Tuesday, 14 April 2015

John Logie Baird (Smart or not so Smart?)

Way back in time, the 26th January 1926 to be precise, a genius Scotsman by the name of John Logie Baird (1888-1946) demonstrated to the public for the first time what we now refer to as television. Little could he, or anyone else watching on that day. have the remotest idea as to how the demonstration of this amazing new technology would go on to change the world as they knew it or indeed to help shape the future beyond anything they could possibly imagine.Would the world go on to thank him for this ?

However lets not skip too far ahead at the moment, the world back them was a very different place technologically, after all they were still getting used to the idea of radio, a magical way of sending voice invisibly over the air and suddenly someone could now do the same with pictures and images, magic indeed. A century before that you would have probably been burned at the stake for imagining or suggesting such a thing!

 Image courtesy of digitalart at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Jump forward a decade or three to when I was born television had become far more advanced since the days of Mr Baird, I mean three channels and in colour too were available, amazing. I grew up with this technology never giving it a second thought. Even when they added a fourth channel, then came along satellite television suddenly hundreds of channels were available and  it was just the way things were, we accepted it, it was normal, entertainment and news at the press of a button all being displayed on a square and generally ugly box sitting in the corner of your living room.

The next big thing that came along to amuse us all was computers, I shall not dwell too long on them as we all know how they progressed from simple devices that you could spend hours programming just to have a coloured ball or wavy lines bounce across your television screens to the amazingly powerful devices we have now come to accept as being part of our every day lives.

Then came the Internet and goodness how that has changed the world of entertainment and communication beyond anything anyone could have imagined. Suddenly across a multitude of devices, computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones we had access to the world and almost everything in it.

Then came along the Smart TV like this one made by Panasonic  truly amazing now everything is available on a very attractive box sitting in the corner of your living room or more commonly nowadays mounted on your wall. 

 Image courtesy of Naypong at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

 Besides the traditional functions of television sets this amazing technology can provide us with internet television and an almost inexhaustible supply of online interactive media. We can communicate with our friends and family, send emails, pictures, call up videos, watch satellite TV, and access unbelievable amounts of information all at the press of a few buttons on a small device in the palm of your hand. Truly amazing if not magical, and yes in amongst all that we still have the original three channels, so yes  Mr Baird the world does indeed have an awful lot to thank you for, you were indeed a very Smart fellow. 

This is a sponsored post but all thoughts are wording are my own. 

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Project 365 week 15

What a glorious week it has been dont think we have seen any rain, dont think I have worn a jacket all week, apart from Monday morning where we had a heavy fog that did not lift until lunchtime then it has been glorious.


I finished work at two today, a rare Sunday afternoon off, (would rather have had the overtime but there was none today) and what a lovely Sunday it was, a beautiful sunny wind free afternoon and so we decided to make the most of it and went for a walk along the river. I am grateful for living in such a beautiful part of the country. So many country estates, rivers, parks and the beach to walk along. What is not to like?

a lovely walk along the river. 


Today was a strange sort of day, very warm but foggy. Some places were patchier than others. It took a long while to lift, this picture was taken at 11.45 am. It always amazes me how many people seem to think they can scream along the bypass at 70+ mph with no lights on in practically zero visibility. We did set off for a walk along the river at Failford this afternoon, but everybody else must have had the same idea and as the place only has approx ten parking spaces then there was nowhere to stop. 

still foggy at lunch time.


Another beautiful afternoon, Daughter No3 was down for the afternoon and so we decided to take the gruesome twosome to the park to get them out and to give daughter a break. Have to say they are hard work with two adults, no wonder they are impossible with one. Bob came with us as well. 

They played on the swings and slide and ran around and expended lots of energy. We got Bob to shout them through the tunnel, Dinky was a bi reserved about going through to start with but Minky went through and back. 

Dinky on her way through

Minky on his way back


Bob goes to cubs and he is trying to work towards some of his badges. So he is going to do his hobby and photography badge with me and his DIY badge with granddad. He wants to do his hobby badge on geocaching, and so no excuses needed for me to go out caching. The house is rather noisy this week as we are getting external cladding done and every bit of house work I have done this morning has been undone by the workman, so I am giving up and going out.
We went and looked for a series of caches, sadly some had been muggled, and I have to say what a horrible area it was. It is reclaimed pit land that has been planted with trees and series of footpaths to encourage people onto the land. Sadly it seems to be attracting all the wrong people with the are strewn with litter, empty cans, broken bottles and lots of dog sh*t*. But it got us all out for some fresh air and exercise. 

Granddad was pretending to hide behind a telegraph pole, but Bob could see him ( obviously) and was laughing at Granddad as he walked round the pole to stay behind it. 

Bob laughing at Granddad


Today was a visit day and we left early and went to look around Doune Castle before hand and do some geocaching afterwards. The weather is too nice to waste. The last time we went to Doune Castle, for a geocaching event, it rained and rained and rained and was just about dark, so we decided to go back on a nicer day, and nicer it was.

Doune Castle


Was nice to catch up with my nephew his girlfriend and their three girls. It is three years since we last saw them. Did get some pictures but I am not a lover of sharing other people children on my blog. So any way I was in the town today picking up some bits and pieces for my geocaching event tomorrow. There are posters advertising the Tapestry up on most street corners. It is well worth a look if you have not already seen it. 

advertising the Tapestry 


A whole week of outdoor pictures, no food, no baking ( not done any) no trying to think of ideas for pictures, this week they have all come easy. Today was the first ever geocaching event I have held, and more than twenty people turned up. Despite the snow this morning and the hailstones for a minute or two at two pm by three o'clock it was gorgeous. We sat on the bench seats eating tea cakes and drinking irn bru, having a good old chin wag. It was quite a little sun trap thank fully. 

geocaching fun

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Saturday, 4 April 2015

Project 365 week 14


This was going to be what I shared last for last Saturdays picture but was changed at the last minute and so is being used today instead.

This is my new camera. Toyed with a few different ones before finally setting on this. I still wanted a pocket sized camera but liked the fact I can learn on this one as I can change it to manual and play with the settings.

So far I am impressed but a lot of functions  I have not used.

my new camera


Was a beautiful morning when I went to let the chickens out, first red sky I have seen in a long time.



Poor Bob has been suffering from an abscess on and off for a while now. His teeth are not in the best condition due to the amount of medication of one sort or another that he takes. They decided after much deliberation and discussions between all the relevant qualified people that a general anaesthetic was the best way. So he had to be at hospital for half past seven, and he had three teeth out,  I volunteered to go round after tea time and help with the babies bath and bed time in case Bob was still feeling miserable. He was actually not too bad.

Love the way these two are starting to communicate, maybe not in words but in sounds and hand gestures. Dinky now says "see it" as well.  Not the clearest photo going they don't sit still very long in the same area to get pictures taken.

at their table


DH treated us to lunch today and afterwards we went for a walk along the beach, it was chilly but bright and sunny. I liked the way this ship appeared to be sitting in between the two markers at the harbour entrance in front of snow topped Arran.

Arran with snow topped peaks
snow topped Arran in the background


Took Bob for a walk down the fishery when I picked him up. Sadly it was a shortened walk as he was having fun and running about and slipped in the mud and ended up rather filthy. But before that we were looking at the birds. We just missed the peacock with his tail feathers open looking very majestic. We hung around for a while hoping he would open again but he was for none of it.
No Fifi this week as she was being picked up to spend a long weekend in Oban.

peacock strutting his stuff


Bob is not allowed to eat dry crispy food for a week. For most children this would not be a problem you could give them boiled eggs or make their cereal soggy with milk but not so easy with Bob as he hates milk on cereal ( both his mother and I eat it dry as well) so this morning I made him pancakes and a smoothie.

wheat, egg, gluten free pancakes and a fruit smoothie


Saw this when we were in the town and as we have been looking for a blue pot for a while this seemed ideal. It sits nicely with the other two blue pots on the kitchen windowsill. This has narcissus in it from the garden.

narcissus in a boot vase

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Friday, 3 April 2015

Monsters, Greek Gods and Aeroplanes.

The long dark winter nights have been a long time in going, but gone they have, the light nights after school are back. So last week when they were due over I decided we would go out and blow the cobwebs away. Sadly Fifi is at the age where going out to get the cobwebs blown away with your brother and grandma is just not an acceptable pastime. So we left her with Granddad, she was sat up the stairs watching episodes of her current favourite programme on netflix.

So Bob and I set off and decided as it was rather wet and muddy we would avoid the river path and try a different direction that went along a more substantial path to avoid the mud. Whenever Bob and I go out for a walk the first thing he does is pick up a stick to defend us both from an demons that may be around.

So he ran ahead to find a decent stick.

and used it to attack the demons in the hedge before they could get out. 

As we walked along Bob was telling me about the book he is currently reading Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and all about the Greek gods. He really seems to be enjoying it. One of the joys of being home educated, my daughter has decided that Bob's next project will be the Greek Gods.

We enjoyed the scenery 

and were watching people working on the trees

We came to a fork in the path, one way carried on into the town and I was hoping the other would curve us round and bring us back to where the car was parked. It did.

So we followed on along the trail but we came across a rather muddy bit. I could probably have picked my way through but Bob's little legs may not have done.

So we had two choices at this point to go back the way we had came or scale up the side of the hill, Bob opted for scaling the hillside, so with a wee push here and a wee pull there we both got to the top.

and then doubled back to take the photograph of the muddy bit. We needed to get through the mud to the wooden bridge but we could not.

I realised as we rounded one of the corners that there was a geocache here that DH and I had not managed to find last year, so Bob and I looked for it, and found it - another one added to our total. 

Bob spotted our shadows and was really pleased his stick also had a shadow. 

Carrying on along the path Bob spotted aeroplanes parked on the runway. We got talking about foreign countries and different languages. We wondered where people were going and why. 

We were also looking at the growth happening along the banks and in the hedgerows. We decided to pick a few different twigs and bring them home and watch them bloom. Bob has some at home and he is going to do a mini project on them. He is going to  draw them and watch them as they open and take some pictures of them. I have told him once he has finished this project we will share it in a blog post. 

As we neared the end of our walk we came across a gate, a gate that squeaked, and so he spent the best part of ten minutes playing with it - simple things. He left his stick near the gate so he can pick it up another time. 

I have to say the walk was rather cold, there was no heat in the sun, but we had fun.

On the way back to the car I was asking Bob if he had any idea what he wants for his birthday. I got no positive suggestions, but know he just does not want more twins. 

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Project 365 week 13


Took the weekend off work, needed to use up the last of my holidays. Daughter No2 was down for the weekend as so we decided to take her dog for a good walk before they started their long journey home. He was stood nice until I got the camera out and then would not.


Husband has been busy clearing out the sheds in the garden as part of the revamp and so we had a lot of rubbish to go to the dump. Thought we might as well go a walk along the river while we were out as it was a nice day.


I am hosting my first ever geocching event on April the 11th, based around Tunnocks tea cakes and our other national drink. We approached both companies to see if they could maybe send me out a few badges or other bits and pieces to give away. One company said no, the other gave me seventy two tea cakes, two aprons, two tea towels, two caps and some trolley tokens. I am using one of each as a give away on my blog and the tea cakes and the other items will be given away at the event. Much more than I expected from them.


I broke the screen on my touch screen camera a month or so ago, it still takes pictures, but apart from zoom I cannot do anything else with it. So as I had a small unexpected windfall a week or so ago I decided to treat myself. Did lots of reading and research and decided to move away from my usual Fuji and go for a Samsung as I really like the spec and the features it has, But none of the local shops had it in and we had to go to East Kilbride to pick it up, So we thought what better a test for it than to stop at Whitelee Wind Farm and try it out It is the UK's largest on shore wind farm, and very interesting. Have to say so far I am impressed, and of course we picked up some caches while we were there.


Fifi had decided she did not want to come out with us, but Bob and I set off regardless. I had planned on taking him somewhere else but the wind was horrendous and it had rained on and off until gone three. So we set off up the estate but instead of going along the muddy paths by the river we decided to go a different route that we have not been before. It is quite nice to get one of them on their own and he was telling me all about Percy Jackson, He is enjoying learning about the Greek Gods through the book, and as he is home educated this gives my daughter an easy way to follow it on with a project on the Gods.


DH has been in the garden changing round things with the intention of moving sheds and things and part of this has been taking out old rotten cupboards and putting up shelves. So today Bob was helping Granddad put up these shelves.


Had had another picture ready to take this morning ( like to have an idea of Saturdays picture before hand). But changed my mind and am running with this.
This is the puddle on my windowsill  despite having a new window fitted about ten weeks back. Last week when they came to look they reckoned we had the "wrong type of bricks" round our window.....hmmmm the same type of brick as the rest of the house and they are all ok!!
Another phone call and argument to follow.

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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Win some official Tunnock's Merchandise

Earlier in the year DH and I went to look at the Great Scottish Tapestry at Stirling Castle. But now it is coming to our home town and as it will be free entry i and we will  go for another look. It is coming to Ayr Town Hall from the 4th April until the 31st May 2015. The work is amazing with so much detail in every piece of work, we spent hours walking round and looking but there was just too much to take in in one go.

One of the Tapestries shows a picture of our other national drink and a Tunnock's tea cake.

So we have decided to celebrate this union with a geocaching event. This event will take place on 11th April at 3pm in Ayr. You can read more about it here if you would like to join us. 

Anyway knowing that we were doing this event I approached Tunnock's  to see if they would be nice enough to provide me with some goodies to give away on the day and some to give away on my blog. They said yes, and supplied me with seventy two Tea Cakes to distribute at the event to save people bringing their own. The also supplied me with some goodies that I will give away to people that turn up, as well as some to give as a prize on here.

I have some official merchandise items to give away. I have an apron and a tea towel,

 a baseball cap

 and a shopping trolley token. . 

Entry is simple, just follow the instructions on the rafflecopter below. If the rafflecopter form does not come up just refresh your page. 

The first comment is compulsory all other methods of entry are optional.

Good luck to all and if you are going to be in the area during the time of my event please feel free and join us. The more the merrier. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

 Loquax, home of many great competitions.
as is Competitions at ThePrizeFinder - See more at: http://www.theprizefinder.com/content/official-tunnocks-merchandise#sthash.jUbKy2sq.dpuf

Sunday, 22 March 2015

A Thursday morning experimenting in the kitchen.

I had a rare day with the house all to myself and so decided to potter through to the kitchen to experiment with a few different ideas. I had seen a Facebook posting the other day looking for ideas on filling healthy breakfasts and somebody shared some easy overnight oat recipes. Now one thing that I know is good for me is oats, but no matter how I have tried in the past I just cannot tolerate the texture of oats once they are cooked into porridge, and so I was quite excited by this link.

I had some coconut milk in the fridge so I decided to use it and give this a try. Some of these recipes recommend adding grated raw fruit but as I am intolerant to most fruit raw  I adapted them to suit my own needs.

So I took half a pint of coconut milk and half a pint of oats and added the two together. I then added a very large handful of raisins and popped it in the fridge for twenty four hours. It swelled beautifully, and I have to say it was very edible, not soggy or slimy. How much easier does a recipe get?

oat breakfast

Think rice pudding texture. I served it topped with cooked fruit, a mixture of bananas, pears, blueberries and strawberries. The milk gives a delicious coconut flavour and I am sure you could add dessicated coconut along with the raisins.  

Now as I had the milk open I decided to come up with other ideas to use it up.  The other week I made some bulgar wheat soaked in fresh orange juice and so decided to soak some in coconut milk this time.

bulgar wheat

Bring half a pint of coconut milk to the boil, and pour over half a pint of bulgar wheat.

and it will swell to twice its size.

 Refrigerate until required. I have eaten this topped with yoghurt and cooked fruit. It could also be stirred through your cereal or added to home made pancake mix as I have done with the one soaked in fruit juice.

To use up the rest of the milk I made a banana and strawberry milkshake.

I also sliced various fruits and caramelised some pears, apples and strawberries and added them to the bottom of a baking tin and topped with sponge, the small ones were suitable for Bob, the big one just normal sponge was added.