Sunday, 27 July 2014

Project 365 week 30 20th - 26th July 2014

What a week it has been weather wise, far far far to hot to be alive, I am not a lover of this type of weather I have to say, but it has been great for the school holidays.


Could not believe the mist we woke up to this morning. Normally through here you can see the hills of the outlying countryside. Today you can see nothing.

foggy over the hills


Another hot hot day. But we decided that we would go for a walk round a few more caches and finish off an area we started a few weeks back. Sadly we had to mark one of them as a did not find, was far to over grown to see the ground properly, will need to try it again in the winter months when the 5 ft high nettles and brambles have died back.

Saw this butterfly while we were out.

butterfly on a fence post


Needed to do some gardening  but it has be far to hot. So I took the bull by the horns and went out just after 7am to do it before it got too hot. Really rather pleased with how its coming on.

quite a few tomatoes


Took the children out for the evening, we went to do some geocaching and to play in the park. They had a fab time. You can read more about it here. Here is Fifi with the GPS on finding a cache under a bridge.

picking up a cache


Another very hot day, so again after tea time we took the children out. Fifi decided today she wanted to go to Dumfries house as she likes the park up there. It was out of the direct sun as it is built under the shade of the trees. Have to say since the other week I have invested in a deet based bug repellent which seems to work quite well. We took the twins with us as well. Here they are exploring the textures of the wood, and eating the chipped bark.

sat on the climbing frame


OH and I decide we would go for a drive along the coast road, doing some geocaching along the way. It really was too hot but nice to go off and do something together.We had hoped for a coastal breeze but no such luck.

Anyway one of the places we passed was "The Electric Brae" wiki tells us

The ELECTRIC BRAE, known locally as 'CROY BRAE'
This runs the quarter mile from the bend overlooking Croy railway viaduct in the west (286 feet Above Ordnance Datum) to the wooded Craigencroy Glen (303 feet A.O.D.) to the east. Whilst there is this slope of 1 in 86 upwards from the bend to the Glen, the configuration of the land on either side of the road provides an optical illusion making it look as if the slope is going the other way. Therefore, a stationary car on the road with the brakes off will appear to move slowly uphill. The term "Electric" dates from a time when it was incorrectly thought to be a phenomenon caused by electric or magnetic attraction within the Brae.

There are sign posts telling you to expect cars stopped in the road as you go round the bend as people try it for themselves, I would imagine one of very few places allowing you to stop on a 60mph road or the fun of it. Not really sure how somebody came up with this phenomenon, I mean why would somebody have tried it on that spot in the first place?  There use to be signposts with this information on but people kept stealing them, so they replaced with this rock.

Electric Brae sign


Got a winning tweet during the week.and today when I got in from work here was my lovely little hamper. Very pleasant Summer fruit flavour fillings.  Thank you @experienedays for the prize. Its a while since I have had a win so is much appreciated.
Not actually a bad buy (if you were buying it) considering it comes with the hamper as well.

the hamper I won.

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  1. Phew, it has been hot hasn't it?
    Looks like your tomatoes are coming along nicely, I have managed to grow some this year too. Loving the look of that park, and a bonus that it's in the shade, the twins look to be loving it.
    I'm very jealous of your hamper win, Thorntons is my fave! x

  2. that hamper is lovely by itself and the fact it comes filled with chocolates is a def bonus!
    how odd is that elecrtic brae phenomenon? as you say the fact cars are wecome to try it out is a strange one and the fact someone one day decided to try it out for themselves. strange name too. x

  3. I would love to see the Electric Brae for myself, looks very interesting. I have not tried Geocaching but I really must as it sounds like something we would enjoy

  4. I've been enjoying your geocaching adventures and we might try one this week ourselves. The electric brae sounds intriguing.

  5. oh wow .. the hamper is blooming nice (as are the chocs)

  6. Oooh that hamoer looks delicious! Well done :-) you have so many tomatoes coming! Have a lovely week x #Project365

  7. Well done on the prize win. That mist is amazing, with the weather we've been having. Wish our tomatoes were doing as well as your's are #365

  8. Sounds like a great week. Those adorable twins are growing so much & well done on the hamper x

  9. Awwh beautiful photos as ever

  10. I bet Electric Brae is weird to experience. I've seen it on tv.
    Your tomatoes are looking magnificent!
    Well done on the win. :)

  11. Well done on the prize win!

    I don't like mist. Don't know why but it gives me the shivers.

    Beautiful butterfly!

  12. Great butterfly photo and your tomatoes are doing brilliantly - I remember the smell from my dad's greenhouse from when I was a child. Always great to hear about your geocaching adventures and that hamper looks wonderful. Totally feel your pain with the heat. I love it but being an a London office with no air con is quite unpleasant!

  13. well done on your win. Your tomatoes are looking impressive

  14. Ooh well done on your win! Love the photo of the twins sitting there. You have done really well with your tomatoes, what a great crop!

  15. Oh, the Electric Brae sounds interesting! That's a great shot of the butterfly and your tomatoes are coming on very well indeed :)


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