Saturday, 16 August 2014

Project 365 week 33 10th - 16th August.


Popped in to see the kids on the way home and Bob was sitting drawing an owl that he then covered in glue and glitter. Here it is before the glitter was added. 

pencil paper, glue and glitter = fun


Popped in to see them all as we had taken a walk down to the shop. They were having one of those family mad half hours. The two of them had been resting a jar of baby cream on their heads and the other one was trying to blow it off. Bob kept cheating and was knocking it off and it ended up in riotous giggles as only children can. Here was Fifi pretending to be a baby and sitting on her mums knee, so Bob decided he would as well, except they dont quite fit as well as the twins do.

cuddles and giggles


Decided to pick up a few random caches locally. This one is slightly different, stapled to a back garden fence, not sure what it tells you if you QR it as I dont have a qr reader on my phone. 

nothing to sign here


Was suppose to be children over night, but both the boys have got a tummy bug again, and had spent most of the day spewing and feeling rotten. Granddad also had it, as does the other granddad, so a lot of grumpy people around. Fifi was also being grumpy, didn't want to go the park, didn't want to go caching, didn't want to come up and bake, so she stayed at home and mumped. Think she is just nervous about starting secondary school next year.

So I did some baking myself.Made a chocolate cherry flavoured cake with vanilla butter icing and some sprinkles on. Some apricot and prune flapjacks, and a spicy peach and pear pie done like a swiss roll.

Took this half of each down to daughter 


Bob had a hospital appointment at 3pm, right at the start of visiting time, There are building works going on at the hospital and so some of the parking spaces are off limits. The car park is busy at the best of times so this does not help. So rather than take the twins with her which means she needs to find a large space so she can get one baby out each side and open the back hatch to get Bob out as well, I said I would take the twins.

Granddad and I had a brilliant afternoon without mummy and they played away quite happily. Bob was still feeling rotten and refused to cooperate with the tests they wanted to run.

Xander is into everything

Also have a video of them as well, boring to most of you but great memories for us. Granddad is laid in front of the marble hearth to save any accidents


OH was feeling better today and so we decided to go and take a walk and mix it with some geocaching ( as usual). Not been this far up Lanfine Estate for years. Nice to see the boars are still here and I have to say the wee piglets are very cute. Fifi would have liked these, but again didn't want to come with us. We covered 9km up hill and down again.


This came through the post, every household in Scotland got one. Lets hope we get a sensible result on this.

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Saturday, 9 August 2014

A photographic update of the twins.

Not done an update on the twins for a few months. I cant believe how much they have grown up, how they have changed from babies into little people with their own personalities, their own likes and dislikes, and their own way of doing things.

Minky is crawling everywhere, he can pull himself up and stand, and let go of the furniture and stay stood up. He cruises round the furniture. He is determined and focused when he wants something or to be somewhere, and off he goes, there is no stopping him. He interacts with toys and has worked out with baby toys how to bang them or rattle them or shake them and generally get them to make a noise

Dinky on the other hand has no real interest in moving, she is quite happy to stay where she is put, though she has started to move backwards in the last few weeks, I would not call it crawling and she gets frustrated that she can see something in front of her but cannot get it. She has a bad temper and is very good at screaming if things dont go her way.

They both are on solids now. They happily eat pretty much anything that is put in front of them, and neither of them appear to have any food allergy issues in the way Bob does. Dinky does have a bit of eczema but at the moment that is as far as it goes thank fully. Having said that we cope with one Bob we could just as easily cope with a second. Minky has 4 teeth and Dinky has none.

I love having them on the doorstep so I, along with their other grandparents, can enjoy them on a very regularly. The older two lived a couple of hundred miles away when they were this age and we only saw them three or four times a year and missed all the little changes.


all four on the couch

he just pinched my toy

all poshed up

I can fly

tickle tickle granddad

at Auchincruive

yum yum strimmer wire

one serious faced Dinky

Dinky and mummy

Minky can roll

sitting on grraddads knee

5th June 





Son, daughter and twins

in the garden

Minky and daddy

Minky with the bricks

Dinky in her cot

pinching her toys

Dinky chewing a rattle

Minky with a biscuit

aaahhhhh fast asleep

and a few videos 

Project 365 week 32 3rd - 9th August

Another week of the grandchildren being busy when I was not, and me being busy when they weren't. Got to spend some time with the oldest and the twins but no Bob again, he was off having lots of fun with the other grandparents. 


I won this in a competition a few weeks after daughter bought one for the twins - typical


Not been a walk round the fishery for quite a while, it seemed a shame to waste such a lovely evening so off we went. Loved the sunset over the pond. No filters or anything here, just as it came off the camera. 


We placed three caches in memory of Shorty Dog back at the end of May. The first one we placed has had a few people mark it up as "Did not find", so I disabled it until we got time to check it out. But no it appears to have gone missing, so will need to replace it sometime soon. Daughter No3 was getting picked up in the town to come visit so we went and checked it out before we came home. 

No3 heads for the last know resting place of the cache


A visit day for Son No1 today. The weather forecast was for wet and windy so we didnt leave home quite so early to save hanging around in the wet - as is typical we hit two sets of roadworks, one lot that held us up for less than ten minutes,and the others held us up for over forty minutes. Still made it in time for the visit.  There is what is called an earth cache nearby, so we picked it up while we were there. 

the view from the earth cache - Ochil Hills Menstrie 


Daughter No1 phoned to see if I wanted a day out with her, Fifi and the twins (Bob was elsewhere) so we had a very pleasant day in the sun.  Here is Fifi sat on a book seat ( the seat is designed to look like a row of books)  in the Kay Park in Kilmarnock. You can read about our day out here. 


A rather wet day, not really suitable for the camera to be out, or me with it for that matter. But I captured raindrops on the gladioli that has come out in the back garden.


Last Friday I had entered a phone/e-mail in competition on the local radio station. I got a phone call back from the DJ to say I had been picked as the winner, but as it was Friday I was going to get a challenge with a chance to answer another question and win an extra prize. I had originally entered for one CD, but ended up with four cd's and the digital radio. Rather nerve racking being on air but fun none the less.

Three generations go for an afternoon out.

Have to say I have not seen much of the grandchildren for the last few weeks. The older two always seem too be busy doing one thing or another, so when daughter No1 wanted to know if I fancied a day out with them I said yes please.

Minky has not been well the last wee while, and all he wants to do is snuggle and just cries if he is not being snuggled. So mummy and daddy have been taking it in turns to snuggle with him while the other grabs some sleep. So as daddy had been up with him a lot of the night my daughter was taking them out so he could get some sleep before he started his shift at work.

Bob was away with the other grandparents who have their other grandchild down for a weeks holiday and as the two boys are quite close in age and share the same interests then one helps to keep the other amused and makes a day out more fun for both of them, not to mention easier for us grandparents.

So anyway as Bob was away Fifi was asked to choose where she wanted to go, so she chose Catrine House, a local ice-cream parlour, coffee and farm shop, with a small play park, small soft play area, some ride on toys for small children and a bouncy pillow. All the play stuff is free, their food is reasonable priced and the children can play in a safe enclosed environment while the parents relax. They also have a horse that the children can ride on as they are led round a field.

I wandered round to daughter's house and as I walked in and spoke to Dinky she promptly started screaming, you would think I stuck pins in her every time I saw her. When we parked up I lifted Dinky out the car and she heard the lambs bleating and so we went and saw them.

Fifi ran off to play, and we saw little of her for the next couple of hours as she amused herself. I would have thought she was a bit old for what was there but obviously not. I spent a lot of the afternoon snuggling Minky as he is just not himself.

Dinky on the swing

Minky on the swing
The horse riding was free as well, though I have to say the girl leading the horse did not look at all amused about having to do it and was quite sullen. Poor horse walked round there the whole time we were there with no drink or anything, and it was rather warm
Fifi on the horse

We were going to buy ice-cream and something to eat but their card machine was not working, so Fifi got an ice-cream which she shared with the twins. After this we set off for the Kay Park in Kilmarnock as there was a cache there I thought the children might enjoy collecting. It was a treasure hunt cache, the co-ordinates were for the map, and from there you had to wander round the park answering questions on the way and converting these numbers to a new co-ordinate to find the cache at the end of it.

so we started off by finding the treasure map.

The seating is made to look like books, it was a project undertaken with two of the local schools.

the book seat

we thought this was quite appropriate

a Corinthian column

the fountain

the head high weeds leading to the cache

and yes we found the treasure

We also saw
the ducks on the edge of the pond
and daughter just had to go back to her first childhood

daughter and granddaughter play on the slide

and sssshhhh dont tell anyone but I videoed it

I also have photos of the children on this lion

fun as a gran

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall