Saturday, 10 November 2018

Project 365 week 45


No overtime today so came home and fell asleep for an hour, and then did an hour of cross stitching while listening to my audiobook. A walk with the dog after tea and some more cross stitching while we caught up with Dr Who, not really enjoying this series but keep hoping it gets better. Really want to get this blanket of Spud's finished as want to get my sewing machine put away but will need it to complete the blanket.


Had an appointment for my annual asthma review. Not been for a few years as I feel it is such a waste of time. I know how to control my asthma and when to ask for help with it. But the Practice need to keep their statistics up so suppose I have to do my bit.
DD1 got a set of bunk beds for the twins today so she dropped off a cot bed here along with a pile of clothes for Ziggy and the baby as well as a pile of bedding. The dog was having lots of fun exploring the bags.


  Had to take the car to the garage to get the boot lock sorted. They had secured it on Friday to keep the car safe which meant I could not use it, so that ruled out having the bike in the car. Got them to drop me in town rather than going home, and by some pure coincidence the other woman getting a run home works for the same department as DD3, on a different site, but they knew each other - such a small world. Did a few small bits and pieces of  shopping and then they phoned to say the car was ready I was walking back out to pick the car up, and so happened to pass DD1 just getting back in her mini bus and so got a lift some of the way back.

A walk round the fishery and spotted these swans eating.


Hubby was away visiting in Stirling this evening so I had a nice peaceful evening of watching what I wanted on the tv. Quite difficult to cross stitch with a dog on your knee. Working my way through Criminal Minds series 11.


Decided to take the bike out and we went to Whitelee wind farm, hubby walked the dog and I cycled for just over an hour, getting to further away places we don't normally get to when up there walking. This is the visitor centre in the background taken from the Blackhill viewpoint


A run into town to pick up hubby's prescription and some shopping and walked the dog round the park at the same time, The idea had been to take the bike back out but we lost a set of car/house keys and spent over an hour looking for them and so we emptied the car thinking they were in the boot, and as time we found them we were short of time to take the bike out so it stayed locked in the shed.
Back to babysit the three wee ones while DD1 took Bob to gymnastics. Had to laugh as Minky suggested I went home and left him, he would be fine by

This is a new carving, a Spitfire in The Remembrance Garden in a local park.


Got the final piece of Spud's cross stitching finished. Just need to sew them all onto her blanket now.


  1. Ahh! I have been enjoying Doctor Who. I really hated the last series so this one is a nice change.
    Fab photos. I love the carving in the remembrance garden x

  2. Love the cross stitch but can imagine it is difficult to do with a dog on your lap. I was loving doctor Who but sadly can't get it here in Dubai, hope it's still available on iplayer when i'm next in the UK

  3. Love the photo of the wind farm and the Spitfire carving. It does look rather difficult cross stitching with a dog in your lap! The finished article looks great.

  4. Wow, that carving is pretty cool. I've never been that close up to a windfarm. I do think they're lovely

  5. Love the cross stitch and that Spitfire display is just stunning. My parents have lots of wind farms around them, I find them quite mesmerising #365

  6. The colours of the autumnal landscape are so beautiful. I haven't seen swans for ages.
    The spitfire model looks ghostly. Loving your cross stitch. You're so kind to make special blankets for all your grandkids.

  7. I quite like Doctor Who..but I do sometimes feel it isn't as exciting this time round

    The spitfire carving looks amazing and love the cross stitch!

  8. The Spitfire sculpture is amazing (personal interest as my grandad built them during the war!) #project365


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