Saturday, 22 September 2018

Project 365 week 38


No overtime so home for something to eat and then a walk with the dog to pick blackberries. A bit disappointing as most of them were either shriveled or turning hairy on the bush but did manage to gather 5lb of them. The plus side was whilst working along the wall looking for more blackberry bushes we found a pear tree. Not a huge crop on it and a lot were out of reach but managed 5lb of them as well. Then went to the big apple tree we know of which is overloaded with fruit and in a few minutes pick 10lb of apples. Hubby wants an apple pie so have told him if he peels them I will make one. I cannot eat apples in any form they are a full blown allergy item for me. The blackberries would be ideal cooked and served with some waffles, a  pack of catering waffle mix would make it an easy and interesting dessert.

apple pie


Bob had an optician appointment at the local hospital so I went down to get the twins out the school taxi and sit with them till mum got back.
Home for a wander round the fishery with hubby and the dog.
Cooked up the berries and most of the pears with three bananas and some sultanas. Have enough fruit now in the freezer to last five or six weeks, cost me less than fifty pence so was a good afternoons picking.


A blow round the fishery this evening. Just beat the rain back home. Great rainbow as we got back to the car.



A very very very windy day, we are right on the coast and were in the middle of the amber warning area. Started off very calm when I woke up but by lunch time it would have blown you off your feet. Died down slightly by 6pm so took the dog round the fishery. Loved the colours in the sky along with the textures and total contrast colour of the murky grey looking water.


Played catch up with lots of housework and then spotted there was a cycle ride happening in the afternoon so phoned to book a place.
Took the dog a walk round the fishery and came back and made hubby two apple pies and a blackberry and pear for myself.
Went and did the cycle ride, hubby walked the dog in Troon while I was cycling. Handed in my volunteer forms to start the process of becoming a volunteer.  There had been three people booked in for the cycle ride in the morning but they all dropped out time I got there so was just me again.
 Came back had a drink and a snack, popped tea in the oven then took the dog another walk round the fishery. Home for roast chicken tatties and veg, and very nice it was too. But by then I was rather hungry.
Not really sure of these are suppose to be out at this time of year but I love the way they look like they are lit up from inside- well I think they do.


A prescription to pick up so did a walk with the dog round Rozelle park. Nipped in for a pee and have to say I love the artistic walls inside the whole downstairs area.


Fifi was clearing out her room. A few years back she had a subscription to this magazine and while she enjoyed them and got a lot out of them cos each one has hints and tips inside as well as each having different types of pencils/pens/pastels etc that she loved she just could not keep up with the colouring. So during her latest rom clearout she decided to get rid of them. Seems a shame to throw them away so I am going to ask at work to see if my ward would like them for the out patients to use during their visits.Not sure how it goes on infection control.  If not I will pop my thinking cap back on about where to send them.They make an interesting read along with the colouring.

This is a collaborative post.


  1. The art in those loos is crazy! #365

    1. crazy but impressive, so much going on and a story being told.

  2. I miss picking blackberries. There is nowhere to pick them near where I am. That is a shame you are allergic to apples. I do love apple pie or a crumble.
    The fishery looks so pretty with the rainbow.
    We had the wind on Wednesday too. I had to go and round up the garden furniture and put it in the shed. lol
    Those walls are fab! Very artistic.

    1. we dont have much garden furniture to worry about, it is heavy and wooden so not going far.
      We are very lucky to have so many places that blackberries grow. The allergy to raw fruit and veg stinks, not got quite the same appeal cooked.

  3. We love apple and blackberry crumble. We've got plenty of apples on the farm, and N went brambling the other week. I don't think we had as good a load as you have.

    1. felt disappointed with this load, a lot of hunting for what we got, but all free so well worth it.

  4. Hope the twins are getting on well. The weather was a bit blustery. It did make for some nice skies & rainbows. Those blackberries look good x

    1. bad weather has its plus side.
      The twins are doing well both in their own way.

  5. Wow, what a haul of blackberries. I looked at the blackberry bushes in the fields just the other day, but they all dried up, and there's nothing to pick. How sad not to eat apples, that would be tough for me, as I love apples in all guises. Loving the rainbow and coastal scene shots, very atmospheric. Wouldn't a charity shop take the art magazines? Our charity shop tend to take crafts magazines for cross stitch/sewing, and most likely would take art ones too.

    1. I use to eat my five a day and more until I got to the stage I cannot eat them,most of my other food issues I deal with but no fresh fruit, veg, or even salad is irritating to say the least.
      Charity shop may well take them, just thought would try work first

  6. Wow, that's a great number of blackberries! I hope you have plenty of recipes to use them! #project365


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