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Dating In Your 60's - How To Make It Work

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It's a fallacy that men and women over 60 aren't interested in building romantic relationships. You may have different dating challenges like you did when you were younger. However, many people over the age of 60 look for love, find it and marry yearly. Life after 60 can be purposeful, and establishing a dating life can be done! Continue reading to learn how to get through this new phase of your life.

Commit to making your intentions clear from the get-go

It's a common misconception that older couples do not need to know much about their partners like younger couples do. However, relationships differ for many people, and with that much experience from life, you will want to make things more transparent early on. Consider a cohabitation agreement if you want to commit to the relationship long term. Be sure to keep in touch regularly, especially if it's distance as any of you aren't getting younger. For example, making a k1 visa application for your partner is an excellent way of committing to your relationship. It is preferable to do so with the help of an immigration lawyer or other legal counsel.

Use dating sites

A senior dating site is a convenient place to meet a pool of people in their 60s. Everyone else on the site is your age group and has expressed an interest in dating and relationships by creating a profile. The best thing about dating sites is that they aren't like meeting people in bars, which appeal to a much younger audience. Senior dating sites are a great way to find a partner and fill your romantic void.

Let go of the past

In your 60s, you will probably have a lot of emotional load and trauma, so that another romantic relationship will require tact and common sense. You will want to teach yourself to avoid unnecessary comparisons to ex-lovers or deceased ones because no one likes to be compared to their predecessor all the time. 

Professional help

You've probably been through a couple of divorces by the time you're 60 or widowed. To make things work, you will have to perform some personal growth work with a reputable therapist before you truly enter the world of dating. Working with a therapist for a few months before getting involved with anyone is a good idea to get rid of any emotional scars and learn new healthy communication and relationship skills.

Seek support from family and friends

Determine which friends and family members will be supportive and eager to hear about your dating adventures regularly. Only tell them about your new relationship. Avoid people who constantly make negative remarks such as, "finding love at your age is difficult," and so on. Working with a coach specialising in senior dating can help if you can't think of anyone to seek support from in your life. You have someone rooting for you and standing by your side, someone with whom you can email and share your triumphs and setbacks.

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