Thursday, 6 August 2015

Three afternoons with the twins.

Last week Bob wanted to go to one of the local(ish) schools out activity weeks, so he was booked in and had an absolute ball, so much so he is going back again next week. But this meant my daughter had to have the hassle of popping the gruesome twosome into the car to get them out at the other end while she went in to collect Bob to pop them back in to bring him home, so I volunteered to have them while she went to get him.

On Monday granddad came with us as he was having to watch them while I went to pick Bob up as Fifi was being dropped at a camp in Perth and her mum expected to hit major traffic coming back as tea in the park was emptying. But she made it back in time to pick him up so we got to have lots of fun instead.

It was raining so we stayed in and read books and drew pictures. Dinky is very much into reading and drawing, the other one is a typical boy and just hashes and bashes through life.

Trying to grab granddads tongue.

Granddad is stopping him from upsetting Dinky by grabbing her paper.

Oh look Grandma has been spotted with the camera, time for it to go away.

A few wee videos.

The weather was much improved and so we popped on some shoes and went out into the garden to play. Minky is so much more into doing things like climbing and using the slide than his sister, who prefers her feet on the ground.

The rocking horse is a bit faded but it is years old, but still very useable

Up the ladder

and onto the slide

They know no food and drink is allowed near the play stuff

Little cheeky madam on the swing

Football is a great game, Dinky brings you the ball, runs back to the goal posts while you kick the ball in and we get a cheer when it goes in the goal, she picks it up and brings it back.

Dinky has a go

Tickle tickle on the swing

Dinky prefers the age appropriate play equipment.

I was amused by Minky as he spent ages trying to do up the lap belt on the swing but could not reach well enough.

and of course some video footage, great to look back on

Then on Friday afternoon we were back for some more of the same, indoors again as the weather was not suitable to be out.

We had been playing with the bricks but Minky brought out the play tunnel. so we cleared up the bricks so we could get it on the floor.

We also read some books

More playing in the tunnel

and some cheeky grandma has the camera out pictures

and of course some video footage, gives a much better memory of what they were like.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. gorgeous photos, lovely to get some quality family time both in and outdoors #countrykids

    1. it is nice to have them to be able to do this with

  2. The grandchildren must love coming to see you, they have so much to be doing in your garden and you have kitted it out so well for them all. Lovely little videos. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids

    1. These three afternoons were in the childrens own house and garden, have to say I could not warrant spending that for the small time they are in my garden. But yes it is a well kitted out garden and offers lots of fun.

  3. I am so jealous! It going to be my fathers birthday this month and we (me and my son) havent seen him in 5 years! I wish he can play with my son like this!

    1. I have to say I may moan about my life at times but I am so so lucky to have these two bundles of joy on my doorstep, I missed out on the younger years of the other two, but adore having them to stay when they have the time to fit me into their busy lives.

  4. Awww bless them, looks like they had such a great time! Spending time with young children makes you feel like a kid yourself, doesn't it? #MagicMoment

    1. I love spending time with them, and so much more enjoyable when mum and bigger siblings are not around.

  5. Looks like you had some wonderful moments, and a lot of fun! The shots of them playing in the garden are just lovely x #countrykids


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