Wednesday, 31 August 2016

A frosty walk along the river

One of the joys at this time of year is the frosty nights. They make for marvellous afternoon walks, much much better than the rain we have endured. So I dragged hubby out for a walk the other day to enjoy the scenery and the fresh air.

Sunday, 28 August 2016

My Sunday Photo week 8

We popped over to visit DD2, SIL and the latest grandchild Mia, the other day. Did a post here if you want a look. 

Anyway while we were over that neck of the woods we took the dog a walk along the river. We were here last year and had a cache left we wanted to pick up.  They have a trail of fairy doors, small doors at the bottom of the trees made and decorated by local children. Some of them are fairly plain doors, others a bit more elaborate. This one caught my eye. Sadly people keep stealing them so they need to keep replacing them. A great addition to the walk if you have children with you as they add interest to the walk finding them.


Saturday, 27 August 2016

Project 366 week 34


Finished another of the Toy Story characters for Minky's blanket.


Our schools are back which means after school activities are back, and so we dropped Bob at gymnastics and walked the dog. Hubby was picking and eating blackberries as we went round, this is when having oral allergy syndrome is a pain as I cannot eat raw fruit, they looked delicious.


Meet Mia, aka Ziggy, born by c section at 1.48 am this morning. DD2 had had to go in for two pm to be induced but they were not happy with baby's heartbeat. After careful monitoring and trying to start her labour off they decided at midnight that they did not think Ziggy would cope with stronger contractions as she was struggling with the gentler ones and they decided on a c-section. This is why DD2 was in a hospital ninety miles away from home as her local hospital only deal with straight forward births and they would have transferred her anyway. 


From newest grandchild to eldest grandchild. Fifi had to give evidence as a witness in court today. She did herself proud. She had asked for me to go along as her mum was also giving evidence and so at some point they needed to be split up, so I was able to sit with Fifi before and after. I also had Spud while DD1 gave evidence as she could not take her into court but had to take her with her. Was quite nice to get to spend some time with Spud as she always gets overshadowed by those bigger and noisier than her. Here Fifi was catching pokemon while her mum was out of the room.


DD2 is out of hospital and gone to stay with family to save her the long drive home after her section. So we went round for a visit and did a few things while we were in the area. Here are mum and dad out with Ziggy for her first walk in the pram.


Had made a apple crumble for hubby the other night. I always make excess crumble mix as is saves well in the freezer and cooks from frozen. I was cooking up fruit for adding to my breakfast and so I made a mixed fruit crumble for myself.


Our speeds are certainly much faster than they were. Notice a difference if using the fire stick and the computer at the same time, so well worth the phone call. I know in comparison to some of you this is pathetic speeds but one of the draw backs of living rural. The speed might improve as it settles down as we were told to expect 40-50 Mbps.

Friday, 26 August 2016

Introducing Mia

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, may I proudly present to you Mia, my newest granddaughter.

Mia was born at 01.48 on Tuesday 23rd August by cesarean section as she was not coping well with mild contractions and they were worried about her heart beat being erratic.  DD2 had kept me updated, and I was updating our side of the family. She phoned at 00.50 to say they were taking her for a section and then again at 02.50 to say she had a daughter. She certainly has a powerful set of lungs as well as a head full of hair. She weighed in at 7lb 12 oz.

I was surprised how well she was opening her eyes and seemed to be listening to every word I said when I was up visiting.

love the hair. 

eyes open

sleeping peacefully

with the proud dad 

DD1 took the older children up to meet their new niece on Tuesday evening.

with Bob

with Spud

with Fifi

They got home from hospital on Wednesday afternoon and we popped over again on Thursday afternoon. I got to give her a bottle, daughter is breast feeding  her but her milk was not in so she is supplementing her for a day or two. She then snuggled in and fell asleep.

surely I do not look this old??? 

in her pram

out for her first walk

Sunday, 21 August 2016

My Sunday photo week 7

We have had some imo far to hot weather here this week, but it has lead to some nice sunsets. As is was too hot to walk the dog during the day we have taken some evening walks with her. Shame about the midgies spoiling an other wise nice walk.

Swithered over which picture to add as took a few very similar that I liked but opted for this one

sunset at Tarbolton fishery 


Saturday, 20 August 2016

Project 366 week 33

Well Ziggy is still not here, he/she seems to have taken a liking to the current home and in no desperate  rush to leave. But regardless she has to report to the hospital for 2pm on Monday, and the plan is to start her on Monday.  In reality this is not a bad thing as the hospital is approx ninety miles away from her home and a long way to go if in labour, and more to the point a long way to go back if you are not well enough in labour when you get there. So next week will see pictures of Ziggy.

This week has been a week of beautiful weather, some days 24 and 25 oC, far to warm for my liking. The fan has come back into action both day and night. Lots of evening walks with the dog as too warm during the day to take her out.

I seem to lead a tedious life, work, walk dog and craft seems to be it lately.


This weeks sewing, Minky's is coming along nicely now that is five characters done with three more to do.

cross stitch, Toy Story
Mr Potato Haed


Loved the light on the water and thought the swan reflection was nice.

swans reflected on water


An amazing sunset tonight. On the hill is Barnweil Monument surrounded by trees.

Wallace Monument, Wallace Tower
Barnweil Monument on the hill 


Another nice evening and another walk. This time round the field. There were dozens of these out but every time I tried to photograph one a daft dog ran in the way.


Dinky wanted to go for a walk with Lilly, so we took a slow stroll along the back road. Daughter and the four youngest. Far too hot to be out but they enjoyed the walk.

Minky has wandered away. 


Thankfully back to rain today. The twins keep wanting to play with the older children's pokeballs. But they are not designed to be abused played with by a toddler, so I decided to crochet a couple. This is the first one, took me about two hours. Well a grandparent needs to stay up to date.

a pokeball.


Changed over our BT package, getting much better for less money, how come they do not tell you of existing customer special offers unless you phone to cancel part of the package you are on? Here is the new router ready for the rest of the change over on Monday.

Sunday, 14 August 2016

My Sunday Photo week 6

Accompanied the daughter and the five grandchildren to the beach park the other day. Minky wanted to play on the big equipment, the baby stuff is no fun for the mischievous fun loving two year old. So he went up the cargo net to play on the slide, He was only allowed up the one level.
While I was watching him climb I spotted the shadow.