Thursday, 2 February 2017

A year with my camera Month 1

Decided this year to join in with a year with my camera. #AYWMC

Week 1 was a basic introduction to what it is all about and what we wanted to get out of it and we had to take 12 pictures in 1 day to show what an exciting life we lead and share it on instagram acount under  #1day12pics and you will find mine here if you want a look

Last week was learning about how you camera sees everything as 18% grey and adjusts your black and white accordingly.

The idea of the course is designed to teach us how to take our camera off of auto and learn how to use it. Our next three weeks is learning about exposure.

This week we are learning about aperture size, what our camera can do and how to manually adjust it.

So having downloaded the manual for my camera I learnt that the f stops on my camera go from a  minimum of f3.2  to a maximum of 7.3.

I have learnt that the lower the number the larger the hole ( apeture)  and the more light it lets in.

My homework for the week is to learn how to change the size and  take the same picture on 3,2 and then 7.3 and see the difference.

This did not work well with my camera at all.  I tried it outside

at 3.2

at 7.6

indoors at 3.2

indoors at 7.6, you can see the flowers if you look hard. 

Week 4 is about shutter speed. The project for the week is to understand what it does and learn how to change it.

My camera goes as high as 1/2000's, this is the fastest shutter speed and this should help to stop blur on a moving object. But this only lets in minimal light so we are to experiment with taking it back down until we get a picture.

My slowest speed is 16 seconds. But we have only to experiment at 1/2 or 1s.

 As today is a windy day I thought I  would make use of this wind and use the flag and the bush in the neighbours garden as it is moving in the wind.

half a second pictures -  too bright and blurry

1 second pictures way to bright and subjects unrecognisable

and at the other end of the scale 500th sec

and 1/1000th of a second. The picture is darker but the subject is stopped. 

and lastly 1/2000

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