Saturday, 19 July 2014

Project 365 week 29 13th - 19th July


Not being at work and not feeling like going far the garden was as far as I got. This is the plant Bob bought Granddad for decorating his room for him. Sadly it has gone a bit brown, but if you look it up on t'internet it tells you only to water with rainwater, never tap water, and it was quite wet when we got it so not sure if the garden centre had watered it with tap water or not, will see how it goes over the next few weeks. Hopefully it will recover.


Had gone for a wander down to pick something up from daughters garage. Popped in to say hello just as she was going to bath them, so had to stay and help as best I could one handed. The two of them quite like a bath. When you have one child it is easy to hold them while you bath them and then lift them out, but not so easy when there is two of them, these seats have been a brilliant help.

one in pink, one in blue


The caterpillar has changed into a butterfly. Not sure what type, and this was the best picture I got before it flew away when I tried to give it sugar water.

my butterfly


Wednesday evening has always been babies round evening and just cos the Guides and Cubs have finished for the Summer they still come visit anyway. Minky can manage to crawl quite successfully now and is in to everything. Have to say I am not the type to move ornaments etc out of their reach, never did with my own, so he is being moved away from things he is not meant to touch. I know he is too young to learn but never seen the point in letting them when young to not allow it when they older.
Dinky is still quite happy to sit where you leave her, though we did try putting on her hands and knees and encouraging her but she not ready just yet. She is comical though can she can now blow raspberries, and if you blow one she blows one back and then waits on you doing it again.

Here she is turning round cos Granddad shouted her name.

you called me Granddad?


Was a very hot dry afternoon, and OH wanted to go fishing off the pier so we went along to play on the beach and in the beach park. It was heaving, hundreds of kids in there. Always amazes me in situations like that how so many children can play nice together and take it in turns to go on the pieces of equipment. We made a meeting so if either of them should get lost they knew where to go stand and wait as its impossible to keep an eye on both of them when it is that busy, and they are both old enough to go play themselves. They split up when they first went it, but later on they met back up ans played follow the leader up, on, under and round a climbing frame. Difficult to get pictures without other people's children in the way but got this without them knowing I was watching them.

follow the leader


OH goes out to feed the birds in a morning, and the sparrows and young starlings now expect it and sit on the fence and the shed roof waiting for him to go out. Here they are getting some brie that he had not eaten as well as their normal  bread. Its like something from the Alfred Hitchcock movie.

"feed the birds - tuppence a bag"


I did a bit of shopping on the way home yesterday needed to buy OH rolls and cold meat to take fishing with him today and while I was there I saw these and decided to treat myself. They were ok but wasn't overly impressed, were too strong flavoured for my liking.

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  1. Pretty butterfly, not sure on the species though

  2. Ooooh you look like a lovely gran! Lovely photos x x

  3. Love the twinnies in the bath seats :) #365

  4. Hope your plant recovers! I'm useless with pot plants, so it'd be doomed if it was mine.
    Lovely butterfly. I want to do this with my munchkins, I think they'd find it so fascinating.
    I love the picture of the twins in the bath, very cute! x

  5. Hope you are feeling better soon! How cute are the twins Elaine! They are so cute!

  6. Elaine i cant get over how big the twins are looking these days .. i totally love the cute little bath seats x

  7. awww look at the twins in the bath - those seats are great and even more so with two! we have always been the same with objects that the boys are not meant to touch - although it was easier to manage when they were babies/young toddlers! I hope your arm soon gets better x x

  8. I remember my twins in the bath in seats similar to those. The plant looks like a saracena (I think that is how you spell it) we have one and have to water with just rain water as any other water can kill it. I think that they are quite hardy so hopefully with a little rain it'll come back x

  9. Aw that bath photo is so cute!! I loved those bath seats too; all of mine had them, they are a godsend.

  10. Lovely photos. Looks like you had a great week.

  11. What a beautiful butterfly and I adore that photo of the wee woman looking back from her toy box! x

  12. Those bath seats are great, really must be invaluable with the two! We have always been the same with ornaments etc. they can start learning that don't touch means don't touch. Love the candid shot of the kids at the park, it's always great when you get a natural photo like that x

  13. Oh that is an interesting plant!

    Those bath seats are handy with even one child! Wow Minky has started crawling already? Well done! Time just seems to be going so quick!
    Gorgeous butterfly!

  14. Sorry I'm a week behind with commenting! The photo of the twins in the bath is just lovely. Lovely butterfly, shame it didn't open it's wings. Bet my Dad could still identify it if you still want to know?


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