Saturday, 3 December 2016

A personalised book makes a great present.

In my opinion children cannot have too many books, from a day or two old right through to the time we die books span a gap that brings young and old together. They bring joy and pleasure and I have always loved how older siblings, even before they can read properly themselves will "read" books to younger siblings. I watch Bob read to the twins from the day they came home from hospital, and the twins at just turned three love to read books to Spud.

It is a bond that changes and grows with the children. So in my opinion books make brilliant presents so when I was offered the chance to review a personalised book for Bob I happily said yes please. The book is called Wise Words for kids, and is exactly what the title says. It is aimed at 8-12 year old children.

Right at the intersection of heartfelt and cheeky comes this book, bursting at the seams with useful advice for kids. Thought-provoking and smile-inducing, Wise Words is instantly and easily personalised by you to them. An original gift and lovely stocking-stuffer.

It is an easy website to work with, takes you through each stage, and each  page is fully editable to allow you to personalise to suit your child and family. Bob is home educated and so I even had an agreement to change their "surviving school" heading and changed it to "surviving home education".

I added some fun bits,

Other bits I adapted to suit Bob's allergies. 

and even changed it for the daft things are family see as normal, dry cereals. 

When you get to the checkout you have the option of which type of cover you would like 

All the books are the same size and printed on the same high quality mohawk paper. 

I have to agree the books are beautiful, the paper is excellent quality, smooth and thick. The colours are brilliant and each page has a different character that is giving the wise words. 

I like the fact if you go through and make more than one book you often get different options meaning you could make more than one book and each would be totally individual. 

The website offers books for adults as well as children, and this is the sort of thing I probably would have bought for my own children's 18th birthdays. I really like the idea of the deluxe book for an event like that.

Complete with a gorgeous padded cover, silk ribbon, and velvet top & tails, presented in stunning laminated box. 210mm by 210mm. Dispatched within 5 working days. Includes free digital version.

Sadly I ended up with a word error in mine, a mistake of my own making, but it was a shame it was not picked up by the system. The word should have been own, but is in as won instead, so technically spelt right but wrong context, but hey ho I suppose it adds to the individuality of our book.

Bob has not seen his book yet, I have put it away for his Christmas. I hope he likes it when he gets it.

Who would you buy one for?

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  1. Aww! I hope Bob likes his book....I made one for my 9 year old and she loved it. They are such a lovely idea x


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