Saturday, 20 December 2014

Project 365 week 51 14th - 20th December

Cant believe how quick this week has gone, and how little I have achieved The cards are written and distributed, but the wrapping not yet started, and the tree is still in its box. Just don't seem to have had five minutes this week. Did manage to buy the last few bits of presents I needed and hoping to get food shopping on Monday evening. Need to fit in baking with the children as we always make pies for Santa and allergy free biscuits for the elves with allergies.


Dinky decided to pop her dish with tatties and gravy in on her head, so I went and helped bath them. Did not manage to get a single picture with both facing the same way.

Dinky and Minky having fun. 


I went off to Morrisons with the two sets of Christmas bonus vouchers I had and did the shopping for the Salvation Army. I had listened to what Avril, the woman who runs their food bank said she needed most and stuck to the ideas she suggested. I did throw in some treats in the line of sweets and biscuits. I have to say I have been really touched by the generosity of the people who have helped me with this collection, over £200 worth of food has been handed in,( and some more has been handed to me today - Saturday) that I will drop off at the start of the week.

some of the bags I dropped off. 


One of the perks of helping at the over 55's club was an invite to go to the pantomime. We went to see Beauty and The Beast at the Gaiety Theatre in Ayr. Have to say if you are local I would seriously recommend it, it was amazing, so funny, and the two and a half hours just disappeared. I loved the character Frank, he imo really made the show.  Would love to have the money to go back and take the children with me. It did leave me, as a 365'er, itching to take out my camera and use it but we were told at the beginning not to.

before curtain up


Took Bob to see Santa at Dobbies in Ayr. Took him last year and it was a amazing. Elf helpers to talk to and take photographs with. As well as a animated band playing and singing Christmas songs, the atmosphere was amazing. This year I was disappointed, it was lacking that, though we did have a very nice Mrs Claus. Bob told him a list of what he would like, Santa will not have room for that amount of pressies for every child so he may be disappointed. We did pay that we bit extra to get Lego as his pressie at the time as Bob loves Lego. From that point of view it was a good buy as the Lego set would have cost me £10 had I bought it and we paid £10.99 for him to see Santa.

Daughter No3 came with us and we met up with Samantha as well. Had the twins for a while after we got back to give mum and dad a break.


We popped across to see Son No1 today. The weather here was atrocious. Visibility was virtually zero, the wipers could barely keep the window clear, and then as we headed further east it was warning snow was due. But at least at this point the rain was more normal. This picture does it no justice but the clouds were in front of the hills and it looked quite atmospheric.

the clouds rolling over the hills 


The plan had been to share the Christmas tree today, but its still in its box, it has made it down the stairs so we are getting there. I had pears needing used up so I made a pear upside down cake, and then made some almond favoured icing to put on it, coloured some orange and drizzled it. Looked very pretty here, but five mins later for some reason it had all sunk into the cake and was no longer visible.


The other week I had shared with you my three year old £30 slippers. What a coincidence that I should win a competition with them, y prize a £30 voucher. Can't use it online so will need to ask one of the others next time they go to Glasgow to pick me up something, they have a zipped hooded top I like.

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Saturday, 13 December 2014

Project 365 week 50 7th- 13th December


Feeling a bit better by today. So tonight's tea was an omelette with bacon and various vegetables in. Very nice it was too.


Nipped into town today to drop off some toys for the Salvation Army. Also dropped off a Teksta T-Rex that I had done a review on during the week as well. I am sure Bob would have loved it but decided some other child would appreciate it more.


I do holiday relief cleaning at an complex to cover when their own cleaner if off. I had asked the other week for permission to pop a box in their lounge for the Salvation Army food bank. They have been amazing, must easily be £50 worth of between biscuits, coffee, tea, sugar as well as beans, meals etc. A fantastic haul.


We were warned of a weather bomb that was due to hit us. So in anticipation of power cuts we dug out candles, torches and the gas stove. We didn't need them and I have to say for all the weather was wild wet and windy it was no worse than other storms. 
We saw every conceivable weather going, between rain, sleet, snow, some bits of blue sky and some thunder and lightning thrown in for good measure. 


I was suppose to be doing holiday relief cleaning at one of the other complexes last week, but with not being well I had had to postpone, and then again yesterday due to the weather. So I made it today, and took a look down the beach to see what damage was done but I have to say I was surprised as there seemed no trace of the storm and no litter blown up on the beach. 
Had the two over to stay tonight, had hoped to go for a wander round the village and look at the trees and decoration that were up but the wind and snow but a stop to that. 


Dropped Bob off at toddlers today ( as usual on a Friday) and Minky and Dinky were sat on the floor reading books, well Dinky was till she saw Bob anyway. I love the way their faces light up when they see him, and she crawled  over to be picked up(spoiling my picture)


Made a cake last night, a normal sponge recipe with half a jar of mincemeat in. Love this the flavour is amazing with all the spices, the raisins and other fruit are juicy and it changes the colour of the cake. There was slightly too much mixture for just the big tin and so I made four small ones as well.

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Thursday, 11 December 2014

Pampers UNICEF 1 pack = 1 vaccine campaign

I was approached by UNICEF to join in with the 1 pack = 1 vaccine campaign and as I love to support campaigns like this I readily said yes. 

The campaign is working with bloggers who share some "first time moments" on their blog, the moments we treasure as parents and grandparents, the moments that are precious to us. . 

So what are my firsts?

My memories take me back to my first born, born in hospital during a snow storm where half the staff could not get in and the ones that were in could not get home. 

Fast forward twenty three years and this is my first meeting with my first grandchild, born at 29+6 weighing 3lb 3oz, she is now a happy healthy normal twelve year old. 

Fast forward another eleven years and her is the first meeting of that first born granddaughter with her brand new twin brother and sister, along with her seven year old brother.  

This is the twins first day home, meet Minky and Dinky. 

and their first Christmas last year

and this is Dinky's first time on a swing

 This is their first birthday, complete with the cakes we made for them. 

I have to admit I missed a lot of the firsts with the older two because they lived a few hours away, its lovely having them all on the doorstep. 

The campaign is to highlight the fact that there are millions of babies each year who do not reach their firsts due to the continued danger posed by maternal and newborn tetanus. 
With the support of Pampers, who donate one vaccine for every pack of a qualifying product bought between October and the end of December, they are hoping to save some of these lives.  It might not sound much but it does add up. The campaign started back in 2006, this is their ninth year and since then

  • Pampers has donated funds for 300 million vaccines;
  •  helping to protect 100 million mums 
  • and eliminating the disease in 15 countries – that’s five more countries since the 2013 campaign!
  • But there are still babies in 24 of the world’s poorest countries at risk.
So how can you get involved?

  • For each specially marked Pampers – UNICEF pack purchased, Pampers will donate for example the cost of one tetanus vaccine to support UNICEF in the fight against maternal & newborn tetanus.
  • Watch a video and they will donate one vaccine. Please click through to watch it on youtube or your view wont count

  • Share it with your friends and they will donate a second vaccine
  •  Upload to their Facebook page a photo of your baby experiencing their first special moments – whether that’s cuddles, smiles or tastes – and they will donate a third life-saving vaccine.
Please a few clicks to help other children worse off that your own has to be worth it. 

Thank you. 

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Roooaaaaarrrr Teksta T-Rex - my review

I entered a competition a while ago to win a Texsta T-Rex, but sadly I did not win. But later on I got a lovely e-mail asking me if I would like to review one. I said yes to this opportunity as I knew I could find a good home for the toy once I had done the review.

Teksta T-Rex the bone crushing dino! Just like his puppy friend T-Rex responds to your voice, lights and sounds with expressive eye patterns to share his feelings. Using cutting edge hand gapproxure technology command Teksta T-Rex to walk, move his hands, tail and stop. Stroke his face to hear him roar and see him snap just like a real T-Rex Dinosaur. When he's hungry feed him with his dino bone to see his ultimate trick, watch him crunch, munch and launch it away, followed by an almighty burp! With over 100 physical and app-sized interactive play features. Includes bone accessory. For ages 5 and over. Requires 4 x AA batteries (not included).

So when he arrived, the day after I had joined in a twitter conversation on how difficult some toys are to remove from their packaging, but have to say a few snips of the string and this was easy. ( I did not cut the string as I was putting this back in the box to pass on). He takes two AA batteries in the bottom of each foot  ( batteries not included).

The first thing that impressed me was how few user instructions there were, the fold out leaflet had all the information you needed to use him, no complicated umpteen paged handbook to put young children off. He would also require no presetting up so apart from adding batteries he is use able straight from the box.

the instructions 

He switches on with a simple push button on his chest, and as you switch him on he roars and his eyes light up. His eyes light up with different sequences depending on what you are expecting him to do.

different modes gives different eye colours 

He has two different mode buttons on top of his head,the one on the right makes him sing and dance, the other button allows you to talk to him, he listens and then talks back to you.

his mode butons

You can further expand on what the toy can do if you have an i-pad or an Android tablet. Go to the appropriate online store and download the free app, then by pressing the left hand button on his head you can get him to intereact with you. So many children have tablets these days this app will add to the fun and usability of the toy. This kept four adults amused last week seeing what we could get him to do. The app was easy to use. If you do not have a tablet or i-pad there is still a lot of play value in this toy.

He comes complete with his own bone, that if placed in his mouth will be snapped in half, "eaten" and the thrown out of his mouth, followed by a very loud burb - which children seem to find very funny.

with his bone. 

I did not let the children near the review of Dino as I knew Bob would love him. But Dino is away to a new home, he was handed into the Salvation Army, along with two carrier bags of other toys, jigsaws, and "smellies" to be added to other donations to be given to local children who may not get much else. I repacked him neatly so it is not obvious he has been out and added a pack of batteries in with him so there were no tears on Christmas morning because somebody could not use him.

Dino was added to the other donations. 

Overall opinion -  I am sure that child will have a lot of fun as the toy is fun and interactive with a lot of play appeal. I would recommend for the five to eight year age group.

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Project 365 week 49 30th November - 6th December


I took last weekend off work, and on the Sunday the Coca Cola truck was coming into Ayr, and as it was the only local place it was stopping we decided to pop along and have a look. Fifi goes swimming on a Sunday evening and Bob was too ill to take with us, so it was just the two of us. They were handing out mini coke cans with Santa written on but they were opening them for you, no chance to bring home a sealed one. As was expected the queues were over an hour long to get your photograph taken in front of the truck, but there was entertainment with singers and things there.

I have added the snow to the truck with pic monkey, just to make it more seasonal.

The coca cola truck in Ayr


Had had a headache for most of the day, so went for an evening stroll round the village to get some fresh air and see how many people had their trees and decorations up. Spotted quite a few gardens with them in, have to say none of my pictures turned out brilliant but it was all I took.

decorations in the garden. 


First day this winter that the car has needed scrapping, quite a hard frost today.

Daughter No1 had bought these for me a few weeks back and I had not got round to using them yet, keep forgetting about them in the door of the fridge. They seem to be fed up of being in the tub and have decided to escape.

escaping from the tub. 


By now I have well and truly got the bug that Dinky and Bob had last week, Feeling really quite crappy, hurts right down into my chest and its affecting my peak flow. No choice but to go to the GP. Also have conjunctivitis, hate the headaches and nausea this gives. Home from the town by lunchtime and straight back to bed.
No visit from the gruesome twosome this week as they not well enough to be round, and I not well enough to want them round.


I know I moan about my DH at times, and like most men he can be a pain in the rear end. But have to say I have spent the day in bed and was provided with breakfast, snacks and drinks. As well as him cooking the tea.

 While we were in the town at the GP and chemist yesterday I popped into M&S to pick up the prize I won on the pass the parcel they are doing. Was not worth going in for, but as I was there anyway it was a matter of principle. Wondering if they were hoping a lot of people would not bother.

No children tonight, could not have faced entertaining them, and pointless having them if I am going to ignore them.

think the size of a Freddo bar with aero in the  middle. 


Again barely out of my bed, not been anywhere at all. So this weeks pictures are boring to say the least, Daughter No 1 had dropped Bob round as it was Minky's turn this time. Daughter had had him in at the GP as he was struggling to breath, so GP sent him to A&E. The children's ward has an observation ward so he was observed for three hours as his breathing rate was too high. But eventually they sent them home.

The weather here has been miserable ( well it is December) so the girls get porridge most evenings before dark to put a heat into them.


Daughter No2 and SIL were due down last night. But her dog affects my breathing a the best of times. No work for me this weekend, I am struggling to get up and down the stairs let alone do a shift at work. So she came down for the one day instead of two and I just kept away from him. It was the last chance she had to drop off Christmas presents as she is busy the next few weekends. She was also suppose to be taking Bob skating in Glasgow but he still not good. It has rained and rained here all day so he got a bit soggy when out for a walk. 

So that was my week, Iook forward to a better week this week.

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Project 365 Week 48 23rd - 29th November


During my break between shifts I go into the library where I can access the free wifi, take along my notebook, my radio and just do whatever. It helps to pass the time. Took this on instagram but could not work out how to crop it and get my watermark on so you have it as is.  

notebook and dab radio


I have started using the Avene cream I got last week. I have to say I was surprised at just how little of the product you need. This is more than enough to do both my hands and my face, sparingly works well. Certainly helps to make it affordable.  

a small blob of cream


I listen to my local radio as I like both the era of music they play as well as the patter of the presenters. Morning quizzes, music maestro, and various competitions all add to the listening enjoyment. I had entered one of the competitions and was third out the win bin, nice to hear your name called out as a winner. DH always liked the Eurythmics so this was a good win.

the cd I won


We have been saying for a while we need to get down to see Gran and take her some flowers, So as it was a dry day we decided to pop down. We did a couple of cache and dashes while we were out and then popped in to see other relatives that still stay in the area. 

The gruesome twosome did come to visit tonight but sharing Gran instead. 

flowers for Gran


Is normally the day the older two come round but Bob and Dinky are not well, Dinky was at the Dr's this morning, and Bob this evening, both have bad chests and sore throats and are feeling miserable. So Bob decided mummy cuddles were better than Grandma cuddles.

This gave Fifi a chance to be here on her own and her job was to make my birthday cake, So she decided she would bring her cake maker and cake stand that one of her friends had got her for her birthday as she had not had chance to use them.

So she brought along the ingredients as well as her friend C and the two of them had a lot of girly giggly fun while they created merry hell   amazing cakes. It took them two hours to make a dozen fairy cakes, and then another hour and a half to make my cake. Followed by half an hour to clear up.

the fairy cakes made by Fifi and C


Today is my birthday, twenty two again.The birthday made by Fifi was beautiful, I have trained her well. Thank fully this is the last birthday until February. It is also our wedding anniversary, thirteen years married, but twenty one years come January together,

my birthday cake 


I have taken this weekend off work. So we popped out to have a look the shops in Troon for a change. Never really bought much but it got us out for a while. 

On the way back we popped into the children's house to drop off Fifi's stuff that was left here from Thursday evening. Daughter was not happy with Dinky's breathing, she could not get an answer on NHS24 as all the lines were busy so having had a listen to her I advised them to pop her up to A&E ( which daughter really knew she needed to do). To save Bob having to go and get bored as well I brought him here. He sat upstairs watching a film. I tried to sneak in to get a picture if him but he pulled a cover over his head, so I pulled it off which caused a huge amount of giggles, I managed to get this one picture of him. Fifi was away to Glasgow with her other Gran spending her birthday money, she goes every year as they go Christmas shopping. 

Daughter was three hours, there was not much they could do for Dinky as she had antibiotics from the GP anyway. Just a matter of keeping an eye on her in case she deteriorates. One of the drawbacks of winters and young children, they get ill. 

Bob trying to avoid the camera

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Project 365 week 47 16th - 22nd November


Today is Happy Birthday to Daughter No3, but she is not here today so no pic of her, we will catch up later in the week.

I love mince, good quality mince, and would happily eat it seven days a week. I buy it in bulk and cook and freeze it so I just have to defrost tea a few nights of the week. This week I decided to make a couple of lasagne with it. So tonight's tea was lasagne, and very nice it was too.

home made lasagne for tea


After I saw a photo on Instagram from TBAMof her taking in food to a foodbank I decided I needed to do a collection for our local Salvation Army food bank. So I put together a post,you can read it here.


Today is Fifi's twelfth birthday. How quickly those years have passed. She  asked for a birthday cake with rainbow coloured layers with the middle hollowed out and filled with skittles and skittles round the outside. Here we have one birthday cake, and her blowing out her candles. Tell she is getting old it took three breaths to get them all blown out. 

the requested birthday cake 


Sunday had been daughter No 3's birthday, but today was the first time we hvae had to catch up since then. We took her out for lunch and then she came back to the village to play football with Bob as she had promised him she would. 

Wednesday evening is when the gruesome twosome come to visit. Both of them were tired. Minky fell asleep on Granddads knee. Dinky was slightly better she went and pl;ayed on the floor for a few minutes, then went back to mummy to check she was still there ( two feet away) she would have a squeal and a cuddle then come back and play again. 

kisses and cuddles with granddad


As normal this is the night for the older two to come and stay. Fifi had been asking to do some baking so I decided she could make the birthday cakes for the gruesome twosome tomorrow. So she made the cakes and they decorated one each. Bob was well supervised to make sure he was not tempted to lick his fingers or rub his face by accident. He survived the experience. We also made a few cakes for him on both days so that he could have cake. 

The pink butter icing looked more like sea food sauce but I don't think Dinky was to bothered. 

the two cakes.


Well it has come round all to quickly, Minky and Dinky's first birthday. Mum had a party for them at toddler group ( as she runs the group and its toddlers on a Friday morning)  with a bouncy castle and cake. Being the guests of honours they slept through half of it.

We took their cakes and pressies round at tea time. Minky did attempt to tear paper off of one of them but he could not manage, I am sure next year will be different. His walking is coming on well, he can stop and start, turn and sit a bit more controlled.

dressed in the birthday clothes

This is them with their cake, I did not take this but thought I would pop it in as an extra.

it is out of reach. 


I was offered an opportunity to do a twenty one day challenge with a skin care product - Avene Xeracalm Balm . I have to use if for  twenty one days starting Monday and see if there is a difference, I can but hope. It is a social channel sharing challenge,with no obligation to blog.

The challenge is to help soothe your skin conditions within 21 days of applying the product. 

As my skin is really really dry this last few months, dry enough I am  leaving cream next to my bed for my hands and face to use during the night I decided to give it a go.

 Week 1: Are you up for the challenge? If so share images showing your acceptance of the challenge/ product delivery

here is  hoping it helps. 

So here is week 1. I am hoping it will make a difference.I am a few days early, but some of you won't read this until later in the week so it will be fine. I will keep you updated.

Would have allowed Bob to try this as something needs to be tried for him his whole body is a mess and the hospital have no other ideas, but wanted to make sure I had no reaction to it first.