Wednesday, 23 March 2016

A day out in the March sunshine

DD3 ( Auntie H) was helping out this weekend. Fifi was away at Cadet camp, SIL was working, the other grandparents were at an event away from home, so DD3 said she would do the whole weekend, arriving for up time at 7.30 am and staying until bed time at 7pm.  When I told them at bedtime on Friday that Auntie H was coming the next morning they both said yeeehhhh and raised their arms in the air.

On Sunday I was off from work and so as it was a nice day we decided to get them out for a while, and so we decided to take them to the beach by bus. Once DD1 buys another universal car seat I can take the twins out in the car, until then I cannot. The bus is not a venture to undertake alone as the twin buggy needs folding which means moving the bags off the bottom, so to hold onto the bags, the twins and carry the buggy onto the bus is impossible. Dinky was not overly keen on the bus and cried when we took her on and she sat on DD3 knee, where as Minky was quite happy to sit on the seat next to me and chat away and sing wheels on the bus and other songs as we went into the town. Bob was not to keen on coming but he was told tough luck he was having to come.

So we headed for the beach to start with. Minky was inpatient to get out and started playing straight away. Dinky on the other hand was not keen on getting out, so we unstrapped her and got on with playing. As soon as the tubs and spades came out she was not long in joining in with the fun.

to start she would only stand

then she would sit on the bag we had breought

he was quite happy to play straight off

filling the tub to make sandcastles

me teaching him how to fill the tub

We were digging holes and standing Minky in and burying his feet, we then buried his legs when he was sat down, Dinky wanted nothing to do with being covered.

she preferred the rake

look Grandma has a camera, I must smile

Bob played as well 

We took a wander down to the waters edge, Minky was not for getting his wellies wet, where as Dinky was happy to let the waves wash over her wellies. Always amazes me the difference in them.

We wandered back up to the digging. 

Dinky quite happy to wander free

At this point we decided to head up to the play park and have lunch and then a play. 

leaving the beach

The play park, as usual was busy, but we were lucky and grabbed a table as somebody left. 

Bob eating lunch

Dinky and I

Minky and Dinky

Minky on the slide. 
A year ago this boy knew no fear and happily climbed anywhere he could get. now he seems much more reserved and does not like climbing as much.

he was not for climbing

trying to pull up the scoop. 

sitting on the steps to the slide

dropping sand through the holes. 
We had kept an eye on the time as there is only one bus an hour and we knew it was getting near nap time so we headed back for the bus. Minky sat quiet and half asleep on the bus. 

where as Dinky would only sit on Auntie H knee

When we got home the twins went for a sleep and Auntie H and Bob did some colouring.
Poor Auntie H was exhausted at the end of the weekend, but had had lots of fun.

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  1. Love time on the beach. Looks like you all had a good time. I like the look of the scoop. That must have been fascinating to play with. Simple but fun.#CountryKids

  2. How wonderful to have the beach just a bus ride away, though I can see why having help from Auntie H would make all the difference in negotiating the bus journey there. I love hearing about the twins, they sound such different characters but definitely influence one another. Well done Bob for jpoining in too, I bet he enjoyed it once he was there. those waterproof suits look perfect for a bit of beach fun too. thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

  3. What a lovely day exploring in the sand. They are both so cute and love reading about their diff personalities. We love the beach in this house :-)

  4. amazing how twins can have such different personalities, looks like a lovely day, can't make up my mind if it was warm and dry or cold and wet, the twins and Bob all wrapped up and you wearing short sleeves

  5. Dinky has got the sweetest smiles in one of the photo! They look like they enjoyed this trip judging from the photos! So worth the bus ride me thinks =) #countrykids


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