Wednesday 7 July 2021

4 Gift Ideas That Every Expectant Parent Will Be Grateful For


Expecting a new baby is exciting--especially for first-time parents. Whether an unexpected surprise or a much-longed-for child, there’s a lot to prepare prior to their arrival.

If someone you know and love is in this position, you may be wondering how you can help them and what gifts they will be grateful for as well as giving you the opportunity to show that you care about them as a family.

The first stage would be to ask them, but there are some things that are best offered if you have the means.

Here is a list of four different ideas to help you to decide what gifts you can buy for expectant parents and their new arrival.

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  1. Stroller and Accessories

A stroller is on top of most expectant parents to buy list.

This will obviously depend on your budget and your relationship with the expectant parents. However, strollers can be expensive, especially if they include all of the mod-cons designed with the convenience of everyday living in mind.
There are a huge amount of strollers and accessories on the market. Just look at this range of Venicci products here and you’ll see strollers designed to cover a wide range of needs from the newborn phase to casual toddler use. Some even include car seats for ease of transition from the stroller to the car.

Of course, this is quite an investment and will be useful for several years so even offering a contribution will be gratefully received.

  1. Neutral Clothes

Do you know how many outfits per day a baby goes through? It’s a lot. It can be hugely tempting to buy the cutest little fluffy outfits for a new baby, but they’re often uncomfortable and unworn. Instead, buy neutral clothing made from soft and breathable fabrics void of things that can fall off and get swallowed. Parents will be grateful to find a package of onesies when they’re on their 5th outfit change of the day!

  1. Baby Milestone  Memory Books

A baby milestone book is a wonderful way for new parents to remember the stages that their little one’s pregnancy and the first year.

Having everything written down in one place makes it much easier to revisit those memories at a later date.

These books will include things like mother’s pregnancy cravings, birth story, first words, favourite TV shows etc.

There will also be room in them to print off pictures to add to the book for the baby to look back on at a later date.

  1. Food Delivery

Getting to grips with a new baby can be incredibly exhausting. The first thing that new parents should do is precisely the thing they lack the energy to do- eat food.
A nice gift could be delivering fresh homecooked meals for them to heat and eat, or arrange takeout to be delivered if you’re less of a cook.

Alternatively, if the parents want to cook but have no time to grocery shop, arranging a grocery delivery with nutritious foods or a meal kit subscription can help exhausted parents considerably

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