Thursday, 27 August 2015

Online shopping for holiday essentials

Sometimes life can get busy, especially around holiday time, and this is when on line shops come into their own. I have always been a lover of on line shopping saves so much hassle of having to drive into town, pay to park, wander round crowded shops and then trail back to the car, so much easier to sit at a keyboard in the dry with no petrol money required.

So when I was asked to do a review of the services offered by Chemist Direct I readily said yes please.

So I went and had a look at their website and was happy to see it was big and bright and easy to read. There are eight main headings at the top to help in your search with each of the headings having drop down boxes to find the item categories you require. I like the search box as I feel these are an essential on any website, ans this one was easy to use and threw up good results.The prices are very competitive and they have various items of good value in their sale as well.

When you start shopping as with any other online you just add your items to the basket. I found when shopping their out of stock items were greyed out so you could not add them, this is a good thing as there is nothing worse than ordering items to be told later on they are out of stock. I had decided to restock our first aid kits as some of our items were out of date

 as well as to replace toiletries and every day items.

So having finished my shop and went to the check out, I had ordered some pain killers and antihistamines, so for these items they ask you a few questions at the end just as they would in a pharmacy, and I answered these honestly and the items came through without an issue.

Unfortunately one of my items had gone out of stock between me ordering and the packing, so they e-mailed and offered me an alternative, I accepted that alternative but by the time they dealt with my reply another item had not been delivered to them on their expected delivery date so they phoned to see if I wanted an alternative or whether I wanted to wait for the item to come in, but they did not know when this would be, so I accepted an alternative. I feel they should be offering to send out the items they have in stock and posting out the out of stock items separately. I left this comment in their online feedback so it is maybe something they will look at in the future, Could not fault them as I was kept up to date with the status of my order.

So my impression is a nice easy site to use, appears to be quite good with their stock levels, sell a very good range of items at very reasonable cost. I would happily use them again. Was happy with being kept up to date with my order status and only feel it could be improved by sending out any out of stock items on separately afterwards. My order took a week from ordering to delivery but that was lengthened by me not replying to an e-mail until after they had closed on the Friday.

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