter. So Fifi, Lilly and I went and we walked on the beach while she was swimming, at least at 6am it was cooler.


Still having dog issues with Lilly. She gets very very stressed out when she is out on her lead and is a nightmare woofing and yipping and behaving like a wild animal. She is even worse when she does not even see the dog but it has been suggested to us that maybe she has been attacked on the lead and is nervous when she does not see the dog. But she seems not bad with the neighbours dogs through the fence either side, so we let the two of them in the same garden to see what would happen. Look they are amazing together and played away for about fifteen mins with no problem at all. Gives us hope that she will be able to be worked with as we have still had thoughts of handing her back she is that much of a nightmare.


Still far too hot but I took the twins across to the park for a while to get them out. Much too hot for Spud to be out so daughter been stuck in with them. Dinky spent half the time walking up the slide and sliding down but refuses to go up the steps to slide down. I got them chasing their shadows on the way home to see if they could catch them.


Hubby did the swim run this morning, so while he was away I did a workout. Was still 21 oC in the living room at 6.30 am so I had the fan on. I liked this wee message at the end of the work out.


Made a peanut butter and dried fruit cake the other day, and am taking some to work to eat in my break. Recipe is here if you want a look,

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Peanut butter and dried fruit cake.

I saw a recipe for a Sugar and Dairy free date nectar and banana cake on Mummy Mishap's blog  on a linky that I felt I had to try. But when I got to the cupboard I realised I did not have any nectar syrup left. I looked for agave but none of it either, so having put myself in the mood to bake I decided on golden syrup instead. So having rooted round the cupboard to see what else I could pop in it I came up with dried fruit and linseed.

Peanut butter and dried fruit cake

Preparation time: 15 minutes
Cook time: 30 minutes
Serves: 10 to 12


  • 250g baking golden syrup
  • 225g peanut butter
  • 2 small over ripe bananas chopped
  • 200g mixed fruit, I used dried prunes, apricots and currants
  • 25g linseeds
  • 3 eggs, beaten
  • 300g self-raising flour


  1. Measure golden syrup and peanut butter into a pan
  2. Heat gently until melted and stir to combine
  3. Add chopped banana, dried fruit and linseed and stir to combine
  4. Cool for ten minutes and then gently break up fruit with a stick blender
  5. Add eggs and flour and put into greased baking tin
  6. Cook for approx 30 mins at 150 oC ( I used my halogen oven)
  7. Cool on a baking tray and then cut into squares

place peanut butter and golden syrup in pan to melt

weigh out the mixed dried fruit of your choice

add dried fruit and banana and leave to cool 

Had you wanted you could have cut up the dried fruit and mashed the banana first rather than blitzing

blitz a wee bit to break up the fruit

A square tin would have been better but the ones I have do not fit in my halogen oven. 

in the tins ready to be cooked 

Quick and easy with minimal mixing. 

cooked and very tasty

I am linking this up to share it with others to

Link up your recipe of the week

and as it just oddments from the cupboards also linking it to where you can also get inspiration from others. Cheryls Kitchen clear out linky

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Grandchild Number six is just as special.

Gosh the numbers of grandchildren is going up rapidly at the moment, the twins born in 2013, one in 2014, one already this year and another due before the Autumn. But each and every one of them is loved for being the unique people they are.  When the first two were born they lived a few hundred miles away so I did not see much of them, now of course they have moved closer and I see five of them pretty much every day. I feel privileged to be such a big part of the lives of my daughter's five and to see them grow and change.

Dinky, Fifi with Spud, Minky and Bob 

When the first grandchild came along every minute of her wee life was photographed and videoed with a lot of stuff shared on the internet. With her being ten weeks early she was naturally behind in a lot of her milestones but that was never really an issue, we were just grateful she was alive to reach the milestones at whatever stage she reached them.

Spud ( as she is called on the blog) came into the world on March 2nd this year. She landed as a fifth child in the family, and life for her will always be noisy and  hectic and she will never get a minutes peace and quiet but she will be smothered with love and will never know any different.

Fifi and Spud with Bob's arm 

The older two children got to meet her along with the other grandparents when she was only a few hours old, and then they went back up every day until mum  came home.

The twins at just turned two did not get to meet their baby sister until she came home, was going to cause too much trauma all round to take them up and then have to bring them away from their mum. Have to say they are both great with her and Dinky loves to cuddle her and talk to her, she even reads books to her.

Dinky with Spud the day she came home. 

She has a great bond with the older two children in particular. Fifi at nearly fourteen is a great help and often has the task of keeping an eye on her while mum goes for a shower. Or keeping an eye on her while mum cooks the tea. The twins at only two themselves can be rather boisterous and may well harm her unintentionally by falling on her while she is in her bouncy chair, or just being a bit over enthusiastic when give her a kiss or a cuddle.

Fifi being a smart Alex and keeping an eye on Spud

the oldest and youngest interacting 

But Bob is her favourite. Bob is NOISY and has no idea how to talk without yelling and as he is home educated he has been around the whole time my daughter was pregnant with her. She got use to hearing his dulcet tones while in the womb. So Spud responds better to him and he tends to get more smiles and more babbling than anybody else in the family.

Bob and Spud

Now I know we can all be a bit over protective with our first child, but time you get further down the line to child five then you tend to relax a bit more. My daughter runs the local toddler group and so Spud has been going along since before she was born, When she is there she is cuddles by one person or another the whole time she is there. Even the other toddlers like to have a hold of her.

The other drawback of being so far down the line is less pictures and video is taken as there is always somebody else needing seen too or something else needing done, Spud is a content baby who is happy to sit in her bouncy chair or her swing and watch the world going by. usually with Bob and Minky at a hundred and ten miles an hour. I have to admit I don't interact with her as much as I did with the twins as they tend to be more active and therefore I play/read/talk to them and poor Spud just exists in the background. Last night I babysat while DD1 went to pick up Fifi so when she got back I got some time to interact with Spud and she was smiling and babbling away quite the thing.

While I may well not be Supergran and share her all over the internet I still love her as much as the others, and as she becomes older and more mobile I am sure we will all have lots of adventures, with plenty of sharing in years to come.

This is my entry into the Tots100/WaterWipes Baby Milestones challenge.

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Project 366 week 22


The weather here has been too warm, and so hubby decided to take Lily out for a walk at 6.30 am as I was up for work anyway. The grass was rather wet and as she only has little legs she needed drying.

she hates being dried


Took Bob to gymnastics and nipped into town to buy a few bits for the garden, some tomato plants that we put in the greenhouse.  Took Lilly a walk once we got back as it was cooler then.

plants in the new greenhouse


This daft little dog loves to sit on the couch next to hubby. She sits where she can sit and watch out the window. She likes to watch all the people going by. We know in her previous life she lived with full time working people and was use to be left on her own all day. I guess she use to sit and window watch. At least this is an improvement - when we first got her she use to jump on the coffee table in front of the window, we have put a stop to that. We do move it away from the window and close the blind when we go out,

watching out the window


Met up with these two nutters from work for lunch, a very nice meal in a local Chinese restaurant, We then went for a walk along the beach and had a play in the beach park, and no we did not have any children with us.

Lynne and Lynn


Finally got round to taking Bob for his birthday present, a morning of bowling and then lunch. Bob came back with us up to the house and went out to play with his friends. I went down and got thr gruesome twosome and brought them up for a picnic. You can read about their picnic here if you wish.

we all won one game 


We had reason to be in town, we needed to disabled one of our caches as it was reported as being soaking, so we went to pick it up and dry it out. While we were there we walked the dog along the beach.

looking under rocks at Greenan shore


When I had been in the town the other day I had a nosey round a few of the charity shops. One of them had four pairs of Hotter shoes and sandals in my size that looked brand new. I liked three of the four pairs and was tempted to buy the three pairs, but could not justify the money. I did try for buy two get my third free but she was for none of it. So I just bought the one pair.

these go nicely with my linen trousers

Friday, 3 June 2016

Sharing a few firsts

Gosh firsts are exciting, from my first born child

Me with DD1 in the February sunshine

and her first day at school

in a hand knitted cardigan along with DD2

to my first's first born, the first pictures of Fifi  my first grandchild

born at 29+6 weighing 3lb 3 oz

and her first day at school

Fifi with Bob - who would not stand still

not to mention the older two grandchildren meeting the first set of twins in the family, their twin brother and sister.

Bob peers at them both 

We have had some adventures together over the years with the older two from sleepovers, baking, playing games, days out, you name it we have made memories.

So when I saw the opportunity to share these first I felt I had to join in.

Have to say with the twins the firsts are a little bit more difficult. When you have one of them you can give them undivided attention while you walk along a road or let them take a bike or a pushchair for a walk, but near a road it is difficult to feel safe with two of them when one will charge off in front and one will walk sedately. It certainly gives the arms a workout as they stretch in seperate directions. But we have managed our first time of taking their bikes to the park,

Our first trip to the beach needed two adults to go as this was also their first trip on a bus and to get two of them complete with buggy and bag onto a bus by myself was just to much.

on the bus with DD3

 But we had fun running and playing and into the beach park afterwards.

Going to the local park is now much easier as I just put them on their reigns and walk them. We went last week in the rain, and yes we got wet and muddy but they change and their clothes wash when we get home.

splashing in puddles

 The weather here has been amazing for a few weeks now, apart from one day of rain ( the day we went the park!!) it has been great. So yesterday we had our first picnic in the garden for this year.

enjoying their picnic

Part of what they had for their picnic was Petits Filous, we could not get hold of any of the new my Firsts Petits Filous

NEW My First Petits Filous is specially tailored for children from 6 months. Made from 100% naturally sourced ingredients, My First Petits Filous is low in sugar and contains calcium and protein which help little ones grow strong bones!

 and my goodness me what a difference in their eating style, Dinky has not spilt a drop on her pretty dress

not a drop was spilt

Minky on the other hand has more on him than in him I think. These tubs are a great size, big enough for wee ones with no waste.....well apart from what goes down them of course.

him on the other hand.......

Anyway we cleaned him up and later on we brought out ice lollies. Not just any old ice lollies, but frozen Frubes, These are a great addition to a pack lunch box when out and about, help to keep other foods cold and if too soft to eat as a lolly can still be eaten thawed. 

eating Frube ice lollies

Lilly got to share Minky's one

well even a dog likes to eat healthy

Meanwhile Dinky played away with the tea pot pouring out everybody numerous cups of tea

making cups of tea

Minky as per usual created havoc, first to get it were the "snap snap" pegs to you and I, digging in the stones, playing with buckets of water, trying to climb the clothes poles, picking up small rocks, and walking round with a pan on his head.

a pan on his head

He also helped Granddad in the greenhouse, Dinky would not go in for some reason.

helping Granndad

Put together a few video clips. Have to laugh as Dinky does tell you she has not spilt any on her pretty dress.

This post is an entry for BritMums #PetitsFilousFirsts Linky Challenge, sponsored by Petits Filous