Tuesday, 4 August 2015

The Wedding Day itself.

Sorry it has taken so long to get round to writing this post, life is just so busy, but anyway for those that have been waiting here you are.

The day started dull and overcast but dry and we were hoping it would stay that way at least until after the photos. Everybody was up and around early as there was must to do.

The bridesmaids started to arrive as they were all going down to get their hair and make up done at 9am. The hairdressers had shut the shop for the morning so that it was just us and the children could be hyper, and at the later end bored, without too much disruption.

They were meeting the fourth bridesmaid down at the shop. So once they had set off hubby and I tok our over night cases and went to pick up keys to our room as we were moving out of daughters house so that Daughter No1 and her brood could move in, it was easier for us to find somewhere than six of them to find somewhere suitable and big enough.

So once this was done I walked back down the road to the hairdressers to get my hair done as well. No make up for me due to allergy issues, wasn't prepared to take the risk of spoiling the big day with a reaction.

They had some snacks and some non alcoholic fizzy stuff bu the girls did not seem very keen on it.

So with our hairs done L ran some of us up the road and came back down for the rest. Meanwhile I had started to cook some pasta so they could all get something to eat before we went out as it was a long time till meal time. At this point oldest daughter phoned to say they had dropped Bob off at the hotel where he was getting ready. Fifi had been brought down the night before, and so I was now going to meet them to take them to room so they had somewhere to get changed and to let the twins loose for half an hour before they stuck them back in the car to go to the wedding.

So back up to the house, feed my face and help with getting the bridesmaids ready before getting changed myself.

Mother and Daughter

she looks beautiful

So now everybody was ready I became chauffeur and was running the bridesmaids and hubby down to the venue, this was being done in two trips, then L and her dad were following down afterwards.  It had been arranged that we would have reserved parking so that we did not have to worry about finding somewhere to park once everybody was dropped off as my car would be needed again for other trips.

There was a wee hold up at the venue as they could not get the music to play, but apart from that shock and horror ( sorry L) was on time.

So we all took our seats while the service went on. L's best pal JM did a reading and then it was time to sign the register .Now they were Mr and Mrs Duff. 

The photographer took some pictures outside with various relatives as the grooms dad was too ill to get along to the sensory garden where most of the pictures were being taken. 

The first lot of the professional photos were taken at The Sensory Gardens in Oban as the venue that had chosen did not have gardens of its own. Once these were taken I went back to fetch the car to pick up the Bride and Groom and take them up to the lighthouse where the professional wanted to take more pictures. While we were waiting we took some pictures of our own. 

We laughed at this one, married less than an hour and he is carrying her shoes for her. Her feet were killing her in them so she took them off for a while.

So after the next lot of photographs were taken it was back to the hotel for drinks and canap├ęs. By now some of the youngsters were bored of waiting, thank goodness for modern technology. Though the older three bridesmaids had had theirs taken off them for the day, more so because they had nowhere to keep them. 

Have to say the catering they did for Bob was great he ended up with chunks of chicken and fish as well as vegetable batons and it all looked very lovely. 
So after we had had our fill we all moved round to the venue for the meal and the evening reception. First of all they cut the cake 

and we all went through to the hall and waited on the happy couple. I liked the way they had done the table planning with all the children ( apart from the three under twos) were seated together on two tables away from the adults. 

We were sat on the top table, and as we approached I spotted the Groom's place was filled with various chocolate frogs. His mum informed me that it is one of those daft, but lovely, family traditions that his Aunt M buys him a frog of some description every Christmas Day so this was a joke. Sadly G's dad was not well enough to join us at this stage so his sister joined us at the top table in his place. 

So L and G appeared and it is time for the speeches. I was up first doing a Mother of The Bide speech, which you can read here if you wish too.  Next up was The Groom and then the best man, he works in IT and had made his a Powerpoint Presentation, which I have to say that idea was suggested to me but as my computer has a fault and keeps shutting down I refrained.

The happy couple had as tradition goes bought presents for various people and these were all given out. Us two mums received beautifully engraved vases with a delicate pattern and a swarovski crystal in. Sorry I cannot take a picture of it that does it any credit what so ever but it is gorgeous and sits on my mantelpiece.

During the speeches daughter had kicked her shoes off again.

After the meal we moved through to the other hall ready for the band and an evening of dancing and merriment. G's dad rejoined the party for the first dance and stayed for a short time before heading back. 

Have to say hubby and I have been together for more than twenty one years and this is the first time I have seen him on a dance floor.

I stopped filming this when we got pointed at to join in.

Have to say I love gatherings like this where all the adults have lots of time for the children and are quite happy to dance with them. 

Our side of the family were well out performed during the Ceilidh dancing with  the others all having much more idea on how to do things like Strip the Willow and The Gay Gordons, but then a lot of our side were from down south.

There was a sweet barrow available and I had a wee chuckleat the two girls as the sweets on the table belong to the young lady in orange and wee Z showed me her dress full of them.

During breaks the twins were happy to run around and here is Dinky being chased by Bob. I have no idea where Bob got his energy from, he was on the floor all night.

 The twins lasted really well, they did have a couple of sleeps, and here they are playing pat a cake with Auntie H

It was a lovely day, great company, fab food, and the months of planning all came together nicely.

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