Saturday, 23 January 2016

Project 366 week 3

Have been good with my keep fit, much to hubby's annoyance as my jumping around in the room above him is rather noisy, but done four one hour sessions and to be honest I am quite enjoying it. Been using YouTube videos so have been varying the workouts so I am doing a combination of aerobics and weights.


It snowed for hours yesterday, came home the bus route hoping it would be clear but it wasn't. A long slow drive home. Thank fully it did not freeze over night so an easier drive back to work. Took this this morning, I mean what else do you do at 6.30 am?

says it all really


Picked up a box set of DVD's from a friend to relay them to another friend, just thought we would watch them while we had them. So far it is interesting enough.

a box set


DD1 has been ill for a number of weeks, the last cold barely cleared before she ended up with ear ache and a throat infection. The other grandparents came over and helped out yesterday and daughter was going to see doctor today. She phoned at 8.20 and they offered her an appointment at 8.40. She did not want to say no as she may wait days for another one, As she would not have managed to get the twins dressed in time to go she phoned me and I went down to sit with them.

breakfast time


DD1 had finally managed to get a vehicle sorted out, has only taken her about ten weeks without one to get it sorted. So despite feeling rough she wanted to get the children out for a while. So I volunteered to go to soft play with them. We had a fun few hours. Not the best picture but taken with the phone in a darkish area. Dinky never really likes to play she just potters, but I sat in the play area with her and she had fun. Minky is just off and follows Bob up the side designed for the 5+ age range. He is only in here with us cos he had had a fall and bashed his lip and was a bit upset.

both in the ball pool


Had a catch up and a coffee with a friend today.

my mad friend and partner in crime at work


Not done baking for a while, but really did not have the energy to do a workout so this was as energetic as I got. Dairy free and with agave instead of sugar, and a dairy free ganache on top.( Have been informed that agave syrup is not exactly healthy but I had it in the cupboard, so you may want to read about it before you use it)

dairy free cakes


On holiday this weekend, no real reason apart from using them up. So decided as it is dry and reasonably sunny going to go and do some geocaching. Will share some pictures later if there are any worth sharing.

loaded ready to go

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  1. It sounds like your keep fit is going so well and you are enjoying it too which is a good thing!
    I hope your daughter is feeling better now.
    Enjoy your holiday. My fella has 2 weeks to use up before the end of March so he'll be taking them soon x

  2. Oooh snow! Would love a scattering down here although it would mess up my running plans! Hope your daughter is feeling better soon and always nice to catch up with friends :)

  3. We really didn't get any snow compared to you did we! Hope your daughter gets sorted out soon, nothing worse when you've got kids to looks after too. Those cakes look lovely. Have a good weekend off! x #366

  4. Your snow photo really made me laugh and your cakes look delicious! You would never guess they were so healthy. Hope your daughter is feeling better now.

  5. We didn't get any snow, just frost which was a bit disappointing. Hope your daughter gets well soon. Hope you all have a lovely weekend x #project366

  6. very well done on your keep fit regime Elaine, it sounds like you are doing really well. I should be doing the same but have not started yet!
    The snow looks quite deep - so you must have had a bit?
    Your chocolate cakes sound nice and very healthy too - great work out aswell lol
    enjoy your time off :) xx

  7. The cakes look fantastic. Your daughter is lucky to have all the support you give her with the children - it's never nice being ill and having childcare duties. Enjoy your geocaching!

  8. Our snow was basically non-existent, just a bit of frost over the ground. Eddie keeps waiting for snow to build a snowman. How does agave syrup taste in baking? I have a bottle, tried it with pancakes, but prefer the maple syrup. Need to think of ways of using it.

  9. I hope your granddaughter is feeling better

  10. Love the snow photo. Looks like it was a fun coffee date.

  11. I'm jealous of all these snow pictures! Those cakes look lovely too.

  12. Have heard the same about agave. Love that snow picture too :)

  13. I am so jealous of your snow. Would love to try geocaching - is that a special thing you need for it?

  14. Aren't Grandmothers great!! We're always there in a crisis!
    Your cakes look very tasty.

  15. Glad the keep fit is going well. I quite liked Falling Skies, but like most things, the final season wasn't so good..! Love the snow photo and hope the geocaching was a success x


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