Saturday, 30 January 2016

Project 366 week 4


DD3 treated us to lunch out today and then came back to go and see her sister and the children. This is her bag.

a fab bag


Well I am in Scotland and it is the 25th Jan so well else could I share but hubby's tea? I had it without the haggis.

a traditional meal


Decided I needed something to snack on and these were still unopened from Christmas, so I opened them and had a handful.



Went round to play with the grandkids for a few hours to give mummy some peace. It stopped raining so we went to play in the small park. I encouraged them to run and ride rather than play on the swings to expend some energy. They spent awhile rounding up stones putting them on the bench and knocking them off again. 

playing with stones


Went to get blood tests today. Had to be fasting blood test, looking for vitamin and mineral deficiencies as well as cholesterol and blood sugars. So came for breakfast afterwards before doing some shopping.  So far had results of U's and E's back which shows a very slight issue with my kidneys, so to get that test repeated in three months. 

totally unhealthy but was good


Storm Gertrude has hit, not as wild here as other parts of Ayrshire seem to be getting. The tractor was on the beach dragging all the sand back from the wall before the next high tide hit. 

clearing sand away


I was asked a few weeks back if I would like to join in and promote #KnitforWinter Campaign that is being supported by Sunrise Senior Living. They have partnered with a baby charity called First Touch to gift premature babies with  hats and blankets. Premature babies struggle to keep themselves warm and need more help than full term babies. Fifi was ten weeks premature so we understand the stress and worry this creates for a family, as well as the problem of getting clothes that fit. It is a nice easy campaign and it is a great way to use up scraps of wool you may have. You can download the patterns here if you fancy joining in. I agreed to knit a blanket and the wool and needles were sent to me to allow me to do this. 

ready for knitting

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  1. What a lovely cause to knit for! Storm Gertrude must be scary. Fasting blood tests are horrible! Hope they don't find anything too bad next time round.

  2. Good luck with the knitting. I love haggis, but we had ours on Saturday night just to be different. Hope the storms are still behaving ok for you guys #366

  3. That bag is awesome! I love it.
    That is a great cause to knit for....Good luck with it.

  4. That is the perfect breakfast - apparently the best thing to set you up for the day and therefore eat less and therefore good for you! :)

  5. Love the bag! Hate having fasting blood tests, hope the results came back ok? And what a lovely charity you are involved in!

  6. Hope the knitting goes well.I hate fasting blood tests - I am not very good before breakfast.

  7. I love that bag! We have tractors on our beaches too although I am not sure our damage was as bad as yours

  8. Fab bag indeed, we love Marvel characters (well, my younger son does, and I tag along, lol). That's a great campaign to join in. We also had a haggis on the 25th, only in sausage rolls.

  9. Your fry up is not as unhealthy as you may think. I found out today that they now class black pudding as a super fruit! We had a lovely haggis, neeps and tatties dinner on Monday too as well as, of course, a wee dram! Hope you have a great week x #project366

  10. the knitting project sounds good, I can't knit more than 3 rows before i've gained and lost additional stitches. I hope storm Gertrude didn't cause too much damage and I really hope you get to the bottom of the tests soon

  11. thats a lovely idea to knit the items for the prem babies. Burton has that bag for his PE kit lol its very cool! I have never tried haggis, but i hope you enjoyed your burns night meal. I love a good cooked breakfast - really sets you up for the day xx

  12. Hope the other blood tests come back all ok.
    Nice to have a naughty breakfast.
    Last time I knitted was a blanket for Ashley!

  13. The breakfast looks delicious and i bet it was amazing after fasting! I read it was burns night this week, don't know too much about it though and have never eaten haggis! x

  14. Love that bag! What a lovely idea the knitting campaign is. I miss having haggis, although it was always veggie for me, need to try and find somewhere to get it here!


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