Friday, 6 September 2019

Tech Items You Should Always Buy Used

When it comes to lifestyle expenses, the most costly purchases we now make apart from our home
and car are now technological ones.

As technology becomes increasingly more advanced, the price has started to reflect
this advance. Today we are going to be looking at the best tech items you should buy
used and why they are just as good.

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A Phone

When it comes to owning the latest phone, you have two options generally. One, you can
remortgage your house, or two you can be tied down to a contract until the end of time.

So as an alternative option to buying a brand new smartphone, why not wait just a few short
months and pay way less for it. The great thing for second-hand buyers nowadays is that phones
are now like cars, the moment they leave their point of sale, they lose 20% of the value.

The great thing about buying a used smartphone is that you aren’t really going to miss out
on anything at all and you will still have the latest technology in your hands. The joyous thing
with popular smartphones now is their level of durability. They are made of tough stuff and built
to last.

The number one question asked by most people before they buy a second-hand phone is
“Why are they selling it?” The answer is generally pretty simple. People get bored quickly,
or they spent too much money on it, and their other half has threatened them with divorce.

A Laptop

When it comes to necessity, nowadays a laptop is one of those things that are essential.
Whether it be for business or personal use, more often than not, we are just expected to have

The one problem with laptops and computers though is they can be costly. If purchasing a Mac
is on your shopping list, going used is generally the way forward. A brand new Mac can set you
back the price of a second-hand car unless budget allows, used is usually the better option.

When buying a used Mac, you generally always know you are getting a good quality piece of
equipment. Upon purchasing, you should be looking at how future proof the Mac is, and whether
or not you require the latest OS. If you are not already familiar, you should check the
macOS Catalina vs Mojave and make sure any Mac on your shopping list is capable of
running them.

Checking the compatibility will allow you to ensure that your software will run properly
for many years to come.

Making a used purchase of either of the items could not only save you vast amounts of
money, but you may also find they are more user-friendly. Sometimes, brand new
equipment can come with teething problems. These problems are generally ironed out
within the first 6-8 weeks, and firmware sorts them out.

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