Saturday, 18 March 2017

Project 365 week 11.

Been a mundane week, work, sewing and dog walking. The  big red quilt I made got posted to its forever home this week.


DD2 SIL and baby Ziggy were down for twenty four hours. They had come to see Bob perform in his show at Centre Stage. Did not think I would see Ziggy but she was up before I went out to work.

Crap quality picture, taken with my phone across a half dark living room.


One of my colleagues at work came across some unused curtains that she had had for years and wanted to know could I use them, So thanks to C for adding to my material stash. I am making her a piece of applique as a thank you.

Dropped Bob at gymnastics and then took Lilly for a walk. Her usual field that she really likes has been fenced off. Sadly this means all the dogs will now go into the already busy field so will make walking her there nearly impossible now.


Friends of ours are due to get married in May. Hubby is to be his best man. So we went down for a visit and a catch up on some of the details. The wedding is on Arran, my suggestion last year, and so we have booked a room and just need to get our ferry tickets come pay day. Took Lilly with us, and they put their dog in his cage in the hall. Have to say we were surprised there was no woofing or growling from her at all. She was even up at the cat nose to nose and being nice. Maybe there is hope yet. Here is Lilly getting round them and lying on the back of their couch watching out the window.


A lovely walk up to Failford. Not been up there for a while. Was rather muddy but Lilly loved her walk and her exploring in the woods. This little dog just loves to run and run.

DD1 took Spud to A&E as she had hurt her foot, they were not too worried as she is still weight bearing, apparently strapping it up can do more harm than good at her age. So as she was not going to be back in time I picked the twins up from nursery. One of the local gardens has two ducks so they showed me them on the way home.


Been busy doing various bits of sewing. Finished this one this week. This is my first piece that I have sold for the charity but I am holding onto it to let other people see my work in case they want to order.


Back at the optician. Have used the two lots of drops he gave me but not doing much good. He thinks my right eye is allergic irritation and my left infection. Gave me different drops to try and to go back on Monday.

Took Lilly to the vet as she seemed to be in pain. He seems to think it is a disc in her back and gave her an anti inflammatory injection. Made a difference very quickly and she came home and ate willing for the first time in a while. Not much they can do for it except injections but he is hopeful it should settle.

Received a food delivery yesterday for a blog post. So tonight's tea was oven cooked chicken and veg with some Dolmio sauce and a jacket potato.


Using up the last of my annual holidays this week. So been busy with the sewing machine. This is my first attempt at what they call cathedral windows. A very time consuming piece of work but very pretty when it is done.
Made this into an envelope cushion cover. It would benefit from a run over with the iron.

What have you been up to this week?

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Project 365 week 10


Spent the evening yesterday seeking out pinterest pictures to use for my applique, printed them off and cut them out, then laminated them. Spent my break cutting them out to use as templates. Seemed like a lot of work at the time but if I am going to be making any more than one of each then will be worthwhile. Slotted them into poly pockets to keep them together.


The day I take Bob to gymnastics, normally sit in the library but is now light enough to be going walks up the country estate again. So Lilly hubby and I had a pleasant walk. The Spring flowers are coming along nicely.


Another walk. Spotted masses of frog spawn in the flooded part of the field.Sadly the water had receded round these ones but there were more than enough in the water that the frog population in the area will not miss them.


Doing holiday cover this week. Will be grateful for it come payday but wanted to play with my sewing.  Love the display of crocuses that come up every year.


Going to be making up a few samples so people can choose what they fancy. A lot of  time  goes into them and if it was not for the charity I would not be making and selling them at the price I am, but all for a good cause. This one is probably eight hours.


Back to the optician as the eyes are not improving much, they seem to for a few days then right back to square one. This has been since beginning of December. He and I both now think it is more allergy related than infection. So given me something to help, I hope.
A spot of babysitting, was bedtime for the twins so I did stories and then took Spud down and gave her something to eat. This is one sleepy Minky.


Got my official paperwork through during the week. You can find my profile here and I will be sharing pictures of my completed work.

Friday, 10 March 2017

How To Get Free Samples Online

Search For Websites Dedicated To Free Samples

There are a lot of very good freebie sites on the internet that you can easily find with a simple web search.  These sites may want you to watch some advertisements, fill out a survey or enter your email address before you can get your free sample or download a coupon for a sample.  Most of these websites will have links to other organizations or companies for the samples.  You should not assume that all of the sites listed on the freebie website will be trustworthy.

Tip: One of the most popular UK freebie site to get free samples is: WOW FreeStuff

Have A Separate Email Address For Offers

Unless you are willing to deal with all of the marketing emails you will get it is recommended that you open a free email address for the offers.  You will need to check the email address periodically to confirm the shipment of your free sample.  Most companies will send a confirmation email to your email address before they send out your sample so you need to have a valid email.  However, the new email address will stop the influx of marketing emails and make it easier to deal with.

Learn How To Identify False Offers

The best way to determine if an offer is real is to think about it from the company's point of view.  Legitimate companies will give you a small sample which makes you want to buy more later or recommend them to a friend.  If you are being given an iPad or another expensive item then you should reconsider the offer.  These offers will generally be scams where people are trying to get your personal information for spam or identify theft.
Be Careful When Providing Personal Information

A website that offers a free sample is going to ask for a lot of information as they want to send you marketing information or attempt to steal your identity.  The only information that a company really needs to send you a sample is your name and address.  If you are asked for a phone number then use one that you no longer check.  You may want to use a real number should the company contact you about shipping problems, but you will need to be prepared for the many marketing offers or other spam that you will get.

You should never provide a sample site with your credit card information, bank account details or social security number.  Any information that could compromise your safety should not be provided.  The risk of identity theft is not worth the sample you will get.

Make A Note Of Limited-Time Offers

There are a lot of offers, particularly on social media, that only apply to the first people to like the post or enter the contest.  If you want to have a chance with these offers you will need to be on your computer and logged into the social media network before the offer begins.  If you are not then you could miss your chance with these offers.

some free samples.

Getting Free Samples In Person

There are many chain stores that offer free samples.  Some companies will offer free food samples while others will have samples of a variety of products.  The companies will generally have their samples at a table and a staff member will be there to offer the sample to you.

You should browse locations with a number of shops or stalls.  If none of the chain stores offer you the samples that you want then you should be able to find some samples in areas with many stalls because they are competing for customers.  Local fairs and farmer's markets are great places to check, but is this is not working then you should look at the mall.

You should also consider befriending the salesperson.  If there are no free samples officially offered then you could still ask for one.  You will be more successful if you start a conversation with the salesperson first by asking how their shift is going and if they like working at the store.  You should keep it friendly and smile then ask about samples if the salesperson is thy smile back and seem to enjoy the conversation.

Acting interested in the product will also help.  Looking at the item before asking for a sample or ask some questions about it help.  The salesperson could offer you a free sample to help you make up your mind.

Look At Birthday Freebies

Restaurants and other locations will often provide a free bonus if it is your birthday.  You will need to be a paying customer to get these freebies and you may have to prove that it is your birthday.  However, you will get great value with free desserts, drinks and much more.

This is a sponsored post.

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Project 365 week 9


Had been cracking up at the sewing machine, was working fine for some bits and then other bits it was not. So had spent time unpicking the seams where the bottom thread was all a knotty tangled mess and I lost the plot with the machine. Came back to find a note on it.


Took the new camera for its first proper outing today. Does not have anything like the zoom the last one had but does have higher pixels


Decided to try something different. Made a padded double sided  applique cushion as part of Spud's birthday.


DD2 came down for Spud's birthday tomorrow. Ziggy looked so cute in her cot, not very often I share a sleeping baby picture. The pink rabbit in beside her was bought for DD2's first Christmas, 36 years ago, cost a lot of money at the time, but still plays Brahms Lullaby. Looks a bit sadder than it did but is still well loved.
A run to Stirling today as it was put off from last Thursday when the whole area ground to a halt with people stuck on the motorways for more than 5 hrs in the snow.


Today is Spud's first birthday. As per usual I made her birthday cake. Tasted yummy but minimal decoration. Wrote her name on top in marshmallows, did not realise babies and young children are not allowed to eat them as they are a choking hazard. The twins were quite happy to eat them. Quite difficult to get a picture as she did not want to be in her chair. Minky blew out her candle for her.


Went to a hobbycraft show in Glasgow today. It covered all sorts from card making, to pinning, bead work, knitting, cross stitch, as well as a lot of beautiful quilts on display. Got some hints and tips and ideas from the day. Did not spend much but having won the tickets it seemed a shame not to go.Actually won two lots but posted the others to a fellow local comper who wanted to go.

The car parking was difficult to find, just a multi storey now all the open air car parks are closed off. But have to say it looks amazing. You cross a walkway over the road to get to the main building and they run open buggies that carry six people backwards and forwards.


Have had a few people ask me about the applique picture I made for Spud, and wanting one. So with that in mind I bought a few stencils at the show and am going to be taking orders and selling them on behalf of our local cash for kids charity. I signed up to be one of 500 people raising £100 for them before the end of the year. Here is an owl I have cut out. This was an experiment to see how I could keep the pieces held in place while I sew them, Tried blobs of glue on this but they are visible so that rules this out, next one I will try small pieces of wonderweb.

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Project 365 week 8


Lilly is a strange little dog. Only ever eats when I come in, will not eat otherwise. Does not matter whether I go out for an hour or twelve, eats her food when I come back in and not before. Here she is eating the breakfast I put out twelve hours ago.

Silly Lilly eats her munch


My camera has been playing up lately and as I took a 3 year no quibble swap out policy when I bought it I took it back and changed it. Sadly two years later  they did not have the same camera. So as I had little choice in the same price range then I took this one, the best of a bad bunch. Not as high a spec as the last one but hoping to get some good pictures from it.

my new camera


Been working on my quilt this week, pinned it out ready for the quilting part of the project. Had to use the bed as without moving furniture I do not have a floor space big enough.  Since then I have sewn seams and unpicked seams, this morning  Saturday)  despite the time I have put in it is no further forward

one completed quilt top pinned out

Watched the kids for an hour as I popped in to see DD1 on my way home and she did not look to good. So sent her to bed for some peace and quiet. What a nice mummy I


Went and sat with the kids while DD1 went and registered the gruesome twosome for nursery in August. Was suppose to be watching the other two later on while daughter did a parents session in the nursery with the twins but Dinky was being sick and they both have diarrhoea so they cannot go. They were very quiet and did not move much.

two quiet toddlers


Watched the kids while DD1 went shopping. The twins still not feeling good so I gave them half an hour of tv while they sat on the couch, I never give them tv time but even I could appreciate they were not well.

Spud was asleep but did not seem to bothered that mum was not there when she woke up. I got plenty of smiles. She sat on Bob's knee and he played peek a boo with her which she loved.

We had originally been going to Stirling today but this got cancelled last minute. Thankfully as we would never have made it anyway. The snow brought devastation to the area with the M8 and the M80 at a standstill for over 5 hrs. We do go prepared for such probabilities with food and snacks in the car as well as hats gloves and spare jackets but even so 5 hrs is way to long to be stuck. We never saw any more than a fluttering here.

one sleeping Spud


Normally on a Friday afternoon I watch the wee ones while DD1 runs Bob to Centrestage for his drama, but she was still feeling crappy so I dropped him off instead.

Had a notion for a chicken and leek pie since I had some chicken left from the other night. So here is tonight's tea, was served with some carrots. Not the prettiest picture but tasted very nice.

chicken and leek pie


There has been no keep fit this week. My foot is killing me and I am struggling to walk. The last few days I have been putting my shoes on the minute I get up hoping the support from the insoles will help rather than walking round with bare feet until it settles. Yesterday I treated myself to a new pair of boots rather than trainers, these will also offer ankle support as well as my feet in general. Need them to be hard wearing as I am heavy on my feet. Wanted them to be fully breathable as they are often on for twelve hours at a time and for the next few weeks even longer than that. These are advertised as isogrip ( guaranteed 500 miles in the sole) and isodry. A bit more expensive than I would normally buy but I need to get this pain under control or I can't work. To put the cost into perspective I will earn the cost back in my overtime shift tomorrow, so cannot really complain.

Mountain Warehouse Hurricane boot. 

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Project 365 week 7


Minky had had an out of hours visit from the on call GP due to him struggling to breath. A course of steroids will hopefully help.

I made some flapjacks, melt equal amounts of margarine and golden syrup in a pan, add chopped dried fruit, I used figs raisins and apricots. Add twice as much oats as margarine. Stir it all together. Cook at 160 oC for twenty minutes. Cut in tin while still warm and then tip out once cold. A nice soft flapjack.


DD1's birthday, 21 again, she was not feeling well and was not interested in celebrating it in any way at all. No gymnastics as our schools are on half term.
DD2 is coming down for a few days and wanted to book an en-suite room, jokingly told her it was booked ( we don't have one) and so we decided to make her one. An on suite is not as posh as and en A bowl of water, face cloth and soap, a potty and toilet roll.


A nice wee win from a tweet.


Took the twins out to the park for a while so DD1 could get an hours sleep as she has had a few rough nights with the kids being under the weather. Bob did not want to come as he was not well either. It was too cold to stay out any more than half an hour, but went back and played for a while and left daughter asleep.


A bit of emergency babysitting this morning while DD1 took Bob to an early morning doctor appointment. How can you not love these cute faces. Met up with a friend for a catch up.

Dinky was getting dressed and thought this was hilarious. Spud just walks towards the camera and Minky wanted to show me the robots on his tee shirt.

Dinky, Spud and Minky


Have had Ziggy and DD2 down for a few days. Is nice to see them as they live a few hours away. She is such a happy wee thing and makes happy noises all the time.

Ziggy being her usual happy self. 


This turned up in the post yesterday. Had fancied going but could not afford to, so this is a much appreciated win.

winning letter

Have been working away on my quilting, three quarters of the edge done but need to make a few more stripey squares to finish off the 4th edge. Apart from walking the dog no workouts done this week as my foot is very sore, going to have to prioritise a new pair of trainers come pay day.

Hope you have all had a good week.

Sunday, 12 February 2017

My Sunday Photo week 2

Spotted while out for a walk through the woods with Lilly and hubby the other day.
Lots of signs of  Spring around with snowdrops out and daffodils getting ready to bloom.

Can you spot what we spotted? Photo taken with my phone as my camera is playing up.