Saturday, 6 February 2016

Project 366 week 5

Well the rest of my blood tests came back as normal, nothing what so ever to worry about. Nice to know really that everything is functioning fine, that I am not lacking in the major vitamins, calcium or iron and don't have too much cholesterol or the wrong amount of sugar. Just goes to show that size is not always an indicator of health.


One of the advantages of working in an ophthalmic ward is when you have a sore eye at a weekend somebody is on hand to have a look at it for you and give you something for it.

eye drops


Went to have a look at how high the water was at the dam. It was HIGH, But I did not realise until I look at the pictures when I got them home that there was a bird bobbing up and down in the swell.

the bird does not seem bothered


Have started doing my evening workout while my tea is cooking, but before I do my workout I make a milk shake with soya milk, a banana and a spoonful of wheatgerm. I can not eat bananas but they say they are good for you and I can take them like this.



We decided to go and do some geocaching. The sky was blue and for all it was cold it was dry. So as hubby wanted to do something up the Valley we headed to Darvel and the intention was to go up to the birthplace of Alexander Fleming, a remote farm a few miles outside of the town. There are a series of caches along the road, but we need to park about a mile away and walk as the road was not drivable in our car. But we got just over half way when the weather started to close in and so decided to head back to the car. Made it back just as all hell broke lose with sleet. Not the sort of place you want to get caught.

we found the horses on our walk


Was making a chicken risotto for tea and was cutting up a red pepper. Have never seen these inside a pepper before, but apparently they are baby peppers.

baby peppers


Been sticking to my nightly workouts. Mixing them up between aerobics and weights. Tonight was an upper body weight workout. Have got it linked onto the tv now makes it easier to work with.

upper body weight workout


Our tumble dryer was one of the ones involved in the product recall. But the last e-mail we had said it would be at least April before they could get to us for repair. So as I had a very small windfall we decided to take them up on their offer of a new one at a hugely discounted price.Ours is nearing four years old so seemed logical. They delivered for free and took away the old one and the packaging.

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Thursday, 4 February 2016

Stones and puddles make for fun.

I must sound like quite a boring Gran, but the only place I can take the gruesome twosome that they can play safely and fairly dry is the wee park at the top of the village. We live in a very small village that pretty much a five minute walk in any direction will get you onto a back road with no pavement to safely walk on.
So last week when I had the twins and Bob for a few hours while DD1 went back to bed for a rest and it stopped raining for a while I decided to wrap them up and head out while we could.
So I popped them into the buggy and headed to the park along with their bikes to play. I allowed them to play in the swings for the first few minutes but I really wanted them to run off some energy, so we set about having some fun.

both in the swings

look no hands - he thinks this is hilarious 

So for a while the two of them amused themselves by playing with stones. Picking them up, lining them up,  knocking them off and starting again.There were a lot of small stones around, but Minky had to go for the ones underneath a bin.

They got lined up on the wooden bench

 and on the blue balance beam

The piles got bigger

The Minky decided to play at fitting him and his bike through the gap.

Before they went off and played elsewhere at other things

They adore their toddlebike2 and ride down the slope and pull the bikes back up.

Bob was in his element running from one end of the park to the other. Though I did have a word with him for knocking off the stones Dinky was lining up. 

They played away nicely for ages. I was actually surprised at them swapping over bikes, normally Dinky in particular, having learnt the word "mine" applies it to everything and refuses to drink from Minky's cup or use Minky's plate etc, she now takes note of the fact things are different colours and is a stubborn little sausage when it comes to only using "mine".

Have to laugh at them, no puddles to splash in with their feet so they find them with their hands. 


  Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Project 366 week 4


DD3 treated us to lunch out today and then came back to go and see her sister and the children. This is her bag.

a fab bag


Well I am in Scotland and it is the 25th Jan so well else could I share but hubby's tea? I had it without the haggis.

a traditional meal


Decided I needed something to snack on and these were still unopened from Christmas, so I opened them and had a handful.



Went round to play with the grandkids for a few hours to give mummy some peace. It stopped raining so we went to play in the small park. I encouraged them to run and ride rather than play on the swings to expend some energy. They spent awhile rounding up stones putting them on the bench and knocking them off again. 

playing with stones


Went to get blood tests today. Had to be fasting blood test, looking for vitamin and mineral deficiencies as well as cholesterol and blood sugars. So came for breakfast afterwards before doing some shopping.  So far had results of U's and E's back which shows a very slight issue with my kidneys, so to get that test repeated in three months. 

totally unhealthy but was good


Storm Gertrude has hit, not as wild here as other parts of Ayrshire seem to be getting. The tractor was on the beach dragging all the sand back from the wall before the next high tide hit. 

clearing sand away


I was asked a few weeks back if I would like to join in and promote #KnitforWinter Campaign that is being supported by Sunrise Senior Living. They have partnered with a baby charity called First Touch to gift premature babies with  hats and blankets. Premature babies struggle to keep themselves warm and need more help than full term babies. Fifi was ten weeks premature so we understand the stress and worry this creates for a family, as well as the problem of getting clothes that fit. It is a nice easy campaign and it is a great way to use up scraps of wool you may have. You can download the patterns here if you fancy joining in. I agreed to knit a blanket and the wool and needles were sent to me to allow me to do this. 

ready for knitting

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Friday, 29 January 2016

Three weeks into podding

Well I started with the Gold Package on Slimpod three weeks ago. Three weeks of listening to an eight minute programme on my mp3 player every night of the week. Three weeks of sharing the highs and lows with fellow podders on Facebook, and three weeks of inspirational e-mails and encouragement from the founder of the programme.

So what difference have I noticed in three weeks?

Firstly having giving myself a kick up the b*m over my laziness in an evening I have been doing forty five minutes to an hour of aerobic and weigh training using the hundreds of videos on good old youtube. Have found five that at the moment I am rotating round so as not to get bored. I have been doing this four days a week, taking the one day a week off, an the other two days I do a very physical job so have no need to exercise at the weekends. I have also started getting up in an evening and say walking upstairs and back rather than sitting for four or more hours on the laptop.

I have cut down the portions I put on my plate, and am only trying to eat when I am actually hungry rather than sitting picking. I also now leave on my plate what I don't actual want rather than finishing it for the sake of finishing it. I am not depriving myself and I am not going hungry, just making more healthy choices in general.

I have stopped bringing junk food into the house, you will now find rice cakes and multi seed crisp breads in the snack box. I am still buying a few biscuits for hubby to eat but I have never really been a biscuit person so am not bothered. I have also started taking food out with me during the week so rather than having say crisps for lunch it is now pasta, veg and tuna, or flavoured cous cous.

I have only had one 500ml bottle of fizzy juice, I was desperately thirsty and it was in the car. Did not particularly enjoy it. I have changed totally to sparkling water, I still like to have the fizz but don't want everything else that is in the juice. Cannot say as I am missing in particularly.

So what changes have  I noted?

Firstly I have lost 1.9 kilos ( or just over 4 lb in my language), not a lot by some peoples standards,  but it is over a pound a week and I am happy with that. I am not expecting this to be instant fix, years of being over weight is not going away quickly. If I can maintain a pound a week it is nearly four stone in a year, I would be quite happy to lose that amount.

I measured myself before I started on the programme and have lost a total four inches, so again it is going in the right direction. I have lost an inch of my bust, half inch off my waist, two off my bicep, one of my hips and my thigh for some strange reason is up by a half inch.

I have been noting three positives a day for the three weeks, and if I can maintain smaller portions of healthier foods couple with the exercise then I am sure it will all keep going in the right direction.

What changes have my fellow podders found?

Disclaimer I have not paid for my Gold Package, but this post reflects my honest findings.

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Project 366 week 3

Have been good with my keep fit, much to hubby's annoyance as my jumping around in the room above him is rather noisy, but done four one hour sessions and to be honest I am quite enjoying it. Been using YouTube videos so have been varying the workouts so I am doing a combination of aerobics and weights.


It snowed for hours yesterday, came home the bus route hoping it would be clear but it wasn't. A long slow drive home. Thank fully it did not freeze over night so an easier drive back to work. Took this this morning, I mean what else do you do at 6.30 am?

says it all really


Picked up a box set of DVD's from a friend to relay them to another friend, just thought we would watch them while we had them. So far it is interesting enough.

a box set


DD1 has been ill for a number of weeks, the last cold barely cleared before she ended up with ear ache and a throat infection. The other grandparents came over and helped out yesterday and daughter was going to see doctor today. She phoned at 8.20 and they offered her an appointment at 8.40. She did not want to say no as she may wait days for another one, As she would not have managed to get the twins dressed in time to go she phoned me and I went down to sit with them.

breakfast time


DD1 had finally managed to get a vehicle sorted out, has only taken her about ten weeks without one to get it sorted. So despite feeling rough she wanted to get the children out for a while. So I volunteered to go to soft play with them. We had a fun few hours. Not the best picture but taken with the phone in a darkish area. Dinky never really likes to play she just potters, but I sat in the play area with her and she had fun. Minky is just off and follows Bob up the side designed for the 5+ age range. He is only in here with us cos he had had a fall and bashed his lip and was a bit upset.

both in the ball pool


Had a catch up and a coffee with a friend today.

my mad friend and partner in crime at work


Not done baking for a while, but really did not have the energy to do a workout so this was as energetic as I got. Dairy free and with agave instead of sugar, and a dairy free ganache on top.( Have been informed that agave syrup is not exactly healthy but I had it in the cupboard, so you may want to read about it before you use it)

dairy free cakes


On holiday this weekend, no real reason apart from using them up. So decided as it is dry and reasonably sunny going to go and do some geocaching. Will share some pictures later if there are any worth sharing.

loaded ready to go

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Saturday, 16 January 2016

Project 366 week 2.


Before Christmas we bought a few boxes of chocolates in case anybody wanted some. I opened the dark chocolate box and had been eating away at them one here and one there over the last few weeks. Hubby had been helping out as well, I came home today from work and found the box was empty with a note inside it.

my husband does make me laugh


Bob is back at gymnastics and so I am back on the gymnastics run. Went for a walk, yes in the rain, and then popped into the library to get my card updated. While I was there I picked up a few audio books to listen to.

audio books


Daughter has not been feeling well since before Christmas, finally got something off of the GP but was making her feel quite rotten. As SIL is back at work the other grandparents have been helping out so DD1 could go back to bed. I popped in for a visit on the way home. They love sitting up here, the watch the cars go by and knock the window as people walk past and wave at them, of course most people wave back which they think is funny.

watching the cars go by

Pop up a wee video of them sat up there. 


My turn to help out and look after the kids while DD1 went back to bed. Had promised them we would go for a walk. It was dry at the point but once we left the house we got a steady drizzle the whole time we were out. We went down to the fishery and back up.

rain drops on the hood of the buggy


Today was visit day. There were snow warnings for the east of the country, and having found no way home last week I did not fancy a repeat of that this week so far from home. So we packed extra cloths, a blanket, a flask of bovril, and phone numbers for B&B's in the area and also the areas we would pass through on the way home just in case. It was cold and we did see some cars with fresh snow on round about Stirling but luckily it stayed dry all day. We decided as it was a crisp clear ( and absolutely freezing) night we would go and see the Kelpies, Made a collage of the different colours.

Helix Park
four different colours of the Kelpies 


Have been sticking to my workouts, Doing two of them one after the other, all in all about 45 minutes. I appreciate they are level one workouts but taking it slowly considering my age and weight. But added hand weights into the first work out that does not require them and the heavier weights in the second workout which does call for them. All part of building it up. Got to be doing some good and along with my Slimpod I am hoping to see a difference.

hand weights added to the workouts


I have a real bad habit of leaving the light on when I am getting things out from the cupboard under the stairs. Drives hubby mad, so when I got offered the chance to write a review on Amazon for a motion detector light/torch it seemed silly not to say yes please.  It is great it switches off after twenty seconds and switching on when I open the door. It is more than bright enough to illuminate everything on the shelves and is also handy for reading the meter.

no flash used shows the brightness of the light 

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Saturday, 9 January 2016

Project 366 week 1

Debated over joining in this year, but have to say I not only enjoy sharing our ups and downs but reading other peoples. I thought with a new grandchild due next month it would be a shame not to allow her young life to be on here for her to look back on just as the gruesome twosome have been followed.

So here we have it - year five of the project.

Friday 1st January

Went for a cold, blowy, but dry walk along the beach to blow away the cobwebs, it certainly did that all right. Somebody had written this message in the sand, and so I decided to share it with you.


Had been at the GP on Thursday as I am finding myself hoarse a lot of the time but my throat is not actually sore. I feel it may be catarrh as I blow my nose upwards of twenty times a day, so I got some steroid drops to use for six weeks and see if it makes a difference, I also mentioned a few other issues I have and so he wants to do some fasting blood tests, so have an appointment with the practise nurse for them at the end of the month.


I often find when sat on my laptop my ankles get cold, so how lovely is this, a pressie from a friend. It is great and makes a difference, a slipper for two feet at once. 


Driving back into the village and I spotted a fab sunset in my mirrors. Stopped in the layby and took this picture. 


Have decided that I need to do something about the fact I am putting on weight. Did a post on it here, but here is a start. A gentle start but considering my age and weight probably a sensible start. Struggled at eight minutes in but was fine by twelve minutes. Hoping to improve and work up to  harder workouts.


Went for a walk along the river. Hubby is down photographing the waterfalls.


Went round to see the twins and keep their other Gran company while daughter was out. There was lots of giggling going on with lots of silliness. The two of them play well together.


It has snowed here and by golly has it created merry hell. People stuck in traffic jams for hours, no way out and no way round. It normally takes me twenty minutes in heavy traffic to get home. Took over two hrs today. There are three sensible ways into the village, my normal route, the back route and the long route. Short route shut off with a police accident sign, so I diverted round to the back way, got about three miles to get stopped and turned round again. So back to the bypass for the long route home, the snow was much heavier at this point. Stopped to phone hubby and let him know what was happening, and then carried on for another two miles on a horrible slippery snow covered road, only to get turned round here and sent back the way we had come. A sign post at the far end would have been nice. Problem is our village is quite high, surrounded by roads that are even higher, and it makes access difficult. The fourth unrealistic route in was gridlocked and no traffic moving so I phoned my pal to see if I could come and sit at hers until the roads opened, but luckily time I passed the first road again it was open. Sensibly enough I have spare jackets and waterproof trousers in the car as well as hat and gloves and food and water so just such an emergency.
When I took this picture I was stopped and awaiting my turn to be turned round.

turned round. 


Where we live is not on the bus route and there is no way with the amount of snow in Ayrshire the gritters were getting anywhere near our street. It has frozen overnight the street will be impossible to get  out of, so I have left my car at DD1 door and planned on putting these on to make walking down the hill to it safer.


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