Saturday, 1 September 2018

Project 365 week 35


No overtime so an evening walk round the fishery instead. Notice a huge difference in how early it is getting dark now and the sun was beginning to set.

sunset at the fishery 


An evening walk round the fishery again. Lots and lots of ducks there. Apparently they are brought in to over winter and grow fat ready for hunting next season. They have grouse shoots down there as well at times.

lots of ducks at the fishery


From one duck to another. This one is down the woods. Not really sure in a tree is a natural place for a duck but this one seems to be quite happy.

a duck up a tree 


Fozia was in Scotland on holiday and was heading to Falkirk to see some of the attractions. So I decided to meet up with her and say hi.
Had to chuckle the girls were more interested in Dixie dog than they were the Kelpies to be honest. Was lovely to put a voice to a face. You can read about my day and what else we did here. 

Fozia and I at Kelpies 


A wet miserable start to the day. We had planned on going caching again but decided against it. Instead we waited until the afternoon and went and picked just over 5lb of blackberries and 1.5 lb of what I thought were blackcurrants but having seen somebody else sharing elderberries I realise I was wrong in my thinking.

I bought some pears and reduced price bananas and cooked them up in with the berries we pick and split them into portions that I can add to my breakfast. Less than £2 to buy the fruit and has made enough to add to my breakfast for four or five weeks as well as four other portions without banana to make crumble with.

Went and met up with my friend Samantha at a community street clean, we collected four bags between us two and about 30 bags in all.

picking berries


DD2, SIL2, Ziggy and Jack the dog were due to come down for the weekend to see the Air show. But SIL had to much work to catch up with so we just got DD2 and Ziggy for the weekend. I am off on holiday this weekend and next so time to see them is nice.

We went down to the woods for tonight's walk.

Ziggy had cereal for her supper and finished off the milk.

waste not want not 


A fund raising day in the local bowling club on behalf of a wee boy called Saul. He has a just giving page where it explains how his parents are trying to raise enough money to get him to America for an operation that just might help him walk and lead a more normal life. There was an opportunity for the children to handle various animals and the older children were rotating them round so they got to hold all the animals that they wanted to.

We went along and supported the cause.shame the weather was not kind to them.

Mia brushes the guinea pig


  1. Ahh! I have noticed that it's getting dark earlier too...I do like the dark nights though. I have a feeling you won't be so keen as they will stop your evening walks....
    Lovely photo of you and Fozia....I do love it when I see bloggers meeting up.
    That is great with all the fruit you have!
    Lovely photos!

    1. we will just have to walk round the streets, or the fishery with a head torch I have.

  2. Oh gosh...the wind has made my clothes look weird in that photo lol! Was so nice to meet you. Hopefully if I ever visit Scotland again we can spend some more time together! And yep the girls loved Dixie and keep talking about her!

    That duck up the tree is pretty colourful!

    Oh hope they manage to raise the funds needed for Saul!

  3. The duck is so pretty and colourful. The kelpies is such a great place to visit. Glad you both had fun. I hope Saul gets the money he needs. It really is getting darker earlier and colder. X

  4. How lovely to meet up with Fozia. You look really well in that picture - all that exercise must agree with you.

    1. aaahhh thank you, far to kind, but yes for nearly 60 I am not to bad.

  5. hope you and Fozia had a lovely meet up. That's a lot of blackberries, I never have the patience to make them into anything

    1. we have had a crumble but the rest in the freezer. Crumble is a great freezer filler, freeze it raw and spread it across and cook from frozen

  6. Those ducks are so well behaved. Our local ones start following us, very keen for some food from us. I love the kelpies and I think I’d be quite taken with Dixie the dog too :)

    1. Yes these ones follow you and would walk across to get food as well.

  7. Most beautiful sunset at the fishery photo! And just look at all those ducks!
    How lovely to meet Fozia and see the beautiful Kelpies too. I'm very impressed with your food prep for several weeks. And I had to chuckle at the milk-slurping Ziggy. So cute!

    1. yes I shared Ziggy cos it does make you chuckle.

  8. We loved the kelpies! That duck is cool :) #365

    1. Not overly impressed myself but a nice easy meeting point.

  9. We've really noticed the nights drawing in here too, depressing. Love that first shot, beautiful. How wonderful to have met up with Fozia. i'd love to see the Kelpies one day #365

  10. Shame about the weather, I got soaked this week when it said on the forecast it WOULDN'T rain! Love the hairy guinea pig and what a great cause to support #project365


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