Saturday, 5 March 2016

Project 366 week 9


Was too nice to stay in the library in my break so went out for a walk and picked up a few caches at the same time.

the river under the bridge at Dalrymple


Attended a leap year geocache event, thought it would be nice to mark the date off the calender. Was a fun night, managed to get my 500th cache, We did 16 on our way up taking a longer route than need be to get to the destination but added to the fun. Was an awful drive back in near white out snow for the first eight miles, all I can say is thank goodness for the white line down the middle of the road.

our group at the table


Fifi swims for the local council swim team and has been moved up a group. This now involves being at the poolside for 6am two mornings a week. As her dad due to work commitments is not able to take her then the two granddads are taking it in turns week about. This week it was hubby's turn so I was all alone at 6am.

All alone am I


Down at daughters early so she could go book in for her c section at 7.30 am. The children and I had fun. Auntie H turned up to help out for a few hours and the other grandparents came over to help and brought a lovely shepherds pie for every bodies tea.

  Let me introduce you to  Evangeline Amelia Mcleod. weight 7.5lb time 09:46am. We went up for a short while tonight to visit. Mum and daughter both doing well, older two are besotted with her. 

meet Evie


I took over looking  after the children  so that the other grandparents could go and visit.They took Bob with them as he was desperate to see Evie again.  Then I took Fifi up to visit in the evening as SIL came home to do the twins bath and bedtime routine. Fifi has missed her mum and will be glad to get her home. . 

Evie and Fifi


Sorry baby spam week this week, the picture I took of the snow looking very pretty on the top of Arran will never see the light of day
Evie is home, the twins are delighted with her, I am sure the novelty will wear off. 

Evie is home


In keeping with the baby theme, but Ziggy this time,the blanket now has the waste canvas attached to some of the squares ready to start sewing. First up is an owl. The blanket itself is 28 squares to the inch, designed for complex cross stitching. My eye sight is not good enough for that any more  so the waste canvas will make it 10 squares per inch, meaning much simpler but still nice pictures. 

the waste canvas is added

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  1. Well done on your 500th cache!
    Aww! Congratulations on the new addition! She is adorable!

  2. She is beautiful, congratulations to everyone. Can't wait to see the blanket take shape #366

  3. What a gorgeous little girl! You must all be delighted with her.
    Well done to your husband for getting up for the 6am starts! You are both such dedicated grandparents.

  4. Awww congrats! What a beautiful baby! And what commitment to get to swimming for 6a.m!

  5. Congratulations on a new baby in the family, Evie is gorgeous! Oh my, getting up at such an ungodly hour is a pain. And well done on your 500th cache!

  6. 500 caches, wow, that's fab! Congratulations on the arrival of Evie, she is gorgeous :) My eldest swims on the local swim team, thankfully they practice late afternoon/evening, although that is almost as much of a pain to coordinate around the other two!

  7. Congratulations on the arrival of Evie, she has such a beautiful name and is adorable! Hope you have a good week x

  8. awwwww Evie is gorgeous and congratulations to you all on her safe arrival. Baby spam is fine and well deserved!
    well done also on achieving 500 caches - awesome work! x

  9. I completed my first geocache find on Saturday. Thank you for pointing me in the direction, I can't believe how many there are around me! Well done on your 500th.
    Baby spam away :) She is beautiful, congratulations to all.

  10. Congratulations Nanny - what a beautiful name too xx

  11. Wish I had such amazing grandparents as you two! Congratulation on your gorgeous granddaughter, and well done on 500 caches, been a pretty good week xx

  12. Well done on the 600th cache! And congrats again on the new addition! She is so cute and love the name!

  13. Crikey 500 caches.. I've still start doing this, I keep forgetting.
    Congrats on being a Nanna again.

  14. HUGE congratulations on your newest grandchild, she's a darling and FiFi looks completely captivated with her. While I'm at it, doesn't FiFi look just like her mum?! Bring on the baby spam Elaine, I'm ready for it! I can't believe you've managed 500 caches, I've never even managed 5!

    Thanks for linking up, and sorry for the lack of commenting recently; life is proving to be a difficult balancing act!


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