Thursday, 2 September 2021

Get a Jump on Christmas with these Predicted Gift Trends

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Now that summer is nearly over, and autumn is here, it's time to start thinking about Christmas. You might think it's too early, but you can get a jump on stocking the right gifts and save some money by getting one or two per week or month. This will ensure that you aren’t left with a massive bill in the run up to Christmas. 

While there is usually a variety of trending gifts throughout the year, some are more prominent than others. This year, devices and technology that make life easier or more entertaining are set to be best sellers for families. However, jewellery always remains a favourite for any occasion.

Ethically Sourced Jewellery

Everyone loves jewellery because it can be seen as an investment and look great most of the time. Additionally, there are multiple jewellery types for different occasions, and Christmas is definitely an occasion for sparkly gifts. Diamonds are a subject of much debate because of how they are sourced. 

But you can rest easy with lab-grown diamonds. Reve - Diamonds and Fine Jewellery are an excellent choice for shopping for a girl's best friend. They offer lab grown diamonds over unethically sourced materials. 

Sony PlayStation 5

The PlayStation is a legendary machine and is always a bestseller during the holidays. However, the latest PlayStation 5 has been largely unavailable for almost a year. Fortunately, the console manufacturer has stated that's shortages are soon to be over. 

So the console should be available en masse coming up to Christmas. But it is best advised that you keep an eye on stock levels to avoid disappointment as they are expected to continue to sell out. And the great news is this is the cheapest PlayStation ever, starting at £350.

Massage Devices

Massage devices are nothing new, yet they usually aren't very effective, unless you buy the most expensive machines available. However, advances in the technology used in massage devices have seen the prices of machines come down, and new devices are available. 

Shiatsu massage machines and massage guns are set to be among some of the favourite trending gifts for Christmas 2021. These are relatively inexpensive and are available from online retailers such as Amazon.

Revlon One-Step

Grooming products are usually a go-to gift when you don't really know what to get somebody for Christmas. Typically this will consist of razors and shower or bath products. Still, sometimes it is best to get somebody something that they can really use. 

One such gift is the Revlon One-Step. This is a revolutionary new hair-drying product that will dry and volumize hair simultaneously. Although there are other brands available, the Revlon One-Step is considered the best, especially for its price, which is less than £50.

Portable Phone Chargers

There's no end to the accessories for phones, given that smartphones are everywhere these days. But as advanced as the new technology is, there is a consistent problem between every smartphone worldwide: battery life. The batteries of smartphones don't seem to last long, especially with the new and more expensive models that require more power. 

But the answer is relatively simple and that you can purchase portable phone chargers that can be taken anywhere. These handy devices hold a charge of energy that can be drawn by a phone in times of need. They are widely available and aren’t expensive.

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  1. I always start thinking about Christmas after my eldest girls birthday which is next week.
    What great ideas. We have been toying with the idea of getting a Playstation 5 but they are still so hard to get hold of at the moment. Hopefully by Christmas things will have changed x

    1. yes and sadly inflated by people buying them and then reselling on ebay.


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