Saturday, 19 March 2016

Project 366 week 11

Been another quick week full of grandchildren, from the youngest to the oldest. There have been four breakfast runs and four bedtime routines. The breakfast run involves being down for 7.30 to get the twins out of the cots, downstairs, fed and dressed. The evening run is baths and bed with some housework to help out afterwards. Plus keeping on top of the washing and tumble drying.
I love the way our wider family are pulling together, the other grandparents going over during the day to help out, DD2 did her bit last week and DD3 has given up her days off as well, makes me proud to be related to them all.
Plus me having to realise for all the head thinks I am still twenty nine the body is beginning to tell me differently.
Think I have only managed a work out twice this week, but better than nothing.


DD2 and SIL down for the weekend. They brought with them their wedding album. I have to say these have changed since the days of pictures stuck on a page. The album was beautiful, no actual physical pictures, just digital prints laid over backgrounds of the rooms/settings they were taken in. I have never seen anything like it before. DD2 did the breakfast run.

Wedding Album 


Did the breakfast run, and in the evening took Bob to gymnastics and then went for a walk round the local estate before we went back to pick him up. SIL was home to do the bedtime routine and DD3 had a day off so was down to help out during the day. Hubby had a GP appointment and now has another lot of tablets to take.

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and that protein is good for breakfast, so when I had seen these in the supermarket I could not resist trying them. I was also sent a pack of 24 to try by Weetabix. The chocolate ones are very nice without being over powering or too chocolatey tasting and the other ones hubby says taste just the same as normal ones with the pieces of protein giving a sort of sugary crunch to the inside of them, I take mine with yoghurt which also contains protein to help me feel full for longer.

NEW Weetabix Protein is not only high in wheat protein but contains all the goodness of traditional Weetabix cereal; High in fibre, low in sugar, salt and fat and fortified with Iron and vitamins, with a serving of Weetabix Protein with milk (40g portion with 135ml semi-skimmed milk) containing 12g of protein compared to 6g from a large egg.

Weetabix Protein


Alarm went off at 5am, hubby on the swim run this week. I did breakfast run and back down for bedtime run. I actually managed to get Minky sat still long enough to get a picture of the four youngest.

the four youngest


The other grandparents did the morning run today, and typical I was awake at just after 5am and up just after 6am. We went down and took the twins out to the park for a while.
We both had eye examinations and my prescription has changed, need slightly stronger for both my reading and distance, so also got new driving sunglasses as I did not replace these two years ago. Back down for bedtime routine.

I won this on the local radio station. Not had a chance to listen to either of the yet.

my prize


Back for breakfast run. The two of them really make you laugh in the morning, breakfast is "cereals bowl" and then "toast jam". So the toast goes in and the two of them laugh their little heads off and point and shout toast jam toast jam  very excitedly when the toast pops up, just so adorable that something as a toaster popping makes them laugh their heads off.   Daughter has got an infection in her wound and needed to go and get antibiotics and hopefully it will clear up. Back for bedtime routine. Fifi stayed with is again tonight.

I see changes in Spud, she is now awake for short periods of time during the day and goes in her bouncy chair at times.Here she is lying on her Babymoov lovenest pillow, review to follow.

Look Grandma I am awake. 


Alarm went off just after 5am and off they went swimming. I got up and caught up with our washing and some housework before going down for the breakfast run. Out this afternoon to pick up my new insoles from podiatry as my feet are getting worse, and have been given some exercises to do to try and help as well. Back for the bedtime routine.

Dinky adores her little sister


Have finished the pink owl on the blanket to balance the blue one and have started a train as well. Just the waste canvas to pull off on this.

pink owl to balance blue owl 

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  1. Gosh your life sounds full on but also very rewarding - it must be so nice to have such close ties in a big family. We have the weetabix crunch and really like them - obviously the chocolate element goes down well with my son!

  2. Pink owl is cute! Loving all the baby photos and I guess I'll be trying the new Weetabix at some point although I'm really not keen on chocolate flavoured cereals #366

  3. It sounds like you have had a very busy week with all the grandchildren.
    The wedding album sounds lovely.
    Lovely photos x

  4. Spud is adorable, and so are all the four youngest, such a lively group. What a busy week for you. The pink owl is very cute.

  5. You really are Supergran! It's amazing how you have all pulled together. It sounds like hard work, but a lot of fun. The photo of Spud is very cute.

  6. Blimey Elaine you have had a very busy weekend ! You might not have got much exercise in but i think you have done plenty with looking after your family!
    Gorgeous photos of your grandchildren and it is lovely that everyone is pulling together to help x

  7. Awwww the baby is so cute. Sounds like you have your work cut out

  8. Wow, you are really busy at the moment, but it sounds wonderful and lovely to see everyone pulling together. Love the photo of the four together and the one of the girls x

  9. Wow what a busy week. Love the photo of the four youngest grandchildren and how lovely to spend time looking through wedding photos too. That pink owl is so cute :-)


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