Saturday, 12 March 2016

Project 366 week 10


Mothers Day, not something we go in for in a big way. I think it is lovely when you have young children who make you a card and a present, but not into the hype and commercialism. But have to say I love the bunches of flowers I got from the older two girls.

One from Moonpig one from Bunches


Took Bob to gymnastics but somebody there before hand had hand, foot and mouth disease, and although the staff were trying their best to clean before our class went in I was taking no risks with him having cracks on his hands from his eczema and explained to him why we were not staying and brought him home. So instead of a walk I went and did an exercise class with youtube. Progressed now onto HiiT workouts. I have to say them along with the Thinking Slimmer are really working. For the first time in over twenty years I weight less than 16 stone, not much less but less is better than more in this case. I have lost twelve pounds since I started this nine weeks ago, so really pleased with that.I swithered over embarrassing myself by sharing but am pleased with this so here it is.

too much but improving


Been doing some holiday relief cover this week at a complex. I admire this spread of crocuses ( croci?) every year. They are looking very Spring like.

Spring has sprung


Popped into daughters on the way home. Conveniently Spud was starting to stir, so of course I had to pick her up. When ever she is up Dinky just wants to "duddle baby sister" so baby sister got a duddle. Daughter has put a step next to the pram so the twins can climb up and look in and they love standing watching her.

Dinky cuddles Spud


Was a lovely afternoon so we went for a wander and picked up a cache while we were out. There was snow on the peaks of Arran with the ship stopped in front.

Arran in the haze with a ship anchored in front


SIL starts his new job today and so left home at 6am. As daughter cannot lift the twins just yet and Fifi was away swimming then I was down for 7.30 am to do breakfast and get them dressed. Love how when I walked into their bedroom their wee faces light up and they shout my name over and over.  Went back down to do bath and bedtime and a bit of housework. Other grandparents are doing the weekend and DD3 doing Monday, so I am not back now till Tuesday.

drinking water in the bath


This is the first picture on the blanket, have to say I am quite pleased with how it has turned out. Just got to pull out the waste canvas now. This owl is in the top right corner, going to balance it up with a pink one bottom left.

cross stitch owl 

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  1. Loving the flowers this week. Well done on the weight loss, it is a great feeling isn't it! Hope you have a lovely week x #project366

  2. Well done you on losing all that weight, that's amazing. Love the picture of Dinky with her baby sister and the twins look like they're having an amazing time in the bath!

  3. The blanket is looking fab, as do those flowers - lucky you. Well done with the weight loss too x #366

  4. Lovely photos! Well done with the weight loss. You are doing so well.
    Gorgeous flowers x

  5. Love the crocuses and your Mother's Day bouquets are beautiful. Well done on the weight loss, that is fantastic!

  6. Well done on the weight loss, that is so good. I desperately need to start exercising. I love the duddling little sister, that's just so adorable!

  7. Drinking water from the bath is fun! Baby Spud is super cute, and what a gorgeous field of crocuses. Love your bouquets too, very pretty.

  8. What a busy time, Mothers Day, walking and looking after the kiddies.
    Well done on the weight loss.

  9. Well done on the weight loss Elaine, the crocus/croci are stunning. Do all children say 'duddle?' mine certainly did

  10. very well done on the weight loss and well done for sharing it because thats a massive thing to share with us (and the world!). Small steps are much better than large ones, because the weight will stay off longer and it is a better way all round to lose weight.
    love the photo of the baby dude - sooo cute. xx

  11. Well done on the weight loss. Loving your flowers.


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